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Additional 90 charges filed against man who blamed child pornography downloads on his cat

September 22, 2009 |  2:12 pm

When a Florida man was charged last month for possession of child pornography and blamed his cat for downloading more than 1,000 illegal images onto his computer, law enforcement officials were, rather understandably, skeptical. 

The man, Keith Griffin of Jensen Beach, told investigators that the cat was a habitual keyboard-stepper, tapping away while Griffin downloaded music. Officials responded by slapping Griffin with 10 charges of child pornography possession -- and late last week, they added 90 more charges to that tally, bringing the total to 100.  

Unleashed readers appear divided on the strange case. McKlean&Soberly noted that, in order for Griffin's story to make sense from a statistical perspective, there "should be other 'accidental' downloads -- other random sites hit by the cat in far larger numbers than the child porn hits. Right?"

But reader Dave B recalled his own cat's forays into the world of technology.  "My cat likes to play with the phone and push buttons. ... I've had to take all numbers off speed dial to stop outgoing calls," Dave B wrote.  "I had my office on speed dial on my home fax, and he would fax me and others occasionally (just a blank page, but with my home fax return number on it). Again, had to take all numbers off speed dial on the fax.  Never underestimate either the [intelligence] or curiosity of the feline world."

Griffin is being held at the Martin County Jail with bail set at $2.2 million, according to United Press International. As for the cat, it's reportedly being cared for by a family friend.

-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: Fortunately, this kitty's computer activity doesn't appear to include anything unsavory. Credit: outime via YouTube

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