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Michael Vick could serve end of his sentence at home

Football star Michael Vick will be allowed to serve the final months of his sentence in his own home because of a lack of space in a halfway house.  Vick, who is currently serving 23 months for his participation in a dogfighting ring and has admitted to killing several pit bulls that underperformed, could be back at his own Virginia home in May.  The Associated Press reports:

"We are aware of reports regarding the release of Michael Vick," Vick attorneys Billy Martin and Lawrence Woodward said in a written statement. "As his attorneys we understand and respect that there is a process that the Bureau of Prisons follows, therefore it is not appropriate for us comment at this time." ...

The Hampton house is one of four Vick still owns, according to bankruptcy court papers. He sold the Surry County property that served as headquarters for his BadNewz Kennels soon after his July 2007 indictment.

The five-bedroom, 3,538-square-foot brick home with an in-ground pool in Hampton is assessed at $748,100, according to city tax records. Vick also owns an interest in a $2-million home being built in Suffolk, bankruptcy court papers show. His eight-bedroom home in suburban Atlanta is scheduled to be sold at auction March 10, with a minimum opening bid of $3.2 million.

Vick will be on electronic monitoring and will only be allowed to leave home for activities approved by his probation officer, the official said. He is eligible for release in July.

The Atlanta Falcons' general manager, Thomas Dimitroff, has said Vick's former team will try to trade his contract rights to another football team.  But officials of other NFL teams say they don't want Vick because of the wrath his hiring would likely bring from animal lovers.

Recently, PETA released the results of an "empathy test" they say was taken by Vick.  The football star, the group says, scored a 73.5% on the test.  PETA also asked the NFL to subject Vick to a mental exam before allowing him to be reinstated in the league.

-- Lindsay Barnett

Sports Illustrated features Michael Vick's pit bulls
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No room at the halfway house? Then throw his sorry butt in a kennel or the dog shelter, if he has to share the space with an angry pit bull then so much the better.
If no one agrees with me, then please please give him to me because I've got a heavy chain and a strong collar I'd like to keep him on --- he's been very bad and needs to be rehabilitated or forced to submit in order to earn his food and his keep.

The LAST thing that should be applied is house arrest like Bernie Madoff got, at least Bernie didn't hang his victims and enjoy the suffering.

hi crazy,
ummm i don't know if you remember, but many people did hang after bernie went home... so that's not a fair comparison. Also, you should note that while what he did was despicable, he has apologized, served his time, and will be dedicated to animal rights (if he ever wants to be reinstated in the NFL). With that said, however, I hope he never has to support facetious organizations like PETA.

I guess it all depends on your culture, this whole thing. He's been punished for breaking the law. The continuous vitriol is evidence of a serious social ethno-cultural disconnect.

Oh animal lover, no one hung at the end of a rope while Bernie held it and laughed, much less demanded the death. You can say he paid his price, but he didn't pay the price that society wants from him and that will be his continued sentence. Try a new comparison because Bernie's people had the free choice and will to invest their funds with him, can't say the same for the caged dogs at Vick's house of horrors. Bernie's investors weren't forced to physically fight and harm other investors.

Vick should be hounded and hunted for a much longer time than the silly pittance of days in a cushy facility he hasn't finished serving. Use Michael Vick as a clear message to all others who think they are above the law with regards to animal cruelty offenses. Vick 'em all.
As for PETA, you brought them into the equation so your use of the term facetious is laughable and I won't take it seriously. The court already proved that their involvement was a significant public response to a despicable deed.

If Vick is reinstated into the NFL, it will again show how truly pathetic our sports indistries have become.


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