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Man blames cat for child pornography found on his computer

What is it with cats and keyboards

A Florida man accused of downloading child pornography is blaming his cat's erratic keyboard mashing for the crime.

Keith Griffin was charged Wednesday with 10 counts of possession of child pornography after detectives found more than 1,000 images on his computer, the Associated Press reports.  But Griffin alleges he had no knowledge of the illicit images and says his cat was behind the downloads. 

Griffin told investigators that his cat had a habit of sitting on his computer's keyboard.  He said that on several occasions he came back to his computer to find that strange material had been downloaded.  Police didn't buy Griffin's story and he is currently being held in the Martin County Jail. The cat reportedly is being cared for by a family friend.

Maybe Griffin should consider investing in some anti-kitty computer software.  PawSense claims to be able to recognize and prevent cat typing.

-- Brendan Bigelow

Video: jmcole79 via YouTube

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Fluffy was confused - downloaded the wrong Kitty Porn!!

Ok, it's got to be said. Kitty Porn?

Flimsy excuse for 1000 consistent hits for child pornography....that's once a day every day for three straight years. Are there hundreds of thousands of "non-sexual" sites accessed during THAT PARTICULAR TIME SPAN as well? Did he forward the site to the Center for Abused children? No, he just covered his eyes at home. Statistically should be other "accidental" downloads-- other random sites hit by the cat in far larger numbers than the child porn hits. Right? Does the cat hit keys for adult porn as well, or does he prefer children only?
His defense reminds me of the classical, emotionally inadequate, arrested maturity you commonly see in a pedophyle's feeble path of reason, like "the dog ate my homework." Don't you love the "captured on film" defense? No kitty, no. Don't do that again today! Ok. You can play... you may end up in the pen if they think you are me.
If only cats could talk.....huh.

Why did they let the cat go?

LOL Classic JJW

The cat must be a real perv.

A cat and a keyboard? He should have blamed his cat and the mouse!

Maybe he could be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a cat.

that darn cat !

This is why I hate cats. They are always doing sneaky stuff like this. Coughing up hairballs, catching mice and bringing them to you, logging on to your computer and downloading porn when you aren't looking. You never hear of dogs doing this kind of stuff, only cats.

I guess Mr. Griffin is guilty of possession of 'kitty porn'...

That is one extremely intelligent and well-trained kitty cat!! The cat only downloaded child porn? Hmm, that is, indeed, unbelievable!! The owner of the cat is not only a disgusting pervert, he is also not very bright!! Instead of claiming "the devil made me do it" he blames his poor innocent cat! Hope the cat finds a nice home!! Throw the owner in jail!

think thats bad--I got a parrot that has figured out that the keyboard has a direct response on the screen---so she has picked all the keys off the keybord to see the response on the screen--bloody unbelevieable

Of course the cat did it. :-)

My cat likes to play with the phone and push buttons ... I've had to take all numbers off speed dial to stop outgoing calls. I had my office on speed dial on my home fax and he would fax me and others occasionally (just a blank page, but with my home fax return number on it). Again, had to take all numbers off speed dial on the fax.

Never underestimate either the inteligence or curiosity of the feline world.

I believe him. Cats are evil. Simple.

i bet the owner was bout to get a dog and the cat got jealous and downloaded child pornography and called crimestoppers on him 4 revenge.

This made my laugh out loud!!

There's a good chance the man was bot-netted. I think relatively few people would actually go looking for child pornography, but a good number of people visit websites which are likely to get them hosting badguy's files without their knowledge. Innocent until proven guilty, that's what people love about America yes?

Like Special K said, could have been the work of a malware.

Anyway it's kind of retarded to take somebody's freedom for pictures in their PC.

Erratic keyboard mashing? or Erotic keyboard mashing? hmmmm



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