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Reader photo of the day: Tayah the Rhodesian ridgeback gets a hug from a young friend


Submitter jim shares this sweet shot of dog Tayah and her human friend, 18-month-old Josh, enjoying some quality time in the park.  Tayah, a 2-year-old Rhodesian ridgeback, looks like she could get used to this kind of attention!  "This wasn't posed," jim explains -- just one of those great moments when magic happens and someone happens to have a camera at the ready.

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-- Lindsay Barnett

Photo: jim / Your Scene

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It is a lovely photo, and Tayah is clearly a wonderful dog - and Josh is too cute for words. I just wrote to say - it doesn't look like Tayah *could get* used to this, it looks like she *is* used to it.

Being hugged by a human is NOT something a dog likes without having learned to tolerate it first. Yes, they can and do learn to enjoy the closeness and the affection the human intends. Generally, though, without prior socialization, a dog will find it scary and threatening - so, please, don't let your kids just go up and hug a dog they don't know!


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