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Michael Vick offered $1 million to pose for Playgirl and donate the money to PETA?

Michael Vick Will Michael Vick undress for Playgirl to the benefit of PETA?

Talk about strange bedfellows.

According to Life & Style magazine Playgirl has offered the notorious quarterback seven figures to take it all off for ... the animals.

A spokesperson for Playgirl says it made the convicted animal abuser an offer last week but hadn't received a response. "I figured he paid back society for dogfighting, but what about the animals?"

Playgirl continued: "This way he could donate a large sum to PETA and all he'd have to do is pose for the magazine! It's kind of a win-win situation."

Vick admitted in August of 2007 to drowning, electrocuting and hanging under-performing dogs in his dog-fighting stable and was sent to jail for 18 months. He spent an additional 2 months in home confinement and lost millions of dollars in lost wages and lawsuits, including a multimillion-dollar suit from his former team, the Atlanta Falcons, which won the right to about $7 million of his signing bonus. But still, many animal lovers do not agree that the star quarterback has yet paid his debt to society; indeed, many protested his return to the NFL this year when he was signed to the Philadelphia Eagles as a backup.

So our question to you is: if Vick posed for Playgirl in the same (lack of) attire that many do for PETA, and donated the alleged $1-million fee to PETA, would that complete his debt to society?

-- Tony Pierce

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Photo: Michael Vick from the upcoming reality show "The Michael Vick Project" on BET. Credit: BET

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No. Donating the money to PETA will do nothing. PETA wanted all his dogs dead!!! If he (or Playgirl) donates it to Best Friends or BAD RAP or Our Pack or any of the other groups that helped to evaluate and rehab and rehome his dogs, I would be much more impressed.

I will never respect the puppykilling monster no matter how good he can run.

Vick will never be truly sorry for what he did, and did not serve enough time in jail for his horrific crimes against the dogs he killed. Yet he should pose for Playgirl, donate the money to PETA, and go on his way to hell !!

The money would be put to good use by Peta, Vick should do it.

It'd make a pretty great dartboard, wouldn't it? Can't imagine buying it for any other reason.

YUCK!!!! Is anyone serious??? Playgirl, wake up! GAD!!!! PETA is worse than Michael Vick ever was! PETA is the sworn enemy, or should be, of everyone who has a pet and loves them! They're agenda is NO animal contact between humans and the rest of the animal world!

No Vick - NO PETA!!!!


Oh, let's give it a break will you? I'm so tired of hearing about Micheal Vick and these stupid dogs!!! My goodness, the way people are acting...it's like he killed people! Gees...Everybody aren't animal lovers, and there's no wrong in that. I mean there are people out here killing one another and they go free or serve little time, but we put so much time and effort into some dogs being killed. I'm sorry, but to me it's a waste of time...and I think Micheal Vick shouldn't have served one second behind bars because of it either! People shouldn't be going to jail over road kill, they were put here to hunt and kill anyway. I guess somewhere down the line some people became lonely...so to fill the void in their lives...they made pets!

How stupid would that be?? PETA wanted all the Vick dogs to be EUTHANIZED. Other organizations such as Best Friends have done extraordinary work rehabilitating the dogs, all have made much progress, some are now living in adoptive homes.

PETA wanted the dogs dead - they should not profit!!!

Shellz -- your opinion of animals really doesn't figure into this equation. Some people don't like children, but you're still prohibited by law from KILLING them.

Michael Vick is a violent criminal, whether you care about his crimes or not. If he killed someone whose life you didn't consider important would you still be telling people to get over it?

It's sad, both that you have so little compassion for living creatures who are tortured and killed for sport, and that you can't even understand why people love and are loved by animals. But it begs the question: why are you reading a blog about animals if you dislike them so much and think no one who hurts or kills an animal should be punished?

I despise people who kill animals for profit or sport, but I don't lurk on the NRA or Cattlemen's Association websites trying to get my jollies harassing the readers. To use your own term, is there a void this somehow fills for you?

I have much better ways to occupy my time, having pets of my own and an agenda to speak out for more humane treatment for animals in general, including stopping rewarding criminal millionaires who kill dogs for kicks.

Vick needs to stop doing nasty things. He did not serve enough prison time for what he did and his football colleagues should never have given him an award. Posing in Playgirl is a horrible idea for someone who desperately needs to rehabilitate himself. Let him do a fundraiser instead and donate the proceeds to pit bull rescue organizations. So many of them need rescue because of selfish, sadistic criminals like him.

PETA is a cult. In England they have attacked research scientists - throwing acid in their eyes, stalking their homes and organizing gang beatings.

PETA is a harm to society not a benefit.

"Truth" I think you need to change your name to Half-Truth.

I'm not a PETA fan, nor would I participate in violent attacks on other humans. That being said, PETA or, more accurately, ALF, doesn't just randomly run up to people, ask them if they're a research scientist, and punch them in the nose if they say "yes." They target institutions and individuals who make their living conducting extraordinarily violent and cruel research on animals.

Being a scientist does not excuse you from the human race and basic morality. If you are conducting repetitive research, discredited research, or fundamentally cruel research on living beings just because you can make a buck at it someone should call you to account for that. You don't get to do whatever you want just because you're wearing a lab coat.

Again, I do not condone violence or threats of violence against scientists. I also think it's ineffective, mostly because then these scientists who make their living doing cruel, horrific research on helpless dogs, monkeys, cats, rabbits and more get to portray themselves as victims when in fact they are victimizers.

Where is your outrage that UCLA conducts "anti-smoking" research on monkeys? When's the last time you saw a monkey with a major nicotine addiction -- other than one forced upon him by "scientists"? Why should monkeys have to suffer and die for a human vice? This isn't research seeking to cure unavoidable plague. All it takes to avoid being addicted to cigarettes is NOT TO SMOKE. There is no one alive and smoking now who didn't have the information available to them that smoking was bad for you before they ever took that first puff. But monkeys should be confined, tortured and killed because those people willingly started doing something they knew would kill them?

Not to mention that this specious UCLA research is funded by none other than Philip Morris. You think Philip Morris has any vested interest in funding effective research that will actually end smoking? You think anyone smart enough to be a scientist believes that? What Philip Morris wants is to spend what is, to them, a pittance so they can tell all the States' Attorneys General across the country, "Hey don't sue us, we're not REALLY trying to peddle an addictive and deadly product to your kids!"

These UCLA scientists know who they're working for, and they know what Philip Morris' record is regarding concealing scientific evidence of the deadliness of their product. Yet they still happily go to work for Philip Morris, killing monkeys who have zero natural relationship to tobacco. How does a monkey being forced to imbibe nicotine explain one thing about a human deciding to smoke even though, unlike the monkey, they have a choice? Even if there were a connection, why should even one monkey have to die for a voluntarily stupid decision by a human?

Scientists are not excused from the moral universe. Again, I don't condone or excuse violence, but acting like these scientists are just innocent victims, rather than perpetrators of amoral violence themselves is the opposite of "truth."

Anyone that donates to PETA is worse then any M.VIcks IMO,PETA kills everyday,they do not stand for the animals the leader of that murdering group only wants to control and she lies lies lies,that women could care less about the animals,her and her group of killers are a part of a organization that the government calls American terrorists(ALF),no matter how you look at it PETA is no longer looked upon as a group with compassion like they used to be some 15 years ago.I will be writing playgirl magazine and letting them know my feelings towards this.For Vick that killer will never in my eyes be able to ever convince me that he is sorry,he too is only in it for the money,he could care less about the dogs he tortured.If he poses for playgirl why not give that money to rescues that put their own hard earned dollars to help the animals,these people are never recognized and they are the angels to the thousands of abused,and homeless we see everyday

Shellz if you dont want to hear about it anymore why are you commenting about it,heck why are you even here at all?

PETA has killed more "pit bulls" and other family pets than Vick has....People who believe otherwise about PETA really need to do their homework and stop blindly following this organization.

How about they send the money to the humane society? or the ASPCA?

I wonder had it been Brett Favre, would people be so up in arms? I don't think so. Michael Vick has done his time and I feel that he is truly sorry for what he's done. What ever happened to forgiveness and repentance? Of course, it was wrong what he'd done but geesh let it go.

Personally, I don't think that he should pose for any spread and donate any money although I would LOVE to see it. At least I can say that he has morals and a sense of integrity. And to all you animal lovers: GET OVER IT!!!

To all of you asking other commenters "why are you here commenting" because people don't necessarily agree with your thoughts and opinions, the last I checked the First Ammendment gave us Freedom of Speech. Like, really, who are you to judge?

Michael Vick is an animal killer, and he has influenced people to DOG FIGHTING.
He disgusts me and he doesn't deserve anyones respect or money.
Throw him in a pit, see how he makes out there.
He's a waste of skin.

Ok, I'm so sick of people doggin' (yeah I said it) this man about those dogs; murders don't get this much flick once they're done doing their time. I hate what he did but it's over, he's trying to make amends but everytime he take one step forward you guys push him back 3. Let him live & no posing for Playgirl will only hurt him no matter how much he donates.

The PETA organization promotes hate...and for those who promote their cause remember this animals will always be just that... animals!

All I have to say is this: PETA has managed to take what should be a noble cause (treat animals good and stuff) and behave so badly that they have turned the whole issue into something that makes lots of people cringe. Don't give anything to that sort of people, not even attention. Especially attention.


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