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Fox News commentator Glenn Beck throws a frog in boiling water (maybe)


We're not quite sure we can actually believe our eyes -- but it seems that Fox News host Glenn Beck has thrown a live frog into boiling water on his television program.

"You know the old saying ... if you put a frog into boiling water, he's gonna jump right out because he's scalding hot, but if you place the frog in lukewarm water and gradually raise the temperature, the frog won't realize what's happening and die," Beck said to his primarily conservative audience.  "Let me get the frogs." 

The camera showed his hand feeling around in an aquarium.  Apparently having grabbed one ("Okay... All right ... So you have the little frogs.  You have the little frogs here"), Beck turned back to the camera and steered the conversation, predictably, to a favorite topic: the president. "Barack Obama has galvanized the country because of the sheer size of the bills he's proposed, and the number of the bills, the urgency he's been placing on the bills, he's forced us to think and get involved," Beck said before inserting a comparison between Republicans and said frogs in boiling  water. 

That was the wind-up. The pitch -- quite literally, Beck threw a small item that his audience was left to assume was a live animal into a pot topped by rising steam -- was apparently not quite what he had in mind.  When no tiny object leaped from the water (the dramatic effect one would assume he was trying to achieve), Beck gazed curiously at the rising steam before turning once more to the camera. 

"OK, forget the frog," he said.  "OK, I ... I swear I thought they jumped right out, but they don't."  

So was this serious?  Did Beck actually throw a live animal into boiling water to make a questionable point?  The Huffington Post wondered the same thing:

Did Glenn Beck just kill a poor little frog, on national teevee? Yes! Or ... no, maybe it was faked! Or maybe it was real, and Beck is now having to pretend he faked it? Or not! WHO KNOWS. ...

What just happened? By all appearances, Glenn Beck had murdered a frog. But he quickly offered, "Forget about the Republicans, because most of them are fake. Forget about the Republicans, because most of them are fake. And forget about the frog, because it was fake!" Oh! OK! So the only thing that was murdered was Beck's metaphor, in which his hyper-informed viewers were capable of jumping out of boiling water.

See the video for yourself below. It's not graphic, but -- whether or not a live frog was actually used for this stunt -- it's certainly off-putting.

-- Lindsay Barnett

Photo: Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times

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Wow, the LA Times again proves that their offices are populated by morons.

This is just too funny.

What Huffington neglects to mention is that former Ambassador John Bolton confirmed that Beck pulled a rubber frog from the boiling water. Unless Beck keeps a collection of frogs and other assorted items on his person in case he time warps back to appear on Let's Make Deal, this was a planned deal.

Get a brain!

So predictable: Humorless, easily duped if the guilty are leftists or the innocent are conservatives.

la times..i can;t belive you are that stupid.

Jim are you really that stupid? You can tell from his body language, his facial expression not to mention the fact that he clearly expected the frog to jump out is enough to convince me he threw a live frog into that boiling water. The only thing fake is Glenn Beck posing as a real journalist. I expect the frog was rubbery after being boiled to death. 912 stooges are just too funny.


Why did the LAX or the Huffington Post not mention that Beck took the frog out of the pot, put it in a cup and handed it directly to UN Ambassador Bolton who verified that it was made of rubber!!!!!

You guys will latch onto anything. Beck is hysterical because he knows how to push your buttons and make you look ridiculous and in this case, for the LAX and Huffington Post, dishonest.

Beck is a showman. He saw what you wanted to see. What you can't see is that the press is spoon feeding you information in a distorted manner. Don't you even want to understand the truth?

Um, if the frog was fake, why did he bother to use the anecdote about a frog jumping out of boiling water? Was Beck's objective to disprove the metaphor?

Any one who states, "The only thing fake is Glenn Beck posing as a real journalist," is retarded. He does not POSE as a journalist, he is a conservative commentator and OBVIOUSLY makes NO effort to conceal this fact. In no way, shape, or form is Glenn Beck a journalist... come on, every person in broadcast is a journalist? ...No. And in no way does he claim to be one either.


..besides that, come on LAT I am pulling for you! (I subscribe and read the paper EVERYDAY, shocking I know) But this.. this is disappointing. Was there really NOTHING else to write about? I know, GB really gets on your nerves over there but at least give us something newsworthy.

Matthew, obvious you don't really know who Glenn Beck is other than what you hear on your liberal blogs, he is a humorist among other things. Why don't you try watching or listening to him instead of creating an opinion based on what other people have to say about him.

Ps. Live frog or not, who the hell cares, oh wait dumb liberals

You missed the point of the demonstration it was a play on the fake nature of the frog. Sure the frog in boiling water vs the frog in water gradually heated to a boil is a legitimate metaphor; however the point he was emphasizing with this demonstration is that the way that the government 2 party system Democrats and Republicans are at odds with each other is presented to the American public is fake just like the frog. It was a publicity stunt to get the attention of the radical media and it worked didn't it.

"Was Beck's objective to disprove the metaphor?"


This is exactly why the lie-beral press is tanking. The video cuts off right before he says the frog was fake.

Nobody trusts lie-beral 'journalists' anymore and you deserve to fail.

I can't believe you think he threw a live frog in the boiling pot. This is why newspapers are failing across the country. They are filled with idiots. Good job LA Times, hope to see you in the bankruptcy list.

I watched it at least five times, pausing and scanning. I can't see anything fall out of his hands. I did, however, see him grab two frogs - then one jumped out before he took his hands from the container. That means that he should have had one in his hand, but I didn't see it go into the pot.

"Off-putting" only for the humorless. Get a sense of irony, you'll be a much happier person.

The same people complaining about his stunt are the same people who think Glenn Beck killed a puppy on live radio a couple of years back. He also broadcast a live abortion on his radio program too if you go by the LA Times' standards. Anyone who has watched or listened to Glenn Beck over the years knows that he uses dark comedy to make a point - this is just another one of many of his stunts whether on television or radio. I can't wait to see the LA Times' articles on Howard Stern's stunts, or some of the other stunts we hear and see. Oh, that's right, the Times' won't write that article because there is a slant here. I mean, the Huffington Post as a source? Who are we kidding!

By the way, @Scotty, Beck doesn't pose as a real journalist. It is called political commentary - not journalism or news. It's because people can't discern the difference that we end up with articles like this - the Times' thinks that they can be like Beck, and they think that Beck is held to the same standard of journalistic integrity that they are. They are sadly mistaken.

Scotty and Matthew...there's a new book out called Arguing with IDIOTS.
BUY IT, READ IT, LIVE IT. You'll be released from the Matrix when you do and there's no red or blue pill to take.

What I think the LA Times fails to understand - along with many other media outlets - is that Beck (and Limbaugh) knows exactly how everything they do or say is selectively taken out of context to make them look as extreme as possible.

I goes like this: Somebody - often somebody like Media Matters, or maybe just a random blogger - starts raising a great hue and cry over one or two words that are allegedly spoken by these characters. If the clip is played at all it will be about half a second long - the editors will have to strain very hard to edit it into practically nothingness to remove all of the context before and after whatever was said.

Then everybody starts banging on their tin cans until it's amplified throughout the leftist media-sphere, distorting itself even more along the way, and some celebrity pundit (who would never be caught dead listening to Beck or Limbaugh directly) writes a post about it on the Huffington post, which will take the form "Did you hear ...?" (insert selective quite).

What you thoroughly fail to understand is that Beck and Limbaugh have started to use that dynamic to their advantage, and they are really getting much better at playing with you all of the time.

Complete Morons on the West Coast!

You can't even get the quote correct! he mentions Democrats and Republicans, not Republicans twice...

Complete idiots!!!!!!!

Beck talked about it on his radio show this morning. A good laugh was had by all at the expense of the Christian Science Monitor, who also completely missed the subtle way in which John Bolton confirmed that it was a plastic frog.

The fake frog was a metaphor for fake Republicans, who, despite Obama's headlong rush to statism, aren't jumping. Also, he pointed out that the premise (that a frog will jump out of hot water, but not out of slowly heated water) is a fable and not science.

Glenn Beck is a moronic imbecile. I don't care if the frogs are real or rubber...Glenn Beck is a major league idiot. His show is stupid and the people who watch it are stupid. It screams volumes about this country and this society when a guy as inane as Glenn Beck can make millions of dollars while school teachers scrap for pencils. We are doomed.

I'm a Beck fan, but um, his point was clearly LOST when the frog DIDN'T jump out. Whatever he tries to spin now just doensn't make sense. I agree, if you watch him every night, you know he really did boil a live frog because of his reaction and subequent "covering his butt" comments. Honestly, I didn't even hear or care what he said after that. It was a sickening stunt. I will continue to watch him, but not if he continues to kill live animals on his show.

And Glenn's third line was: "The frog was fake". Funny how that part of the video was missing!
This folks is a Glenn Beck media set up moment, and Barnett swallowed it hook line and, got-ya.
He will be snapping his trap shut tonight. Mark another moment when the Fringe Media is caught making things up. (As with the View) Turns out none other than the CEO of Amtrak pointed out Beck was telling the truth, and Whoopi and Walters were lying.
Welcome to a new media age. No wonder the new FCC head wants media control aka Chavez...

no wonder, you cannot sell any newspapers...

You have no one with a brain...

Why not show the entire video, with the RUBBER FROG!!


Cincinnati, OH--An advertising stunt dreamed up by a local Cincinnati radio station went terribly wrong when twenty live turkeys plummeted to their deaths after being dropped out of a helicopter under the misguided assumption that they would all just fly away.

"The turkeys were hitting the ground like sacks of wet cement," stated Les Nessman, who reported the event live for station WKRP from the parking lot of the Pinedale shopping mall.

"It was just terrible. People started to panic and were running around the parking lot screaming. One of the turkeys even crashed right through the windshield of a parked car."

Station Manager Arthur Carlson took full responsibility for the chaos caused by the Thanksgiving Day promotion, claiming that "as God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."

The station promises to fully reimburse anybody who suffered property damage as a result of this stunt.

WKRP is a "beautiful music" station that ranks 16th in the 18 station Cincinnati market. They are currently considering a format change in hopes of boosting their dismal ratings.

Beck is TOYING with you (LA times) and you don't even get it!

You're howling about his tossing a plastic frog into water... all the while giving Beck MORE time, MORE attention, and likely MORE viewers!!

Glenn thanks you for your predictable Pavlovian behavior.

If John Bolton said so, that's all I need to know.

Clearly, you can see he is only making a statement. He did not throw a frog in the water! If only everyone paid as close attention as to what is happening to our freedom and rights as Americans!!!!!

Are you all morons? 1. He did not throw a real frog into the pot? LA Times needs to confirm before they run a story. 2. Who gives a flyin' foos-ball if he threw a real frog into the boiling H2O anyway????

Well we know he didn't do it - but so what if he did! Who cares. Do we freak out when lobsters are thrown in boiling water? People, we have to get a life!

Pretty Contemptible. Not that Glenn Beck boiled a fake frog, but that he has "fans."

What has happened to journalism in this world, no wonder papers are failing- no one can trust that they deliver the truth- hint(s) to writer- research prior to putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), don't EVER quote the Huff Post- the people over there live in loo-loo land

Not only will a frog not jump out if you throw it in boiling water (because it's killed immediately), but a frog will in fact jump out of water whose temperature is slowly being raised, once it reaches an unbearable temperature. Frogs can feel a burning sensation as surely as people; it's a myth that they'll just sit there and die.

The moral of the story is that Glenn Beck is really, really dumb.

It is hilarious that all you liberals actually bought this. If you actually watched the show, you would have seen him explain what really happened and how he made it look real. You all fell for it hook, line, and sinker!

Are you serious?? Of course is wasn't real, it was rubber. Beck even proved it.
Why are you taking pot shots at Glenn Beck?? Don't you have NEWS to report?? ..maybe you guys should strive to be fair and balanced, at least a little.

If Beck is claiming the frog was plastic, why did it jump out of his hand in the container that had water in it for the frogs. I watched the frog run from Beck. Then this wacko put in a cup and handed it to Bolton who made a sick face and pushed the cup away.


If it's fake good for the frog, good for humanity. It's true that people who indulge and abuse alcohol for years, eventually do develop some brain damage, case in point, this stupid frog trick. Only the brain dead, can actually do such a stunt to help their ratings. What's next, burning politicians with gasoline on-air to prove a point? Let's face it folks, Glenn Beck's career has been in boiling hot water for the last several years. Of course fear not, fair & balanced FOX news will never fire the world's dumbest man.

Tracy et al, I'm neither a liberal nor a conservative, but I think Glenn Beck is a joke. In fact, I purposely don't listen to either side. I think Keith Olbermann and those like him are as much of a joke as Mr. Beck.

OK, his point was to disprove the metaphor ... with a fake frog!? What in the world does that disprove? The demonstration proved absolutely nothing other than the fact that Beck can neither use sarcasm nor shock value to prove his point.

And to all those who say Glenn Beck is a humorist, I suppose he also meant to misspell oligarchy on purpose, too, on his show?

After all of you so called "Grown ups" and left wing folks get done worrying yourself about a damn frog live or fake who cares. Please let me somebody beside me know. Our Government is running wild voting in the middle of the night on a bill so transparent none of us could see it. Glenn or should I say Mr. Beck, thanks for pulling some of these guys heads out of their back sides but it isn't the frogs sir that should be thrown into boiling water. I am concerned almost to the point of scared for our Country. Apparently, I missed the memo (fm Bill) that says I should be concerned about a damn frog. I am a former Marine grunt I care only that our Country and our Constitution and my family are safe. I have a great recipe for frog legs Glenn, seems like you didn't boil that one long enough. haha. At least when all these left wingers starve out I know that my family wont go hungry. You would think that these folks think the food comes from out behind the store. haha.

Are you that stupid? He did say in his email newsletter that he was going to boil a fake frog on TV the next day to see how the leftist media would react... even if you don't watch or listen to him, at least sign up for the newsletter... it'll save you more embarrassment...

I can't believe this is news!

How convenient that the video has been removed due to "Terms of Use Violation". This so-called journalism makes blood shoot out of my eyes. Get a grip, you leftists. Find something worthy to complain about. Like how the country is going to hell in a hand-basket!


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