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Michael Vick says he wants another dog, denies having electrocuted pit bulls at Bad Newz Kennels

VickAt a speaking engagement at a Boys and Girls Club in Newark, N.J., NFL star and convicted dogfighter Michael Vick said he wished he could have a dog again "more than anything in the world."

According to NBC New York, Vick told the assembled school-age children that he hopes to one day own another dog -- he's currently legally prohibited from doing so -- but that whether he'll be able to is "up to my judge at his discretion."

Interestingly, Vick declined an offer by BAD RAP, the Oakland-based rescue group that has worked to rehabilitate 10 of the dogs seized from his Bad Newz Kennels, to see the dogs when his team, the Philadelphia Eagles, played the Oakland Raiders in October.

During the Boys and Girls Club appearance -- which was arranged by the Humane Society of the United States, the group with which Vick has formed an unorthodox partnership on its anti-dogfighting campaign -- Vick also answered questions from the children about the Bad Newz operation and his part in it, the New Jersey Star-Ledger reports

"Everything you read and everything you heard was true -- except for the electrocution," he said, referring to the widely repeated accusation that he electrocuted dogs that didn't perform well as fighters. "That never happened."  (He didn't attempt to discredit reports of his involvement in other instances of animal cruelty at Bad Newz.)

When the partnership between Vick and the Humane Society was announced in May, even Humane Society President and CEO Wayne Pacelle said he couldn't be certain that the NFL star had noble intentions in working to combat dogfighting after his release from prison. 

"I sat with the man, but I still don’t know what’s in his heart," Pacelle wrote on his blog.  "He told me he did terrible things to dogs. He said he grew up with dogfighting as a boy, and that he never sufficiently questioned it as he grew into manhood.... He said this experience has been a trauma, and he’s changed forever. And he said he wants to show the American public that he is committed to helping combat this problem. He asked for an opportunity to help. I want to give him that opportunity." 

Since his release from prison, Vick has made a number of appearances alongside Pacelle, advising young people to make good choices and avoid the pitfalls of peer pressure. Though he's referred to himself as "an animal rights advocate," the dogs he abused have rarely received more than a passing mention.

Dog lovers cry foul over comments from Jay Leno and Chris Rock about Michael Vick
Berkeley Breathed's new book was inspired by one of Michael Vick's pit bulls

-- Lindsay Barnett

Photo: Vick watches from the sidelines during a Philadelphia Eagles game against the Oakland Raiders.  Credit: Kirby Lee / US Presswire

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Cool day in hell..........

Let`s hope the Judge NEVER rescinds that ban on dog ownership.
Vick still doesn`t get it.
He pled NOT GUILTY to abuse
Blames everyone but himself.
Now it`s peer pressure?
What is he 10?

I`d like to hear what BadRap has to say about his denial of electrocuting dogs.

that's never gonna happen...

some people just don't deserve to be in the good company of dogs...end of story!

A woman in San Diego has one of Vick's dogs. She offered to let him see the dog when he played in San Diego. He did not respond.

You have got to be kidding me? This guy shouldn't be allowed to pet a dog much less own one! You still have to answer to the ones you tortured and murdered Mike that you havent apologized to. His experience was a trauma? What about the trauma inflicted at the hands of the man who now says he hopes to one day have a dog again. Remember he never actually served time for the torturing he did racketeering time and the Sate charges for torture were dropped as part of the Federal plea agreement. Please Mike dont get a dog save yourself the temptation. You wouldnt wave a needle in front of a recovering addict would you?

That BASTARD does not deserve to have another animal. What?is he lusting to brutally murder again??????? If he is EVER allowed to have another animal in his possesion we need a revolution in the country. He has NO empathy for animals, NONE, what he did was calculated brutalization and murder of those poor dogs, and in order to do the barbaric cruelties he inflicted on them he has to be a cold calculation sociopath.

He is a DEMON!!!!!!!!

Not in THIS lifetime BUCKO. Dog forbid.

I have absolutely no qualms with this man owning a dog.

I mean really, clearly, he's an animal-rights activist. I mean, he said so himself!

I think the judge should grant him the right to own a dog. I think an AIBO would be just the ticket!

And hey, if he breaks it, he can just buy another one! Clearly he's still making money. Clearly, crime still pays (as does claiming ignorance).

Well that's great -- Michael Vick didn't personally electrocute dogs.

Except the USDA report on the case and the prosecutor's staement of facts didn't say HE electrocuted dogs. He had employees who did that at his orders. What he personally did was drown dogs in a five-gallon bucket. He also personally strangled dogs by stringing them up on a nylon rope wrapped around a two by four nailed between two trees on his property. When one dog didn't die fast enough (you know Pit Bulls have those strong necks, especially if they've been built up for fighting, which means when you string them up they die so slowly) so he cut that dog down, then drowned her in the five gallon bucket.

But he personally didn't electrocute any dogs, he just paid other guys to do that. Gosh, I hope the judge sees the error of his ways and lets Vick have that dog he wants.

Wait.. you mean Wayne Pacelle is NOT Vicks dog???? or is it vice versa...
"Friends Don't let Friends Donate to "Charities" That Support DOG KILLERS"

I had to smile when he said whether or not he gets another dog is "up to my judge at his discretion." He makes it sound like he and the judge have a friendly professional relationship and if that is the case, the judge should be removed from the bench. I have never heard of a criminal defendant refer to the judge as "my judge". "My lawyer" or "my probation officer" but certainly not "my judge". ("up to MY judge....".)

Yeah? Child molesters want to get close to kids again after they feel they served their sentences....
Drew Peterson wanted to remarry after he off'ed some of his wives....

These types always refuse to acknowledge their involvement, trying to pretend that it was the circumstances or the victim that caused them to act that way - just as Vick will likely say that it was the dogs weaknesses or failures that caused him to torture and kill.

Vick should be removed from all contact with minors, and the ban on not owning dogs must remain in place.

W H A T ????????????????????????????????

WHAT??? this man should never be allowed to even be close to a dog again.

Don't ever let that man have another dog. He doesn't deserve to own a rat.

I say we let him have another dog when he can manage to bring back to life all the dogs he murdered... deal?

and btw.. he ALSO turned down visiting one of his former dogs in San Diego when they played the Chargers.

Oh, ok, the electrocutions didn't happen. Whatever. They found evidence. Well what about LETTING THE DOGS RIP EACH OTHER APART AND DIE SLOW PAINFUL AGONIZING DEATHS??? WHAT ABOUT THE DROWNINGS, THE HANGINGS??? Get real. Watching all this stuff for all these years doesn't bother him ONE BIT and then he gets CAUGHT and ALL OF A SUDDEN it all makes sense and he SUDDENLY REALIZES "GEE THIS IS SO MORALLY WRONG I AM SO SORRY OH MY GOD!"

HE IS ONLY SORRY BECAUSE HE WAS CAUGHT. Anyone who thinks otherwise and defends him is a complete MORON.

That judge better not lift the ban from this scumbag having dogs but sadly, he probably will. Its bad enough this lowlife has been allowed to play football again despite being a sadist and convicted felon! If any non athelete or non celeberty were convicted of a felony, that person would be lucky to land a job flipping burgers! Oh but Michael Vick is an athelete so he can practically get away with murder! Whatever Michael Vick wants, Michael Vick gets. Because he's special. He can play football which makes him superior and better than the rest of us which allows him to do whatever he wants! This is yet another reason why I have absolutely no faith in society. I am sick of hearing from ignorant morons "He did his time and he said he was sorry". First of all, his sentence was pretty leinient and he is only sorry that he got caught. He's not sorry for sadistically torturing and killing those dogs and I got proof. There is an article entitled "Michael Vick Fails To Inspire Team With Great Dogfighting Story" where he practically brags about how he tortured and and tormented a dog named Zebro and turned him into a killer!

Here is the link to that article which everyone should read:


This lowlife should never be allowed to have a dog ever again!

I think Vic is a heartless, cold, cruel man. He should not even be allowed to own a meal worm.

Vic got caught. How many other low lifes are not yet caught? I hope they all get their dues. It is so sad.

Justin, Although I agree with you completely in principle, The Onion is a humor site. The article was a joke.

I question Vick's sincerity in his remorse but am also sick and tired of hearing about him. He is no better and no worse than any of the other low-life scum pit fighters and should, therefore, receive no more and no less punishment or media attention for his abuse. Because he happens to play football for a living should not make a difference. Pit fighters come in all shapes, sizes, colors, professions, etc.

And I personally think it was a dumb move (publicity oriented, perhaps), for BADRAP to have even offered for Vick to come see the dogs. They know he is prohibited under court order currently from even being in contact with dogs and know he is required to stay "X" number of feet away, so what was really the point? He could have only seen the dogs from a distance through a window even if he'd said yes, which would kind of defeated the whole purpose of "looking them in the eye and telling them he was sorry."

And unless BR invited all of Vick's pit fighting partners to come see the dogs, too, you have to question their true motivation. What about any other dog they've rescued from pit fighting rings, have these dogs' convicted owners/pit fighters been invited to come meet the dogs they abused?

I'm so sick of hearing about the Michael Vick case when there are currently so many more pit fighters out there abusing dogs that many people don't seem to be putting any effort into trying to stop or hold accountable or bring light to.

Everyone needs to stop exploiting these dogs for gain.

It doesn't make a lot of sense that someone would admit to killing dogs with their bare hands but deny electrocuting them since they are both forms of horrific abuse.

I too have noticed that Vick rarely mentions the dogs he fought and killed. The few times he did say he is sorry, he explains he is sorry because he went to jail...not sorry because he caused the dogs pain, suffering, death. One would presume that, if he hadn't gotten caught, continuing the dogfights would have been fine with him. I also challenge his right to state he did not electrocute the dogs...wasn't part of his release from jail based on him admitting what he's done and making amends by speaking out against animal abuse? Doesn't seem he should get away with denying the electrocutions...

Dear Michael Vick,

You are in the public eye and are now the poster child for all scumbag dog fighters everywhere. Thank you so much for tourchering, maiming, suffocating, slamming on the ground untill they were DEAD, drowning, AND ELECTROCUTING all those helpless terrified horror stricken dogs you strapped into rape stands and then had the audacity to pit against eachother. Just goes to show that nomatter how rich and famous and "talented" you are, you can still prove to the world that you can also be a POS lowlife that uses every excise in the book for your disgusting and disturbing homicidal actions. You have no right to go near a dog, or any animal, for the rest of your life. How dare you? You know your "beloved" Sweet Jasmine was sadly killed in a terrible accident (car) correct? The thought came into my head tbat even tho she was rescued from your disgusting hands and put with loving caring saints of humans, she may not have been able to get over her fear, and erhaps threw herself infront of a carbecause she just couldnt stand to live anymore? Did you ever think that maybe nomtter how much rehabilitation these dogs recieved, that just maybe that poor girl was human enough to be so terrified that she just didn't want to live anymore, nomatter how much love she was finally shown and given? Just a thought, but the fact remains that you along with countless others in this world are sociopathic maniacs that kill and tourcher animals because you know if you did it to a human youd be thrown away in jail for life, so you take out your hate and your pathetic anger on helpless animals...you don't deserve to have an antfarm let alone another dog, and GOD HELP THE DOG that gets put in your care. I pray to God that "your judge" has some sense and never ever ever lets you have a living creature in you care as long as you live. You've gotten away with murder already, how does it feel to be a killer? You make me sick and always will. You dont deserve to be back in the NFL for children to see, you dont deserve the money your paid, and you sure as hell dont deserve to be walking the streets. You should be in jail. Period. KILLER.

Vick has not all of a sudden developed compassion for dogs just because he got caught. Anyone who can stand around while dogs cry in pain..and even be entertained by it...has LOST his privilege to be around a creature so forgiving and loyal. Disturbing that he even wants another dog.

Everyone has the potential to change. When the judge decides, Vick should be allowed to own another dog as a pet.

I wouldn't let him look after an ant colony. Did anyone see "Dogtown" and the conditions of his dogs????? He should be donating a generous portion of his salary to looking after dogs that he's abused. This is what too much money and too much time does to one.

Mary Ann,

I know it's nice to think so, but no, not everyone has the potential to change.

Specifically, the one personality type that does not change is the sociopath. The kind of personality that reaches adulthood (Vick was 29 when he got caught) and who continually devises ways to create and watch the suffering of living creatures; who feels no empathy and no pity for their fear and pain -- that kind of personality cannot change.

Just in the same way that no amount of counseling could make you enjoy murdering an animal, no amount of counseling will ever make Michael Vick truly feel sorrow or shame for what he did to his dogs. Please look at any interview with him on the subject and you will see that the only thing he shows genuine sorrow for is having gotten caught and the time he spent in jail.

When he lectures kids his message is "don't go to jail." He can't tell them how ashamed he is for terrifying and torturing animals because he doesn't feel shame. All you have to do is watch him.

Also remember that Vick didn't just torture and kill his own dogs. A USDA report also details how he and his friends put "family pet dogs" into the ring with fighting Pit Bull because they "thought it was funny" to watch the smaller, defenseless dogs be terrified, attacked, injured and killed.

The kind of person who could do that cannot change. That's just a fact of psychology. The only thing you can do with a person like that is make it impossible for him to re-offend. And do everything you can to protect yourself, your family and your animals from him -- because hurting and terrifying living creatures is what gives him pleasure.

If you people cared about human beings the way you cared about dogs, maybe there would be hope for kids who don't have all the opportunities you have. Your so self absorbed with crucifying someone that you forget he is human. The same people that cry about Vick, are the same that kill deer, kick cats, run over animals, you created this live with it.

um ii think he got what he got because he did dogs wrong and ii know he dont care how he treated them soooo.

I am so bothered by this article and am sick to hear he is involved with the Humane Society. That sick bastard deserves nothing and I still cant believe the NFL let him back in. I havent watched a Philly game since and never will watch another game he plays in. What I would like to hear about it how dog fighting is being stopped worldwide and other abuses against animals. Im going to go home tonight and give my rescued beagle an extra special hug tonight.

Michael Vick is ultimately an abuser but you can't fully hold that against him. If he really DIDN'T care, he would not be spending loads of money and helping with anti-animal abuse programs. He was not forced to do that, he spent his own time on making sure it doesn't happen with anyone. I don't know if I currently think he should but I would say around the time the superbowl is done. That way he has time with it and can fully understand animals.

Sorry Cody, but you are incorrect. Part of Vick's plea deal was that he pay money towards the upkeep of the dogs who suvived his "Bad Newz" kennels. You should probably check your facts before asserting that he "was not forced" to pay for their care, because in fact he was.

As for his devil's bargain to work with the Human Society of the U.S., no, he wasn't "forced," he did that because he wanted back in the NFL (and the millions he makes there) and he needed to appear to be rehabilitating his image before Roger Goodell could let an admitted dog-killer back in. The ASPCA has said they were approached by Vick's PR team to see if he could hitch his football star to their humanitarian wagon. Unfortunately for Vick, it was ASPCA Senior Director of Veterinary Forensic Sciences Melinda Merck who had been called in to perform the necropsies on the dogs Vick and his employees killed at his property on Monnlight Rd. Ooops! So the ASPCA passed. Was he "forced" to hook up with HSUS? Only in the sense that he wanted his 1.6 million dollar deal with the Eagles, and rehabbing his image was the only way to do it.

And finally, what on Earth does this mean: "Michael Vick is ultimately an abuser but you can't fully hold that against him."? What kind of moral morass do you live in where dog-killers don't have their dog-killing held against them? He committed the crime, he's guilty, and if you don't hold his deliberately cruel and torturous multiple killings of dogs against him then you are no better than he is. Like it or not, it's a moral universe and when you commit crimes they get held against you. You can go to jail, you can pay a fine, and you can continue to live your life. But when you commit a crime that requires a severe degree of sadism, it's going to be held against you. That's how it is, no matter how well the sadist plays football.

Seriously, parents, what are you teaching your children?

Michael, ALL of the dogs in the world have voted. NONE of them want you as their human. Nuff said.

What a crock! He's an 'ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST' now? I guess child molesters and rapists should be allowed to be around women and children too because, they too, have been "rehabilitated".
I'm sorry that his children are being denied the priviledge of having a dog as a pet. Did he take them to the veritable "petting zoo" that he had in his backyard?!
Did he happen to think of all the resources that his tortured and traumatized 'pets' hogged up when they all had to be removed and taken to Dogtown to try to save them?
He owns up to everything that he did "except the electrocutions" according to the article above and yet he still has the UNMITIGATED GALL to want to have another dog?? He definitely has an over-bloated ego that surpassed his room temperature IQ a long time ago.
Perhaps he should start out with a cockroach and a leash and see how he does with that first.
Again I say-WHAT A CROCK!

you guys are all just haters give the man another chance. hes human just like us and every one makes mistakes, and me personally i think every one diserves anthor chance. so let the man have anopther chance.

P.S. michael you are great and you are a role model how you turned your life around the way you did. so keep playing ball the same way you always do and don't let anything get in your way.


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