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Nevada wild horse roundup to go on as planned Monday, federal judge rules

MustangA federal judge has denied a request by an animal protection group to block a roundup next week of about 2,500 wild horses in Nevada.

The mustang roundup planned for Monday would be one of the largest in Nevada in recent years.

Federal officials plan to use helicopters to force the horses into holding pens before placing them for adoption or sending them to long-term holding corrals in the Midwest.

Mustang advocates say that using helicopters is inhumane because some of the animals are traumatized, injured or killed.

U.S. District Judge Paul Friedman said that roundup opponents failed to demonstrate that removal of the horses would violate federal law.

-- Associated Press

Photo credit: Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times

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To fully understand the Calico herd management, it is crucial to take into account that there are currently 3 to 4 million head of cattle roaming the land, and only less than 30,000 wild horses.
The aggressive policy to remove the majority of wild horses from our lands is unfortunately in favor of the cattle ranchers taking advantage of an extraordinary increase in grazing permits . The original plan to move the majority of wild horses to the East is a disgrace which would cost the tax payer close to 96 million dollars.
The range is not endangered by wild horses but by cattle: Grazing cows pull out the grass with its roots and destroy the ecosystem, while wild horses only eat the grass and work the soil with their hoofs, promoting a healthy soil.
The current plan aims to reduce herds below viable reproductive level by capturing the majority of wild horses in extremely harsh conditions of winter and administering a birth control medication to the horses which is not without side effects. Plain and simple, during this fiscal year, the American wild horse will be reduced to below minimal numbers while the remaining horses will be parked in "camps", unable to reproduce or roam free. And typically most horses set up for adoption end up being sent to slaughterhouses across the border as there is big profit involved.

If stopping the roundup does not violate federal law, then federal law can morally be violated. Anyone who supports rules, passed by the corrupt and greedy, over compassion and wisdom is living a wasted, empty life.

people sure love their horse meat!!

This is just disgusting. Down with the oligarchy who is responsible at the top for such heinous, backwards, corrupt, draconian law-making that is anti-human and anti-planet earth to the core. I live to see the day when stories like this will be absolutely unheard of. When these globalist bastards have been exposed for who they really are and the people of planet earth and their brethren, the animals, are free of this world-wide tyranny of evil, elite, ruling bastards who currently hide behind their cloned and hired front men like Barrack Obama (aka Barry Sotoero) May we all live to see the glorious day when these "men" are brought to justice and publicly flogged. Forced to witness and experience the suffering they have caused to countless untold throughout the many centuries of manipulation and lies from the top of their unholy pyramid down and from deep within the bowels of the worlds puppet governments. May we see the day soon when wild horses are left alone to be wild and run free and genetically manipulated cattle are slaughtered and burned and never conceived of again as either fit for food or seen as a good idea to begin with. May we live to see the day when we can all open our wallets and burn the contents there-in, seeing the occultic symbol-laden paper finally for what it truly is, mass-enslavement. An empty, false-to-the-core "value" system that never had any true value and never will. Completely created by and serving a group of men who dictate its value on their own corrupt whims, sitting at a round table in a building mis-leadingly called the "Federal Reserve" when it is not part of the US government, not federal, not constitutional and not legal. Free your minds people! Wake up and see who is really controlling your world and manipulating YOUR reality. Let the wild horses remain. Choose to be a wild horse or just another over-consumptive cattle, part of the herd of death.


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