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Scottish deerhound "Tiger Woods" wins Westminster's hound group

Handler Clifford W. Steele and his Scottish deerhound, Ch Gayleward's Tiger 
Woods, run in the ring during the Hound Group, which he won, during the 133rd 
annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Winner of the Westminster Dog Show's hound group was Ch. Gayleward's Tiger Woods, a 7-year-old male Scottish deerhound bred and owned by Gayle Bontecou and handled by Clifford W. Steele. 

Bontecou is, predictably, an avid golfer.  She told USA Today that her prize-winning dog was named after the golf pro because "there's nothing better than Tiger Woods," adding that his human namesake should approve "because he's really good. They both are total athletes."

A Scottish deerhound has never won best in show at Westminster.

Rounding out the top four hounds were an Irish wolfhound named Ch. Dun Myrica Speaker of Eagle, a bloodhound named Ch. Quiet Creek's Mi Amor and a wirehaired dachshund named Ch. Daybreak's Awesome Blossom W.

--Lindsay Barnett

Photo: Peter Kramer / Associated Press

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How is it possible for a beagle not to win one of the three top positions in the Hound competition? The beagle defines the American concept of "hound".

I watch part of that silliness last night and I was stunned that the promoters had the gall to lecture people about animal cruely and dog adoption. The dog show business is a nasty business. Those dogs are so inbred they rarely have long healthy lives. They live ridiculous lives by dog standards, being constantly groomed, shampooed, trained, and all other manner of subjugation that goes against the dog's natural purpose and instincts. Did you watch the way those people pulled those dogs around by the necks? It's sickening. As sickening as dog or horse racing.

@ Kay
Do you have a show dog? I didn't think so. If so then you would realize that they live long, happy, normal, healthy lives for the most part. Just like humans not every dog is 100% perfectly healthy. That doesn't matter if it's a show dog or the mutt next door. And then you would realize that they are not as inbred as you wish they were. And if you had a dog at all you would realize that all leashes go around a dog's neck. Doesn't matter if it's Ch. Fancy Dancer of No Man's Land or John Dog. That's where the leash goes.
Race horses do function as intended. They race. And they are beautiful while doing it.

Nice article about this beautiful deerhound...what a shame that T.J. Simers of the LA Times called him a:
"malnourished mangy mutt, also known as a Scottish deerhound, who appeared as if he’d just been pulled from a local pound"

Nice to see such consistency in a newspaper.

We Scottish deerhounds existed before Scotland existed, before the vikings created golf, before the Scots aristocrat Henry St Clair discovered America and we don’t care much for the human occupation of judging others.

But if you must - deerhounds sit above all others!



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