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Adopt-a-Pet: Ramona the mixed breed

September 17, 2009 | 10:54 pm

RamonaRamona (ID# A1058480), an adoptable 1-year-old female mixed breed at the South Los Angeles animal shelter, is "the definition of sweet," according to shelter volunteer Andrea Braver. 

So why doesn't she have a home yet?  Well, she's not terribly flashy -- a plain, medium-sized tan dog that Braver describes as camera-shy.  And the South L.A. shelter is notoriously crowded with needy animals (on a recent day it adopted out nine dogs, but took in 32), meaning a dog's often got an uphill battle to be adopted there.  Turnover is often quick at the shelter, so Ramona might not have much time left to make an impression on the right owner.

That's a real shame, according to Braver, because this plain-looking dog is loaded with personality and would make a wonderful pet.  Ramona, Braver says, is "a snuggler" who is quiet and gentle around people but vivacious and full of fun around other dogs.

Given the opportunity to play, Ramona "takes off like a little girl at a pajama party.  She's running and jumping and pouncing and kneeling and pawing and becomes the leader of the pack," Braver says, adding that this young dog would make a wonderful companion for an existing dog.  Meet Ramona in person at the South L.A. shelter, 3612 11th Ave., or call (888) 4LAPET1 with her ID number for more information.  

Maximus the Labrador-corgi mix

-- Lindsay Barnett

Photo: Andrea Braver

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