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Your morning adorable: Baby giraffe at the Denver Zoo

February 24, 2009 |  8:15 am

Baby giraffe Pongo at the Denver Zoo

The newest resident at the Denver Zoo is less than 2 weeks old but is already 6 feet, 2 inches tall and weighs 175 pounds.  Meet Pongo, a male reticulated giraffe, whose birth brings the zoo's giraffe total to six.  His mother, Masika, and father, Dikembe, both live with him at the zoo.

Giraffes' height doubles during their first two years, and (comparatively) little Pongo could stand up to 17 feet tall in adulthood.  (The tallest giraffe on record was over 19 feet tall!)

More photos of Pongo and family after the jump.

Baby giraffe Pongo at the Denver Zoo

Baby giraffe Pongo at the Denver Zoo

--Lindsay Barnett

Photos: Dave Parsons/Associated Press

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