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Your morning adorable: Frostie the cockatoo shakes his tail feathers

September 14, 2009 | 11:50 am

We were shocked and amazed when we first saw Frostie, a 20-year-old little corella cockatoo (also known as a bare-eyed cockatoo), shaking every feather he's got to Ray Charles' "Shake a Tailfeather."  

Frostie, we've learned, has brought his formidable dancing skills not only to YouTube (where, beyond the obvious bird-themed songs, he can also be seen grooving to everything from KC and the Sunshine Band's "Boogie Shoes" to "God is Great," a religious song for children), but also to Facebook (where his fan page boasts more than 600 fans) and even Twitter

Frostie is a busy bird, according to owner Karla K. Larsson of Paradise, Calif.  When he's not dancing or interacting with his friends on various social-networking websites, he is engaging in "supervised [playtime] which includes spending time sitting on edge of the fountain, running around the yard and house, playing with toys and dancing on his now famous perch," Larsson writes on his YouTube profile.  "Frostie is cuddled, caressed, scratched and given lots of love every day!"  Lucky bird!

'Backstreet Boys' cockatoo shows researchers that dancing parrots really have rhythm

-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: OnePickieChickie via YouTube

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