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Your morning adorable: Rottweiler puppy has the hiccups

Nemo, a young and adorable Rottweiler, is made all the more adorable (in our opinion) by the manner in which his lips tremble a bit when he's struck with a bout of hiccups. 

Veterinarian Jon Geller of DogChannel.com explains that "hiccups in dogs are a harmless condition. They basically are a repeating spasm of the laryngeal cartilage."  So no need to worry about little Nemo here -- which makes us feel a bit less guilty about our repeated viewings of this video.

-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: Louiouise via YouTube

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Ahhhhhhhhh!! SO CUTE!!! Found another great one here: http://www.get-rid-of-hiccups.com/Dog-Hiccups-Puppy-Hiccups.html


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