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TV news cameraman frees squirrel from yogurt cup

A kind South Carolina TV-news cameraman couldn't just stand by and watch as a helpless squirrel fumbled around with a yogurt cup stuck on its head.  As evidenced by the video above, the cameraman watches the squirrel through his viewfinder before realizing the little guy isn't going to be able to free itself on its own.  He puts down the camera and picks the squirrel up, causing the cup to fall off its head.  Voila: problem solved.

Things turned out all right for this squirrel, but we hope others like it will heed the warning implicit in his yogurt-induced predicament: Stay away from the Yoplait.

-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: wyfftv via YouTube

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THANK YOU for taking the time to help this poor little creature.

Animal advocates have lobbied Yoplait to change the design of their yogurt cups, but they have refused....instead they added a blurb on the cup about "discarding to protect wildlife."


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