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Reader photo of the day: Feral cat feeding frenzy in Morocco

Morocco cats

Submitter Rog shares a photo he took earlier this year in Essaouira, Morocco. On a visit, Rog explains, he stumbled upon an elderly woman who regularly feeds parts of fish we'd rather not think about to a group of stray cats.  (And who, we ask, loves parts of fish we'd rather not think about more than cats?) 

"You could watch for hours," Rog says. "The cats all have a pecking order, and there never seems to be any fights. [Their caretaker] is very sweet and very grateful for any contributions." 

To submit your photos, head to the Pets & Animals category of Your Scene, The Times' photo-sharing site. Select the appropriate album, click the "submit" link at the top of the page, choose your photo (.jpg format) and include a caption that tells us a bit about the animal you've photographed. 

-- Lindsay Barnett

Photo: Rog / Your Scene

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I was reading about Buddy and Sherry Hackett and the Singita Animal Sanctuary they founded and supported. I found on the web that the Sanctuary declared bankruptcy in 2007. I came across the old website for the organization and was wondering if they have reorganized or if the Annual Comedy Benefit for Singita continues. It was a wonderful idea of the Hacketts, I hope it is being continued. Does anyone have any information about what happened?

The cats are obviously well-nourished. Nice, full tummies!

Hi, how does one get in touch with the L.A. Unleashed bloggers to suggest a story idea?


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