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Your morning adorable: Asian small-clawed otters at Australia's Taronga Zoo


Australia's Taronga Zoo is home to a host of animals, but we think the resident Asian small-clawed otter family may rival them all for the title of cutest animal. 

Asian small-clawed otters are freshwater otters, different from the sea otters that are more familiar to most Americans.  In the wild, they can be found in rivers and streams in southeast Asia.  (Closer to home for California residents, they can also be found at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.)

Their claws aren't the only thing small about Asian small-clawed otters: they're the smallest of all otter species.  They're known for their manual dexterity, which led Monterey Bay Aquarium staff to devise a unique enrichment activity for an Asian small-clawed otter named Dua. They gave Dua his own keyboard (and, thankfully, captured him playing it on video).

-- Lindsay Barnett

Photo: Mark Baker / Reuters

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I' ve been to Toranga Zoo and it was amazing, one of the best zoos in the world. It has spectacular Sydney harbour views and a great collection of Australian wildlife. If you get a chance to visit Sydney then don't forget Toronga Zoo.

Nothing about animals in cages is adorable. Perhaps we can change the title for this segment to Your Morning Adorable in Jail? Now that would be funny and enlightening as well.


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