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PETA protests Westminster dog show (Klan hoods and all)

PETA turns out at Madison Square Garden to protest the Westminster dog show, complete with KKK robes

True to the promise it made last week, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals turned out at Madison Square Garden today to protest the 133rd annual Westminster dog show. 

Group members, decked out in Klansman robes and armed with brochures that read "The KKK and the AKC: BFF?", argued that purebred dogs suffer from breeding practices designed to produce show winners rather than healthy animals.  A sample statement from the brochure (written in the first person as if by a Klan member):

Like the Klan, dog breeders who subscribe to the AKC standards are all about the sanctity of "pure bloodlines." So what if beagles have epileptic seizures, Dalmatians are deaf, and pugs can barely breathe because of how they are purposely bred to look a certain way?  Looks are everything!

In a statement, PETA Vice President Daphna Nachminovitch referred to what she termed the AKC's "fetish for body image," saying that the kennel club's promotion of purebreds "means money for breeders but creates sick dogs and vet bills for their guardians." 

In response to such claims, Westminster spokesman and commentator David Frei told the Associated Press, "I can't speak for everyone, but the vast majority of the people exhibiting and handling and showing at Westminster are more interested in the health of dogs than anything else ... We want to produce the next generation of healthy and happy dogs, not just for the show ring but for the couches at home." (Kathy Weichert, the breeder of last year's Westminster winner, Uno, shared Frei's sentiments when she talked to Unleashed last month.)

Further, PETA and other animal activist groups argue that dog breeding compounds the issue of pet overpopulation, with homeless dogs dying in shelters for lack of homes while breeders continue to produce new puppies.  The brochure handed out by hooded protesters today elaborated on the connection PETA draws between pet overpopulation and dog breeding:

We tip our hoods to breeders who are responsible (oh, they'll modestly say that it's only "indirectly") for the number of mixed-breed dogs who never make it out of the animal shelter alive. AKC officials don't rub out these "inferiors" directly, but they know that every "purebred" puppy bought from a breeder means "lights out" for another mutt at the animal shelter.

But how successful was today's protest? The AP reports:

"Is this really the KKK?" somebody asked the woman in the white robe and the pointy hat...

Most passers-by seemed more puzzled than offended, though those who didn't stop walked away thinking they really had seen the KKK. The most common reaction was to pull out a cell phone and start snapping photos.

Police monitored the situation from nearby, but the scene was mostly calm. One shouting match broke out during the hour-long protest.

Earlier, a man strode away yelling, "That's disgusting! I'm going to buy more fur!"

The findings reported in a BBC documentary called "Pedigree Dogs Exposed" led the BBC to drop coverage of Crufts, Britain's biggest dog show. The BBC's statement cited issues including "spaniels with brains too big for their skulls and boxer dogs that suffered from epilepsy," and the British Kennel Club last month announced sweeping reforms to the standards of many of the breeds it recognizes in an effort to address health concerns. 

PETA had asked the USA Network to follow the BBC's lead and drop its coverage of Westminster, a request the network ignored. 

-- Lindsay Barnett

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Photo: Mary Altaffer/Associated Press

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One time ,long ago I supported PETA , Now I wouldn't walk across the street to see what they were saying . they are so for there self's and making noise and not helping one animal . If they put their money where their mouth are and really try to shut down Puppy Mills . They will do anything to get attention and not make any difference in a animals life . They are all sheep being lead with mis informations and not looking in to what they are protesting . a bunch of misguided Idiots

Get a life PETA. If it wasnt for hollywood you would have no funding and no one to piss off. For a group that cares so much about animals, how come you euthanized over 3000 dogs and adopted out maybe two dozen, but took in over 30 million dollars??? The real breeders want the best animals possible. The puppy mill scum only care about looks, go after them!!! Oh wait that would be constuctive and good. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT PETA! And why do you support BSL? Arent all animals equal in your eyes?

What a crock! If PETA bothered to do their homework, they would realize the immense integrity of 99% of reputable breeders involved at this level. Great lengths are taken to breed only quality animals - physcially, physiologically and psychologically. Darlene hit the nail on the head...misguided idiots!

I am beginning to think the LA Times is OWNED by PETA and their better dressed ( hoods excluded but agenda the same) cousins the HSUS ( who run NO shelters but still beg for money).. why would ANY newspaper give ANY time to the KKK.. or anyone who emulates them? "Tip their hoods"?? .. Martin Luther King would love to see that I am sure.. Every person of color should be boycotting the LA Times for their "coverage" of such horrible behavior...PETA is not only offensive and bigoted.. they KILL 97% of the animals they "take in".. speaking of being "taken in".. those of you who give to PETA and the HSUS.. you are beig "taken".. GIVE LOCALLY.. to your LOCAL shelter.. research your breed BEFORE you buy.. and find a reputable breeder...SHAME on the LA times for giving PETA even one line of press.. much less a picture. when they exhibit the very WORST of our society.. SHAME.. SHAME.. SHAME..

Sorry - but I find this highly offensive in multiple ways.

WHY give credibility to an organization based on hate? WHY give credibility to an organization that wants to destroy the American way of life? WHY give credibility to an organization that LIES continually???

PETA is NOT about the animals - it's about THEIR agenda: to separate humans from the rest of the animal world! IF you have a dog - look in their eyes - then see if you want to promote the extinction of companion animals. They want an ugly, hateful world - the extinction SHOULD be them and their HATRED!!! Hitler was a VEGAN!

A picture is worth a thousand words, and the PETA freaks just show that they are fools, as we already knew. They dress like the Klan because they think like the Klan--stupid, and ignorant, basing their rhetoric on fear and hate, hiding from facts and knowledge, and in general making themselves out to be what they are--the lunatic fringe of humanity.

Maybe they ought to consider the Ethical Treatment of the Human Animal, and they can start by looking in the mirror.

PETA is Clueless. Can you believe that they compare the KKK and AKC? PETA needs to go back to high school and this time, study. PETA is it's own worst enemy. The PETA and HSUS groups have millions of dollars. Are the helping shelters/dogs/cats/animals during these desperate economic times?
NO! You bet your bippy they are NOT. PEOPLE, donate to your local Shelter if you wish to help the animals.
DO NOT Donate to PETA or HSUS!!!!!

This blog seems to devote an excessive amount of time and attention to what PETA does. How about some coverage of the actual Westminster KC dog show?

I find it highly offensive that PETA would dress in KKK garb to protest a dog show. In addition, these types of shows actually increase awareness and empathy for animals of all types.

I know the type of person that joins PETA. They're typically loser 20 and 30 somethings that have a lot of time and have mooched off their upper middle class parents. Most of these nuts have never had a real job in their life. You can find some of these dingbats sitting in trees in Universities that they don't even go to(probably because they were too stupid or weird to get accepted) trying to block the construction of a hospital, research lab, or stadium.

The scary part is that some of these morons eventually turn to things like arson to burn down new suburban housing developments or end up putting spikes in trees that cause lumberjacks to lose limbs.

I think if we were a poor country, they'd be too busy working to feed and clothe themselves rather than waste their time doing this type of stuff.

Also, did you ever notice that actors are not very bright? For instance, look at the types of causes actors support, like PETA, or groups they join, like scientology. If you ever need a "useful idiot", turn to an actor for support. If you want to start a bogus religion, make some friends with actors.

PETA has a point, too bad they made it in that way.

Be the change. The constructive thing to do, rather than compare good, well intentioned folks to the KKK, would be to set up a dog show for mutts, and limit it to prizes for ability, intelligence, and personality of the animals. Show how it could be better, rather than raining on everyone's parade and creating enemies.

Surely PETA, an organisation whose untrained employees lied to veterinarians in order to collect unwanted anmials and then euthanized them in the back of a van before dumping their bodies in restaurant dumpsters, has far more in common with a policy of ethnic cleansing than AKC does.

That being said I have no time for AKC either, an organisation who collected tens of millions of dollars last year in registration fees driven by their message that somehow pure breeds are better than mixed breeds, and who have done nothing to dissuade puppy mill breeding.

Come on, you have to dress up in those outfits just to get attention?I will be protesting you with a patty of uncooked cow when you come to my area for sure!

Have the PETA people no idea what those hoods mean in American history? Obviously not.

I rarely pay any attention to PETA because they seem to be more concerned about the welfare of dogs and cats than they do human beings. I've never embraced their tactics but they have sunk to a new low with the KKK garb. The KKK is a domestic terrorist organization that has shot, incinerated, decapitated, raped, disembowled, dragged behind pick up trucks, hanged, mutilated,and on and on, American citizens. For PETA to attempt to equate producers of some dog show with the KKK is just beyond any sense of reason and good judgement - but typical of PETA. There is no way possible to justify this despicable action.

These stunts only make more people hate PETA.

Makes me want to go get a roasted Giant Panda with a side of fried California Condor.

How interesting that PETA would complain about a "fetish for body image" when their stunts so often feature naked female bodies. Why does the L.A. Times and the rest of the media even bother to cover their infantile, ignorant demands for attention?

A couple years ago, PETA had a campaign where they compared slavery to unethical animal treatment. They ended up suspended it. Now, they compare it to the the KKK"s ideologies around genetics. It's a stretch in both cases.

In the poorest of taste, PETA is going for shock value.

Reference: http://tinyurl.com/c758b9

im all about taking steps in the right direction and PETA at one point had the simple intentions of acknowledging and fighting for the rights of animals. this is totally admirable.

to dress up as klansman in a time when america is celebrating its growth by electing its first african president is just straight out disrespectful and in poor taste.

why would anyone support an organizations with these types of morals and such poor taste?

Jim.. perhaps you would feel more postive abput the AKC if you knew that they donated ted millions of dollars over the years to Canine HEALTH research that benefits ALL dogs regardless of breed or NON breed. they also support Angels On A Leash.. a wonderful group that take animals all over to childrens hospitals and military centers .. Perhaps you missed the section on Westminster that was in between the group judging where the soldier whose legs has been blown off in Iraq ( wearing shorts to show off his new metal legs!!!) and the bald child goijng through chemo in the wheechair who were supported by Angels On A Leash.. They came out with UNO ( last years winning dog) to a STANDING OVATION.. Uno was there to clebrate they success and to cheer them on to a new life..It was truly an anstounding moment.. all done by the AKC.. My bet is that PETA would not have supported ANY of the research that made it possible for these two souls to be with us still.. So cut the AKC a break.. next time your pet needs tretment. it may come from research funded by none other than the AKC.. and God forbid your family should ever need the services of Angels On A Leash...but if they do.. the AKC will be there.. can you say the same for PETA???

I contribute to many organizations that want to help animals or to right environmental issues. peta is not one of them ( I will not dignify them with capital letters). As long as they get a response to their actions, no matter how negative, they will continue to be in the public eye.

Loved Turtle's comment regarding PETA making a constructive statement by having a Mutt Dog show... however that makes too much "sense" for PETA.

Over the years I've come to the conclusion that PETA has become an organization of pathetic drama queens and aimless attention freaks that are more concerned with shock value than a genuine cause. Their integrity rating is about a zero, and their over the top antics have become boring and pointless.

Show dogs are some of the most healthiest animals I've ever seen. What this article claims is false, show dogs are not bred to produce "show winning" dogs but rathor bright and healthy animals.

Seriously?!?!?! Are they freaking nuts?

Just donning those despicable hate outfits they condemn any chance they ever had. You want to change people's minds? Don't wear outfits used by one of the biggest hate mongering cults to walk the earth.

Get a clue PETA. You want ethical treatment of animals then you better start acting ethically, because stunts like this..... yeah nuff' said.

I wish i would have known about this, I would have gone over there and had a BBQ next to them

PETA has a point. Too many dogs lose their lives in the shelters. However, just *who* is producing those dogs who get into the shelter IN THE FIRST PLACE???

I can just about GUARANTEE that every dog who showed at the Garden had a breeder with no less than a "first refusal" if not a mandatory return if the buyer cannot keep the dog for any reason clause in their contracts for show *and* pet homes. Dogs from those breeders are not and never will be ending up in shelters. If you want to stop the pet overpopulation problem, it's not the ethical breeders that should be targeted - they're ALREADY doing the right thing. They are the ones health testing to ensure that their breeding dogs are clear of hip and elbow dysplasia, heart problems, epilepsy, deafness, etc etc etc, showing their dogs to demonstrate that their dogs not only meet but exemplify the standard, and countless other things to produce quality puppies, and losing money hand-over-fist to do it, all for the love of their particular breed. Sure, purebreds end up in the shelters. But from these breeders? PETA's efforts are misdirected at best and pushing the public from the best of the best who are showcasing their best at WKC and right into the arms of the puppy mill and backyard breeder.

It's John Q who doesn't want to spay/neuter because it will "make them wimpy" or "we want the kids to see the miracle of life". It's Jane Q who anthopomorphizes her dog, fails to obedience train, and ends up with a tyrant or a biter; or the well-wisher who says "we don't want to fence our dogs because they love to run" who ends up with a lost or dead dog. In other words, if PETA really wanted to make a difference, it would target the IRRESPONSIBLE dog owners and the world would be a much better place for ALL dogs. It's just a lot easier to blame the purebreds - they're already getting together to celebrate excellence. The mixed breed breeders and backyard breeders? They just don't have a club.

People are infiltrating PETA in order to destroy it.

That is the only explanation for such incredibly stupid decisions.

PETA is a group of sickos who don't have anything better to do and will stop at nothing to get their twisted agendas media time. Blah.

I was incensed when I found out about the proposed demonstration because it showed such a lack of sensitivity for what has been a low point in the history of this country. However, I look at this now as being a good thing for the dog loving community. Perhaps it will serve as a wake up call to all animal lovers about the real agenda of Animal Rights groups.
For it is there for all who have eyes to see it. Not just in their ads with half naked celebrities in sexually suggestive poses, but in their words. I would urge anyone with an interest to Google 'PETA quotes'. It will be an eyeopener.
Last night I watched as animals of all shapes and sizes took the stage at the Westminster Kennel Club. No discrimination there nor in many of the homes of the participants, many of whom own mixed breeds as well, and who are involved in rescue, therapy and the funding of research and studies designed to promote health for all dogs.
It all comes down to which group was wearing the sheets...

What has this country come to when we are allowed to practice hate in this way. For a organization like "peta" and I use the term "organization" very loosely (more like whack jobs!). Who say they promote animal rights utterly disregard the those right of humans. To send out demonstrators dressed in KKK grab is irresponsible, reprehensible and downright disrespectful. So this group believes in spreading their message no matter what even turning to hateful imagery to get their point across? If so than shame on you and ever thing that you hatefully group stands, thank you for steering this country back 60 years with your hateful protest. No less than a month ago we swore in this countries first African American President many thought that this country which has been mired in hatred and bigotry had finally moved past those days of ignorance and intolerance, well I guess not. With all of "peta's" self-righteous finger wagging and self praise you are now seen for what you truly are a bunch of ignorant self-righteous bigots!

The funny thing is that the founder of Peta dosen't ever own pets. She feels that animals not for us to posess as personal property. So if your promoting not to own animals then the shelter dogs don't have hope either. I guess we should let all companion and livestock animals go extinct so they can't be tooken advantage of by us greedy humans?

While I stronlgy disagree with much of PETAs' antics, their message is dead on.

The vast majority of "show" breeders concentrate on conformation above all else, especially health, physical and mental. These breeders view their dogs as objects, nothing more. These dogs live horrible lives, forbiden to run, play, interact with other dogs. They breed over, and over, and over again to acheive the perfect specimen, culling the pups who do not make the cut. It is a shameful and barbaric process.

PETA has taken anthropomorphism to the extreme. I am a full believer in animal welfare and humane treatment, but animals do not have human rights, which is what these people are fighting towards. If you really look into some of their core beliefs and ideas these people are truly and deeply disturbed. I read a statement (made by either PETA or the HSUS) somewhere (wish I could link it for you) saying they believe all animals should be free. No pet ownership...no farm animals. In ths statement they actually suggested the release of all farm animals into the wild. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is inherently a VERY BAD IDEA!! Ecosystem, what?? Who needs an ecosystem? Just like anti-hunters do not realize that not only is hunting a very important part of wildlife management, but that hunters contribute more money to natural conservation than ALL of the animal rights and wildlife "protectors" combined.
These people value animals more than their neighbors.

PETA? you nut jobs need to vanish into the great unknown. never in my LIFE have I seen such a hateful and ridiculous organization.

you take animal rights to activism to an all new low with your hatemongering.

can you people step back and take a look at how truly ridiculous you have become?

stop now while you still have a tiny SHRED of dignity left, do it for the animals.

So, if pups only come into existence through unspayed freedom loving females in cycle meeting with whatever freedom loving unneutered males are in the scenting area, then the world is a more loving and better place?

I only know about my breed, the GSP, but the AKC supports us in the careful breeding of healthy and well placed pups. Puppy mills are explicitly outlawed by our breed standard.

I just cannot get the correlation between the KKK and AKC...Absurd.

PETA - leave Westminster alone. Why don't you go and picket the clinic that inseminated the woman who gave birth to Octuplets! Now that is unethical treatment!

I, too, used to support PETA.

I am so glad they are finally sporting their true colors in public.

it's high-time to have them removed from tax-exempt charity status.

Once again, PETA gets owned by everybody. Why? Because they are a bunch of animal-murdering psycho hypocrites - get rid of companion animals for humans? Kill 97% of their rescues? Dress up like the KKK for some retarded 'protest' while their henchmen kill rescues? These people are SICKOS - if I ever saw Ingrid Newkirk in person, I would .. I better not say it in public, but Ingrid, I pray you do not ever meet me because you are one of those people I despise from the bottom of my heart.

Why am I not surprised to see PETA doing something THIS STUPID? Somebody needs to rescue the legitimate animal rights and environmental issues' groups and arguments from this crazy bunch of "liberal rednecks". As a fighter for gay rights myself, I am insulted that this group would even try to put the KKK on the same level as the AKC. The AKC never bombed a black church, bashed a gay man, nor lynched a Jew. ANIMALS ARE NOT HUMANS!

The post I copied below made me laugh so hard I almost spit out the water I had just tried to drink! Just to clear up a few points about show breeders -

I owner-handled the #1 bedlington terrier in 2007 - "Vegas" and I have dozens of other dogs out in both show AND pet homes. We do all sorts of testing on our dogs before they are bred, DNA testing for the genetic markers for Copper Toxicosis, CERF eye exams to rule out cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy, heart exams to make sure there are no murmurs or defects in the heart, evaluations to ensure they don't have luxating patellas (knee caps), don't even try to say that we don't worry about the health of our dogs. Show breeders probably know more about the health and well being of our dogs than any other owners out there. My dog is not an object. His name is Vegas, he sleeps in my bed, his favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla and he likes chicken more than steak, he likes to sleep until noon and doesn't like his bath water too warm. When he runs agility (yes, he actually DOES get a chance to run, every day, for a few hours) his favorite obstacle is the chute. He is my best friend and companion.

We have a little more than an acre fenced for him to run in. He goes out many times each day, and if he wants, he sometimes spends all day outside. He can go in/out as he pleases and he spends a few hours outside EVERY day, running, playing, chasing squirrels and being a dog. If he gets muddy, he gets a quick rinse (or else my couches would need weekly replacing) and then goes on with his day. We have 5 other dogs at home, no kennel, they run together. We take him to the dog park pretty often, with often 10-20 other dogs there. He plays with other dogs at the shows as well. He interacts with MANY more dogs than even a normal pet owner would have their dogs in contact with.

As for breeding over and over, he's 5.5 years old, was the #1 bedlington in the US and has had 4 litters total. Our girls *maybe* have 2-3 litters in their entire lifetimes and NEVER back-to-back heats. After we get a litter or two from our girls they are spayed and spend the rest of their time being spoiled on our couch. We are selective about who breeds to our dogs and we can account for EVERY puppy that has come from us. We have never culled a puppy and never will. If it doesn't make the grade for the show ring, it is placed with a loving family and spayed/neutered so it is not bred.

Many dogs would be lucky to have the care and attention our dogs receive.

Posted by: pearl | February 11, 2009 at 04:28 PM

While I stronlgy disagree with much of PETAs' antics, their message is dead on.

The vast majority of "show" breeders concentrate on conformation above all else, especially health, physical and mental. These breeders view their dogs as objects, nothing more. These dogs live horrible lives, forbiden to run, play, interact with other dogs. They breed over, and over, and over again to acheive the perfect specimen, culling the pups who do not make the cut. It is a shameful and barbaric process.

What a shame PETA chooses frightening reminders of the KKK to draw attention to itself. As for dog breeds, I have owned 7 Boxers in my lifetime and love the personality of this breed. Should I be denied my liberty to have a breed I love? Should the owners at Westminster? Should we not enjoy training our dogs to any level--of any breed, without PETA screaming fowl upon breeders? Get a grip PETA. I stopped supporting you when your emails of harmed animals was more than I could bear to look at. Nor will I visit your site for the horror stories make me nearly ill.

I think there are bigger issues out there then the dog shows. Puppy mills are more of the issue, they’re breeding dogs irresponsible. Most dog breeders strive to breed health dogs. Where as puppy mills are in it simply for money. Plus you can’t show a blind lame dog.

I wish I could have been there, I would've bought some raw ground beef to throw at their bright white "Klan" garb.

I used to think PETA had something good going...

I found out that the shelters and pet emergency rooms and vets supported by PETA have HIGHER euthanasia rates than the shelters. The deeper I dig into the recesses of public information, the more I dislike this group and their claims.

All of the breeders that I know or have been associated with in the past have encouraged proper breeding guidelines for their animals. I've even known them to give animals away to a good home, AKC registered and papers with all the necessary shots, taking responsibility upon themselves for costs in order to make another child happy. These folks were certain they had a happy healthy pet.

PETA needs to be regulated: They're ALL mouth. All drama queens. Lots of flash to gain attention. No action that actually helps our animals anymore... if they ever did...with their hands out to the government for more, more, more...

Are you kidding me?? Though I am a vegetarian and animal rights activist myself, this is just ridiculous. PETA has taken this wayyyy too far. The KKK is not something to joke about. This is just another publicity stunt that gives a bad image for animal rights activists.

PETA is nothing more then a joke!! If anything they hurt animals and I have seen this first hand.

As a person who owns a dog that has been raped of its heritage due to akc breeding I can understand upset but dressing like the kkk is just foolish. People do need to realize consequences of breeding dogs to "look pretty" they need to be healthy as well. For GSD's its breeding sloping hocks and roach backs causing the dog to be unable to work or should I say they can work but it will be with pain. People need to remember that breeding has given cancer and other issues to dogs. Bad backs, hips, cancer, mental issues you name it you got it. You pay for bad breeding int he US like no other stand up people dont let PETA do it for you!

Oh look PETA stupidheads posing as klansmen handing out their stupid leaflets why dont they all get a life instead of being so utterly stupid

Wow. So Peta dresses a bunch of white people as KKK and expects viewers to sympathize with them? Are they hoping that people will take the negative emotional charge they feel about the organized terrorizing and lynching of black americans and transfer that feeling over to dogs? To me, this is yet another proof that PETA is completely lost in a fog of white privilege to think that is acceptable yet again to compare the situation of these animals to the suffering of black people. Whatever the situation of these dogs is, it is in NO WAY comparable to the systematic torture of HUMAN BEINGS. Trying to say that this comparison is possible is in effect belittling the entire experience of African Americans in this country. Exploiting the pain and suffering of generations of Americans in order to prove some convoluted point about a bunch of dogs is absolutely sickening. Shame on you, PETA.

I find PETA's use of KKK clothing very offensive. The KKK is a tragic and morose part of our past and present. These 'shock jock' tactics do nothing to help PETA's mission and posture, but offend the public they are trying to influence. I hope that PETA's leadership realizes that their strong-arm tactics are counterproductive and alienate rather than influence and educate.

We live in a world where religions, political entities, and special interest groups resort to violence, "shock and awe" tactics, and arrogance to get their message across. This trend is on the rise as we see more and more innocent people getting caught in the cross-fire.

Remember when we once held peaceful protests and intelligent debates? Now we have bombings, riots, and angry and distasteful protests with crude analogies. Congratulations, PETA...you rank right up there with the other absolutist/extremist wackos of the world. Society is on the decline.

Peta lost credibility when it promoted using breast milk over cow milk for human consumption. It was another case of an unrealistic idea to shock the public. Why waste monetary resources on this eccentric group?
Many dog owners have had both mixed and pure breed pets. A lot of people directly fund the Humane Society and give volunteer hours. That is far more productive then running around in costumes acting like spoiled children. The protest at the Westminster Dog show was disgusting. The entire program had ads for people to adopt shelter animals. Grow up Peta!

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