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U.K. woman calls emergency services to report a cat playing with string

If there's one thing we love in this world, it's vegan pizza -- but if there are two things we love in this world, the second is definitely non-emergency 911 call recordings.  We just can't get over our shock at the idea that someone would call an emergency line to report, say, that Burger King was out of lemonade, that McDonald's was out of Chicken McNuggets, that their spouse refused to eat dinner, that their child wouldn't stop playing video games or simply to invite a handsome police officer over for a social call.

The list of absurd non-emergencies reported to authorities doesn't stop there, though -- and sometimes even poor, unsuspecting animals are pulled into the act.  Take, for instance, the frantic 999 (the U.K.'s equivalent of 911) call released this year by police in Yorkshire, England, in which a woman begs a dispatcher to send police to help her retrieve her escaped hamster, which she says has "gone into the bathroom and it's gone down into the floorboards."  

Needless to say, Yorkshire police weren't able to spare the manpower to help extricate the rodent, but they did use the recorded call as a teaching tool to help the public learn what separates a legitimate emergency from, well, a hamster under the bathroom floorboards. Unfortunately, another Englishwoman -- this one a resident of Manchester -- didn't get the message. 

The Greater Manchester Police Department recently released the woman's 999 call, in which she complains that her cat's incessant string-batting is "doing me head in," insisting the situation is an emergency because it's "been going on for two hours now."  

Can we blame the woman for being upset?  After all, the kitten in the video above seems pretty intent on playing with yarn -- who knows how long he's been at it? -- and we must say, we find the whole thing pretty traumatizing.

Help!  Won't someone please save us from this adorable kitten?

-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: gret0807 via YouTube

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My hometown was once named "best place to live in California" by a magazine. Apparently this went to a neighbor's head, because she called 911 to report that she'd been bitten by a mosquito. I am NOT making this up.

The best was a friend of mine who called 911 to report a potato in her kitchen. She lived alone and had come home from work to her locked house to find a potato on her kitchen counter...

I need to call 911 to report someone's tragic declaration that the one thing they love in this world is vegan pizza.

The foregoing 3 comments were brilliant.

Vegan pizza? Really?

I hope you're joking because if you're not joking that's kind of disturbing.

Lee B. and Jonathan -- I'll have to add those to my list of most bizarre 911 calls! Thanks for sharing!

emantable and Jon K. -- what's so "tragic" and "disturbing" about vegan pizza?

Sorry Lindsay, this carnivore is not a fan. I know...I DO love animals. It's just that food that comes from animals is SO Delicious. Crispy pepperoni on melted mozzarella cheese and...Gosh darn it! I feel guilty now.


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