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Rhode Island man charged with animal cruelty for performing an operation on his own dog

BARRINGTON, R.I. — A Rhode Island man who says he couldn't afford medical care for his dog has been charged with illegally operating on the pet.

Alan MacQuattie recently removed a cyst from the leg of his 14-year-old Labrador mix. The dog was operated on again by professionals to deal with an infection from the first surgery.

E.J. Finocchio, a veterinarian and president of the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, calls the surgery a "heinous crime."

Court records show MacQuattie pleaded no contest last week to misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty and unauthorized practice of veterinary medicine.

A phone listing for MacQuattie could not be found. But he told WPRI-TV, which first reported on the surgery, that he didn't think there was anything cruel about what he had done.

-- Associated Press

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This guy is an idiot. "I think cruelty is carrying them around by their foot or beating them" (not cutting them open after putting some Oragel on them. How he got the dog back is beyond me.

This guy isn't sorry, and he'll probably do it again.


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