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Florida man charged with animal cruelty over pet rat

Darren_daniels Authorities say a DeLand man who strangled a pet rat after accusing his wife of taking the last cigarette has been charged with animal cruelty.

The new charge for 22-year-old Darren Daniels was added Thursday. The Volusia County Sheriff's Office reports that Daniels grabbed his wife during a confrontation last week, which led to the 20-year-old woman running away and hiding outside.

Before that, Daniels reportedly grabbed a white rat from a tank in their apartment, smashed its head and then strangled it.

Authorities say Daniels drove away recklessly and refused to pull over for deputies.

Daniels was previously charged with battery and fleeing and eluding. He was still being held on $3,000 bail for those charges.

The new charge carries an additional $5,000 bail.

-- Associated Press

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What was the purpose of killing the pet? This guy is a sicko. Takes out his frustrations on a pet? Along with his fine he should be banned for life from every having any type of pet. He can't be trusted with one.

Abusive men often hurt and kill pets both to terrify and torture the pet but also to terrorize the woman. The implicit threat is: "You're next!" as well as "If you leave me I'll kill your animals."

This guy is dangerous and should be off the streets.

This is disgusting, killing a rat to punish a woman. He should be thrown into jail. Sure, its only a rat - but it was her much loved pet.

This is terrible, and goes to show that this man should never be trusted with any type of animal for the rest of his life.What a sick thing to do to a poor defenseless animal.


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