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Video: Ashley Judd howls at Sarah Palin for aerial wolf hunting

Actress Ashley Judd lashes out at Sarah Palin in a campaign aimed at stopping the aerial killing of wolves.

Advocacy group Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund posted Judd’s video on its new site, EyeonPalin.org.

In the video, Judd accuses Palin of “savagery”:

Palin even proposed a $150 bounty for the severed foreleg of each killed wolf. And now she is encouraging even more aerial killing. It is time to stop Sarah Palin and stop this senseless savagery.

Warning: The video is graphic.

What do you think? Is the aerial killing of wolves mandatory or massacre?

-- Graham McCann

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Get your gaming facts right Judd.It's about controling wildlife not your dislike of Palin!

Sarah P wears her brutality on her sleave. She will never change- but public opinion of her- for which she does care tremendously, can help shut her down.

Palins barbaric attitude and unsportsman attitude against wolves is one of the reasons she lost the swing states in the midwest, where Defenders of Wildlife concentrated their Palin-Wolf commercials.

Palin also teamed up with Oil interests to sue the Federal Government to prevent the POLAR BEAR from being put on the endangered species list. You think Bush-Cheney was bad, they are't even close to Palins repressive ideas.

The wolf population in Alaska has been eating about 98 percent of Caribou calfs, leading to a dramatic decrease in the caribou population, depriving those in Alaska who depend on hunting to feed themselves and their familes of their main source of meat.

Does Ashley airhead, the the DOW bunch favor the decimation of the caribou and the starving of people? They don't base their arguments on facts.

Most people are getting tired of these wackos.

I think it is absolutely appalling that the wolves are killed like that.

I have mo words for such ruthless behavior.

How can we help stop this ????

Palin is more cruel to rape victims.

Quite one-sided. No information is given regarding what happens if the wolf population is left unchecked. Most states have hunting seasons for deer, etc., in an effort to control populations. This is no different.

Ashley Judd is just another whacked out Hollywood nut that has her our agenda. Her real attack is all political. It has nothing to do with the Alaskan wolves. Where was her concern for the wolves before Sarah Palin came along? All she is saying is " look and listen to me, because I'm a Hollywood movie actress and I am smarter than all of you ". Gov. Sarah Palin has far more respect for wildlife that Miss Judd does. Ashley needs to walk the walk before she tries to talk the talk. Hollywood socialites need to learn that we do not bow down to them. Sign a Former Fan.

Most lover 48er's don't realize Alaska has an over obundance of wolves. They also don't see the slaugher and blood when a pack of wolves killi young caribou, moose and bear. Besides having too many wolves, many native Alaskans count on harvesting caribou and moose for their food supply since Fred Meyers and Safeway aren't in Shagtoolik. Killing wild animals from the air is not popular with Alaskans either, but after years of debating the pro's and con's, it is the best solution we have come up with. We don't have the luxury of sitting in Hollywood Hills and sipping wine while putiing down a woman that is smarter and prettier than 99% of spoiled morons eating at Spargo's.

this is just another phony hollywood cause. when will ms judd campaign agaist killing of say .. chickens.
ms judd is trying hard to stay in limelight now that hr career is tanking by bashing gov palin rather than any fake sympathy for animals

Ms. Judd accuses Sarah Palin of “savagery" The wolf's over population of the northern most state is a major concern of the ADF&G (Alaska Department of Fish & Game). Judd needs to understand that without the thinning, not eradication, of these wolves, beautiful animals like the following would have no chance at survival.
Arctic Fox, Beaver, Hares, Lemmings, Pikas, Porcupine, Shrews, Voles, Lynx, Marmot, Marten, Mink, Muskrat, Northern Flying Squirrel, Red Fox, Red Squirrel, River Otter, Weasels, Wolverine, American Bison, Caribou, Dall Sheep, Moose, Mountain Goat, Muskox, Roosevelt Elk, Santa's Reindeer, Sitka Black-tailed Deer, Accipiters, American Dipper, Boreal Owl, Canada Goose, Chickadees, Common Raven, Eagles, Eiders, Geese, Great Gray Owl, Grouse, Gulls, Harlequin Duck, Loons, Northern Hawk Owl, Osprey, Peeps & Sandpipers, Phalaropes, Plovers, Ptarmigan, Puffins, Sandhill Crane, Sparrows, Swans, Terns, Woodpeckers, Yellowlegs.
Does she also stand up for these animals rights to survive and thrive? How did Ms. Judd choose the wolf over the Arctic Fox, Mink, or Caribou to decide to protect? Where do her studies come from? When she wants to see “savagery" she may want to “YouTube” a pack of wolves taking down a “Santa's Reindeer”. Yes that is the official name of the animal, “Santa's Reindeer” you can go to the ADF&G home page and find it for yourself. Watching that is bloody, gory, gruesome, and extremely savage. I hope a small child never would fall pray to a lone wolf, let alone 4 or 5 of these beasts.
Ms. Judd, educate yourself on the control and balance of all wildlife so that we all can live harmoniously, and all God’s creatures will be around for generations to come.

Midnight Rambler needs to come up North and spend some time with real men in the bush. Maybe a brush with a wolf pack would open his eyes to reality and the brutality of the wild. Wolves are not pretty little puppies. They would rip your neck off and eat you if they were hungry.

Sarah Palin is pro-life and champions the rights for unborn human beings. STOP THE SENSELESS KILLINGS OF UNBORN HUMAN BEINGS!!!

Perhaps California can start doing aerial shooting of coyotes.

I know this isn't politically correct, but wolves and coyotes are not animals to feel sorry for. More needs to be done to control their populations. Perhaps aerial shooting is too public of a way to do it, but it needs to be done.

February 3, 2009, Juneau, Alaska – Governor Sarah Palin released the following statement today in response to attacks by the Defenders of Wildlife:

“It is reprehensible and hypocritical that the Defenders of Wildlife would use Alaska and my administration as a fundraising tool to deceive Americans into parting with their hard-earned money.

“The ad campaign by this extreme fringe group, as Alaskans have witnessed over the last several years, distorts the facts about Alaska’s wildlife management programs. Alaskans depend on wildlife for food and cultural practices which can’t be sustained when predators are allowed to decimate moose and caribou populations. Our predator control programs are scientific and successful at protecting vulnerable wildlife. These audacious fundraising attempts misrepresent what goes on in Alaska, and I encourage people to learn the facts about Alaska’s positive record of managing wildlife for abundance.

“Shame on the Defenders of Wildlife for twisting the truth in an effort to raise funds from innocent and hard-pressed Americans struggling with these rough economic times.”

If the left is really 'green' then how is it that they do not understand wildlife. They behave just like the Europeans did when exposed to the Indian population. If it does not fall into their cultural construct then it's wrong. These idiots live in a bubble. Nature is a different envionment than one of your public anti-whatever programs.

Sarah just scares the crap out of Socialists & they use anything to go after her. During the election, throngs of reporters went to Wasilla & no one cared to look into the cesspool of Chicago.

Maybe we should let the wolves eat the baby seals.

Ashley Judd is a twit.

I am really confused. It's legal and celebrated as choice to abort a human baby by cutting it in pieces, drilling a hole in it's head and throwing it in the trash but it's not okay to kill a wild animal? God help us. Ashley Judd may have a pretty outer shell but beware because she is void of any goodness.

Ashley Judd: Just another in a long list of useful idiots of the left.

Palin make Blago look like a good guy.

If the wing of the Republican party that supports Palin thinks the only people who oppose her are Hollywood actresses (who, sorry, have the right to free speech just like every other American) then boy are they in for a shock.

There are a WHOLE BUNCH of Republicans who are horrified by the notion that a know-nothing, spiteful, selfish (and clearly sadistic) clown like Palin could ever come to represent the party of Dwight Eisenhower and Barry Goldwater -- both of whom would keel over in shame if they saw their party being hijacked by idiots like her, (not) Joe the (not) Plumber, and Rush (the pills to my house) Limbaugh.

The ones who hope Palin stays around? The Democrats. Best ad for the Democratic Party ever. That being said, between her heartless, ignorant attitude to wolves, polar bears, and turkeys (she knew full well what was going on in the background during that turkey-slaughter interview) she deserves to disappear into ignominious obscurity as of last year.

If Alaska has an abundance of wolves, then by all means, export them down to the 48 to reintroduce them down here and balance things out. Then throw Palin and Idaho's governors out of office for their extreme stupidity.

If you must hunt them, do it right. By helicopter is not right.

Palin isn't the one who developed the predator control plan. I think that it clever on the part of the state to find a way to spread the cost of predator control. Hunting in the areas where there is an overabundance of wolves is an expensive undertaking. If the state can get private citizens to foot the bill for its wildlife management so much the better.

Ashley Judd should be more careful than to be seen next to Sarah Palin. Compared to the glamourous Gov, the babyface Miss Judd looks like a pudgy teenager.

PETA needs to wise up. If they truly care about the welfare of all animals on the planet they should try to attract maximum diversity rather than alienate large segments of the population with partisan politics. By making cheap shot ads like this one, they diminish the nobility of their cause. Ever seen a caribou taken down by a pack of wolves? Its not a pretty sight.

So if Ms Judd speaks for the wolf lobby who speaks for the caribou? Hunters more humanely drop a caribou than a pack of wolves ever will, so if this animal had a choice it would choose the hunter every time. If they aren't harvested intelligently then starvation becomes the cruelest killer of all.

Alaskans live days away from medical care if the weather stops the bush pilot coming in. Wolves will kill people and their domesticated animals. Nothing wrong with shooting them from the air if there's nothing wrong with shooting them. Too bad urban people force their catered lives courtesy of animal control on to people who have to actually live with these wild animals.

Wolves in Alakska kill 98% of the Caribou calves is a Simple boldfaced lie!

Palin is also attacking the very existence of Polar Bears and she is in total denial about Global Warming.

The fact is that by decimating predators like the Wolf, huge increases in populations of other species, i.e. deer, caribou etc, cause major problems. Predators were killed off in the lower 48 states, in the beginning of the 20th century and now we have overabudance of deer.

Be aware that Sarah Palin represents the leader of the Republican Party for most republicans ( According to the Rasmussen Poll just released)

Go to the Defenders of Wildlife websites noted above, you can contibute to the Wolves and make a difference!

Even we on the "wingnut left" know that all animal populations need to be regulated so as not to upset the balance of nature. My objection to Sarah Palin (aside from thinking she's a total waste of skin) is the brutality of her methods and the hypocrisy of justifying that brutality in the name of wildlife control. There are many more humane methods of reducing the wolf population, as there are of regulating any animal population that is becoming too abundant. I don't care if wolves will take your head off as soon as look at you, that's how they have to be to survive. Picking them off from a plane for a bounty is not how WE have to be. Bloodlust and greed should not be the motivators for wildlife control.

I have been around the world now
and I can say this about America
The mind control is steep here
The myopia deep here
THis supposed authority over nature is a dream
Come on people it's time to come clean!

Perhaps we should all wipe the blood from our hands!!!

I grew up in a rural area and understand the need for culling. I have a serious problem, however, with the METHOD of these killings. There is a better way. Trap em, tranq em, give them an injection to put them down humanely or relocate to areas where the wolf population suffers. When you make another creature suffer, you ask for that suffering back threefold, thus is the nature of the universe. I've lived long enough to see it happen, repeatedly.

The violence of these actions betray a murderous attitude in general on the part of the current Alaskan Administration. They skirt around the law with this practice. It is not only an embarrassment for the Alaskan Administration, but an embarrassment for the rest of the country.

Here is some basic population information of animal species in Alaska.

Caribou: Estimated at around 950,000. Hunters kill 22,000 per year.

Moose: Estimated at around 150,000. Hunters kill 8,000 per year.

Wolves: 6,000 to 11,000 population

Many Moose are killed in accidents vs. cars and trains.

Wolves eat as much by scavenging as hunting. Finding dead animals and eating them, at least as much as hunting them

The Wolf population is in a much more fragile status than the species Palin says she want to protect them from.

The aerial method of hunting via airplane is reviled by all hunters who believe in the "Fair Chase" philosophy.

I am so profoundly grateful that Gov. Palin isn't the current vice-pres. of the US.
Hunting by air is an absolutely horrific way to control an animal population. Disgusting, barbaric and CRUEL.

It is true that the people are getting tired of wackos like this -- but the wacko of whom we tire is Palin.

She trots out her children as stage props, and then bemoans that the press pays attention to her children. She exploits a sponsor who wanted to give her three suits, and then pretends outrage at all the attention to her spending spree. She can't name any Supreme Court case other than Roe V Wade, and then blames Couric for having ambushed her.

She's pathetic.

Just saw Ashley Mudd on CNN...besides being much less attractive than Sarah Palin and making money spreading Hollywood garbage while Palin runs a huge complicated state supplying much of the lower US with needed energy, Ashley Mudd is clearly a Christian hating new age mother earth environmental earth loving wacko. This is her real motivation--Christian & conservative bashing--which is why she is going after Palin, an upcoming leader in the Republican party. Why doesn't she spend time and money helping to stop human trafficking and slavery and child abuse and abortion? Ashley Mudd lives in a concrete jungle where there are thousands of stray dogs and cats, from city dwellers rejecting or mistreating their pets. Palin & the Alaskan wildlife agencies are killing wolves for a reason to help other animals and humans which includes Eskimos.

To let you all Know. The wolf control areas only make up 10% of Alaskas land area. Its not going to desimate the wolf species. I know this because I have studied and researched. Alot of you ppl need to do the same.

Politcizing the methods used by a stste government, while in the same comment mentioning science is foolish at best. Putting up numbers (estimates) in an attempt to show that a given population is in any danger is childish. Answer some questions, like, How many Caribou/moose does a wolf, or wolf pack need daily/weekly to survive. How about "What is the depth of the snow shown in the video?" When people from the lower 48, who think 0 degrees is cold, start telling people in Alaska how to run their state they are showing their own idiosy. Just like the left jumping on Palin for "owning a plane." Alaskans routinely travel by plane, the per capita plane ownership is higher, and planes are the most efficient means of travel during many months. As for wolves, we have let the left so-called "green" movement force wolves back into Idaho,Montana,Wyoming,New Mexico, with disastrous results. The leftists are still fighting delisting even thought the wolves have far exceeded the stated goals (3 times as many wolves in some cases) and the destruction of native herds of deer,elk,antelope,moose, and domestic animals. When will the leftist sob sisters grow up. Nature is cruel, man is here, we have already disrupted natures balance with our cities, we need now to control animal populations, predators, and prey.

My question is "Was this film of wolves being shot" a copy obtained from Alaska Fish and Game, or did Defenders of Wildlife stage it, like Greenpeace did the "Slaughter of baby seals" they showed for years?

I understand that Alaska is defending this action in the media citing decline of caribou herds is making this slaughter necessary. As someone who has has done some study into this issue let me give you some insight into the ecological facts that dispute this and shed some light on the true agenda here.

Now, I am no critic of RESPONSIBLE wildlife management. Palin’s policies however do not reflect responsble management but only address one factor in the cause of declining Caribou and other ungulate populations. While predation is one factor in the decline it is only one variable and is exacerbated far less by predator populations (which are self-limiting) than by a huge number of underlying issues with the overall health (and reproductive and developmental rates) of the herd.

According to recent Studies/Research Projects, of which there are a growing number as caribou herds are declining in many of their natural ranges in many different northern regions, there are a number of factors influencing the decline of caribou herds.

According to their findings pregnancy rates of Caribou dropped by 20% since the 1990s. Survival rates of calves also dropped significantly due to a number of factors besides predation…and that these factors exacerbated predation losses that included disease, parasites, nutritional deficiencies that were causing lower birth rates, slower development of calves, weak and sick calves with lower survival rates that were also more vulnerable to predation. Global warming is also being shown to HEAVILY influence declining herd populations as is human encroachment into the territories/habitats of caribou.

Here are some of the findings from the ADF&G (Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game) article on the ADF&G 2005 research project from their website:
(Investigating The Decline of The Northern
Alaska Peninsula Caribou Herd…By Elizabeth Manning)

“Biologists don’t know yet why the Northern Alaska Peninsula herd has so many health problems. Some diseases may have been introduced from other caribou herds or by cattle while the increase in parasites may have something to do with climate change.”

“It appeared there was significant impact of disease on young caribou,” Beckmen said.”

“Beckmen found that prior to 1999, the Northern Alaska Peninsula herd appeared relatively disease-free. But beginning in 2000, the blood work showed the presence of antibodies to Bovine Respiratory Viral Disease Complex.”

” Examinations of adult caribou also showed the caribou were heavily infested with parasites including Ostertagia, also known as the brown stomach worm. The parasite infects caribou as well as domestic reindeer and is known to reduce pregnancy rates and calf weights.”

“In addition to understanding more about predator-prey dynamics, the biologists are also trying to learn about nutrition and habitat, and to understand the role of underlying health problems such as disease and parasites.”

“A declining herd probably never has just one problem,” Dale said. “We’re doing our best to sort these things out.”

From the University of Alberty study:
(University Of Alberta (2004, September 3). Computer Models Expose Humans As Main Cause Of Caribou Decline. ScienceDaily.)

“ScienceDaily (Sep. 3, 2004) — If not for humans, the number of woodland caribou in northern Alberta would be seven times greater than it is now, a new study from the University of Alberta shows.”

“The models show that human activities stood out overwhelmingly as the variable most responsible for the woodland caribou’s decline in northern Alberta. The models also showed that woodland caribou could coexist with uncontrolled wolf populations in northern Alberta, but if human developments continue at the current rate, the number of woodland caribou in the area will drop sharply in about 15 years, and continue dropping until they are eliminated from the area in 37 years.”

Yet another scientific study sites “trophic mismatch” as a primary causitive factor in declining Caribou populations in Greenland.

(Penn State (2008, May 2). Global Warming Linked To Caribou-calf Mortality. ScienceDaily.)

Coincidentally: “This research was funded by the University of Alaska, the Penn State Institutes of Energy and the Environment, and the National Geographic Society Committee for Research and Exploration.”

“ScienceDaily (May 2, 2008) — Fewer caribou calves are being born and more of them are dying in West Greenland as a result of a warming climate, according to Eric Post, a Penn State associate professor of biology. Post, who believes that caribou may serve as an indicator species for climate changes including global warming, based his conclusions on data showing that the timing of peak food availability no longer corresponds to the timing of caribou births.

The phenomenon, called trophic mismatch, is a predicted consequence of climate change, in which the availability of food shifts in response to warming, whereas the timing of demand for those resources does not keep pace.”

Responsible wildlife management is about determining and addressing ALL factors. Presently not enough is known about predator/prey dynamics in either a healthy or a malnurished, heavily diseased/parasite infested caribou herd to make a policy of predator slaughter into a real (responsible) solution to a MUCH larger problem with many other KNOWN factors at play.

There is MUCH to critcise about Palin’s wildlife management…based on scientific studies found in the world of science. Perhaps Palin should actually read these studies (some of which were funded in part by the State of Alaska) before blaming “The Big Bad Wolf”.

Appropriate control of predators may be necessary to prevent livestock depredations or dangers to the human populace due to our encroachment on wildlife population’s territories and issues arising from habituation to human populations. This is just a necessary part of effective management of an ecosystem that includes human populations in the equation.

Generally populations of ungulates can co-exist and remain viable/sustainable alongside predator populations as these species have done for aeons without ANY human control factors. Predators and prey, in a healthy ecosystem will balance each other’s populations in much more effective ways than human controls can ever do. It is generally only when humans over-hunt, over-build or otherwise interfere with the trophic cascade effect that populations of either or both (predator & prey) become dangerously unbalanced.

This (among other reasons) is because losses in populations of ungulates to predators is often compensatory while losses to populations (either predator or prey) from humans hunting are primarily additive. Predators take the weak, aged, sick or starved, genetically inferior prey when at all possible because it is easier and less risky. Humans hunt seeking the strong, breeding age, healthy, genetically superior stock whenever possible because we have such tools (helicopters, planes, scopes, hunting rifles, etc) that allow such to make us efficent hunters with little personal risk.

With Alaska’s current human populations, the nutritional needs of residents filled by ungulates are not really the issue either. There are sufficient ungulate populations to feed the Alaskan human residents who actually depend on this source without endangering the sustainability of the herd populations OR a need to eliminate (significantly limit) competator species (predators).

This (like many other Palin environmetal policies) isn’t about making sure that rural Alaskans (”Joe the Hunter”) can hunt and thus obtain meat for the dinner table. This is about limiting competition so the Alaskan ungulate herds will be bountiful enough to attract tourism and big money trophy/hobby hunters. This is about money. This is about the tourism industry and Palin’s desire to preserve her constituents among them. Same as her drilling policies in areas with critically endangered wildlife are motivated by her pandering to her oil company constituents.

Please do not stand by and allow slaughter of our natural wildlife to line the pockets of politicians and their constituents (the Trophy Hunting/Tourism industry). It is such short-sighted policies that nearly wiped out our populations of wolves from the lower 48 states in the last 2 centuries. History forgotten is now repeating itself to destroy our natural wildlife. If this policy is allowed to go unchecked it will be expanded to suit those whose agenda is not a healthy, balanced ecology but the profits that can be made by the careless sacrifice of our precious wildlife and our rich and diverse ecosystem.

JL Wortham-Morgan

This killing of wolves must be stopped. I honestly can't believe in today times we have this type of in just behavior happening. Wolves are part of nature. Who are we to kill any animal? This planet needs everything and everyone in order to survive. To slaughter any animal is just cruel, there will be a pay back for who ever kills.


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