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Guess it wasn't faux: Celebrity fur-wearer Catherine Zeta-Jones tops PETA's Worst-Dressed List

Czj Catherine Zeta-Jones may be just about the prettiest thing on two legs, but she's far from friendly to the four-legged set, according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The ever-vocal animal rights group has placed Zeta-Jones at the top of its annual Worst-Dressed List with the explanation that her "creepy cow-skin pants, ugly fox coat and icky alligator bag" make the actress look "like she's working her way through Noah's ark with a knife."

Although Zeta-Jones nabbed the Worst-Dressed title, a number of other stars were hot on her heels. Also on PETA's list were perennial fur-wearer Jennifer Lopez ("She looks like Jenny from the butcher block in her old-school corpse coats," the group complains), Aretha Franklin (whose so-called "fur Snuggie" rivaled even her Inauguration Day hat in the audacity department), Rihanna, Jessica Simpson and mother-daughter fur-wearers Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson. (Also called on the carpet by PETA was a "Real Housewives" star that, frankly, we've never heard of.)

PETA is planning to stage an anti-fur demonstration outside the Broadway theater where Zeta-Jones is performing in "A Little Night Music" before Saturday's matinee, according to Access Hollywood.

Celebrities previously named on PETA's Worst-Dressed List include Madonna, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Kanye West.

-- Lindsay Barnett

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Photo: Zeta-Jones attends a party Dec. 13. Credit: Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

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It's unfathomable that anyone would wear fur anymore, when the information on what happens to animals killed for their fur is so easily available online.

Do these celebrities think we don't know? Do they believe we think they don't know how "their" fur clothing is obtained? Do Kate Hudson and Jennifer Lopez really want us to see how vain and heartless they are?

I'm not a huge PETA fan, but at least I know they share my belief that animals should not be killed for something so low as satisfying a shallow celebrity's vanity. Now I know that Catherine Zeta Jones, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, Rihanna (who should really have learned something about not inflicting pain for no reason) and, sadly, the talented Goldie Hawn are cold, heartless, and completely lacking in compassion. They know that fur kills and they still think it makes them look good.

Oh well, they'll be doing without my money until they renounce cruelty for "fashion's" sake. I don't like a lot of PETA's stunts, but I do appreciate their opening my eyes regarding these coldhearted women.

dont these people get it they are wearing the skins, of an animal corpse.
I'm not a peta weenie, but in this day and age, wearing animal fur, or skin like alligator , just shows how incredibly stupid you are.
this is the 21st century, do we really need to wear the skin and tissue and hair of a dead animal for fashions sake.

The words that come to mind are ignorant BIMBO.

who knows what point these women are trying to prove with their so-called fashion sense of wearing the fur in particular. Maybe they're trying to gross people out. Some people seem to have selective stupidity about animal rights. I too am no PETA weiner but I like the aforementioned comments.What some idiot might think is so stylish can be repulsive to the average person.BTW why not leave on the animal head and be even more "stylish"?

Deeply disturbing and disgusting. I already boycott stores that sell fur; I will now avoid movies with these cruel people participating.

Get over yourselves, you wackjob animal lovers. I love animals, too...they taste great and make for great clothing.

Let's see who wears fur:

American Indians....
Indigenous people in every square inch of Earth which gets cold.

Oh, that's most of the world.

PETA's alternative is to use products of the petrochemical industry to keep warm, rather than the animal hides used through all of human history.
Believe it or not, people existed before plastics and in places other than LA and South Beach.

If you wear leather shoes, have a leather wallet, belt or a purse, what right do you have to complain about people using animal products. Do you eat meet? An animal was raised and slaughtered just for you. You have as much blood on your hands as Catherine does. So unless your diet is vegan and your shoes are made out fabric, get off the band wagon. You have blood on your hands.

Sincerely Yours
Meet eater, leather shoe wearer.

The worst job belongs to the comments moderator; though their minimum-wage position probably accounts for their superiority complex...

To all the animal-haters (and BTW, is there something in the animal-hating gene that also precludes the ability to spell? I don't know anyone who eats "meet"...):

Lots of perfectly normal people don't eat meat because there are many humane options for getting protein easily. Lots of people don't wear leather because they think it's cruel too. The notion that anyone who's against the wearing of fur must necessarily be a hypocrite simply because you can't imagine life without hamburger is your problem, not ours.

But thanks for the laugh about "indigenous peoples." Gosh, you're right; I failed to consider Catherine Zeta Jones' life as a subsistence hunter-gather...on Rodeo Drive.

Also, may I suggest a basic cable subscription for those who think "most of the world" consists of indigenous people living in Arctic climates? It's certainly news that the entire world's population consists of Inuits and what you anachronistically call "American Indians" who, just as an update, mostly don't live on the plains slaughtering bison anymore.

These vain and vapid celebrities don't wear fur to keep warm, or because fur is their only option. They wear it to show off how much money they have. Paradoxically, what they really show is that no amount of money can buy you a heart, or a modicum of class.

Hi Karen, I moderate most of the comments on the blog, and I'm happy to approve any that are both polite and free from profanity and advertising. If you submitted a comment that wasn't approved, chances are it didn't meet the above criteria. If you'd care to resubmit, I'll happily moderate again -- and I hate having to reject comments, so I honestly hope I'm able to approve it. Thanks for reading.

To draw parallels as in "Inuits and native Americans wear fur" and "if you wear leather shoes you should also wear fur" is ridiculous. What is abominable about the above mentioned celebrity fur hags is that they encourage an industry that keeps those mammals that most resemble our pet dogs in cages by the thousands and kills them not as an Inuit would do, but by tearing off their pelts while those dogs and foxes are still alive. Because it's cheaper. And because Miss Catherine Zeta Jones will pay for it anyway. Last I heard Inuits and Native Americans hunt and kill for what they need for a living. They don't manage farms with thousands of raccons and mink and foxes with broken limbs and poked eyes who get skinned alive. Shame on those who draw those parallels. The fur industry is the most perverse legacy of globalization.

I agree with them, however one of there biggest sponsors Siouxsie Soux wears Leather skirts?! Or was that before she joined Peta?


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