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PETA to compare the AKC to the KKK in Westminster protest

When dog show exhibitors and fans from across the country gather at Madison Square Garden for the Westminster Kennel Club dog show next week, PETA plans to make a big statement.

The group has announced plans to demonstrate outside the Madison Square Garden main entrance on Monday, the first day of competition.

With them, of course, will be picket signs.  Those signs, they say, will read "KKK and AKC Support Pure Bloodlines."  PETA blogger Alisa Mullins writes:

We'll show up dressed as Klansmen to point out some of the eerie similarities between the AKC and the KKK. Pure bloodlines, master race/master pedigree, woeful lack of fashion sense. Creepy, isn't it?

As we've previously reported here on Unleashed, PETA originally requested that the USA Network drop its coverage of America's biggest dog show, arguing that "dogs suffer painful cosmetic surgeries and millions of wonderful dogs die in animal shelters because of the AKC's inhumane policies." 

When that tactic failed, the group took on the show's sponsors, asking representatives from Pedigree Dog Food, LifeLock, TransUnion, Intuit and others to "pull your company's sponsorship of this event until the AKC revises its breeding standards" as the British Kennel Club did last month.

Of its newest attempt to discredit the dog show, PETA Vice President Daphna Nachminovitch said, "The AKC's fetish for body image causes dogs health problems that mutts don't usually have...The AKC is directly responsible for the promotion of purebreds, which means money for breeders but creates sick dogs and vet bills for their guardians -- and leaves pound pups homeless."

Reacting to a PETA ad -- aimed at TV audiences but with a similar KKK theme -- last year, Newsday's Denise Flaim wrote:

Where to start? First, if you're going to make a correlation between the closed canine gene pools and unfortunate moments in human history, eugenics concepts put forth in Nazi Germany is the better fit. Steve Budianksy does an excellent recap of this in his book, "The Truth About Dogs."

As for the AKC aversion to mixed-breeds, PETA must have missed the memo about the AKC considering opening up performance events such as obedience and Rally to non-pedigree pooches. Cynics opine that this is as much an economic imperative than a moral one, and they'd be right. But I'll take a Boss Tweed over a Grand Wizard any day of the week.

PETA also staged a demonstration at last year's Westminster, with body bags and signs reading "Breeders kill shelter dogs' chances" in tow.

--Lindsay Barnett

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Image: PETA.org

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I am very sorry for the young people who get involved with PETA because they have a true desire to help animals. They are missing out on relationships with responsible breeders and encouraging responsible dog guardianship.

If you really want to change something, get involved and understand what is really going on. Don't just believe what you are told.

PETA should be investigated and exposed for what they really are doing. Subjugating the very people who do the most to help dogs.

PETA is waco, crazy, loony, out-of-touch with reality, delusional, bizzare and a collection of freaks!!

Is PETA in league with the Madison Square Garden teamsters?

The Garden hires out private security guards at huge rates to the exhibitors. Usually it's just to protect the little dogs during benching, but a threat from PETA may make more exhibitors and handlers take them up on it.

Personally, I think this is all great, more people need to know how wacky PETA's view of dogs really are.

Without purebred dogs there would be no mutts. People need to research PETA to understand their true aim: to abolish all animals as pets. Ask them how many dogs they personally euthanized last year alone!

The AKC is cruel to animals.

I'd NEVER watch Westminster!

Westminster has taken its lead from Crufts and there has been horrible inbreeding and emphasis on breeding certain traits in many breeds that have not been in the best interest of the animals, but that have, in fact, caused terrible health problems for these animals. The breeders and showers have become so obsessed with their own ambitions that they have become blind and indifferent to what they have done.

It's high time for this to stop. I say, PETA go ahead! Sometimes their shock value is appropriate. These animals have been suffering for years. It's time for somebody to scream blood murder.

AKC is not cruel to animals...what an ABSURD statement! I ALWAYS watch Westminster..nothing's going to stop me this year either! PETA = cultist FREAKS who don't know anything about dogs!!

People who breed dogs should have to spend a day working in the euthanasia room at an animal shelter so they can see the results of their "business." Breeders' pups steal homes from shelter dogs, whose lives depend on being adopted. As long as animals are dying for lack of good homes, there's no such thing as "responsible" breeding.

As long as there are dogs who need homes, there is no such thing as a "responsible breeder."

When it comes to PETA it seems easiest to shoot the messenger and disregard the message. Whether you like PETA or not does not change the damage done to 1000s of dogs to conform to AKC standards.Web pages are full of genetic disorders suffered by purebred dogs, as well as intentional mutilations such as ear and tail docking. It's not nice that PETA compares this to the KKK, and perhaps there are better comparisons, but the comparison wouldn't sting so much if there wasn't a grain of truth in it. I think breeding purebred dogs causes more damage than it does good, so I'd like to see it, and the AKC, stopped.

As Americans we should be the last country to promote the idea of purebred.

PETA's analogy is accurate. The AKC prizes dogs on their appearance and heritage. By making this comparison, PETA has found a clever way to call attention to a very serious problem--animal overpopulation. Until people stop doing things that harm animals, PETA will be forced to use shocking tactics to make everyone take notice. As a proud PETA member and an animal rescue volunteer who has assisted with rescue efforts in New Orleans and in my own community, I have seen more homeless animals than I can count. Millions of healthy, friendly dogs and cats are euthanized every year for lack of good homes. Shame on the AKC for promoting breeding. If people want a purebred they should adopt one from a shelter or breed rescue group and have him or her spayed or neutered!

This isn't about breeding dogs..it's about living in a free county and being able to do what you want. Left wing organizations like PETA don't give a rats behind about dogs....they want all ownership of animals to end period. Why don't you do some investigating and see what PETA is really about. The only good thing is that from time to time their little facade slips and you see the wacko behavior like this KKK reference.

Most shelter dogs are mixed breed or are purebreds that come from puppy mills and are purchased by irresponsible owners that buy their dogs from pet stores and off the internet.....they are not from responsible dog breeders....BECAUSE responsible dog breeders always take back the dogs they breed, so they would never end up in the shelter in the first place.

Understanding that there are some PETA wackos that have posted the above.....it continues to amaze me that in this day and age with all the technology out there that people continue to be led by the nose allowing a few left wing psycos to influence them. PETA kills dogs...that is what is so funny about all of this...they don't believe in dog ownership...of any kind...not to rescue an animal...not to save an orphan puppy...there entire existance is based on the idea that animals and people should not interact in any way. Get a clue.....and quit trying to dictate to people what they should be allowed to do and not do...this isn't nazi germany the last time I checked.

Funny thing; not all publicity is actually good for an organization. Might want to take a good look at yourself in the mirror, PeTA. Those white sheets and dunce cap fit pretty well.

PETA just proves what a bunch of nit-wits they are with every idiotic protest they stage becuase PETA is full of nit-wits


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