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PETA protests Jay Leno's show over advertising partnership with McDonald's

PETA members protest Jay Leno's partnership with McDonald's...dressed as chickens

Outraged over an advertising partnership between "The Jay Leno Show" and fast-food giant McDonald's, a group of PETA supporters took to the streets of Burbank earlier this week to protest outside the NBC studio where Leno's talk show is filmed. 

Dressed as chickens and armed with signs -- some reading "McDonald's: I'm Hatin' It," others lampooning NBC's trademark peacock as a dead chicken -- the protesters arrived in time to provide a pre-show of sorts to audience members lined up to enter Leno's studio. Their aim: To convince the comedian to call off the McDonald's promotion, for which Leno plans to hype the restaurant chain's Monopoly contest on-air during 29 consecutive shows.

PETA and McDonald's have long been at odds, but the controversial animal-rights group has recently ratcheted up the pressure over what it calls the inherently inhumane way the company's U.S. suppliers slaughter the unlucky chickens that become McNuggets.  Toward that end, members have passed out "Unhappy Meals" containing rubber chickens stained with fake blood to customers, and a recent appearance by Ronald McDonald at a San Francisco event left the spokesclown covered in vegan custard, courtesy of a PETA supporter in a chicken suit. Rock icon (and vegan restauranteur) Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders has even signed on to be a celebrity spokesperson for PETA's "I'm Hatin' It" campaign.

PETA members protest Jay Leno's partnership with McDonald's...dressed as chickens Why all the commotion? First off, it's not PETA if there's not commotion. But the issue at the heart of all the recent protesting is a method of slaughter referred to as electric immobilization or electric stunning.  According to PETA and other animal advocacy groups, the electrical current used in this method to stun chickens before they're killed isn't enough to make them insensitive to pain, just unable to move -- a death opponents of electric immobilization call agonizing for the animals. In addition, they argue, many stunned chickens suffer broken legs and wings as a result, and still more are scalded to death in defeathering tanks.

With all its corporate clout, PETA says, McDonald's could easily require its U.S. suppliers to switch to another chicken-slaughter method called controlled-atmosphere stunning, which is fairly common practice in Europe but not often used in the U.S.  During the process of controlled-atmosphere stunning, oxygen is removed from the chickens' atmosphere, and they die of anoxia before a slaughterhouse worker has to lay a hand on them.  According to PETA, the process is painless -- and while the group would clearly prefer everyone go vegan than eat chicken at all, they argue that a painless death is far more humane than the alternative.

Of course, McDonald's says it has no intention of bowing to PETA's demands, and its vice president of corporate social responsibility recently insisted to Slashfood that the company works with "leading independent animal-welfare experts" to make the slaughter process as humane as possible. PETA's arguments in favor of controlled-atmosphere stunning were, in essence, irrelevant, he told Slashfood, because no major U.S. poultry suppliers use the method.

PETA wants to rent Virginia prison building for use as 'Chicken Empathy Museum'
PETA prances out playmates, but is anyone influenced to go vegetarian?

-- Lindsay Barnett

Photos: Mark Ralston / AFP/Getty Images

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Jay Leno should not associate himself with such a cruel corporation as McDonalds. Thank you to the Peta supporters for having the moral courage for keeping this cruelty in the spotlight until McDonalds does the right thing for birds it turns into McNuggets. I am definitely Hatin' It! Who wouldn't?

Jay Leno should distance himself from such a cruel corporation as McDonalds.
McDonalds needs to do the right thing for the millions of birds it turns into McNuggets. Subjecting a feeling being to that kind of egregious cruelty is too hard to swallow. I am definitely Hatin' It! Who wouldn't? And thank you to the Peta supporters for having the moral courage to keep McDonald's cruelty in spotlight and taking the streets!

Yea, PETA's sure a beacon of reason... are they even CAPABLE of saving better than 3% of the animals they've "Rescued"? I will say this, Peta does know how to kill animals. They've demonstrated it time and time again. They have no respect for personal property, laws or even animals. I find it amazing that every key person or spokesperson for Peta always has some animal usage history.
Somehow they tend to forget that without animal usage, they wouldn't BE here.
They should be locked up and have the keys thrown away.
and Michelle.. they don't have moral courage. They have sanctimonium and believe they are above the law. Look at their stunts... Terrorize children en masse', harass and terrorize farmers, big business, etc. Fund ecoterrorism.
If you want to eat your tofu smoothie, all the power to ya, but don't tell me what I can eat and don't EVEN think of telling my child.
Now if you can Excuse me, I'm going to get a big mac

PETA is there for what can't speak for themselves. Bless 'em! No reason McD can't factor in a less brutal death for the creatures they kill for we the people. Jay has to re-think this.

First of all, the idea that PETA can dictate to me what I can and cannot do is against the first amendment. Second, animals are not human they are animals. Animals do not have the same brain chemistry or even rationality that humans have. In other words, they have instincts not actual "common sense" and that can be proven in an scientific test you can perform (and yes they can be done without harm to the animal). Not to say they do not have feelings or have respond to your actions, not to say that at all, but to say that they are in the same regard as humans is absolute insanity. They do not have our logic and I do understand that it is horrible some of the treatment that goes on, but if y0u do recall, there are humans dying in Iraq everyday with your concern more on a chicken then on their lives. Get your priorities straight and then come into an actual logical discussion.

PETA gets on my last nerve. I don't care what they have to say about anything. I don't see why Jay Leno SHOULDN'T associate with McDonalds just because the PETA fools don't agree with it.

Dear Mr. Okami,
With all due respect: I care about all suffering, human included. It is not an "either/or" proposition. Please, I'd ask you to consider: just because someone chooses to be concerned about animal cruelty doesn't mean there isn't a similar concern for humans, including U.S. soldiers (or Iraqis for that matter). And I'd also ask you to consider: just because an animal doesn't display "human logic" as you understand it doesn't mean they are therefore less deserving of living a life free of grotesque pain which is completely avoidable, yet inflicted upon them because...because...???? What? Habit? Non-caring attitude? Cold heart?
We are evolving as a species. And in that evolution we are coming to realize: all is sacred.
All is sacred.

To bad Peta kills more animals then almost any other group! May e they should protest themselves. Bug now I want some McNuggets. I'm Lovin' It!

Peta, Is a joke. If people worried about the people in the USA,instead of animals and everybody else in the world,maybe the US wouldnt be in this situation.These animals are raised to eat.Watch the new increase in price of eggs, because they dont want egg laying chickens in cages.Love McDonalds and Leno Show

In all fairness, anoxia does sound like a less-painful death than stunning. But PETA, you need to take the higher road with respect to getting your message out. And it would be nice if PETA could be somehow part of a solution. How about spending your funds on research that will help McD's create a better process to slaughter animals? I bet if you could present a solution that is better, faster, and cheaper... then nobody would resist the change.


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