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Your morning adorable: Patient dog meets duckling

We can't begin to express how impressed we are by the gentleness of this dog, who could clearly make a midday snack of this duckling if he were so inclined.  He even allows his nose to be nibbled without protest!

Perhaps there's more to this story -- a duck-and-dog friendship phenomenon, if you will.  After all, it was just a few months ago that we showed you another odd couple, an inseparable puppy-and-duckling pair that lives with a family in China.  Ducks and dogs: the Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon of the new millennium?

Don't believe everything you read about pit bulls...

-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: johnnyb0y187 via YouTube

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Great video...a nice change of pace for the current death & destruction were all seeing everyday on TV.

It would be nice if the headline read "Patient Pit Bull meets duckling." Whenever a Pit Bull (or a dog someone THINKS is a Pit Bull) attacks it's always right there in the headline.

News media capitalizes on the eye-catching, mouse-click-inducing "sexiness" of the term Pit Bull, largely creating the distorted view the general public has of the breed. Why choose, when the story is a positive one, not to highlight the breed?

Ugo, we agree!

L.A. Voter, you make a good point; it's definitely worth noting that most times we see "pit bull" in a headline, it accompanies a decidedly negative story. Thanks for your comment!

Even before I clicked the link to this video, I just knew which one it was. The pit bull's name is Sharky, and he's a bit of a YouTube celebrity. He lives with quite a variety of other animals and his owner, Helen. If you want to check out his other videos, the YouTube channel is www.youtube.com/texasgirly1979

Sharky is every bit as sweet in his other videos as he is in this one. He is truly a great example that pit bulls, when treated well by their owners, can be great family pets.


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