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PETA to USA Network: don't air Westminster!

Uno the Beagle, 2008's Westminster dog show winner We told you last month about the BBC's announcement that it won't air the Crufts Dog Show (the UK's answer to Westminster), citing concerns raised by a BBC documentary, "Pedigree Dogs Exposed," over the health of dogs bred for the show ring.  The BBC reported:

The programme...says dogs suffering from genetic illness are not prevented from competing in dog shows and have gone on to win "best in breed," despite their poor health.

It says physical traits required by the Kennel Club's breed standards, such as short faces, wrinkling, screw-tails and dwarfism, have inherent health problems.

Other problems occur because of exaggerations bred into dogs by breeders trying to win rosettes, it adds.

Now PETA is asking the USA Network, which airs the Westminster show every February, to follow suit.  In a letter to USA's president Bonnie Hammer, PETA founder and president Ingrid Newkirk writes, "Since dog breeders routinely use incestuous inbreeding and genetic manipulation...it's not surprising that as many as one in four purebred dogs is plagued with a serious genetic problem." 

Beagles like last year's Westminster winner, Uno, are susceptible to a wide variety of genetic health problems like hypothyroidism, epilepsy and demodectic mange, according to PETA.

"Countless dogs suffer painful cosmetic surgeries and millions of wonderful dogs die in animal shelters because of the AKC's inhumane policies...USA Network can take a stand against the cruel treatment of animals simply by denying air time to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show," said PETA Vice President Daphna Nachminovitch.  And PETA blogger Amy Elizabeth chimes in:

So USA, how about being a good network? Sit. Listen. Roll over. And fetch a few reruns of Law and Order to replace that dastardly dog show…

What do you think -- is PETA right on or out of line?  Will you be watching Westminster this year?  Let us know in the comments.

-- Lindsay Barnett

Photo: Uno, a 15-inch beagle, won Best in Show at the 132nd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show last year.  Seth Wenig/Associated Press.

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Most dogs found in shelters are not pure bred. They are mixed breed dogs.Take a trip to your local shelters and see for yourself. And while you are there offer to help and foster. Most breeders of pure bred dogs foster and adobt and do more then their fair share to help. Talk is cheap, can you say you have done anything to help with the situation in your local shelter. Good breeders require spay/neuter contracts and enforce them.They also will take a dog back from the buyer at any age for what ever reason.

Allowing the anti-dog, anti-dog owner fanatics at PETA to dictate what dog-LOVING people choose to watch would be ridiculous. The truth is PETA doesn't care about animals or people. They just care about control and promoting their warped ideology where nobody would ever be allowed to own a dog or cat or even a goldfish.

PETA actually kills more animals each year than they have ever successfully rescued. Maybe they should focus on their own failings rather than on what I choose to watch on TV.

I own purebred dogs and am glad that Westminster and other dog shows are on TV so that the public can see beautiful, carefully bred dogs and learn how to find a well-bred pet and how to be prepared for the responsibilty of caring for a dog from puppyhood through to old age. Responsible dog owners working with responsible breeders are the answer to the unwanted pet population, not the problem.

please don't listen to peta,in this world of designer dogs,westminister and the akc is the only place to get a true view of the wonderus xsamples of the pure bred dog.

The BBC so called documentary was a joke! I my self own Basset hounds one the the breeds that was attacked by them. They claimed they are not capable of moving due to genetic defect and dwarfism. Well let me tell you, my dogs not only can conform to the standards set forth by the AKC as noted by their championships, they have also excelled in the Obedience Ring, Rally Ring and the Tracking fields. Sounds like an athlete to me! There are many Basset owners just like me who enjoy the ABILITIES of our breed. Why doesn't PETA cover these points? Beacause they are MORONS who want nothing more than to control everyone elses life since they do not have one of their own.

Westminster is a dog show that is revered by the dog fancy. You have to be one of the best of your breeds to be invited, and you also have to live up to a better quality standard than the "average joe".

Humans have domesticated dogs/wolves for over 15,000.00 years (NatGeo), how can one group or two (PETA HSUS) decide THEY know better than anyone else?

Dog breeders are not infallible. Mistakes are made, either through genetics or just life.

Would/should we condemn humans for having imperfect children?

Dog shows are not just a pleasure to watch, they are informational to those looking for a special breed to love and offer a home to.

It is inconceivable that the numbers PUTA/HSUS put out as killed in shelters are correct. There are not that many reputable breeders having THAT many litters.

Those of us who do raise dogs, and have for the past 40 years, may have only produced in that time maybe and I do mean MAYBE 200 puppies. All going to loving families, and we do place on spay neuter contracts.

So, those of you on that PUTA/HSUS bandwagon, take a good look at those who are good breeders, responsible, and offering loving dogs/cats to families.

Try to open your eyes, and understand that you do NOT have the right to tell anyone how to live, how to do their business, nor how to place their dogs/cats.

Yes, I am a breeder, one who has placed great companions in homes, shown fantastic dogs, and do all health checks to make sure my pups are the best of the breed.

Too bad we can't say that of all humans...remember, PUTA/HSUS condone terrorist activities that kill many good researchers and health care professionals!

PETA is way out of control. It was one thing to try to stop people from wearing furs of animals killed inhumanely, but reaching into reponsible breeding of healthy and well tempered dogs is unacceptable.

Dogs are euthanized in shelters because they were not responsibly bred, ending up with severe temperment problems and major health issues.

What we need is education on what it takes to be a responsible dog owner, and that starts with the support of responsible dog breeders. The people who show their dogs at Westminster do everything they can to have healthy and well-tempered dogs. Let's punish them? I think not. Let's learn from them.

The last 2 dogs I owned were a Doberman and a Toy Poodle. Both of them were from girls that I bred, the poodle was from 7 generations, both died at 15 years of age, neither had any health problems. They were never bred or spayed. Good breeders care about genetic diseases and do not inbreed lines that carry them. We have a right to Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. My right to happiness and a lifetime goal has been to have something good enough for Westminster. I hope USA channel does not take away my right to Happiness by choosing to listen to a handful of screwballs, rather than the thousands of Dog owners contributing to the multi-billion dollar pet industry. We contribute to the economy, by providing jobs by our purchases. In this down economy a Dog Show of the Best of the Best keeps our hopes high and our minds off the terrible things going on, even for just a little while, like all the other sports do.

Your readers should understand PETA's true agenda. PETA is NOT about helping dogs. PETA does not run a single shelter, and actually has euthanized most of the dogs they have "rescued"! PETA's
true goal is to eliminate all domestic animals....period.

Quote: "I don't use the word "pet." I think it's speciesist language. I prefer "companion animal." For one thing, we would no longer allow breeding. People could not create different breeds. There would be no pet shops. If
people had companion animals in their homes, those animals would have to be refugees from the animal shelters and the streets. You would have a
protective relationship with them just as you would with an orphaned |child. But as the surplus of cats and dogs (artificially engineered by centuries of forced breeding) declined, eventually companion animals would be phased out, and we would return to a more symbiotic relationship - enjoyment at a distance."
-Ingrid Newkirk, [then] PETA vice-president, quoted in The Harper's Forum Book, Jack Hitt, ed., 1989, p.223.

Responsible hobby breeders, who are totally aganist mass breeding in puppy mills, breed for the love of their chosen breed, do extensive genetic health screening of dogs prior to breeding, and only breed those who are healthy. They breed only those with the best temperaments and who are able to perform the original function of their breed. Such dogs make ideal pets for the right families. The majority of dogs in shelters are not purebreds, but mixed breeds, including many commercially produced "designer dogs" who are bred purely to cash in on the current fad. Asking USA not to broadcast the very popular Westminster dog show is just one more attempt by PETA to make all breeders look bad, and further their own agenda of eliminating all dogs and other domestic animals.

My dog will be exhibited at Westminster this year. All total, he has had almost $1,500 worth of PRE-EMPTIVE genetic and health testing BEFORE he was ever bred and I require anyone who wants to breed to him to have the same and have a Co-efficient of Inbreeding (COI) of less than 6%.

I offer a heath guarantee on my puppies and I will gladly take them back at any age, for any reason. They are microchipped before leaving my house and if one was ever turned into a shelter and scanned I would gladly accept repsonsibility for it and not burden the shelter system.

I am not in the minority among respnosible hobby breeders who have devoted their lives to be stewards of their breeds and I'm proud to own and breed purebred dogs.

USA - keep Westminster on the air!

It is hard for me to believe that any intelligent person would believe PETA's rubbish. If they had their way, all of the animals in the world would live in the wild and all pets would be either spayed/neutered or destroyed. If USA Network decides not to air Westminster, then they should at least show the video tape of PETA killing healthy dogs taken from shelters/veterinarians that were supposed to be adopted, so their lies are exposed and everyone can see them for who they truly are.

I show and breed one particular breed as a hobby. I health test all of my dogs prior to breeding where they are loved and cared for in my own home. They get to play throughout the house or in the yard and sleep on or in my bed with me and are complete members of our family. When placing puppies, I go to a lot of trouble to make sure they are going to a loving home and I mentor the new family so that the puppy will make an easy transition into its new home. I have yet to cover my expenses by the sale of puppies.

If PETA were truly concerned about the health and welfare of dogs and other animals, they would focus on the inhumane and deplorable treatment dogs receive in the puppy mills, boycott China for killing dogs and cats for their meat for human consumption, Japan for killing the whales, and Canada for bludgeoning/killing the baby seals. The list goes on and on, but their real agenda is about getting rid of the pet population altogether.

WAKE UP AMERICA and see what the real PETA is all about. It is not about animal welfare. They couldn't care less about that!

I have met Uno. He's a truly lovely dog, inside and out. Uno has been doing therapy work all this year. His tail never stops wagging and his sunny personality shines through every step he makes.

Let's see a picture of what Uno really looks like:


Breeders need to know their place and stop ruining the adoption chances of the 4 million unadopted cats and dogs who have to be killed in U.S. animal shelters every year. They urge people to BUY dogs that are breed on purpose instead of urging people to go out and adopt a dog that has their life depending on being adopted. Thumbs down to Westminster. Two thumbs up to PETA. Will definetly be boycotting the show on the USA Network this year.

I certainly hope the USA Network does not drop the Westminster dog show. If they do, may I suggest doing an expose on PETA and their hypocritical practices. How about showing where all their money goes, since they do no actual hands on rescue of any animals and they do not operate a rescue facility. Perhaps they could show television viewers how to kill dogs and cats in the back of a van and throw them into a dumpster after they die, like they have actually done. And also tell the audience how they like to lie to animal control facilities and rescues to obtain the animals they kill. Or, they could do a show on their empty headed spokesperson Pamela Anderson. Wonder how that plastic surgery was perfected. They tested it on animals. A little contradictory.

Wake up and quit swallowing the PR from these radical animal rights types. If PeTA and HSUS and other similar animal rights extremists get their way, humans will have absolutely no contact with other animal species whatsoever.

No pets, no meat, no circus, no zoo, no therapy dogs, no police dogs, no guide dogs for the blind, no animal research to help find cures for disease (in both humans and other animals), no horse races... No saving the whales, either, because that would be interference. They want us to only be able to admire other species from afar.

Are you ready to be forced to be a vegan? That's what they want. In fact, they want you to feed your pets a vegan diet, too. That's for as long as you are still allowed have pets, anyway. Dogs are carnivores. Cats are carnivores. Look at their body structure! But these folks would have us force a veggie diet on them as well.

What's next? Will they wade out into the oceans and force the sharks to eat corn and beans? Will they try to protect the little mousies from all those horrible meat-eating hawks and eagles? Will they pry the deer out of that mountain lion's jaws and offer it a salad instead?

I know, I know, that sounds kooky. Well, that's what these folks are...kooks!

Don't buy the BS. Don't donate your money to these organizations whose main goal is to legislate away our rights. Don't believe the stuff they spew about purebred dogs or any of the other nonsense they are peddling. While you are at it, check in with your children. PeTA is brainwashing them to believe their parents are murderers. They "educate" them with "comic books" such as "Your Mommy Kills Animals." Nice, huh? And your tax dollars go to support the schools that allow them in to do it.

Watch the Westminster KC Dog Show on USA Network. Listen to the info about the breeds and what dogs are doing these days in many other areas besides the show ring. You might be surprised at how much you can learn if you pay attention.

Then educate yourself about where PeTA and HSUS really spend the bulk of the money they get in donations from well-meaning folks like you. Very little of it, about 4%, goes to "help" any animals. Most of it is dedicated to big fat salaries for their execs and lobbyists and their work in taking away our rights.

Thank you USA Network for bringing us this wonderful program year after year. Don't give in to the extremists. They are the minority. Humans have had a connection to the other species on our planet for as long as we have been here!

What utter nonsense, without the careful breeding by the show people our beautiful pure bred dogs would fade away, PETA is the thin edge of the wedge to turn everyone into vegans or vegetarians at the very least. No farm animals no management of our wild life, even the nonsense of renaming fish as sea kittens to stop us eating fish. People need to start thinking for themselves and stop being brainwashed by a minority of well funded idiots.

I show dogs and I sometimes breed them. I have not filled the shelters with unwanted pets. In fact I can say that not a single one of my dogs have ever seen a shelter. This is because I not only screen potential buyers I educate them. The shelters have dogs that have been dumped for one reason or another by ignorant consumers that haven't done their homework. Buying a dog is making a lifetime commitment to it. Not seeing a cute puppy in the pet shop window and buying on impulse only to find out that it grows up to be a 60 lb uncontrollable sofa eater. That has nothing to do with me. Do your homework people. Ask questions find out if your lifestyle is better suited for a border collie or a toy poodle. How can you find out? Go to the AKC site. Take a test find out the personality traits of different pure bred dogs. Yes pure breed dogs do have traits that each breed share. Traits that have been bred into them for hundreds even thousands of years. When you get a mixed breed you don't know what you are getting. But if you get a toy poodle from a reputatable breeder guess what it will act like a toy poodle, and it won't eat your sofa.
I will see Westminster this year just as I have for many years not sitting in front of the TV but standing on the carpet either inside the ring or outside of the ring. And PETA and HSUS the crazed anti-pet activists can't stop me.. at least not this year.

I have just recently - over the past year - got involved in watching and participating in dog shows. Breeders care very much about the health and safety of their dogs and their lines, and show dogs are pets first, show dogs second.

I would really miss watching Westminster - a tradition in my family for years and years. I do watch and follow PETA, and believe they don't want us to have pets at all - that all animals should live in the wild and not be domesticated. I promise that show people are just regular people who love to show off their pets - often the loves of their lives. Please don't listen to PETA. Please let us all enjoy the beautiful and well-loved pets, who get to show their stuff at Westminster.

It is about time PETA is exposed for what they are. I hope AKC and pedigreed dog breeders will unite and do something about it this time. Enough is enough. Keep that show on USA Network!!

Just a comment about everyone in these comments complaining about shelter dogs not getting attention. Have any of those posters been to a shelter and seen how many of the dogs there are Pit Bulls, or pit bull mutts? It is tragic.
Dog breeders are, in the vast majority, responsible, caring and loving, and ensure all their litters get good homes, and they guarantee to take a puppy back at any age if the new owner doesn't want them. Can you say the same about the irresponsible people whose pets end up in the shelters?
Please air the dog show in February. It is exciting and I would miss it greatly.

Instead of posting to a journal that obviously uses sensationalism to gain readers and falsehoods to boil tempers (PETA is --I repeat IS a terrorist organization), why not petition USA networks directly to keep Westmister on the air? I sincerely doubt they ever considered pulling it, since this writer has so many false facts in this article, no doubt that this is a false premise, as well.
Irresposible journalism supported Nazi Germany, Communist Russia and now the AR movement with H$U$ and PETA at the forefront...
I would like to mention that these people come to shows and open crates of well behaved, trained dogs to harm them, and so their owners have to frantically get them so they are not harmed. Thank God for security.

So Petition the USA network, not this ignorant loonatic.

Please-USA Network-don't cave in to the anti-animal agenda of a group such as PETA and HSUS.
They are both legitimate TERRORIST organizations and as such don't deserve press time.

I don't understand the extent of ignorance exhibited in this country anymore. That an organization which advocates the END of animal ownership and companionship could cloak themselves with the veneer of an organization which cares about animals is not only bizarre and frightening but horriffic. People!-wake up and educate yourselves to what these two organizations are really about--AND celebrities like Gilliam Anderson/Pamela Sue Anderson/Bill Maher--DOUBLE WAKE UP!!!!! With your money and visibility WAKE THE HE__ UP!!!!!

The idea that someone who buys a purebred, wellbred dog is killing a shelter dog is just ridiculous. Do you believe that no one should have a child of their own until all children in foster care and orphanned are adopted??

People buy a purebred dog because they know what temperament, size, activity level, etc. fits in their life. It's actually quite responsible. The #s of dogs euthanized has dropped dramatically in the last 20 years, but don't let FACT get in your way! PETA is a group of mindless fanatics that want to dictate to the rest of us. They believe (as do most religious fanatics) that they have the REAL ANSWERS - do some research. I'm saddened by the lockstep attitude of the LA Times. When did you become such a rag?

Breeders are the cause of shelter dogs? Or, could that be irresponsible pet owners who a) don't spay/neuter and b) give up their dogs (let's not even get into the cat problem). Peta is a pathetic group that is out to abolish dog and cat ownership. They routinely euthanize animals they claim to rescue. As for Westminster, give me a break, can one really have an opinion on a dog show and not on, say, Jerry Springer. America, for the love of God, get your priorities straight!!!

I will vote to not watch a single program on USA if they choose to not brodcast Westminister AKC dog shows.
Any of you who think Peta is great and wonderful, have no idea how evil Peta is and only an idiot will donate money to their scam. They do NOT rescue animals, other than to kill them. They DO NOT treat animals in a humane maner, they KILL. We humans are two legged animals and we will be next on their list of distinction.

HEY Ingrid Newkirk,
Aren't you educated enough to know that you have Demodex mites on your body right now? Don't you know that demodectic mange breaks out when a dog is having a hormonal change in it's body and it is stressed, say like someone mistreating an animal. It is carried from the mother to the puppy from feeding. I show dogs and have never seen them breaking out from this type of mange. Mange that is not like the mange on a wild animal and slowly eats it to death.

Ingrid, are you saying because I have Epilepsy, it is because incestuous inbreeding? Hypothyroidism is not from incestuous inbreeding as well. These are are all common diseases that can happen to animals as well as human beings.


Have you ever seen those dogs look unhappy showing, no because those handlers make that the best part of that dogs day. The dogs that have no interested in showing are usually place in loving forever homes, by their breeders. Can you say that about those poor dogs in shelters, the ones that are bought at the pet shops and don't have a spay neuter contract attached to them?

Get a freaking life you moron and leave something you have no knowledge about alone or educate yourself.

Thank You LA Times for the chance for all of your readers to learn the truth about HSUS and PETA. Keep the stories coming and never forget to use pictures of fantastic pets like "Uno." Get'um boy!

PET LOVERS WAKE UP!!!!!! Do some research, do a google search...PETA is a terrorist organization and the United States Humane Society fully backs them. Do you know that the millions that they took in and only 150,000 was used to actually benefit animals....they KILLED over 97% of the animals YOU paid to help....that is a FACT..look it up. Give to your local shelters only!

These people do NOT love dogs there is a reason there motto is adopt one Until there are NONE!! Think about it!!

AS a professional breeder of AKC Champion Chow Chows I can tell you that there is nothing I love more on this earth than my dogs and I devote every moment and dollar I have on them. I doubt any PETA or HSUS radicals are up at 4:30 am to start taking care of dogs!

I encourage pet lovers if you love dogs dont believe these radicals, go to a dog show and see for yourself the love and dedication these breeders have for their dogs... dont believe that breeders are causing the animals in shelters to die, unresponsible uncaring individuals are responsible !!! I would take the place of any dog I have ever bred, they live the life of luxury!!!
My 8 Chows and I will be watching Westminster this year!! Come on people its time we horrible breeders fight back!!

Do your research! PETA is against anyboy having ANY dogs or companion animals of any kind. Dogs die in shelters becuase of ignorant people, such as supporters of PETA, who do not take responsibility for the animals they have bred.

The breeders represented at the Westminster Kennel Club show are the ones on the front lines trying to protect their breeds, and only breed responsibly.

If Americans stopped listening to miss-guided PETA propaganda, and started buying their puppies only from the types of breeders represented by the Westminster show, there would be NO dogs in shelters!

Please..do your research--do NOT go to a pet store to get your next puppy. Take the time to find a reputable breeder..and there would be no need for shelters!

I love watching Westminster! I have watched it for over ten years and never miss it. The dogs are lovely. I have lost any respect I ever had for PETA. Are they insane?

Simple solution to the Peta fanatic "horror" of seeing Westminster.... pick up remote and change the channel-works every time.

Yet another attempt to take away our rights. Our founding fathers are turning over in their graves.

PEOPLE!!! Why are people even wasting a minute listening to these ignorant radicals, these are the people who wanted Ben and Jerry's to use HUMAN BREAST MILK in the ice cream than use cows milk... oh my gosh
they are completely out there !!!
Yes we will watch Westminster and eat some Ben and Jerrys ice cream made from poor inslaved cows!!!!

I understand there are orphan children in Africa. Lets give hysterectomies and vasectomies to all Americans and people who want children can adopt them from shelters.

If you fall for the PETA line, that is the logical next move.

Not only NO but HELL NO!

I will not only be watching Westmister but I will be watching it from Ringside after I have speant two days showing my dog who qualified as one of the top five of her breed for an invitation that often comes only once in a lifetime for a breeder. For my co-breeder it has been a dream 40-years in the making for her!

When we leave home (in the vicinity of LA) on February 5th we leave behind 22 dogs that we have rescued from LA's notriously inept run shelters in the last few months. They are loved and treated equally with out show dogs.

Breeders are not only breeders..they're dog lovers..and many, many work endlessly with local shelters to rescue and re-home the many mixed and prebred dogs ending up there.

I guarantee that the 187-dogs that we rescued and re-homed from LA's shelters in the last year are far more than PETA has ever placed.


Going to PETA for the truth about dogs is like going to the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan for information about civil rights.

In 1992 I had a long discussion with a person who was promoting a mandatory spay/neuter law in a nearby community. When faced with facts thar countered many of her public statements, she pretty much admitted to exaggeration, misleading statements, and outright deception, but felt she was justified in doing so - she very much believed the ends justified the means. Today this person is a leader in the Animal Rights movement.

PETA is a master of the big lie, misdirection, etc. As Ingrid Newkirk said, they are media whores because, like some celebrities, they think any media coverage is a good thing.

I've had mutts and purebreds. The only one who developed a serious genetic disorder was an all-American from a shelter. PETA would have you believe only purebreds suffer from genetic diseases, but it's not true. Consider humans - we are the ultimate in out-breeding (very little inbreeding or line-breeding) yet genetic disorders aren't uncommon. Every living creature carries multiple detrimental genes.

BTW, I don't know any purebred fancier who says purebreds are 'better' than mutts on a one to one basis. What they say is that purebreds are more predictable, which is true. If you want to herd sheep you are better off with a Border Collie than the average random-bred. If you want a police dog, you are more likely to get what you need with a German Shepherd from working lines. If you have allergies, you are more likely to be able to live with one of the hypo-allergenic breeds.

So the USA network should stop highlighting responsible breeders and instead focus our attention on irresponsible backyard breeders who's mutts end up in shelters? You have GOT to be kidding me! The answer to the slaughter of millions of innocent dogs is not to reward backyard breeders. It should be to focus on AKC and their excellent resources on responsible dog ownership, training, breeding, rescue, and wellness of dogs. AKC should be openly embraced by all people who actually care about dogs instead of the moronic fringe element of society who don't know their Shih Tzu from a hole in the ground!

If the USA Network caves in to PETA, they will be allowing a terrorist group as evil and malicious as the Taliban to run what is being played on their network.

PETA is not what they have their public image portrays. They have a terrible reputation with those dogs that do end up in their clutches. It has been proven that dogs picked up by PETA personnel from a humane society with the express purpose of finding these dogs homes, were killed within hours behind a strip mall and dumped into a dumpster. Not one, not two or three, the whole load of dogs that were picked up.

I have personally seen how PETA personnel will swoop in when there is a large seizure, take part in all of the photo ops, and then hurry back to get their pictures on their web site and start asking for donation. None of their personnel stick around to do any of the dirty work with getting the dogs cleaned, groomed, vet checked, housed, fed, and/or placed. And, of course, all of the donations never make to those that did do all of the work to get the dogs placed. PETA just used it to pay their higher ups and to buy more advertising.

I have also seen the actions of PETA members when they show up at dog shows and release dogs from safe environments to run loose onto busy streets and even freeways. I have seen coated dogs who have had their coats splattered with paint and cut with the scissors as the PETA members try to disfigure them. I have seen the razor wire thrown into xpens with dogs and seen the results of the poisons that they have put into water dishes in unattended empty xpens with the hopes that the returning dogs would drink it and become very ill. I have had one of my dogs who was under my control have a caustic solution sprayed in his eyes by other PETA members which nearly blinded him.

This is a totally different face that PETA doesn't want the uninformed to see. And it is a face of a terrorist group who is out to change all of our ways of life by eliminating all pet ownership. This includes all of the service dogs who assist the blind, those with seizure disorders, the hearing impaired, and the physically handicapped who depend upon the loving care of these dogs to help them have a somewhat normal life. Also included are those dogs who help our police and military search out contraband, explosives, and assist in the capturing of criminals, as well as those dogs who help man guard and shepherd the flocks and herds.. None of these will exist in a PETA planned world.

So if you are still so sure that PETA is on the right track, think about what will be missed by the loss of Man's Best Friend. All of those dogs who helped their juvenile owners get through difficult times in their life will be gone. And once gone, they will never be able to return.

I got curious so I called the animal shelter. There isn't a purebred dog there for adoption yet PETA is going after reputable dog breeders.
The different breeds of dogs have their own rescue organizations that deal with dogs that need a new home for one reason or another and get their donations from the breeders of that type of dog. That's being responsible and doing the right thing yet I see no credit given to them.
The dog in the picture, Uno, is a beautiful beagle yet you chose a very unflattering picture of him. Why? Are you trying to say he's an unhealthy dog? If I were the owner of that dog I'd be sitting with a lawyer over this article.
PETA is well known for killing huge amounts of pets yet I don't see a picture in this article of all the trash bags of dead animals that they throw out. Why?
The author of this article shows such a strong bias that trying to talk sense to them is probably a waste of time. I am curious about how they felt when the news ran footage after footage of PETA killing healthy pets in a van or if they’ve even done their homework and saw it.

How could anyone actually believe anything PETA spews out to the public? "as many as one in four purebred dogs is plagued with a serious genetic problem." -THAT'S A BUNCH OF CRAP!! This is yet another example of the LIES that PETA tries to force on the public. That group of radicals main goal is to END ALL PETS. It doesn't matter if you have a purebred or a "mutt", they don't want you to have any animals, period.
Saying that millions of dogs die in shelters because of breeders of purebred dogs is also a pile of crap! Irresponsible owners who got that "cute little puppy" and didn't think far enough ahead and realize that it would grow into an adult dog then dump it at the shelter are the problem. FACT: Some shelters are importing dogs from outside the US because of a SHORTAGE of dogs at their shelters. Pets are not being euthanized at shelters because of an overpopulation problem. Don't let PETA continue to lie about this. Pets are euthanized because there is no economical way to transport pets from shelters that have too many pets and not enough adopters to areas that have adopters but not enough pets.
Don't fall for PETA's LIES! I love purebred dogs and fully support Westminster!

Purebred dogs are beautiful and we should all enjoy the wonderful varieties of dog breeds shown on the Westminster Dog Show. Please know that purebred dog clubs & members all across the USA are very concerned with producing a beautiful examples of their breed. These clubs also are active with rescues surrendered into shelters & rescue organizanizations of their breed. It is extremely rare when you see these purebred dogs in a animal shelters. The animal rights whack-o's want to take away our rights to own, enjoy and breed beautiful animals, dogs included. Please look into all the facts. It is a serious matter of choice of ownership and love of animals.
What will they try to take away from us next?

I guess PETA's been out of the limelight too long now, so has to stir up some type of hype.

Readers need to realize that PETA is not about saving any animals, it's about doing away with pets. As for the posters who feel that dogs shouldn't be bred until the shelters are empty; sorry but most people want a dog they can raise themselves, not someone elses behaviorial problem, which is the #1 reason for animals being turned into shelters. Sadly, in our throw away society, people get a pet, spend no time raising it, then turn it in because the pet has become a problem. Do they not realize the time it takes to raise a well-behaved dog? How many shelters in the country import puppies from other countries/states to satisfy the publics demand for a puppy? The answer is quite a few because pet overpopulation is a myth. Check any local shelter, you won't find many young puppies available. What you will find are adolescent dogs who have outgrown their "cuteness" or the novelty has worn off, and older dogs. The average person doesn't want to adopt an older dog. What about people that have allergies to many breeds of dogs (myself included) What do you think their chances would be of finding a dog that would be compatible with their allergies in a shelter? Slim to none. I would hope that USA Network does not cave in to PETA's demands.

Goodness me, the breeders must be beside themselves with fear if they have mobilized to this extent.

I wonder how many of them have actually seen the BBC documentary "Pedigree Dogs Exposed." I have, and they should be ashamed of what they are doing to breeds they claim to love.

Of course, we know they are only just little hobby breeders who don't do it for the money. I guess that's why over the years through junk "science" of eugenics they have manipulated English Bulldogs so that their heads are so big, they can no longer give birth naturally.

The current breed standard for English Bulldogs means the breed would become extinct if nature was allowed to run its course.

I can only hope the documentary is aired in this country. There will be such a backlash against show breeders, hopefully Pedigree will pull its sponsorship of Westminster just as it pulled out of Crufts. And USA won't want the bad publicity so they'll junk the show too.

Well done BBC Television for finally revealing the truth about what goes on in the world of dog breeding.

I haven't watched a dog show in years, but thanks to Peta I will for sure watch Westminster this yr. and any other dog show that is aired. What about all the dogs they killed last yr in their shelter and dumped in dumpsters all over the area? Their just trying to raise more money by looking like they care. Idiots.

Donate to your local shelters and rescues. Do not give these people one thin dime of your hard earned money.

I love the argument about the millions of dogs and cats being put to death because of no homes. If that is the case, why are animals being shipped across the border from Mexico and other places so that some of shelters will have animals to adopt. Don't believe me? Check it out.

Good responsible breeders are worth more than their weight in gold and "puppy mill" breeders aren't worth the groung that they walk on. What makes PETA think that they have the right to say all breders are the same?

Two quotes from Wayne Pacelle, former board member of PETA and Pres. of HSUS. "We have do problem with the extinction of domestic animals." "I don't want to see another dog or cat born."

I am just horified to think that so many people are looking foward to a time when there will be no more of these little souls to share our lives with. I hope I'm long gone by then!

And YES I will watch Westminster!

When will the HSUS and PETA stop? I have been watching this show all my life. How else do we even get a chance to see all the breeds? I have had OES for over 30 years and except for the first one, all the breeders tested the health of their dogs. Line breeding is very differnt than incest, it's not the same with animals.
The AR people are a bunch of radical troublemakers who would like nothing better than for no one to have a pet. They admit to not even liking animals...when the celebrities stop backing them things could change.

The AKC needs to step up to the plate and put some of their funds into fighting these groups or they will cease to exist themselves. These dogs are athletes, not mutations and should have the chance to show the world.

I will be watching Westminster this year, if for no other reason but to spite PETA! I have had mutts from the shelter. Now I have two AKC rescue dogs which I enter in sports sanctioned by AKC. The shelters in my area have waiting lists of people who want to adopt dogs, and these dogs cost almost as much as a purebred.

PETA asks USA network not to air Westminster.
Whats next -- Boycotting National Geographic channel because the lions kill wildebeast?

I was a die hard Westmister girl. I went every single year since I was 16 years old because I love dogs and I love pure bred dogs. I would get the three day pass and stand for hours back stage meeting all the dogs and their handlers.
But then I woke up. I started walking dogs at a rescue organization and saw how many homeless dogs there are. Millions of them, alone, in anguish and getting killed right now because there are too many of them and not enough homes.
A dog's love has nothing to do with the length of his ears or the shortness of his snout or the turn of his hocks.
A dog's love is precious and the only true love most of us will ever know. How can we continue to breed dogs, any dogs, while we ignore the killing?
I know now that it is unconscionable to breed, sell or buy a dog. One must make the ethical choice to adopt and save a life. When you buy a dog, you kill a shelter dog's chances of finding solace in your loving home.
The shelters are FULL of purebred dogs who were dumped. Go and adopt one.
I will no longer watch Westminster. The breeders are guilty as charged by the animal protection movement. They are breeding misery, they are inbreeding congenital defects and the handlers and owners coming into Manhattan, my home town, are a bunch of hicks with blinders on.

"Countless dogs suffer painful cosmetic surgeries and millions of wonderful dogs die in animal shelters because of the AKC's inhumane policies..."

This statement demonstrates that PETA is grossly misinformed.

The AKC has nothing to do with dogs being in animal shelters. AND not all dogs are in shelters because they've been abandoned.

Speaking of inhumane...I seem to remember newspaper reports and photos of PETA supporters killing animals and putting dead animal bodies in dumpsters. That doesn't sound like humane ethical treatment to me.


As for the "millions" of dogs dying in shelters, where do you think they came from? The breeders didnt put them there....they were abandoned by irresponsible owners who couldnt make a lifetime commitment to their pet. The dogs produced by caring breeders are always accepted back at any time during the lifetime of the dog, and only end up in shelters if their owners choose that route as a means of disposing of an unwanted pet quickly and without any questions asked, rather than contacting the breeder for assistance. I suppose if USA decides to be ridiculous and not televise the Westminster show, then those who have supported it for years and years will just continue to do so without the added enjoyment of being televised....there are hundreds of shows every year that are not televised and the fanciers (and dogs) enjoy them just as much.

PETA and HSUS don't want people to own animals (that includes chickens, pigs and cows at farms BTW). USA would be very foolish to drop Westminster from their lineup - if they "cow tow" to this they should drop wreslting - it's "fake"!

Those who are responsible for the dogs/puppies in Shelters are not the responsible breeders of purebred dogs but the irresponsible owners who likely bought their puppy or dog from an irresponsible breeder or a pet shop where they did not bother to do research about the responsibility of owning a pet, the money it takes, the time it takes to properly train or they just have the wrong mentality to properly own and care for a pet. Some people, although I believe it is sad, should NOT own pets. Those who search around for a new pet and turn down pets from responsible breeders who require spay/neuters on all of their pet puppies because they loose their right to breed their precious little pet without thought to health concerns, without thought to where those puppies will go when they become old enough to find a new home and not at 6 to 8 weeks of age, but thats when they will try to sell them and if they don't sell them, then they get dumped at shelters, these are not "show dogs" these are not purebred dogs bred by responsible breeders but dogs/puppies bred by irresponsible owners. Why don't we educate the public where the education needs to be directed. Lets let the public know what their responsibilities are as a responsible pet owner
PETA would love nothing more than to prevent every human on earth from owning any type of pet or animal, EVER. Their moto is "One Generation and Out" This means spay and neuter EVERY pet now and there will be no more pets in the future. If you do not wish to own a pet and take responsibilty for it for its entire life, fine, don't own one, but depriving the world of owning a pet and the glorious bond that comes with loving that pet and for that matter, eating steak and chicken, hunting, fishing and the list goes on and on. You support PETA and organizations like PETA and you just sign away all of your rights to life as we know it.
As for me, I will go to my dog shows, I will watch my dog shows, I will eat Steaks, I will fish with my kids and grandkids, I will teach them what it means to be a responsible pet owner, I will support rescues that are worthy of my time and efforts, the ones who "get" the bigger picture of where these animal are coming from. If my sons want to hunt for deer, rabbits, or whatever I will support their right and fight for their right to do so. it isn't all about "purebred" dogs, it is about our RIGHTS and those rights are being lost everyday, piece by piece by radical groups such as PETA. If the USA channel chooses to buckle under the pressures of radical groups such as PETA, I pitty them and the rest of the world who continue to support those who intend to take away all of our rights while lying to do so. WAKE UP WORLD, this is just the begining!

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