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What to get for the dog who has everything: A combination mustache-ball

December 30, 2009 | 11:31 am

MuttstachePublic service announcement: This product exists.

Brought to you by the comic geniuses at Moody Pet (a company whose product line also includes the Humunga Tongue and a battery-operated cat toy it describes as a "lean, mean string-flinging machine"), the Humunga Stache is pretty much just what it looks like: A dog toy with a giant mustache attached.

A "muttstache," if you will.  (Sorry, we had to.)

While the image of a cartoonishly mustachioed canine is likely to haunt our personal dreams for some time to come, apparently some pet owners actually like the idea enough to shell out $12 for a Humunga Stache (or $10 apiece, if they buy two or more).

Paw Nation blogger CJ Arabia, who just had to try this bizarre item for herself, offers a word of warning to would-be purchasers, though.  "In theory, your dog will hold the ball in his mouth, giving off the appearance of a handlebar [mustache]," she wrote in her recent product review. "In actuality, my dog never picked it up in her mouth like the dog in the advertisement. Note: The toy is very heavy and best-suited for larger dogs -- my smaller dog couldn't fit it in her mouth!"

So, to summarize: Large-dog owners, people with strange senses of humor and/or those who would like their pets better if only they more closely resembled Salvador Dali may be interested in this product.  And if this doesn't float your boat, perhaps another item from Animal Planet's Weirdly Wonderful Pet Products of 2009 list (two words: pet tattoos) will fit the bill?

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-- Lindsay Barnett

Photo credit: Moody Pet

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