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Figure skater Johnny Weir says threats from animal-rights activists made him fear for his safety

Weir VANCOUVER, Canada — U.S. figure skater Johnny Weir is staying at the Olympic village because he is concerned about his safety after receiving what he considers "very serious threats" from anti-fur activists.

Weir had talked about staying in a hotel because he didn't enjoy his experience in the Olympic village four years ago. Weir says arranging security at a hotel would have been too tough, while the village is under tight control. Weir is sharing a two-bedroom suite with ice dancer Tanith Belbin.

Weir drew the ire of animal-rights activists last month after he added white fox fur to the left shoulder of his costume for the free skate at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships.

-- Associated Press

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Photo: Weir competes during the men's free skate portion of the U.S. Figure Skating Championships on Jan. 17. Credit: Elaine Thompson / Associated Press

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Poor Johnny....

You know whose safety I worry about? Foxes -- with vain, heartless morons like Johnny Weir ready to kill them because he apparently thinks wearing fur is integral to a "sport."

Maybe he should try to substitute hard work and genuine talent for mindless brutality against animals. Is Johnny worried that someone might try to attack him with a leg-hold trap, or maybe electrocute him, as they do foxes? Does he fear being skinned, as that would be an abomination to a human, but just part of the Johnny-dress-up if you're a fox? Who cares about a fox's fear and pain, right?

I wonder if this experience will teach him to think about the wanton terrorizing and killing of sentient creatures? Then again, looking at that silly, tacky outfit, maybe Johnny should think about actually looking in a mirror before he kills another animal.

Stupid move there Johnny..don't you get it yet??? We are not watching anyway as we will not support any Olympic/Canada sponsors.

I don't condone fur wearing but using death threats is just wrong. I'm sure if it was a family member wearing fur they would try to convince them to do otherwise but would never use death threats against them nor would they appreciate death threats against their family members.

Maybe the person who made the first comment on this article should stop condoning treats against other humans and try do positive things to help the situation by working with non-profits to spread knowledge and education about the issue.

SF - I didn't condone threats, if in fact Weir did receive threats. If you read the post, the "threats" are reported by Weir, not the police. He could just have received lots of negative feedback, about which I am just fine.

If you read what I wrote, rather than what you inferred, I simply said I'm much less concerned about "threats," real, imagined, or trumped-up for publicity, than I am about actual killing. If you look at that outfit you will see the evidence, not of "threats," but of actual violence. A fox died for that few inches of fur.

That makes me angry and sad. It makes me disgusted that poor Johnny feels so sorry for himself, but he feels no compassion for the animal who did nothing to provoke the real, deadly violence that ended his life.

And, SF, you have no way of knowing what anyone else does or doesn't do to educate the public about humane treatment of animals. You think the best offense is attacking, but in this case you whiffed it. I do a lot for animals, including speaking out when pseudo-celebrities, and pseudo-athletes, use news outlets to try to play the victim when in fact they are the victimizers. So far the only one who's done actual violence is Johnny Weir. It behooves us all to remember that.

Maybe someone should skin him and see how he would like it.

This guy, and I use the term lightly, is an insult to the USA.....

He should be banned from any sport.

This is a tragic case--the (PETA) people vs johnny weir; Life vs. Fashion; Talent vs humanity (humility). The list goes on...
Regardless of how it is positioned, it is still a great issue; and it is sad on a many levels that, obviously, has reached and/or touched millions. Really, thank goodness for this; for without someone willing to advocate their 'heart on their sleeves' love of fashion--and those willing to express their beliefs vehemently (through literal red letters)--there would not be an issue made and the plight of hundreds of thousands of 'the innocent' would not be brought to light.

Through this 'fur on the sleeve' debacle, I think we can all see how great the influence is of celebrity--and how important it is that we all do have this voice, no matter our talent, to protest in the name of reason. For those with hearts and not a voice, the world is not as cold as ice (skating).


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