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Meet Casey Anderson -- and his best friend, an 800-pound bear

Brutus, an 800-pound grizzly bear, is an unlikely best friend to Casey Anderson (a much-smaller-than-800-pound human).  But best friends they apparently are -- in fact, Brutus, who was raised from a cub by Anderson, even served as best man at the "Expedition Grizzly" host's wedding to actress Missi Pyle last fall.  Good Morning America reported on a recent episode:

Anderson met Brutus seven years ago in a wildlife park where the then-cub was born. The preserve suffered from overpopulation, and Brutus was destined to remain in captivity or be euthanized. His odds didn't look good.

The East Helena, Mont., native couldn't let that happen to Brutus, who he thought looked like a "fuzzy Twinkie." From the beginning he said something special existed between the two.

So he built the Montana Grizzly Encounter in Bozeman, Mont., especially for Brutus, so he could grow up "being a bear."

Although Brutus spends most of his time at the Montana reserve, he does travel for the occasional film or commercial shoot.  Anderson says this is all in the name of educating the public about bears, adding in an interview with National Geographic that "he loves the change of scenery and the human attention. If he ever becomes uncomfortable doing it, then we will stop. He's the boss."

When asked about the inevitable "Grizzly Man" comparisons, Anderson is quick to point out differences between himself and the ill-fated Timothy Treadwell.  "We are two men with the same passion," he told National Geographic.  "But we practice that passion in a very different way. Wild bears are not particularly fond of humans, and for good reason. So imposing myself upon wild bears seems, to me, very foolish." 

Anderson's "Expedition Grizzly" airs next on National Geographic at 9 p.m. tonight. 

--Lindsay Barnett

Video: National Geographic via YouTube

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I'm 12 ! . Call the cops - what's the worst that can happen - and I'm innocent until proven guilty, so prove is suckers - and only when the judge says 'guilty' am I legally guilty of anything; and whats he gonna do then? send me to borstal?

Great story. Quite un-appropriate that the Google Ad on the detached video is for hunting products. Takes a really brave person to shoot an animal. Must realy build up the ego.

I have actually been to the montana grizzly encounter four times--It is fascinating to watch Brutus and his friends play!!! If you get the chance everyone should go! Each time Brutus has put on a great show and entertained all of us!! He plays a lot with Sheena, but as I remember there was an older bear (don't remember the name) that seemed to find him and his youthful energy quite annoying!

casey, i think that is a wonderful thing you are doing with your best friend, i have never seen anything like.it .i remembering seeing you on oprah, and i was like WOW! that is awsome...take care....LisaMarie

Casey, I really like your ball cap. Where did you get it? Thanks, Jim

Casey, I think it is a great thing when someone shows so much compassion to another. When I saw some of the pictures on Oprah of you and Brutus the Bear, it was wonderful to see someone who showed such loyalty to his best friend. Keep up the good work.

~ Crystal

Is a grizzly bear as smart or smarter that a tiger?

Casey, I am writing from Australia and would like to say I just saw a documentary on you and Brutus. What a great story! It is great to have people like you who are working for the animals of the wild, understand them and trying to make the ignorant people of the world to see that there is beauty in wild animals and that they needs us. Please never stop doing what you are doing! Andrea

I am 13 and have been watching your show for a while and i have been trying to go to the Yellowstone Park and i sent you a email to your website that starts with deer so if you read that message please send me a message back because i want to know what you think of my idea. You have inspired me to look at the wild more closer and I would like to meet you. So please email me back. Thank You!!

I watch your show & am so awed by it. The sceney is fantanstic. The work you do is amazing. Looking forward to seeing more shows. So keep doing what you do, it is simply great. Also, was that brutus on a recent episode of The Defenders?


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