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PETA to USA Network: don't air Westminster!

Uno the Beagle, 2008's Westminster dog show winner We told you last month about the BBC's announcement that it won't air the Crufts Dog Show (the UK's answer to Westminster), citing concerns raised by a BBC documentary, "Pedigree Dogs Exposed," over the health of dogs bred for the show ring.  The BBC reported:

The programme...says dogs suffering from genetic illness are not prevented from competing in dog shows and have gone on to win "best in breed," despite their poor health.

It says physical traits required by the Kennel Club's breed standards, such as short faces, wrinkling, screw-tails and dwarfism, have inherent health problems.

Other problems occur because of exaggerations bred into dogs by breeders trying to win rosettes, it adds.

Now PETA is asking the USA Network, which airs the Westminster show every February, to follow suit.  In a letter to USA's president Bonnie Hammer, PETA founder and president Ingrid Newkirk writes, "Since dog breeders routinely use incestuous inbreeding and genetic manipulation...it's not surprising that as many as one in four purebred dogs is plagued with a serious genetic problem." 

Beagles like last year's Westminster winner, Uno, are susceptible to a wide variety of genetic health problems like hypothyroidism, epilepsy and demodectic mange, according to PETA.

"Countless dogs suffer painful cosmetic surgeries and millions of wonderful dogs die in animal shelters because of the AKC's inhumane policies...USA Network can take a stand against the cruel treatment of animals simply by denying air time to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show," said PETA Vice President Daphna Nachminovitch.  And PETA blogger Amy Elizabeth chimes in:

So USA, how about being a good network? Sit. Listen. Roll over. And fetch a few reruns of Law and Order to replace that dastardly dog show…

What do you think -- is PETA right on or out of line?  Will you be watching Westminster this year?  Let us know in the comments.

-- Lindsay Barnett

Photo: Uno, a 15-inch beagle, won Best in Show at the 132nd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show last year.  Seth Wenig/Associated Press.

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PETA is one generation and out. They want to abolish pet ownership in this country. If we didn't have breeders then there would be no well bred dogs, only backyard trash, and puppy mill dogs.

PETA is really a terrorist organization aimed at making sure in a short time that there will be no pet ownership at all, no meat eating, no pets, nothing along those lines at all.

USA networks, don't back down, don't give into this animal rights who are really animal abolishment organizations.. they don't want you to have a shelter pet, they want NO PETS AT ALL...

Humm.. Not air Westminster on USA?

What could be aired instead?

How about how PETA runs their shelter? - Nope, can't. PETA doesn't have a shelter. They have a big Freezer though. Maybe we could do a 2 night special on PETA's freezer instead of Westminister! Maybe we could ask them why 90% of the animals they "Rescue" end up DEAD in that Freezer.

Maybe how PETA & HSUS helped Michael Vicks' dogs with all the donations they received! Nope can't do that either. Neither had anything to do with his dogs.

Guess we'll just have to settle on a special showing just who PETA & HSUS really are, and why donations to them do not help the animals you think they help. I'll bet the local shelters and those who truly care about animals could put those Millions of dollars to good use.

Please. Air Westminster for goodness sakes. The sport of purebred dogs and it's support by reputable breeders is not the cause of our pet overpopulation problem. Or the cause of canine health issues. That blame must be placed upon people who could care less about breed standards, health screening or even whether or not they take their pet in to be neutered or spayed. Don't blame the reputable dog fancy for a problem they are not responsible for.

PETA has an agenda far beyond their professed desire to minimize animal suffering. I urge those who support them examine what their agenda is really all about. These people are not animal lovers.

If you think PETA is in this to save animals - you need to think again. This is a $30 million a year business who has a higher euthanasia percentage that any shelter. Go visit www.petakillsanimals.com. It's very educational and will give you some insight into the reality of this organization, which is take away our rights to own pets.

Please be sure to watch Westminster. If you cannot watch it on TV, go to the Website and watch the video feed.


My daughter Katherine will be showing her little Toy Manchester Terrier, Gracie (CH Burmack's Top Secret) in the Breed. This is her first Westminster exhibiting. She is 17 years old and has been showing dogs for 4 years. Been around dogs from the day she was born. This activity has taught her responsibility and respect for animals and adults.

Wonder what the kids of the PETA members are learning? Terrorist tactics? You know this group is on the watch list. How proud they the children must be of their parents.

Christine wrote

Let's do a special on the USA Network about all the adorable shelter dogs available!

Posted by: Christine | January 05, 2009 at 07:48 PM

I think that USA Network should do a special on How PETA, in the name of "re homing shelter dogs", picked them up at shelters, and euthanized them before they left the shelter parking lot, and then were caught dumping them in dumpsters. (Not there own). Google this topic and read all about the trial.

The vast majority of dogs/cats that end up in shelters are produced by back-yard breeders, puppy mills and owners with the one-time litter. Very rarely does a well-bred show dog with a responsible breeder backing it end up in a shelter or rescue. Education is the key ... not banning the ethical, responsible breeders who do all they can to produce healthy representatives of the breed.

PETAs goal is to get rid of *all* pets and is publicly stated on their website.

To all of those that have commented...you need to figure out how to distinguish a "breeder" vs. a "backyard breeder" or a "puppy miller" because there is a difference. Lumping them all into one is unfair because if it wasn't for those that bred correctly we wouldn't still have all the breeds we have today. They were bred for a reason, for a certain job.

And this pet overpopulation thing? You have the US Government to thank for! In the 50s and 60s there was a shortage of income for farmers in the US and the USDA ***encouraged*** farmers to breed extra animals for sale. It's not the responsible breeders who are at fault here. They take back any and all dogs they have put on this earth if they are the good kind of breeder. If not, then you shouldn't be buying a dog from them!

As for Westeminister...I'm watching it!

I think that PETA should look for other ways to help. I can't believe what some will do for notoriety. This is no more than an attack on people who pamper, coddle, groom and pay more attention to their dogs than most non show dog families. Why doesn't PETA put some effort into puppy mills, Westminster Dog Show didn't cause those problems, ignorant people did. People who don't care what is truly important in this world. PETA should realize they look like these people. I love showing my dog, watching others show their dogs, and nothing is more rewarding than watching the Westminster Dog Show.

Cutting fences to allow livestock to wander into highways, sneaking behind the scenes at dog shows and freeing crated dogs to run loose and be hit by cars, and even antifreeze in show dogs water are just a few of PETAs tatics. They are NOT about protecting animals! No thanks, I will continue to keep company with responsible breeders that actually care about the health and safety of animals.
No service animals? It would break my mobility assistance dogs' heart to be left behind.
Definitely watching Westminster!

I was at a dog show about 2 years ago and PETA showed up and was letting dogs loose "freeing them" they said. Well, the show was somewhat near a highway. A few of those dogs ran out onto that highway and got hit by cars and KILLED! They might be show dogs, but they are still peoples pets. The PETA members shouted "at least they died free!". I'm sorry, but does this sound rational to you?

PETA members don't want to save animals. They want them extinct, for whatever reason. Children will no longer have the pleasure of playing ball in the yard with there dog. What kind of world would it be with no cats? dogs? I know I would lose my mind. My son and I often go to dog shows together. It is great bonding for the 2 of us AND our dogs. It's not all that different than spending a day at the little league park with your pack of kids.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not listen to these radicals! One by one our rights are being taken away. Do you not see it? Feel it?

If USA network drops this show because of these activists, I can tell you I will no longer be watching there network it's as simple as that. I will miss House desperately, but standing up and fighting for what I believe in is so much more important!

Why is it that the newspaper is quoting a blogger? Is this what news has de-evolved into? Its a mere mouthpiece for angsty bloggers and AR zealots? Come now, how about we leave the doggies alone and hear some real news.

I for one have worked at an animal shelter and have found the majority of dogs there are mixes. If we do get in purebreds the purebred rescues take them and find suitable homes. It's a shame there is no mix bred rescue and I for one have seen where PETA has put down or destroyed more animals then they save! PETA go pound sand! I love Westminster!

Where to begin....

Let's start with the comments about shelter dogs. Reputable breeds, the vast majority of the ones that show their dogs in confirmation shows like Westminister and Cuffts, will take back a dog they have bred if the new owner needs to get rid of it. These breeders make a commitment to every puppy they breed for the entire life of the dog. The screen every person who applies to purchase one of their puppies They do not over breed their bitches and only breed selectively and when the time comes to retire a dog from their breeding program they find homes for these dogs, and screen the new owners the same way they do the folks who want to purchase their pups.There would be no need for shelters, nor any shelter dogs if every breeder made such a commitment to every dog they bred.

Purebred breeders also operate rescue operations. These rescue operations see these people fostering dogs of their breed that end up in shelters. Paying for the medical care for the rescued dogs. Feeding these dogs. Putting prospective new owners of these rescue dogs through rigorous scrrening before letting the dogs go to their "forever homes". They also arrange transport for these rescued dog, often driving them to their new homes themselves.

I am not a breeder, but I am a purebred dog owner and I do show my dog in confirmation shows. I have gone to the expense of having his hips and elbows certified to be free from hip and elbow dysplasia. He does not have and will not pass on the genes for hip and elbow dysplasia. I have had gentic testing done for progessive retinal atrophy (PRA), my dog is clear and if he were to be bred none of his progeny would be affected with PRA.

I can also say with certainty that neither of my dog's parents carry the genes for these gentic disorders that plague this breed. How can I be certain? The breeder I bought my dog from provided me with copies of my dog's parents clearances. I can guarentee that I would not have the same certainty of my dog's genetic background, had I bought him from a shelter or a backyard breeder.

Will I be watching the Westminster Dog Show this year? Yes!

Should the USA Network continue to broadcast this dog show? YES!

Does PETA use half truths to mislead the public? Yes!

USA Network - It sounds like this may be your chance to air Crufts too!! Crufts is a great dog show with thousands and thousands of people from all over the world in attendance. I would absolutely love to watch Crufts on your network.

And yes, I will certainly be watching Westminster.

This is such hogwash! PETA is so desperate to obliterate the domestice dog that they think people are gullable enough to swallow this baloney they are dishing out!' Every biological creature has genetic defects and propensity to pass on such defects..even US! How many humans need glasses, braces, have high blood pressure, get diabetes, Lupus, arthritis..?.and the list goes on!
PETA would rather see animals euthanized than to be with humans. That's just the bottom line. If it weren't for responsible breeders and the purebred dog world, we would not have the superior quality of dog that we are using, enjoying and living along side of. These animals deserve to have the opportunity to thrive into the future as healthy, fulfilled creatures living amongst us and along side us. God appointed man to take care of his creatures. We are doing just that..making sure these breeds of dog have a future, not just turning them out into the wild to suffer and die off, which is what PETA would like to see!!

I have had PETA and HSUS up past my neck with their pushing the unsuspecting public gathering money, never supporting any shelter, rescue organization or anyone who is really trying to save as many animals as possible. Have you forgotten the killing of so many just a year or so ago by PETA? The only time HSUS has recently gotten involved is when there is publicity for themselves involved. For instance, Katrina and the gulf coast - everything that was done there was by volunteers not the staff of HSUS or PETA. The only organization actually fully involved of Best Friends of Kaneb, UT. that I am aware of.

If everyone would take the donation money and give it to an area rescue organization and stop giving money to people like PETA and HSUS the animals would have a better chance of living a good life no matter what breed or mixed breed they happen to be.

When are people going to wake up and realize the true agenda of PETA. I'm the proud OWNER of a spayed Dachshund Scottie mix Buffy and a neutured GSD(German Shepherd) mix Hobo, and two pet rats, that's right I said OWNER not guardian. I am against any group that wants to take my babies away from me, such as PETA.I am also currently looking for my first Dachshund show puppy as we speak. I LOVE the Westminster and have watched it every year since I was a little girl and plan to continue to watch. The public needs to see what good representatives of each breed are supposed to look like. These dogs are the product of several years of blood, sweat, tears, love, and dedication on the part of their breeders. You can not blame the responsible breeders for what a few bad money minded individuals do. HSUS does NOT even have a shelter anywhere, their name is totally misleading and was meant to be so. When are the American people going to wake up and realize that we are in the midst of a pet ownership war, and our right to own & breed dogs is at stake here. Yes, let's do see PETA&HSUS publically exposed for what they really are and what they really stand for, that would be something I'd truely love to see. I plan to boycott USA if they decide to drop Westminster, even if it means I'll have to miss WWE Monday Night RAW. These people(PETA, HSUS, ETC) want to take all our rights away from us, such as the right to own a pet, the right to breed animals, being from KY they want to take my right to see the KY Derby away from me, the right to eat meat, the right to hunt, & fish(I LOVE to fish). WAKE UP AMERICA before you wake up one day to find yourselves with NO rights at all and to find PETA & the HSUS coming for YOUR pet.

To ALL Breeders, remember my state's (KY) old motto, UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL.


PETA needs to stop. As the proud owner of a pound pup, who also happens to be a pitbull mix, I find PETA to be beyond reprehensible. They actually euthanize almost all animals that they take in from people who don't want to turn them over to shelters, on the guise that they will find a family to adopt the animal, and they totally back breed specific legislation, as in exterminating certain breeds of dogs just because of a few irrisponsible owners. I find it rather ironic that Ingrid Newark is a diabetic who routinely uses insulin...hello insulin was discovered using animal testing.

I have been a successful dog breeder, and exhibitor since 1967. I am also a AKC judge.
I love dogs, all dogs, even mutts. I also like "most" dog people.
However, we have no one to blame but ourselves for this rotten situation we have gotten into.
If we don't police ourselves, who will. We have not policed ourselves have we?
There are many good people in dogs, but many rotten eggs who make puppy mills in the midwest look like the Ritz.
Let's face it, as in all walks of life, some good, some bad, but human nature always wants to focus on the bad.
So, I am in a prediciment.
I agree with some of the issues, but not all.
We don't need to eat animals. We don't need to do research on them, with prisions full of scum who would fill the bill nicely. Think of that as a deterent to crime!
I am pro hunting and fishing, but am against the fur trade, and all of that.
So, do I stay with the dogs, and fight for those who don't deserve it, or go the way of those who see us as insane fools who throw money away on nothing, with puny egos who will do anything for a rosette and a CH in front of our dogs names?

My thoughts on peta, lays between my index and ring finger!

Attention OPRAH, PAM ANDERSON and all the other celebs that are spokes people for PETA. YOU HAVE DOGS!!!! PETA doesn't want ANYONE to have pets! That includes your Goldens OPRAH and PAM!!!! PETA will be loyal to you right up until the point where they take YOUR dogs away as well!!!!

Why don't you stars with all your money worry about hungry, homeless childern and adults or give money to an animal shelter that actually takes care of animals not like the HSUS. STOP TRYING TO HELP PETA & the HSUS take our rights away as americans.

This is the land of the free! Have you all forgotten this? Please don't forget that HUMANS have rights too!

Why on earth are people blaming purebred breeders for the suplus population of mixed breeds. Why not go after the ones who are the real reason for the problem? The people who are irresponsible pet owners, who do not care about their pets and let them run loose, unneutered. They are the ones Peta should be going after.However, I think that iPeta would run into a problem if they did that as too many pet owners fit into that slot.

There are many good breeders who health screen their dogs before breeding and take back the dogs they have bred if the new owner can not keep them anymore.

However people who are unaware, lump those breeders in with those who do not care about the health and welfare of their dogs. Shame that those who care loose out because of a few bad apples.


Should USA Network decide to not air the Westminster Dog Show, I will, in turn, stop watching ANY of their programming. And there is a large population here in a major US city that just went through a very divisive fight regarding MSN, limits and breeder limitations...and I would imaging that a good viewer share will be lost here if, in fact, USA decides to cower to PETA "demands". We have quite simply, had enough.

A few factoids...

PETA and, in fact, any of the Animal "Rights" organizations are little more than domestic terrorists. They literally "create" facts and figures to either scare the public or to tear at the heartstrings. What they fail to tell are the real facts.

First of all, fewer than 2.5% of all domestic dogs and cats fall into the category of the euthansia statistics. And yes, 3 to 4 million are euthanized in this country every year. However, that number includes animals that are voluntarily taken to the local shelter for the procedure, either due to advanced age, or very ill health, or have have suffered a catastrophic injury that is beyond the capability of a families finances, and the family cannot afford to have the animal humanely euthanized at a vet due to the cost. Another fact that is lost is that although the total number of animals killed per year is still unacceptable, we ARE on the right track and have made steady progress in the past three decades on this issue. Thirty years ago, that number was 30/40 million animals, and NO outcry was heard anywhere. Over the past three decades we have dropped that number 10-fold, so we are doing something VERY right. Breeders have taken a much more active role in placement of the their pups, and follow-through during the lifetime of the pup. Breeders and exhibitors work diligently in rescue, along with many kind-hearted animal lovers. Public education has made great strides in animal-related issues.

I also invite any out there who are concerned about the "high" euthansia numbers to peruse the HSUS euthansia guidelines that most shelters use. Black dogs and cats should be euthanized because their "statistics" show that black animals have a very low adoption rate. Puppies and kittens under six/eight weeks should be automatically euthanized because of the high disease level in shelters and the fact they have little immunity. Mothers that have finished weaning their pups. Dogs and cats with easily treatable diseases, i.e. kennel cough, parainfluenza, or that have minor cosmetic deviations. You want to know why the kill rate is so high? It's because HSUS guidelines allow for only the healthiest, and cutest, and youngest (as long as they aren't TOO young...) to be adoptable.

So, if we are doing something so right, why are PETA and the HSUS so adamant about outlawing breeding, outlawing specific "dangerous" breeds, and why are they not more actively and financially supportive of animal rescue and shelters? HSUS does not operate even ONE animal shelter. The bulk of their $120 million budget each year is spent on legislative lobbying. A mere 7/8% is spent on actual donations to shelters, and veterinary practices. And then only to those that are supportive of the HSUS agenda. PETA operates exactly ONE shelter and they have pitiful numbers. Their euthansia rate is generally in the neighborhood of 95/97%, and last year they only adopted out about a dozen animals. PETA is not concerned at all with the re-homing of abandoned animals. Their philosophy is that it is much kinder to put the animal out of it's "misery" than to be "subjugated" by humans. Don't ever doubt that their end agenda is the extinction of the human/animal bond...companion and agricultural. You can find these quotes quite easily by just about any spokesperson speaking on behalf of PETA. HSUS is more subtle about their subterfuge, but they are a much bigger cash cow. PETA operates on about $17/24 million dollars in donations annually, HSUS gets in the neighborhood of about $120 million annually in donations.

HSUS raised millions of dollars using the Vick dog's plight. Millions. And yet their recommendation regarding the dogs was to euthanize them ALL! How unethical to raise funds based on those poor dogs when they had NO intention of spending any of the money rehabbing those dogs. Thank GOD for the organizations that did step in, and thank god for the judge that gave them that ability. Only two of the dogs were euthanized, one for health, and one for temperament. Some are still being fostered, but many have gone on to loving homes, and several are actual working therapy dogs, either in hospitals or children's reading programs. And certainly PETA did not support the rehabilition of those dogs either. Questions and lawsuits also linger over funds that were collected in the wake of recent hurricanes. One must stop and wonder where all these funds went, and what they were truly spent on. Donations earmarked for hurricane relief or Michael Vick's dogs, have no business being utilized to pass MSN in California, or to regulate breeders in Pennsylvania. Those funds should be raised with those goal publicly stated. Anything else could be construed as something much more malicious.

Do we still have problems regarding our precious companion animals? Yes, we do. But we have done a magnificent job in addressing those issues, and we need to continue doing so. However, to alienate an entire segment of the population, and indeed, to criminalize their activity will only serve to set this back years and years. In many of our communities, we have spent long years building bridges and relationships between shelters, rescues and breeders, all to the benefit of the animals in our communities. The actions and legislative pressures being brought to bear will only tear apart those relationships, and it is the animals who will ultimately suffer, and in greater numbers than now exist. We will undo many productive years of progress with this type of sanctimonious idealism.

I invite everyone to read "Redemption", by Nathan Winograd. It gives an accurate picture of the problem, and where the "real" solutions to the problem should begin. Instead of dividing animal lovers, we should be working together to find solutions, not laying ALL the blame at the foot of breeders. Owners are just as much to blame, and the policies in many cities and shelters are just as flawed. Until companion animals are not considered to be disposable commodities ACROSS the ENTIRE population, the problem will continue. And as long as we are content to point our fingers at each other and lay blame on anyone and everyone but ourselves, we will never be able to sit at the table and solve the problems.

As someone who lives with, trains, photographs and works with show dogs and rescue dogs alike, as both a hobby AND a living, I invite everyone to sit down, turn on USA network and ENJOY the beautiful dogs being presented at Westminster. It is our OLDEST dog show in this country, and something to be incredibly proud of. And as you are watching the beauty of these exquisite creatures, reach over and stroke the head of your scruffy mutt, or nuzzle the head of your elderly baby, or scratch and snuggle your own purebred and THANK GOD you have them in your life. They all have a place in our world. I live with purebreds, mixed breeds, and rescues. Although with the popularity of limits, I will probably be less able to welcome rescues into my home in the near future. I love them all. They each have their own beauty and character, and each is uniquely special. Purebred or mutt, each has a place in our world. Then remember that EACH of us has a responsibility to them and to those less fortunate.

Ok, for one lets get this straight. PETA is ridiculous and actually causing tons more problems then they are "fighting" for. Let's start with the definition so that everyone gets this straight. A breeder is NOT someone who decides they want to breed fluffy because she's cute and they can make a buck. A breeder is NOT somone that has registered lab sign out in the driveway. A breeder is NOT someone that takes a poodle and a golden and "creates" a new breed. These are NOT hypoallergenic dogs either. You have a golden moxed with a non-shedding dog...the dog is still going to shed...it has golden it!!!!!!! These are the reasons why you have all your dogs in shelters being euthanized. You have these people breeding dogs just because they can, do no screen who the PEOPLE the dogs go to, half end up in the back yard making puppies, then the puppies get dumped or turned over and it's a continuous cycle. Not to mention that these mutts (goldendoodle and ect.) create more genectic problems then purebred dogs. THESE PEOPLE ARE THE REASON FOR YOUR SHELTER DOGS!!!!!!! These along with puppy mills are why dogs are in pet stores. A TRUE BREEDER NEVER SELLS PUPPIES TO PET STORES!!! Now let's get to the definition of what a true breeder is. An AKC true breeder is someone that is responsible for the dogs that they breed throughout their whole life and has a goal in mind of continuing to improve the breed. The test for genetic diseases before the dogs are even bred. They are linebred because of the fact at keeping the good genetic health and lines. They probably spend 2-5 thousand per dog on testing (hip dysplasia, thyroid, cardiac, eyes elbows--everything is tested). When they sell a puppy, the new owner is interviewed before the puppy is sold that way they can tell if this is the right home for this puppy. There is usually a spay/neuter contract, and in the buyer contract it says for any reason they can't keep the dog, no matter what age, the dog goes back to the breeder. This kind of devotion to the breed to make the breed better to take care in where the dog goes IS A BREEDER. So people need to know the facts before they start mouthing off about breeders are all about the money and the reason for all the shelter dogs....It is the people who decide to breed their "pet" to make some money and the cycle continues....

I have watched Westminster every year since 1985. All dogs have genetic problems no matter if they are purebred or not. Purebred dogs that are shown at Westminster are bred by people who want the best for their dogs. I have been showing dogs for over 40 years and have tried to improve my breeding program by what testing that is available. Nearly every breeder I know does some kind of testing for problems, these so called designer dog breeders can not say the same thing. After owning six or more generations of my own breeding I usually know what kind of problems my dogs will come up with and try to recitify that problem or not continue it in my breeding program. I am the norm not the exception in show breeders. PETA is against any type of pet or animal ownership and wants everybody to be vegitarians. That is their mandate.

As a Brit I can tell you that the programme 'Pedigree Dogs Exposed' was a biased load of rot. It neglected to mention all the health research the KC sponsors or it's health screening programmes. PETA and the RSPCA in the UK are political organisations that masquerade as animal welfare charities. The RSPCA has just spent millions on a new headquarters but it is still euthanising healthy dogs.
As a responsible breeder I have had eight litters in thirty years.I breed carefully to try to eradicate any known health problems. I always take any dog I bred back if the owners circumstances change. There are thousands of breeders like me who love their dogs and couldn't countenance life w/o them. PETA's agenda is to erradicate pet ownership. Start fighting back.


This is the only decent thing that has come from England w/in recent months.

That it took them DECADES to get to this point is ridiculous.

If you support PETA, HSUS, ALF or ELF you are supporting someone that has enough money to help all animals but would rather use for grandstanding postures and even violent methods. NONE Of this really helps animals, it simply grabs your attention.

Support you LOCAL shelter or rescue. Get your real money's worth.

What PETA and its followers does not tell you, is that condemming people who show dogs, is not the problem. The people WHO DO NOT SHOW THEIR DOGS, ARE THE ONES WHO ARE CAUSING MORE PROBLEMS GENETICALLY, than those who do show.

I have had a interest in health testing dogs since the age of 13 years old, I am 50 years of age as of 2008. At that young age meant I was sitting outside with a genetics book in my hand, looking at my dogs, and saying, "hmmm". I had the interest because my parents where about to breed their dogs, and something just did not seem right.

I told my parent's they should not breed dogs because they should be health tested before being bred. This started my interest and desire to breed the healthiest dogs that I could breed.

What EVERYONE has to know is that all people who show dogs, do not do health testing on their dogs, they are out for the money. But for those that do the wrong things their are many that are doing right by the dogs. HEALTH SCREENING!!

A BACK YARD BREEDER: has no intention of taking puppies to the vet to spend any money. They want to shuffle the puppies out for a buck. The will buy over the counter worming etc and give the shots themselves and you hope the shots are valid. These people DO NO HEALTH TESTING AT ALL.. screening for hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, eyes via CERF, thyroid issues, blood issues, patella the minimum to be done, depending on your breed. When asked what testing have been done on a puppy bought via the Sunday News, " we took them to the vet, the vet says they are 100% healthy." WRONG!!!

Buying a puppy from a breeder who is doing genetic screening, is securing a better tomorrow for all dogs being bred by that breeder. No one can guarantee a dog 100% but your chances are better buying one from someone who is health testing than one who gives excuses why they don't.

So you see America and anyone reading this, its not The West Min or responsible breeders who are causing this problem. It's purely people who could care less about the dogs in the first place and are out for the almighty dollar.

The dogs at the shelders, bless their hearts are their because someone stopped loving them and some who decided to let lil Sally have a litter with Peter the dog across the street. I would venture to say that a huge percent of your dogs being put to death are not from responsible breeders, because they know where their dogs are and have spay neuter contracts and will take their dogs back if the purchaser can't keep the dog.

PETA is a bunch of people that might have started on the right track years ago, going after company's for what they did to animals in labs. Now that most companies have complied to be more caring to what is done to animals, PETA HAS NOTHING TO DO, so they go after Pure Breed Canines.


Readers be cautious of PETA and know these people might be thinking of the rights of the dogs, but seems like HEADLINES TO ME, when you go after AKC for what you can't control by BACK YARD BREEDERS or anyone who does not do Health Testing Before Breeding.


The idea that people who show dogs in the US is contributing to health problems in purebred dogs is ridiculous. I have been showing Beagles, Clumber Spaniels, and Great Danes for 10 years now and I can PROMISE you that these people are more concerned about animal rights and the health of animals more than PETA and other organizations. PETA's extremist views need to put on display in front of everybody instead of masked behind some attack on people's livelihood and hobby. Showing dogs has been going on since the 1800's and it is designed to promote the best of the best. If PETA really wants to help they should be going after the backyard breeders, puppy mills, and uneducated owners instead of responsible breeders that MUST conform to a standard.

A responsible breeder breeds to improve the breed. There are some irresponsible breeders, particularly those who the USDA say have sanitary facilities so they breed hundreds, selling them to pet shops with no thought other than monetary gain. Those dealers/breeders are not the ones who participate in Westiminister. Dog shows are a sport, a hobby and a passion. There are bad apples in every sport, but we still televise them. When we breed for health and confirmation, the people buying the pets get a lifetime dog. Remember all those dogs in shelters carry traits from the breeds they came from.

Perhaps the times should investigate PETA and their palatial headquarters. Are they "working for the animals" or for creating creature comforts for themselves.

I am curious - if you deny breeders a chance to show their breeds, and see what other breeders are doing, talk with other breeders how are they to improve their breeds? The breeders that enter dogs shows, are not the breeders that are filling the animal shelters - they carefully breed their dogs, not mass produce them for the pet store market. If you get your wish and the breeders stop breeding, then where you will you get your dogs when the shelters no longer have any, or you have made sure that every intact dog is neutered? Soon you will not have to worry about poorly bred dogs with problems, there will not be any dogs to have problems.
Hug your puppies and dogs while you can - how many years til you will not have the right to have one.

PETA is a load of crock! They don't have a clue to all of testing that ethical breeders do before breeding a dog. These dogs would not be in the conformation show ring if they were genetically bad. Do they not understand that dog shows are for evaluating breeding stock! We breeders always do test have they not heard of OFA, VWD, Thyroid testing and in my breed collies we always get eye checks done as well as the MDR1 tests) In fact I bet that they did not even know that with all of our health research that we have found the gene for PRA in collies and now have a DNA test for it! I have also been a member of collie health foundation and have supported them for a very long time, so do not go and tell me we are just "breeding dogs with out care to health" In fact i am new to breeding having just whelped my first litter in July after 2 1/2 years of research to make sure nothing crops up my litter of 5 puppies were all born healthy. With all of he testing that we do we have been able to breed in normal eyes,good hips and elbows are not a huge problem in our breed and we also we have been able to eliminate or lessen the chances of bloat.

Yes, my dogs are show dogs but they are better cared for than some childeren in this world. They love going to shows and getting pamperd, getting treats and love getting doated on. When they get home! they do what they always do hop on the couch or the bed with me. they eat better than me and have so many toys they do not know what to do with them.So stick it there....

Maybe you people should do a little more listening
instead of sticking your noses where it does not belong! You obviously do not know us or you would not be doing this "Stuff" (I will keep this clean)... So get off your high horse at least we are not "killing animals" like you people are! We are simply having fun as are the dogs in our care!

Please keep airing the Westminster Kennel club show! Not airing this show would be like not airing the derby! which both have been a long time sport in our country. Nobody gets hurt at the dog shows.I know I am a professional handler as well and any dogs n my care are treated like they were my own.

I have 2 rescue dogs and I fully intend to watch the Westminster. I very much enjoy watching the dog shows. They don't in any way make me want to go out and get another dog however. The PETA organization should be disbanded. The money they spend smearing reputable organizations such as the AKC could well be spent saving the lives of many animals in shelters. People need to wake up and look around. Don't only believe what you watch on your liberal new media. There's another world out there.

I am always appalled at the amount of misinformation that PETA can disseminate about the responsible breeders who show their dogs. The dogs that are shown are raised and live in loving homes and receive the highest level of human love, affection and care.
The breeders of show dogs diligently work to breed the healthiest, happiest and most beautiful dogs. We attend numerous workshops, provide support to one another on vast internet groups, and in person, attend National functions related to our breed, not to mention the hours spent with mentors in our breed learning about what is BEST for the breed. ALL the dogs that I breed are screened for problems that may affect dogs in my breed and we do not use dogs in our breeding programs that have issues. Our national breed clubs are GUARDIANS of their breeds, and those of us who hold to the code of ethics of our national breed clubs are devoted to our individual breeds and to the dogs themselves. USA network should PROUDLY air the presentation of the "Best of the BEST!" that is the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

To whom it may concern:
I am an avid fan of the USA Network programs, particularly of Law and Order. I also never miss the WESTMINSTER DOG SHOWS! I am an owner/handler of purebred English Springer Spaniels and show them around the country. Westminster has a following of not only show people such as myself, but of all dog lovers.
If you walk into a PETSMART the day after Westminster, its all everyone is talking about. Its what made me decide to show dogs 3 yrs ago. My dogs are my pets. We travel to shows in my RV and they live in total comfort and are spolied rotten. We also participate in agility which they adore. WESTMINSTER is a learning experience for any dog lover as the commentators explain the breeds and what they were bred to do.
I write this letter because I understand that you are being pressured by "an organization" not to schedule this show to your viewers. The sponsors that back this show will lose tremendously and then so will USA Network. I urge you not to listen to a one sided viewpoint. If you want to really do a great expose and attract millons of viewers I suggest you do it on PETA and the HSUS. Their agendas are terrifying. They have killed thousands of dogs that they claim to rescue. I am sure that AKC can give you all of the facts and stats to support my statement. Bill Cosby and many other famous types are into showing their dogs. Why not put their point of view in the expose?
I myself had to endure the HSUS turning off power to my RV in 90 degree weather with my dogs inside to sabotage the dog show I was at in Monroe LA in 2008. They are willing to kill my dogs to make their point. Is that humane?
Please air WESTMINSTER. Its the right choice for your viewers.


Susan R, Schrank,
Apopka, FL

What utter crap...no wonder very few people take PETA seriously anymore. Better to support more grounded and effective animal WELFARE organizations.

The BBC was short sighted in its decision not to air crufts. There is so much more to that show than just conformation.

PETA works in generalities and misinformation. Educate yourself before jumping on their bandwagon...

Since there are millions of homeless and unwanted bastard children in this world, maybe we should spay and neuter all breeding age adults and force them to adopt the poor "strays". Surely these children will be healthier than the children produced by breeding of the current breeding population, plagued by allergies, asthma, obesity, depression, anxiety, drug addiction, restless leg syndrome, fibromyalgia, ED etc.
PETA is pathetic.
Here's to wearing more fur, eating more meat and hunting more in 09!

And what about the dogs in shelters? Why are we blaming ALL breeders for the animals in shelters. The ethical resposible breeders are not the one who put these dogs/cats there. It was the backyard breeders who have no idea what they are doing selling to people who have no idea what they are buying. These people get home and say "I have to housetrain this thing??" and then go dump them in a shelter. Whatever happened to personal resposibilty in this world?
PITA is so far out in left field I dont get how anyone can believe the crap they send out. All dogs should be wild and free, and just how many dogs would be prepared to live in the wild after all these years of domestication? Very few.
I know of PITA people who have conned their way into veterinary school just to " get evidence of how animals are mistreated in the training of vets". They have no intention of finishing school or getting that degree. In the meantime they have stolen a spot from an individual who genuinely wants to get that degree and go out and HELP these animals. How is that DOING anything for animals?? Ridiculous. You people who believe the crap PITA is spouting need to do a lot more research, just like those people who picked up a dog and then decided a stuffed animal was less responsibilty. Go take a biology class LEARN something PLEASE!!

Guess what? There is no "overpopulation" problem with dogs (unlike humans). If breeders were NOT able to sell the puppies, they would stop breeding rather quickly! People buy puppies and then give them up later for a variety of reasons. Instead of returning the dogs to the person from whom they bought them, they either abandon them or take them to the local shelter. PETA wants to end the purposeful breeding by humans of ALL animals (not just dogs). This would mean no more service dogs, no more police dogs, no more bomb-sniffing, drug-detecting, seizure-detecting dogs, no more horseback riding, and so on. Oh, yeah, and no more PETCO, Petsmart, or veterinarians. They'll all have to look for other lines of work. I don't have cable and I might not watch all of the Westminster KC show even if I had, but let's not let PETA's misrepresentations and lies hold sway here.

This is the most ridiculous thing I've heard. If USA Networks -- or ANY programming network for that matter -- bows to PETA's demands and does not show the Westminster KC show on their network, then I for one will promise NEVER to watch ANY program they ever put on their channel. I'm sure many others feel the same way as I and I'm sure USA Network's advertisers would LOVE to hear that they may potentially lose a HUGE subscriber base.

There is NOTHING "unethical" about showing dogs in a dog show. I think PETA forgets the "ethical" portion of their name sometimes. I remember a few years back when some of their members opened dog crates at a show and letting the dogs run loose. What is ETHICAL about that???

Does anybody actually take PETA seriously? Look at their record. And they have the gall to say purebred breeders are the scoundrels? I've had mutts and I've had purebreds. Mutts are fine and purebred dogs from REPUTABLE breeders are fine as well. As has been stated the problem isn't breeders who go to the big shows, it's backyard breeders and puppy mills. I hope the good people at USA have the sense to ignore this foolishness. If not my simple solution will be to delete that channel from my channel guide. I only have 8 zillion others to choose from :)

What these PETA radicals don't want you to know is they would rather your dog Dead then be in a show, or even as your pet. It's a proven fact that PETA KILLS many animals every year. (See comments from "Michael", "Vickie" and "sucker4setters").

A good (reputable) dog breeder carefully screens for several health issues related to their breed (eg. eyes, heart, elbows, hips, and various blood disorders that may be in the breed).

Backyard breeders and PUPPY MILLS do not. These are the people the give honest dedicated breeders a very bad name.

As for incestuous breeding. This is a misnomer. The average Inbreeding Co-efficient in a pure-bred dog, is roughly 10% ... which is roughly the same as a HUMAN.

A reputable breeder also helps the "poor shelter dogs", through breed & all-breed rescue.

When I had show dogs (which I no longer do, due to MY OWN health ... a GENETIC aliment by the way) I had maybe 1 or 2 show/breeding dogs and 3 or 4 dogs waiting for rescue placement. Dogs rescued by a dedicated group of SHOW DOG PEOPLE (& other volunteers). Even today I do what I can to help.

People say the Purebred Breeders contribute to the pet over-population. Untrue. A reputable breeder will only breed a litter if they have homes for all potential puppies, or are willing to keep the ones they can not place in good, caring & loving homes.

My health now requires me to use an Assistance Dog. A dog that was born to a show breeder, with a show dog pedigree. That was DONATED to the assistance dog program. This dog has perfect health testing (which is a MUST to be accepted into the program, and this perfect health must also go back many generations for some programs).

It's sad that the efforts of a reputable person are being brushed aside for the advancement on a RADICAL GROUP'S Agenda.

People say breeders are in it for the money. WRONG! FACT: When all is said and done, with Health testing, pre and post natal care for the mother & puppies. A good breeder makes next to nothing on a litter of puppies. Sometimes, they "loose" money. My friends & I never sold a dog, we gave all our puppies away because we didn't want to accept money for breeding dogs, as it was our passion, and we were doing it to help the breed.

People say that Purebred dogs are full of health problems. If cross breeds were tested, they would be found to have the same problems OR WORSE.

The USA Network and The Westminster Kennel Club are in a very good position to EDUCATE the public about the efforts of honest, reputable breeders. Not the ones PETA is lumping in with the rest, the ones just worried about their bottom line.

The reason that there are millions of dogs and cats being euthanized in the US is simply this:

That MOST people will not take responsibility for their pets.

It's easier to turn them in to the shelter than to spay or neuter. It's easier to turn them in to the shelter than to confine a bitch in season. It's easier to turn them in to the shelter than keep the cute puppy that's now a 70-pound dog. It's way easier to turn them in to the shelter than to train them to be good companions. It's easier to turn them in to the shelter than to be a RESPONSIBLE DOG OWNER!!

DO NOT place responsibility for shelter animals on RESPONSIBLE BREEDERS! You know - the ones who DO all the health testing, who DO spay/neuter animals who shouldn't breed, who DO NOT have a litter "for the children to experience the miracle of life" (what a crock!).

Responsible breeders - the ones who spend THOUSANDS of dollars every year to show their dogs, take care of them, find loving homes for them, take them back when they're old because the "loving homes" can't be bothered to train or be responsible.


Please air the dog show!

There are many people who do not understand the fact that reputable dog breeders, health test for genetic problems in their breed, and do not breed dogs that do not test clear of these problems. . some breedings are done closer as a result of limited healthy animals. . And that we also keep track of our health issues we have so that others can see them!!

IN Canada and the U.S. We do not have the limited Gene pools that places like England and Australia do. We are able to Import new bloodlines due to easier restrictions of Importing and exporting.

For these people who have non purebred dogs or mutts. Designer breeds etc. Show me the health testing they have done to ensure they are not breeding health problems!! You may not see as many problems in cross bred dogs but when you do not look (test) you cannot find them! Trust me they are there too you just do not care as much if the dog did not cost you a lot of money. They become replaceable!

How many people wear glasses,have heart disease or diabetes or any other hereditary problems? How many humans have been tested before they breed? Do they show any signs?? Do they have children? And if so why are they breeding Known genetic problems??

As a breeder I do feel this is getting carried away and that the people they should be going after are those that sell pups that are from non health tested parents. and from pet stores and puppy mills. The only way to prevent this from getting worse is for people to only buy dogs from breeders who can supply the papers proving that both parents have been cleared of the hereditary problems of that particular breed. If they cannot supply the papers then do not buy from them!! They will soon stop breeding if they cannot sell the puppies.

It's simply amazing how many otherwise intelligent and well-meaning people fall for the lies that PETA and HSUS spread.
I for one will make a special effort to watch Westminster on TV and will write to the network to thank them for airing it.
PETA and HSUS have a long-term goal of eliminating ALL human-animal interaction. They want to eliminate pets, eating of meat, wearing of wool, fur or leather, hunting, fishing, circuses and zoos.
It's up to all of us who want to keep our way of life to not let PETA and HSUS get away with it!

There's a simple, cheap little tool that would keep all animals out of shelters. It's called a microchip. Bring in legislation that requires every dog or cat bred to be chipped before it leaves its breeder's premises. If that animal turns up in a shelter then the breeder would be required to claim it and pay the expenses incurred. There isn't a reputable breeder in the country who wouldn't gladly accept that animal back. But if the backyard breeders and millers were forced to become accountable for every animal they produced those numbers would drop drastically. Responsible breeders will gladly accept back any dog they've produced. I don't know any who aren't willing to provide a home for life for their dogs. The irresponsible breeders can't wait to get rid of them so they can produce more and could care less about their eventual fate. If PETA were really interested in the well-being of domestic animals they would lobby for methods that would insure that. Rather they prefer to lobby against all breeders in an effort to wipe them out. PETA's worst nightmare is that their goal might actually be achieved because then they'd no longer have a fundraising platform. In the meantime they continously spout propoganda but do absolutely nothing to remedy the problem. In their one, and only, shelter they kill over 90% of the animals entrusted to their care but continue to collect funds to support their entirely fictitious mandate. And their greatest ally, HSUS, doesn't even bother to perpetuate the animal rescue myth through the maintenance of even one shelter! Responsible journalism should dictate an unbiased reporting of facts. Too bad the LA Times seems to have forgotten this. Hopefully, the LIFE network has a more ethical view on reporting. Should the Times decide that the public is best served by truth in journalism then perhaps a good old fashioned investigation into PETA and HSUS would better serve their readers.

PETA needs to be eliminated. They don't care about animals just about their poltical agenda.
The only shelter they operate kills at *least* 97% of the animals they take (I say at least as they send out killers pretending to be animal lovers to kill surrendered animals before they get to the shelter and dump bodies anywhere they feel like it). None of their money goes to better lives for animals it all goes to political issues. Why if PETA and HSUS spent their money on shelter animals there would be no need for spay neuter programs or shelter fundraising events.
PETA and HSUS their partner want to end all interactions between animals and humans and this includes all pet ownership.
Westminster helps people learn about different breeds, gives them an idea that not all dogs are the same, and may help reduce shelter surrenders by allowing more people to make a wise choice in the pet they obtain.

I wouldn't worry about the networks canceling the dog shows. Even if they do, the Internet will replace the networks soon enough. Newspapers are already feeling the effect of the Internet on readership and their bottom line. The networks will be next--they know it and are scrambling to find out how to keep from becoming irrevelent. Westminster can post their own on-line dog shows and PETA can do likewise and you can watch what you want.

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