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Your morning adorable: Giant pandas play on playground slide

January 6, 2010 | 10:13 am

Pandas play around a 

slide at a zoo in Shanghai, China. Six female and four male pandas from the 

Wolong Giant Panda Reserve Center in Sichuan arrived Tuesday to spend six months 

at the Shanghai Zoo and then six months at the Shanghai Wildlife Zoo.

The young giant pandas transported to the Shanghai Zoo this week to participate in the World Expo certainly seem to be settling in nicely!  According to Shanghaiist, the zoo has taken some impressive measures to ensure a smooth transition for them, building "a new, palatial panda house for its temporary residents and its regular three pandas. In addition, the zoo has outsourced two new plots of bamboo around Shanghai, as the local varieties of chute are different from those in Sichuan." 

The pandas -- six females and four males from the Wolong Giant Panda Reserve Center in Sichuan -- were all born after the devastating earthquake that hit the province in 2008, and their presence at the World Expo serves to illustrate the point that China's panda-breeding program has successfully bounced back from the calamitous event. They're expected to remain at the Shanghai Zoo for six months, then they'll spend another six months at the Shanghai Wildlife Zoo before returning home to Sichuan.

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-- Lindsay Barnett

Photo credit: Associated Press

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