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Michael Vick chew toy and doggy jersey keep the Eagles QB in the news

Easily the most controversial figure in the NFL is the recently signed quarterback Michael Vick, who spent the  last year and a half in federal prison for dog fighting charges.

Public outcry at his reentry to pro football was widespread, spawning protests at his new team's training camp and creating an interesting market for T-shirts and pet toys.

Two of the more interesting "gifts" you can get for your dogs are a chew toy made in Vick's likeness and a shirt you can order from the NFL. Although the $17 toy is a bit of tongue-in-cheek revenge, the shirt is clearly a mistake.

VickdogThe ever-enterprising people at the NFL.com site decided to meet the need of football fans who wish to dress their dogs in the colors of their favorite teams. What they didn't count on was the league's reinstatement of the convicted animal abuser. Combine those two facts with an automated jersey-maker and voila: the most politically incorrect fashion statement for your four-legged friend.

The question on the table: Should the NFL pull the option to select Vick's name and number from the doggy jerseys, or should it, as others have done, accept the idea that the quarterback has paid his debt to society and move on?

Or should the league appease those who will be surely offended by such merchandising by donating the profits of the Vick dog jersey to animal shelters and the like?

Oakland couple rescues Vick's pit bulls
Sports Illustrated features Michael Vick's pit bulls

Animal advocates react to the Philadelphia Eagles' signing of Michael Vick

-- Tony Pierce

Photo via NFL.com

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yeah yeah did any one hear abot the 3 day old baby in west virginia the family pitt bull grabed it by its head when the mother was feeding it and shook it the baby died those dogs the are mean horrible animals

You can get the Offiicial version of the Vick Dog Chew Toy here http://www.officialvickdogchewtoy.com and see the latest Official Vick Jersey for Dogs in our ebay listing http://myworld.ebay.com/officialvickdogchewtoy/. We look forward to seeing more dog supporters.

The Official Vick Dog Chew Toy Support Team

This man watched as dogs screamed and struggled against jumper cables held to their wet bodies; heads held in 5 gallon bucks until drowned; hanged by the neck and in one case when that dog didn't die fast enough by hanging Mr. Vick and his cronies body-slammed the dog until his neck was broken and he let go of his last breath. Has Mr. Vick paid his debt to society - I can't answer that - it depends on what society demands, but I can assure you he will never pay his debt to the evil he inflicted on his dogs. He is nothing but a shame to his species.

Vick said he felt disgust with himself on 60 Minutes, cried, and even "Found God."

He felt so much disgust that he has been fighting dogs for about 10 years, and even threw in family pets into dog fighting rings because he thought it was funny-per the USDA report. Dog fighting is a life style for him-not merely a mistake. VICK ALSO LIED BEFORE THE COURT SYSTEM WHEN FIRST CHARGED WITH DOG FIGHTING. I clearly remember him saying, "I am innocent and will clear my good name" until his buddies turned him in and he was cornered. If VICK is willing to LIE to a Court-the Law-without batting an eyelash, what makes you think he is telling the truth now. In my opinion anybody who can make bold faced lies to the Court system is a pathological LIAR. It was all about: Lights! Camera! Action! Show time! Any good actor can turn on tears on cue. He found God, eh? Nice touch. Years ago, I used to work for the Dept of Corrections and I heard that song-and-dance all the time prior to parole hearing. Typical con man talk using religion to get what he wants. It actually makes me sick.


You make the sales and you donate the cash. That is how charity works. If some bleeding hearts have a problem with that, tell them to move to Canada.

They should replace the VICK dog jerseys with the R. MEXICO versions that were banned a few years ago!

So, some say, Vick is serious about his repentence over his dogfighting. Well, here's his first real test. If he is REALLY wanting to help dogs from being abused, he could start by INSISTING (AND I MEAN INSISTING)that the NFL and its product makers N-O-T provide Vick t-shirts for dogs. If people want to wear them, so what. But dogs would have no choice. People would be making their dog promote a person who would laugh while he killed them (and still would if he could.) This abhorent. And Vick could stop it if he was R-E-A-L-L-Y remorseful. So, what more proof do we need that Vick is all talk an no action when it comes to sincere repentence. He is not a new person. Still the same old dumb one.

People need to get over it already. He killed some doggs, he serve his time. Now let him do what he was doing before he was convicted. Entertain football fans around the world. People talk more about Vick killing dogs than they do Stalworth killing someone and paying a lump of money and spending only 30 days in jail. They both made a mistake get over it no ones perfect.


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