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The Palin-Judd battle heats up

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin

The now very public battle between Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund escalates with statements flying out of both camps faster than wolves on prey.

After a video starring Ashley Judd decrying Palin for aerial wolf hunting ripped through the blogosphere like buckshot, Palin’s official website shot back:

Shame on the Defenders of Wildlife for twisting the truth in an effort to raise funds from innocent and hard-pressed Americans struggling with these rough economic times.

In response to Palin's statement, the president of the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund, Rodger Schlickeisen, issued the following statement:

As we've seen before, what you often get in response from Governor Palin when she is challenged is not a rational defense of what she's doing, but rather name calling and a very transparent attempt at spin control. But then again, since there is no defense for her aerial wolf slaughter program, it may be that she feels there really isn't much else she can do.

Governor Palin speaks of "science" supporting her aerial killing program, but in spite of numerous requests, they have never produced anything even resembling reasonable scientific justification. Her state agencies have not carefully monitored predator populations and have not even provided evidence that the aerial killing is accomplishing their own stated objectives. Literally hundreds of wildlife scientists have repeatedly condemned her program and she has not once provided any evidence to refute their charges that what she is doing is unscientific.

And if the Governor is so concerned about making sure Alaskans living at the margin have enough to eat, as her statement claims, why then does she force Alaska subsistence hunters to compete with other resident and out-of-state hunters for the supposedly scarce meat in the killing areas? Also, why has she consistently opposed adoption of 'rural preference', which would give subsistence hunters priority access to moose and caribou in these areas?

Deception and deflection are all that that Governor Palin has ever offered in place of justification for her aerial killing program. By calling us 'extremists' she is suggesting that our opposition to her policies and actions is out of step with the way the majority of Americans view her brutal, unethical wildlife slaughter. But it is she who is the extremist in this case. And she knows it.

Whether you support Palin or the Action Fund, one thing's for sure: two packs have formed, and both are howling at the top of their lungs.

-- Graham McCann

Photo: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Credit: Genaro Molina  / Los Angeles Times

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I don't know a single Alaskan, hunting guide, or wildlife biologist that approves of this barbaric practice.

Real Alaskans, those who have hunted for decades, respect wildlife and when they take a life, they do it in the most humanely manner possible so the animal doesn't suffer. Anyone shooting wildlife from a plane is a lunatic and a disgrace to this state.

I believe Gov Palin and support her in this "battle." When there is an overabundance of a particular animal and its is huring the amount of another animal, something has to be done. I love wildlife, but I think that some of these wildlife protecting groups just take these things too far.

And besides, this rule was on the books way before Gov Palin came around...why are they talking like it was her law. She just supports it!

What would like the natives to do for food if the wolves deplete them of a lot of their course of food?

Holly, you need to get your facts straight. Gov. Palin campaigned HARD for a law allowing aerial hunting of wolves. In fact, she spent millions on a propaganda shoving it down Alaskans' throats AFTER she became governor. She also campaigned for a program which would pay hunters for proof of every kill they brought in to a government agency. Happily, that program was shot down. Gov. Palin has done no ecological studies regarding wolf populations or the impact the practice of aerial hunting has or will have on the environment. Please do your homework.

Please. The lower 48 should stay away from this. Alaska has the most devoted, thorough and comprehensive wildlife management and monitoring programs. Yes, wildlife populations will cylce through, rise and fall. And as the prey species rise and fall, so will the wolf/predator populatoins. However, predator populations can escalate the impact of the cycles. Managing predator populations can accelerate recovery and dampen collapses.

First, the question, should wolves be hunted? I believe Ashley Judd and Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund would say no. I would further suspect that they don't support any hunting.

But that aside, if one believes hunting should occur, then it's a question of method. As a hunter, I personally would not shoot game from the air. But, I have visited Alaska many times. I have successfully archery hunted a number of species. Wolves are a different lot; hunting them successfully may require aerial hunting.

Let's leave it to the Alaskans. Ms. Judd should stay in her civilized world.

Yes the program for killing wolves is wrong and does not help the populations of moose and caribou. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows that a healthy ecosystem has preditors who eliminate the weak and old to ensure a systainable stock. The real tradegy isn't that she supports it, it's that the media keeps talking about this backwoods bimbo. STOP GIVING HER THE SPOTLIGHT and focus on real issues. The fact that this conservationist group is using her to further their cause ,lessens the meaning, for anyone with a brain, dramatically just because it's tied to her. Why don't you spend your money on a plane and crash it into thier plane. Problem solved and the human poplulation culled of it's ignorant (weak) and narrow minded (old).

Bottom line, as with all Palin, $$$. And no regard for animal welfare, let alone wildlife. There is big money bringing in the elitist Safari Club and other trophy hunters. She is part of the pack...pact.

Just look at her directives to kill/endanger: polar bears, brown bears, beluga whales, wolves (cubs)...did I miss any?

And it is not all about oil, gas, trophy hunting "tourism." It is killing for pleasure with no conscience.

Thank you Ashley Judd.

And btw, since when was The Defenders of Wildlife a "fringe group." Another babble. Maybe the first time she ever heard of this well-known organization. Duh.

Ashley Judd is way more intelligent, educated and articulate than Sarah Palin could ever be. Maybe McCain should ahve chosen ehr as a running mate. Betcha Ashley Judd could name at least one major publication she reads regularly!

Years ago I read an article concerning the hunting of wolves. Biologists discovered that the hunting of wolves broke-up packs. In a pack, only the Alpha couple produces pups and the rest of the pack helps feed and care for them. When wolves are not hunted there are fewer wolves and they are healthier. It was also discovered that the herd health improved since the packs could bring down the sick and injured caribou and moose.

sarah palin is dumb, enough said. they need to place the word 'loser' when vp candidate is mentioned in any/every article. palin is the reason i voted for obama....then again i am not too happy of his support of those who dont pay their taxes.....and the list keeps growing every day.

I very much doubt that the wolves select large healthy animals to eat. Lone wolves eat rats and mice.
I believe that shooting animals down from the air is only sport to people who are perverts.

I've known about Palin's aerial wolf-hunting "policy" long before she appeared in the media with her giddy, gushing presence; where is the sport in "hunting" from a helicopter over some helpless animal? If it's such a sport then why not go out with spears to make the killing ground more equal? Why not make it more dependent on true hunting skills? Jerks!

Interesting comment Vera, Ashly "Judd is way more intelligent, educated than Sarah Palin". Judd has a degree in French and she's an actress. What is your criteria for making such a claim?

This is essentially what's wrong with our country. People can't differ in opinion without escalating it and making it personal. We are a democracy. We should honor and protect different view points.

Now, one more thing. Wolves and other predators may bring down the weakest. That is not synonomous with weak. Good healthy animals and their young are predated. Nothing wrong with that. Just don't sit there believing that only the injured and sick die.

In fact, wolves were proven to have killed a healthy 22 year old man in Canada 2 years ago. It was the first wolf kill of a man, other than rabid or captive wolves, since standards were set for determining wolf kills (i.e., long after the frontier days).

Ashley Judd should stick to what she knows best. Acting..... Let the wildlife biologists do their jobs! I'm sure their studies and support data on the subject of herd control,or in this case pack control, is more accurate than Ashley Judds emotional cry of cruelty.What's Ashley's solution? Collect them and put them in Zoo's? I'm sure she like most that cry out on these animal rights acts have never been in the woods to experience sights of wild animals dying from starvation, or witnessed the endangerment of entire species when controls aren't acted on when the need is apparent. In this case with the overpopulation of the wolf they're not just killing the weak or deceased, but prey on new born Elk,Deer,Moose,etc..etc... Ashley leave it up to the pros!!! Your out of your element.

DOW is deliberately distorting predator control by singling out Alaska, and Gov. Palin. Similar programs exist in almost every state. As for Judd, she’s essentially an airhead, a hasbeen, who would benefit a lot from a stay at a clinic somewhere. Gov. Palin has every right, and in fact, a duty to respond to this kind of sleezy sort of activity by the far left loons. Perhaps, DOW and Judd should go to Alaska, live trap some of the wolves, and take them home with them, I hear they make great pets.

judd is total moron

Palin is still Gov.?????

M. Sieber -- Perhaps you are not old enough to remember this same debate in the 80s. What Alaska is not mentioning is that the ONLY wildlife biologists ensdorsing the program are the Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game -- the agency whose coffers grow because of this despicable practice. It's also good to remember that most of the "wildlife lands" in Alaska are national wild lands. They do not belong only to Alaskans. It's also good to remember that NEVER in Alaska's history have it's ungulate populations (moose, caribou) been depleted by the natural predators (wolves, bear). Never. They have, however, been depleted by habitat destruction, tourist game hunting, and human hunting in general. Sarah Palin does not have the wildlife management knowledge or facts behind her on this one. And when she calls Defenders a fringe group, she might remember that that "fringe" group has nearly as many members and supporters as the entire population of the State she governs, and last year, that "fringe" group raised $35million from those members. Once again, she's making sounds that have no substance.

To quote "Jay":
"Ashley Judd should stick to what she knows best. Acting..... Let the wildlife biologists do their jobs! I'm sure their studies and support data on the subject of herd control,or in this case pack control, is more accurate than Ashley Judds emotional cry of cruelty."

A good point! Except that the wildlife biologists support her views. The packs in Alaska take out the lesser of the herd ONLY. They do not take out the strong bulls or cows and they also do not go after cows w/ calf as they are even more dangerous. They go after the weaker or infirm moose, thus keeping the stock strong.

Perhaps you should try living in Alaska or studying on the cyclical nature of Wolf vs Moose populations in the Alaskan bush before forming your opinions. I lived in Wasilla/Anchorage for 10 years and can tell you unequivocally that you know not of what you speak.

In response to "Eagle":

"What would like the natives to do for food if the wolves deplete them of a lot of their course of food?"

1.) Natives hunt different regional game in different areas. Coastal natives like the Iñupiaq go whaling and also hunt seals. Interior NAs hunt elk, wolves, moose, bear and other animals as well so they draw from ALL available groups.

2.) The wolves are NOT impacting the healthy Moose population. We are and nothing else.

3.) If we take out too many Wolves, the Moose will breed more than their environment can support which will lead to more Moose coming into urban areas searching for food (Birch tree branches are a favorite of theirs) which causes more accidents and problems.

4.) This entire thing has been debunked by almost every biologist not on the state's payroll and is a blatant attempt to overpopulate the Moose population so they can collect more hunting revenue.

there are 2 wrongs in the aerial shooting of bears and wolves issue. wrong one is the wrong palin pointed out, that there are those who would exploit it for their own agenda.
wrong two, however, is not shooting them with a euthanizing drug instead of a bullet that may or may not kill.

2 wrongs dont make a right

This is rediculous. Let me educate those who do not believe that wolves would attack large animals. I really love the comment about a lone wolf eating mice and rats, cuz let's be honest wolves move in packs and they can gain up on a single Caribou and torture the animal. An unsepecting Caribou just grazing in a field has a whole pack of wild dogs attack it. Let me also point out that the difference between hunting the animal and letting the wolves attack it is that when a pack attacks they eat the animal while its still alive whereas hunters kill the animal with one swift blow. I dunno about u but I think i would rather be shot than tortured. Besides I see no problem with killing wolves if only to lesson the torture of the Caribou by wolves. Let me assure you a wolf is not a merciful animal.

Cheers to Alexandra08 for a reasoned, intelligent post that actually contains factual information rather than simply opinions based on ignorance like so many others. ie; The overwhelming majority who agree with Palin's policy on this matter.

The only benefit to this ruling is more income for the state in terms of hunting licenses, equipment sales/rentals and transportation. However it's a short-term concept as if you weaken the population too much, it can take multiple generations to build back to a healthy level. Palin is thinking only of Alaskan's coffers in a very narrow-minded and short-sighted way.

I am behind Sarah Palin 100% on this issue.

I am tired of celebrities exploiting regular people by twisting the facts. It's manipulation.

These are not domesticated animals; they are interfering with the livelihood of Alaskans. Why is Ashley Judd, who does not even live in Alaska, telling Governor Palin what is or is not right for that state? Judd comes across as hateful and nothing but vengeful in these ads. I have boycotted her and will do the same for any other celebrity that tries to manipulate me.

Thank you!

Just wondering... is the "science" Gov. Palin is referring to the same "science" that puts dinosaurs on earth at the same time as humans?

Ashley Judd is trying to capitalize her name by associating it with Sarah Palin's. This really has nothing to do with ariel hunting of wolves. Ashley Judd ~ who is she anyway? psh

I think it's time we start boycotting these people. I am so sick of the rich and famous that can't get their facts straight. The conservatives have lost their voice. The mainstream won't report the facts and now they want to censor those that don't agree with their facist ways. What do they know we don't? I think they are supporting Pelosi and the OB to score some points because they know where this country is headed. Sean Penn kissing Chaves's hand. Glover is friends with Castro? Wake up people. We have become a land of Zombies.

Sarah Palin is the most vicious killer and the most predatory animal ever. She is hopelessly uninformed and has the heart of a devil.

In response to "Alysia":

"This is rediculous. Let me educate those who do not believe that wolves would attack large animals."

What's "ridiculous" is that you honestly believe that you have the education and experience to make such statements as you did in your post. A pack of wolves will target a solitary Elk, Caribou, Moose, etc however if you have ever been to the Alaskan tundra, you'd realize that in most situations, (outside of mating seasons) they do not travel in solitary and the wolves pick off the "easiest target" which 99 times out of 100 are the elderly, injured or otherwise infirm. These animals slow down the rest of the herd as well so by preying on the infirm, they are actually taking away weak points in the herd's (in the case of Elk and Caribou that is) defenses.

This is called "survival of the fittest" and it is also called "natural selection" or to simplify it, "nature". Your complaints about cruelty to the prey animal fall on the deaf ears of reality as reality is brutal. Animals kill and eat other animals. However, there is NO example in history of a pack of wolves threatening the populations of Moose let alone Elk, Caribou or any part of the deer family.

What is unnatural is destroying life for no purpose only to let a different form of life's populations (already in balance with it's predators) explode in order to then go and hunt them down for sport.

That is what this is all about and if somehow you are able to believe otherwise, you are far too naive and need to go see life in Alaska first hand before fighting your points further.

In response to "Jennifer"

"I am tired of celebrities exploiting regular people by twisting the facts. It's manipulation.

These are not domesticated animals; they are interfering with the livelihood of Alaskans."

You have no knowledge about this topic do you? The manipulation is the very concept of wolves negatively impacting the moose, elk and caribou populations. That simply is NOT reality.

As for interfering with the livelihood of Alaskans, how? By limiting the number of moose, elk and caribou they help protect the livelihood of my fellow Alaskans! Less moose coming into Anchorage or the valley and walking the roads causing traffic problems and accidents. Less firearm usage in the urban environments. Less cost for Fish & Game to come out and clean up accidents.

Keeping the proper balance between predator and prey is a GOOD thing and we need the predators in order to keep that balance!

You know what I'm tired of? I'm tired of people who have no idea what they are talking about getting offended or insulted when someone speaks the truth to the detriment of the media darling they prefer like you are doing in your post. Follow reality, not Palin's lies.

Sonja, get a point and stick to it. Are you mad at the media, the right wing, celebrities, or the fact that this terribly flawed policy is being criticized? Your post makes no clear sense what so ever.

If they have such a problem in Alaska with the wolf population why dont the Park and Wildlife people go in and as humanely as possible euthinize the wolves? Why do hunters have to go up in an airplane and chase down these wolves? The only thing I can figure is it's about the sport of the hunt. I liken this to canned hunts, which are cruel and offer no chance at all for the animal. Even with deer hunting you have to wait and have hunting skill. With ariel hunting of wolves or any other animal that is hunted like this, it's no skill, it's a bunch of rich folks having a "fun" day. It should be outlawed. If they feel like killing the animals is the only way to control the population then they should come up with a more humane way to do it.

Let me see, 2 and 1/2 lines for Palin and 4 paragraphs for the Wildlife Action Fund. You can't control predatory animals in Alaska, but predatory liberals in the press as well as environazis get free reign against a conservative. Does anyone see the hypocrisy here?

it is interesting that people view the Wolf as a merciless killer as opposed to the poor defenless Moose/Caribou.

A) All of your deomesticated dogs come from the lineage of this most intelligent species known as the Wolf.

B) A Moose or Caribou for that matter would have no problem bludgeoning you to death with their horns if they have a chance.

This is nature, and it is man who puts it out of balance in the first place. The Natives cherish and honour the Wolf with pride and dignity, and would never condone this type of killing. Let me remind you that some states in the US have had to re-introduce Wolves because they were killed off by men.

Hunters have also benn known to kill of weak or disfigured, deer, elk, etc. This is what Wolves do. Unless you have the science to back up depleting stocks of game animals, quit with aerial shooting antics.

Here in Minnesota we have 1/3 the population of wolves as Alaska (3,500), however, Alaska is Seven times the size, while Minnesota has Seven times the human population (5.5 million people) within a smaller area and this doesn't include an intensive amount of agriculture with beef cattle, dairy cattle and sheep. Getting the picture yet? For some reason we don't have a compulsion to hunt wolves from airplanes let alone even an overwhelming conflict between wolves and humans and theres alot more of us in a much smaller geographical area. Sarah Palin is always talking about how tough she and Alaskans are but there seems to be a little obsessive fear over wolves. What happened to the Pitbull in lipstick?

I'll quote from what Sarah Palin said but with a little twist...

"Shame on....SarahPAC...for twisting the truth in an effort to raise funds from innocent and hard-pressed Americans struggling with these rough economic times"

There are many comments from people starting with the words "Everyone knows...". The reality is very few people know the dynamics of this issue. The carrying capacity of a snow covered environment to sustain food producing wildlife is fragile. The only species that thrives off of predatory wolf attacks on food species are the predators. Unrestricted wolf populations magnify and grow with each animal killed by wolves while food producing animals that sustain human lives are deminished. A strengthening wolf population will accelerate the depletion of these food providing species, thus jeopardizing not only those species but also the humans who survive on this meat as a source of sustenance.

In mainstream America there is a grocery store within 20 miles or less of most residences. In Alaska many of the communities are 50 to 100 miles from a grocery store. The driving conditions to commute are often impassable. (environmentalists should note local hunting and harvesting of meat produces a smaller carbon footprint than driving and shopping).

The need to cull the packs of wolves in a terrain where driving, walking and even snowmobiling is hazardous, especially to hunt an animal that has no food providing benefit is an unattractive proposal to hunters who genuinely care for the lives they take through necessity for sustinence. It is for this reason that unique methods need to be explored. Aerial tracking and thinning of the wolf population is an alternative that provides access to a greater population of wolves with less manpower, less carbon output than dozens of snow mobiles, and less risk to human life. Every wolf taken, reduces the wolves predatory threat, and provides a more convenient food soure to the wolves, thus reducing their incilnation to kill human food source species.

The equation people leave out usually, is those of us with opinions, passions and the ability to fight for various causes are in fact human. As the pre-eminent and only sentient creatures in the planet, it is paramount that human survival have at least a degree more consideration that the other species which really do exist to support human survival.

When the wolves deplete the hurds enough, they themselves will become sickly, diseased and ultimately. It is oddly necessary to police their own population to ensure their own species survival.

In a society where the life of an unborn human child has been devalued to where it is exterminated for the convenience of it's parent, to to help that parent maintain their unencumbered lifestyle, this populations control principle should be well understood. It particulary hypocritical that most of the advocates for protection of subordinate species are also advocates for the extermination of humanity.

Holly said, "When there is an overabundance of a particular animal and its is huring the amount of another animal, something has to be done."

Must people be continually reminded they too are animals?

And it there's an overabundance of any animals it's humans.

This wolf policy reminds me of the Buffalo trains that use to ride through the west with lazy "hunters" who simply shot the animals from the comfort of the train car. Where did all the buffalo go?

Sarah Palin is a narcissistic, simple minded person (and that is being very, very kind).

Aerial hunting of wolves is cruel and completely unnecessary. This practice needs to stop now!

Sarah Palin is a sadistic and callous woman who only cares about herself and money. How can someone without a conscience be in a position of power?

Kinda interesting with Ashley Judd, since her mother and sister Naomi Judd both campaigned for Sarah Palin and agree with the governor on this issue.

I think wolves are awesome creatures, but if we allow them to deplete caribou then they will only suffer from
starvation. Unfortunately even in Alaska wild populations
must coexist with humans and this is just how it is.

How much wildlife do these movie stars destroy when the build huge mansions on the coast in California or when the fence off hundreds of wild acres and build on it?

Or is this only about Alaska? Look around your local town, you will see thousands of stray dogs and cats that need homes, where is Ashley Judd on this problem.

While nobody wants to see beautiful creatures like wolves being shot and killed, it's a needed management. While most wolf hunting could be done on ground, there is some need for airial thinning of packs as well.

Other species like the white Siberian Tiger, Sumatra Oraguntans etc are at the brink of extinction are in much more need of help than any North American species.

Palin is on target here, some fine tuning maybe, but hey most people in the lower 48 just buy their food, never realizing that the cheap Thailand shrimp they buy causes dolphins to drown in shrimp nets, while USA shrimp does not allow for those type nets. Look at the label and make sure your food is American produced, this saves countless acres of rainforest, and complies with standards set by US laws to prevent things like snaring dolphins.

Ashley Judd is way more intelligent, educated and articulate than Sarah Palin could ever be. Maybe McCain should ahve chosen ehr as a running mate. Betcha Ashley Judd could name at least one major publication she reads regularly!

Maybe you should have ran. Your spelling is superb!!

People who have never lived in Alaska should not have an opinion on this at all. I'd love to see Ashley Judd be forced to go out and hunt down for the winter! My guess is that she can't even cook for herself and if dumped off in a remote part of AK, would never make her way out.

Hollie W.: People have to hunt wolves from the air because Alaska is HUGE. There are no roads to most places in AK. DUH!

Cruel and inhumane is letting people in remote village starve.

To help all of the non-Alaskans get a clue, please read this article. It gives a small glimpse of what it's like to live in a village in AK. http://tinyurl.com/af9yhw

to Crystal:

The lack of hunting is not what is having those people starve, it's incredibly high costs due to market failures! Notice the main point of the article was about how expensive everything has gotten because of how much fuel it takes to transport? Your link has no relevance to the topic other than to say that people are suffering out there which is terrible however has nothing to do with Wolves supposedly impacting the Moose, Elk and Caribou populations.

In fact, if more hunters are allowed in, it will impact them even further as out of state hunters kill more wildlife than all of the other predators combined! Stop letting the game hunters/trophy hunters in to take their hides and there would be a lot more for the people actually dependent on them for food!

As for having to hunt Wolves from aircraft, are you kidding or are you just completely unaware of the reality of the situation? Wolves have been hunted on foot for thousands of years by Alaskan native tribes. It's called trapping and is quite effective. You say you're an Alaskan yet you don't even understand the unique ecological realities of your own state... That's just sad.

Anyone who supports Palin in any way is as big of a moron as she is and doesn't deserve the right to vote. Thank god for people like Ashley Judd who have the guts to speak out against rampant evil.

Before you say anything about this, research Pres. Obama's appointment for the Secretary of Interior, Salazar!! I think it will shut anyone up who is pro-Obama and anti-Palin. (Such a stupid position to take in the first place, as she is pretty meaningless - especially compared to someone OBAMA APPOINTED!!!!!!!!!)


What are you talking about? Salazar actually listens to both sides and tries to find compromises. All of his supporters and detractors alike praise him for his bipartisanship and sensible manner. Palin is not in his league in any stretch of the imagination...

"Since coming to the Senate in 2005, Salazar has sought to put the brakes on some of the Bush administration's plans for energy development in his home state, arguing that Interior should lease the ecologically sensitive Roan Plateau in stages rather than all at once, and that the agency needed to spend more time examining the environmental impact of Western commercial oil shale development."


How is it that he is a bad pick? What is it that he's done that you feel trumps Palin's terribly transparent and woefully illogical and flat-out wrong attempt to control game numbers in order to increase hunting revenue?

killing wolves is stupid
killing them from airplanes is stupider
"Let me assure you a wolf is not a merciful animal"
more mercifull than you are! they do this for food they also kill the weakest unlike humans
Palin is an air head and she knows it

"I very much doubt that the wolves select large healthy animals to eat. Lone wolves eat rats and mice.
I believe that shooting animals down from the air is only sport to people who are perverts." lone wolves RAERLY eat mice and rats and only in the lower states
and I pursonally think the same as you about the pervs

Ashley Judd pisses me off though because unlike me, who actually lives near the selected area for the satanic practice (LOL I just called something sarah was doing satanic) lives in the lower states and a whole contry in between let Alaska dwelling activists prove Palin wrong and stop meadling in things that you have no right to
oh and another thing I have heard rumors of Judd wearing fur. If you are against killing wolves and yet wear the fur of another wonderful animal it is quite hypocritical because activists for just one animal piss people off

I would be happy if Both Sarah and Ashley both would shut up and go away so there could be some decent peace for people and wolves!

Power to the Pengiathan!!!


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