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Lost dog's hoarding helps rescuer reunite her with owners

A lot of humans could learn a thing or two about loyalty from a Rottweiler named Ella. Ella's human family, the Kelleys, were in a horrific car accident in Hickman County, Tenn., on July 1. Ella escaped the wreck in good shape physically, but the Kelleys weren't so lucky -- paramedics rushed all five family members (parents Joe and Michelle and their three children) to a nearby hospital.

Ella was left behind. She remained near the site of the accident for about two weeks, when she was found by a kind rescuer, Kathy Wilkes-Myers. "That's the last spot she saw her family and she was going to stay there," Wilkes-Myers told Nashville's News Channel 5. "She was starved and covered with ticks."

Wilkes-Myers knew something terrible must have happened to Ella for her to be found without her family.  She searched the nearby area and returned home with Ella and a plastic bag full of items the dog had hoarded in a little nest -- the family's toothbrushes, a hairbrush and other personal items. Among the personal effects Wilkes-Myers found was contact information for the Kelleys' insurance agent.

Wilkes-Myers got in touch with the agent, April Bowers, who immediately knew the lost Rottweiler was the Kelleys' missing Ella. The dog and her family were reunited at last, and -- we confess -- the happy reunion was enough to bring a tear to even our hardened eye. Bonus good news: The Kelleys are all expected to fully recover from their injuries.

-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: CBSNewsOnline via YouTube

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We need more happy stories like this in the news. Great to hear Ella reunited with her family.

Wow..... I just love animals.... What a great story...

What a great story.

We don't deserve animals. do we?

I am so happy Ella and her family were re-united and Kathy rescued her! I have a few questions about this and maybe someone out there can help me:

1) Why was Ella left alone to fend for herself?

2) Why didn't her family notify animal organizations about their lost dog in their area?

3) Why weren't her family actively involved in trying to find her?

I know they were injured but someone could have informed the proper authorities??



What's happy about this? Poor Ella didn't have a collar or chip to ID her? Next time she gets lost are we going to hear again about about her loyalty? Wreck or no wreck these are thoughtless owners and shouldn't have a dog.

Quit judging others Bob. I'm sure you aren't perfect which must be hard for someone like you to hear.


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