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PETA to USA Network: don't air Westminster!

Uno the Beagle, 2008's Westminster dog show winner We told you last month about the BBC's announcement that it won't air the Crufts Dog Show (the UK's answer to Westminster), citing concerns raised by a BBC documentary, "Pedigree Dogs Exposed," over the health of dogs bred for the show ring.  The BBC reported:

The programme...says dogs suffering from genetic illness are not prevented from competing in dog shows and have gone on to win "best in breed," despite their poor health.

It says physical traits required by the Kennel Club's breed standards, such as short faces, wrinkling, screw-tails and dwarfism, have inherent health problems.

Other problems occur because of exaggerations bred into dogs by breeders trying to win rosettes, it adds.

Now PETA is asking the USA Network, which airs the Westminster show every February, to follow suit.  In a letter to USA's president Bonnie Hammer, PETA founder and president Ingrid Newkirk writes, "Since dog breeders routinely use incestuous inbreeding and genetic manipulation...it's not surprising that as many as one in four purebred dogs is plagued with a serious genetic problem." 

Beagles like last year's Westminster winner, Uno, are susceptible to a wide variety of genetic health problems like hypothyroidism, epilepsy and demodectic mange, according to PETA.

"Countless dogs suffer painful cosmetic surgeries and millions of wonderful dogs die in animal shelters because of the AKC's inhumane policies...USA Network can take a stand against the cruel treatment of animals simply by denying air time to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show," said PETA Vice President Daphna Nachminovitch.  And PETA blogger Amy Elizabeth chimes in:

So USA, how about being a good network? Sit. Listen. Roll over. And fetch a few reruns of Law and Order to replace that dastardly dog show…

What do you think -- is PETA right on or out of line?  Will you be watching Westminster this year?  Let us know in the comments.

-- Lindsay Barnett

Photo: Uno, a 15-inch beagle, won Best in Show at the 132nd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show last year.  Seth Wenig/Associated Press.

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PETA may be loonies but they are not stupid. Never underestimate your enemy. Never. Sue

Does anyone even listen to PETA anymore after watching the videos of them kill healthy animals in a van? Why don't you show a picture of that instead of a weird picture of this pretty beagle? Your personal agenda is showing and it's not pretty.

There miust be a reason that PETA's address is FRONT STREET.. a front for killing over 90% of the animals that come in the front door.. PETA KILLS ANIMALS

That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. PETA is not anti-purebred dogs, people, they are anti-pets in general.
I have been involved in dog shows since I was 12, and If you think for one moment that the dogs you see televised at Westminster are plagued with genetic health problems, then PETA's brainwashing techniques have worked on you. People whine and use the euthanized dogs in shelters to advance their radical causes, but those dogs in the shelters are not the work of responsbile dog breeders; they are the dogs that backyard or home breeders have bred -- people who have absolutely no clue what they are doing and are in it to make money. People just want someone to blame and successful dog breeders (who have lost more money than they have ever made or will ever make) receive the heat. Do your research and stop succumbing to the madness of PETA and other radical hate groups.

PETA go after puppy mills where serious genetic defects are being mass produced, but leave the ethical breeders alone. We breed a limited number of show dogs and neuter our pet quality animals. We spend time carefully assessing the homes we place the dogs in and many of us are active in animal rescue. PETA you're a very frightening organization with no respect for the wonderful relationship between dog and human.

Yes, by all means, lets jump on board with PETA who seeks to end all pet ownership. They are just starting with purebreds. Once they end those, they are coming after those poor ol' shelter dogs they claim to love so much even though when those poor ol' shelter dogs and cats are placed in their care, 97% of them are euthanized by PETA itself. Hmmm, doesn't really speak of animal lovers, does it?

No purebreds, press for mandatory/spay neuter nationwide - you do the math - it equals no more dogs!

Please go to the trouble of googling "PETA quotes" to figure out their true agenda and don't be such a sheep!

So if the tv is to ban dog shows because of health issues should they also ban all sports programmes because of the drug taking by a minority of sports people as well?

More kids are going to be watching and influenced by a sports programme than any watching a dog show.

This is RIDICULOUS. I will watch Westminster, especially because of the crazy agenda of PETA. They have killed 97% of animals they brought in, so I would like to see where their money is really going. People open your eyes and do your own research before listening to the extremes of these people.

Responsible breeders, whose dogs end up in Westminster, are not the cause of shelter dogs. Responsible breeders have rescue groups, and they also offer to take back any puppy they sell at any time, so that they do NOT end up in shelters!!

Do not believe this nonsense about pet overpopulation, the shelters bring in animals from other countries to fill spaces!!!!

Why doesn't PETA go to the REAL source of the problem, the backyard breeder and puppy millers who mass produce problem pets, pet shops where people do buy on impulse. Better yet, the people who are responsible for their dogs ending up in shelters, why not promote responsible dog ownership?? Attacking responsible breeders who spend more money than they make from breeding quality pets, who are working hard to preserve a breed that we love, is not the answer!

And, the picture of Uno shows how desperate PETA really is. Out of all the beautiful pictures of this Beagle, they find the worst one they possibly can for the main picture of their article.. OPEN YOUR EYES and stop being brainwashed by these animal rights extremists!

Yes, I will be watching Westminster as it is a way to see some of the best dogs in the country. Breeders who show dogs devote a lot of time and money to ensure they breed the best. In addition, most do extensive and expensive testing to ensure that they are not passing on genetic problems. Please don't put show breeders in the same category as backyard pet breeders and pet farms. PETA has it wrong and needs to get their story straight.

If people were really aware of PETA's agenda of abollishing not only pet breeding, but PET OWNERSHIP, they would not be so quick to agree with this absurd suggestions. Dogs have been bred for generations as companions to human beings. Responsible breeders, of which there are many, continue to produce healthy, sound, good-tempered dogs. PETA's aim is to completely eliminate the domesticated dog as a companion animal. Ridiculous agenda and very scary people!

Are you crazy???? You Must be if you are listening to and considering Peta's request that you not air the Westminster Dog Show. Peta is a dangerous organization that infringes on EVERYONE'S rights in dozens of ways. The next time one of your children or grandchildren are cuddled up to their favourite dog you can ask yourself why Peta is trying to destroy an important relationship that both child and dog are enjoying and learning from. Who do they think they are to cause such damage to people's lives?? I hope Westminster will tell Peta to "TAKE A HIKE".

I really can't say any better than some of the readers
have written about how absurd and radical PETA is.
They want to end pet ownership, of any kind, in it's
entirety. If the people at PETA do not want to own a pet, eat meat, or anything associated with, that's their
prerogative!!!!! But don't tell me that I can't own, show, breed or sell someone a wonderful pet or showdog that I have been involved in for 36+ years. I've seen bouts
of their craziness over the years, but now it's just beyond crazy - it's seriously scary who they have on
their side. Some of the celebrities who think they walk on water should see all the dead carcasses they are responsible for. Then they just might not think they are so wonderful.

I will be at Westminster this year, showing my dog. And very proud to be a part of this prestigious event. You like the Super Bowl - WE love Westminster.

I hope USA channel doesn't fall for the crap - such a shame to make a lot of followers miss something they love to see!!!

Sue Kite - a longtime dog lover

"Why in g*d's name do you blame the the seller?? The person that bought the dog is at fault for not following through on their commitment. It doesn't matter what KIND of dog is in a shelter there was an OWNER that dumped them there."
Both sides are to blame. If backyard breeders and petstores didn't exist (and there were onlyl responsible breeders who screened and educated buyers), then there wouldn't be NEARLY as many owners dumping dogs. The responsibility does not lie squarely on any one side's shoulders....when breeders and stores omit important details and blatantly LIE to buyers, who think they ARE getting educated, you have to lay some blame on the breeders/stores. It is NOT a one sided blame game.

For those who are so quick to condem breeders - do you realize what bigots you are? Catagorizing any group of people based on one characteristic is ridiculous. If such a slanted view was posted about gays, blacks, muslims (substitute any group) the public would be outraged.
There are good and bad breeders. Condeming them all just shows ignorance. Educate yourself about the facts on BOTH sides. Very few issues in this world are as black and white as PETA would have you believe.

How about if USA Network airs a special on all of the adorable shelter dogs that PETA has put down every year?

Dog shows are not the enemy. Dog breeders -- the careful ones -- are not the enemy. Dog rescuers are not the enemy. Animal rights groups, who seek to end the relationship between people and animals in the name of "freeing animals," are the enemy. Every dollar you send to HSUS and PETA drives another wedge between you and your right to enjoy, love, and yes, adopt -- pets. Not just dogs. They're only starting with dogs. Dog people are easy targets. Cat people, goldfish people, horse people -- don't be complacent. Someday PETA will make sure that even Animal Planet only airs content it approves, and if you allow them to control the airing of one program, say goodbye to all the rest.

PETA paints such a pretty picture until you look at what they really are. Do a google search on them and see how many animals they've killed. Here's a part of just one article. http://tinyurl.com/7paq66
PETA Kills Puppies and Kittens
June 21, 2005 - In a development stunning even to those who actively follow the outrageous exploits of animal rights extremists, two full-time staff members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), based in Norfolk, Virginia, have been charged with 31 felony counts of animal cruelty after allegedly killing and disposing of 31 dead animals in a grocery store dumpster late last week. The Animal Agriculture Alliance (Alliance) today called for a federal investigation into these actions and greater scrutiny of potentially-related actions.

Authorities in Ahoskie, North Carolina have publicly charged the PETA employees, Andrew Benjamin Cook and Adria Joy Hinkle, with 31 felony counts of animal cruelty after the duo allegedly dumped 7 puppies and 11 other pets in a grocery store dumpster. When the authorities searched their van, registered to PETA, the authorities found another 13 dead pets, including two kittens which a local veterinarian is quoted as being ''very adoptable.'' We understand that only hours earlier, Cook and Hinkle picked up the animals from the local shelter, identifying themselves as PETA employees, claming they would find the animals ''good homes.''

PETA is a radical group dedicated to ending all human ownership and use of animals as quickly as possible.

I love wathching Westminster. The dogs in this show represent years of carefully thought out, health tested breedings.
Please do not pull this great showcase for the purebred dog

PETA is right out to lunch. Their agenda is to rid the world of ALL domestic animals. Not just dogs.... ALL! They would rid the world of domestic cattle, horses, chickens, pigs, dogs, cats, rabbits... ALL. They do not believe that animals were put on this earth for human companionship or consumption. They would rid the world of all service animals. Can you imagine a world without animal companionship??? Before you jump onto PETA's bandwagon and assume that all they do is good... research how many "rescued" animals they destroy every year without even trying to find them homes. PETA is the largest KILL shelter in North America. PETA found, Ingrid Newkirk has stated that she isn't even particularily fond of dogs. The dogs in animals shelters around the North America RARELY come from REPUTABLE breeders. From backyard breeders and puppy mills who produce umpteen dozen litters of purebred, poorly bred puppies, yes. We have maybe one litter a year and only to try and find the next best specimen possible of our breed. In our attempt to breed the best possible puppies (health, tempeament and looks) possible, we search near and far for a male to breed with our girls. Our litters are usually from 4 to 7 puppies a year with us keeping at least one for ourselves. So.... how is that adding to the pet overpopulation?? Also... we thoroughly screen our puppy buyers and with over 80 applications per litter, we do not have a problem finding lifelong homes for our pups. IF a situation arises that these people cannot keep our pup, it MUST come back to US! We will take back every pup that we have produced so that it does NOT end up in a shelter. Reputable breeders WILL take back their pups. We do not want our carefully bred pups to end up in a shelter. We keep in touch with every buyer for the life of the puppy, regularily getting updates. It's not the folks who are breeding responsibly that need to be punished but those that breed indiscrimanently who need to be held responsible for the dogs in the shelters.
Why should the TV networks allow one radical group to regulate what we can and cannot watch on tv?? I watch the Westminster every year and I hope that this year won't be any different. Tell PETA to go and suck eggs!!! Radical dog killers that they are!!

How about USA airs a special on all of the animals PETA has been proven to have euthanized? How about they expose PETA's real agenda, which is ending all pet ownership, period. How about exposing how completely INSANE Ingrid Newkirk is?

Animals dumped in shelters do not come from good breeders, the stock of which ends up in shows like Westminster. They come from backyard breeders trying to make a quick buck off of "cute widdle puppies" who don't care about health testing, genetic testing, or where their puppies eventually end up.

The ignorance displayed here is staggering...people will go along with whatever opinion comes their way, even when it comes from an insane radical group like PETA.

This is totally insane. Westminster is an American institution and failure to air the show would be in detriment to the American loving public. Breeders with dogs at this show did not get there by making poor breeding choices. These dogs are the top dogs for a reason the their breeders are the reason.

Purebred dog breeders are in no way responsible for the number of dogs in shelters today. Responsible breeders screen the people who buy their puppies with all the care of a human adoption agency in order to make sure those puppies have homes for life. Responsible breeders also take back any puppies they have produced whose owners are no longer willing or able to care for them.

Shelter dogs are a direct result of irresponsible dog owners who do not spay and neuter their pet dogs, or who think that letting "Daisy" have "just one litter" so that their kids can "experience the wonders of birth" is a good idea.

I hope that USA will always air the Westminster Kennel Club dog show, the 2nd oldest sporting event in the USA, and one that always takes care to remind its audience to research and choose pets carefully so that more dogs do not end up in our shelter system.

It's simple for me. If USA follows suit with the PETA hype and not air Westminster I will NEVER watch their channel or their affiliates again. EVER.
If we can't abide foreign terrorist groups committing horrid crimes against our nation why do we entertain let alone encourage home grown terrorists free reign to impose their beliefs on our nation?
Yes you read that right. PETA is tied to ALF/ELF which are responsible for many eco terrorism crimes in our country.
Why would we encourage these types of people again? I sure won't.

you should see the looks on people's faces when i tell them "i hate PETA"! they say "i thought you cared about animals, especially dogs" since i have been breeding/owning/showing dogs for 7 years now (and i am only 17). i care more than anyone for the poor puppies slaughtered each day by PETA employees that were "rescued" from being someone's adored pet. my dogs own my house, they are my true joys and my children and i would do anything for them. as far as breeding goes, the dog show breeder is doing everything they can to reduce health risks. my family spends thousands a year just for health tests that that the average person has never heard of to make sure that any defect or possible negative trait is known and not increased in future breeding.

the people who believe dog shows are filled with elitists or puppy mills are both incorrect. puppy mills are EXTREMELY discouraged by the dog show community and and respectable show patron wouldn't go near one with a ten foot pole. infact each breed usually has a national rescue group that will do anything it can to protect its breed from being neglected. just a while ago my family was called help find a home for a havanese in our area that the owner could no longer care for. respectable show patrons will do anything and everything to care for their breed and often the other breeds of the canine world. and just because we prefer pure breeds does not make us "elitist pigs" as i have been called before. i love all dogs and would care for them all equally. but is it so wrong to want a dog that you can predict how it will develop and what (if any at all) health concerns to watch out for. health problems exist in all dogs, but knowing what parents, grandparents, and great grandparents a dog has can be a huge asset in stopping health problems at their first signs instead of letting them run rampant and at random through masses of dog populations.

Considering that PETA's kill rate at its Virginia shelter was 97% in 2006, I find it ludicrous that they're attempting to lecture members of the dog fancy and of the public as far as responsible ownership and breeding practices. Other humane societies in Virginia had, in general a lower than 35% kill rate.

I happen to be a member of the dog fancy. I've attended Westminster itself, have co-bred a single litter, and have two dogs that live the life of riley. I also volunteer at humane societies and rescues, and own rescued animals as well. I'm not easily pigeon-holed the way PETA would like me to be, and nor are my compatriots. I believe in animal *welfare* - my dogs and myself are better for knowing each other. Our relationship is symbiotic and wonderful. The only "profit" I make off of them is emotional - they certainly get more out of me!

I might add that Westminster ANNUALLY announces at every show, over the loudspeaker that adoption is an excellent option for bringing home a pet.

No one is stopping folks from producing a special about adoption. I would be incredibly disappointing and over the top if Westminster were cancelled because not everyone agrees with it. In that same vein, we may as well cancel the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont. Let's throw in NASCAR too - drivers have died, after all - and while *they* may have made the choice to take the risks, their children certainly didn't! In fact, let's cancel anything that causes anyone to have uncomfortable thoughts or opinions. Homogenization is the way to go. Let's ensure no one has to make choices or think or disagree.

It's because of organizations like PETA that the true issues are washed over and forgotten. Education is the key, we have so many shelter dogs because we do not have enough responsible pet owners who know how to choose the correct breed for their lifestyle, or know what a responsible breeder is like and what they should expect, or what the consequences are of getting a pet from an irresponsible or uneducated breeder. Even if you buy from a shelter there are still many issues and things to learn such as training and care and not to mention spay and neutering. This all contributes to the fact that we have so many dogs in shelters who need homes and that includes purebreds who have been dumped.

I love watching Westminster the announcers are great at describing the breeds so you have an idea of personality and characteristics. I do think that Westminster would do well to possibly add an educational piece to their broadcast, small segments of info directed specifically to those at home regarding proper training, care, breed selection etc..

The only way to turn people away from extremists like PETA is to educate.

What a horrible demented photo of UNO in this article! Uno is a healthy, wonderful Beagle who deserves to be pictured in his normal look, not the shot of him shaking his head.

As to PETA - give your heads a shake. They are terrorists. We the people have a right to own our beautiful dogs that live and share their lives with us.

The people who show at Westminster and other shows, are some of the best animal lovers in the world. They care about their dogs, they feed them the best food, give them the best homes, they spend thousands of dollars on genetic health testing of their breeding stock. Most of the dogs in shelters come because of irresponsible OWNERS, breeders don't dump their dogs in shelters. Breeders do rescue, donate to rescue, donate to research for genetic health testing. Oh, by the way, PETA opposes genetic health testing also - did you know that?

Westminster show does promote shelter dogs and rescue and service animals. Watch it and see.

It is time that PETA and HSUS groups stop taking peoples money under false pretences - they lie to the general population by making up emotionally charged stories to fund their "war chest" and live off the proceeds. They spend nothing on helping animals.

The LA Times should be ashamed of publishing this horrible picture of a beautiful, healthy beagle named UNO and for giving PETA headlines.

If Peta donated half of what they spend in media advertising on shelter dogs, those dogs would be living at the Ritz Carlton and we wouldn't have a need for animal shelters. All of those ads cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Where do you think Peta gets the money to pay for it? Why, your donations that you make to help those poor shelter dogs.
Education of new dog owners is the key and it should begin at pet stores. People need to know that it costs a great deal to take care of an animal responsibly. They also need to recognize that dogs need to be walked and that puppies chew up things and need to be trained. They are not just cute little toys to dress up.
Every breeder I talked with before finding the right dog for my family went through all of these things to make sure I understood what I would be getting in to. I take owning animals seriously. (oh, and by the way I tried for 5 months to find a small hypoallergic shelter dog to no avail. Every dog that fit that description had a waiting list for it!) Peta only has one mantra...all breeders are bad, buying a purebred kills a shelter dog.
Get informed people....we need purebred dogs unless you only want pitbulls as a choice for your child.
YES! I will be watching Westminster instead of murder, sex and violence that will be on the other channels.

I think there is a fine line here that PETA has crossed. While they are correct that much inbreeding goes on in the purebred dog world, the dogs we view on Westminster are the product of much research, time and effort on the part of reputable breeders. PETA is confused and referring to the kinds of purebred dogs seen in petstores, bred by uneducated backyard breeders and puppy mills. While it is a wonderful thing to go to a shelter and adopt a dog, let us not discount that the purebred dogs bred for the purpose of conformation, agility, obedience, or draft are dogs that enjoy a much happier, healthier, well-rounded, involved and pampered life style than the typical family dog. What is unfortunate is that viewers may see a dog they like on Westminister and go out and make an uneducated decision to purchase a poorly bred dog. However, the only solution by this train of thought would be to completely ban purebred dogs from the public eye. A better solution would be to educate the public on what a well-bred dog is versus the inbred, unhealthy dogs that PITA discusses.

Typical. The BBC's decision to not telecast Crufts was a mistake. The BBC's decision to air yellow journalism like the so called documentary “Pedigree Dogs Exposed” shows the poor quality of the BBC. This was not a documentary. It was a one sided rant by an animal rights zealot. Peta is another group that is an animal rights organization. Not animal welfare, animal rights. They believe animals have the same rights as humans. And toward this goal they are actively working toward thru direct action (terrorism), education, and legislation. Dogs don’t have genetic defects because humans bred them into dogs. Dog have genetic defects just like humans and every other creature on Gods green earth. If dogs have a higher rate of defects then some creatures that is because humans take care of dogs enabling these dogs to survive. But Peta and HSUS are doing their best to educate the public in the belief that breeders are evil. That pure bred dogs are all sick. This just isn't so. This is an effort to end pet ownership. Just one step toward the elimination of all animal ownership and a vegetarian world. We need to learn to equate Peta and HSUS as the terrorist they are.

Please continue to air Westminster.

I am an exhibitor/breeder. I do not breed to earn extra money. I do not breed to send my kids to a better school. I do not breed so that my family can witness the miracle of birth. I do not breed to recover my investment in the purchase of my dog. My only focus when I breed is to safeguard the intergrity of my breed. My dogs are family members and are equal in what makes up our family unit. They are not forced to perform at shows. They are not kept in a sterile environment. My dogs play, run, jump, dig holes and get dirty. They roll on the sofa and bark at the front door.

I can not imagine life without the company of my dogs. While in recovery from surgery for cancer, it was my dog I asked for. While my mother was in rehab after being in a coma for weeks with little hope for a normal life, I took my dogs to visit her and other patients. It was my dog that sparked her very first response. She has since then made a full recovery.

Please do not allow yourselves to be taken in by the rantings of a very disturbed woman. PeTA's not so hidden agenda is the liberation of all animals. No pets ever. They would rather see them dead than to be "imprissoned" by loving homes. This very idea has been realized by PeTA by evidence of the number of animals distroyed by them. Every year we are made aware of another terrorist activity set in motion by PeTA volunteers. Like other extremist organizations, the original idea of ethical treatment of animals was a great cause only to be ultimately lost due to the ambition of one or two individuals.

PETA is about abollishing pets!v There is a well known video of PETA people killing perfectly healthy dogs.
There a dogs in shelters because of puppy mills, not the good breeders who love, cherish, and health test their dogs.
PETA has a reputation for lying, stealing dogs from dog shows, and poisoning those that they can.
Why, oh why, do people believe their rubbish??????

Need I remind everyone that PETA is listed on the governments list of TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS. Lets not promote responsible breeders. Lets make up lies and spread misinformation that John Q. Public will believe. Lets support a group that euthanizes NEARLY EVERY animal that comes into their shelter FOR NO REASON (except maybe to "prove" a false point?). Anyone remember them KILLING a bunch of healthy animals and throwing them in a dumpster? "Course not. You'd rather turn a blind eye to what they do, but you'll listen to everything they say. Support PETA or HSUS today and you will not even be allowed to OWN a shelter animal tomorrow. No breeders is only the first step. Once they get rid of those, they will eliminate ALL animal ownership, including mixes.


Maybe PETA leadership and their members suffer from their obvious mental illness and lack of IQ as a result of "incestuous inbreeding and genetic manipulation". If you have ever seen some of these people, they could use a little "cosmetic surgery"--trust me!!

Let's see your pedigrees and then we can all decide where you all came from (other than from under some rock). Maybe some of you were adopted from a human shelter somewhere and you have no clue what genetic breeding was involved in your making. My guess is that most of you are mongrels and strays.

I'm human and I am an animal by biological definition. I am also domesticated--just ask my wife. Does PETA want to euthanize me too?

You people (and I use the term very loosely) should get a life of your own before someone forms an organization that believes in exterminating you.

On another note, I find it amazing that LA is once more showing it's anti-dog temperament. Why on earth does AKC continue to have the Eukanuba Invitational in this city??? Obviously this attitude has spilled over into the press by this one sided promotion of PeTA. If all those receiving invitations ( I have had invitations nearly every year ) opted to stay home, I wonder if that would wake them up!

If all you PETA huggers knew the truth about PETA, you would throw up on your computers! They steal shelter dogs and take them out and kill them "because DEATH is better than living in a kennel, crate or yard"! How many of you on here have a dog that you love with all your heart as part of your family? Well, if PETA has their way there will be NO MORE domesticated dogs for you to pamper and love!

And, for the record, take a look at your local shelter! How many dogs there are PUREBRED dogs? Not many! They are mutts that are the result of careless irresponsible owners who don't spay/neuter and allow their dogs to run free! DO NOT BLAME reputable breeders for the dog overpopulation! We breed selectively (and not incestuously) and sparingly and what puppies we don't keep to show are sold on solid spay/neuter contracts and Limited AKC Registrations! We promise as breeders to take our dogs back throughout their lifetime if something happens to displace them from their homes! EVERY breed in the AKC has it's own rescue organizations that foster and re-home dogs into new forever homes!

To be a good honest reputable breeder and to be lumped into an article like this is offensive! To read the idiotic comments from posters who don't have a clue what they are talking about but are willing to jump on PETA's horrid agenda is even more sickening! Get a clue, people!

Permission was NOT granted to use his picture for this article

I don't normally watch Westminster, mostly due to time constraints. This year, I will watch in it's entirety and DVR it, just to prove to PETA that they are wrong. There are plenty of wonderful dog breeders out there that take great care to breed dogs that are as sound genetically as possible, and ensure that they go to loving homes with families that will provide great care for them. By blocking Westminster from public viewing, the general public will miss the opportunity to see wonderful breeds of dogs that they wouldn't otherwise get a chance to view. The AKC is a fabulous organization, dedicated to providing many services for dog owners. Hopefully PETA doesn't get their way on this one...

The BBC's decision to drop Crufts was not an example of 'progressive British thinking' as observed by another member of this forum. It was a misguided and ridiculous reaction to what has become a media-induced frenzy over a biased piece of editorial journalism that aired late in 2008.

I am American, albeit living in Britain, and I still have some faith that common sense will prevail in the good ol' US of A. Westminster and the like are celebrations of purebred dogs, and the enormous viewing figures they draw mean that many homeless shelter dogs (a huge percentage of which are purebred or at the very least resemble a pure breed) will get mega publicity and a greater chance of being adopted.

PETA is a cult, and endeavors to create a sterile world where there are no domestic animals. I hope the public is not swayed by their propaganda. The world of show dogs is full of caring, passionate individuals who devote their lives to the rearing and welfare of their animals.

Don't fall for PETA's media spin......you just might regret ending up in the world they have in store for you.

The people who breed, raise, train and show a dog spend thousands of hours and dollars on those animals. They are a treasured and loved family member. They are treated with care, as a dog can't perform its job when its stressed or unhappy. Can anyone say that about the people whose dogs end up in shelters? Why would someone have a dog or cat just to have it end up in a shelter? We make it too easy for people to get away with discarding their pet and their responsibility to that animal. Just like pet stores: If we don't buy it, it won't end up there. PETA and the USHS are sensationalists. If I know they're wrong about show dogs, what else are they lying about?

PETA has their toady PETARDS out en masse posting away about dreadful Westminster. Way too many people drinking their kool aid.

Deplorable pure-bred dog breeders - how dare we breathe the same air as the vaunted domestic terrorist organization - PETA. Their goal is do away with the ownership of all animals and make everyone a vegan. Anyone contributing to this organization - that's the bottom line of what you're buying in to.

PETA - when it really should be PITA - pain in the ***. Gadflys who sit awake nights dreaming up their dumb PR.

Peta's goal is to abolish animal ownership of any kind. They do NOT speak for me. I adore my pets and when given the choice, they are always by my side.

In the search for a healthy pet, I would start with the breeders that exhibit in conformation, because these people care more about the health, temperament and breed qualities that are passed on to their puppies. Their reputations are out in the open by choosing this route. The Westminster dog show is a fountain of information for people who would like to begin their search for a well bred puppy.

I don't know where Ingrid Newkirk brews her information, but I know far too many dogs to swallow her comment that as much as one quarter of well bred pedigree dogs are sickly. And the HSUS is no better, how can someone such a Wayne Pacelle who claims he has no bond with any kind of animal other outside the human race be at the top of an organizations supposedy set up to help animals? I am for animal welfare, and I support the NAIA in their efforts to promote responsible animal ownership.

If Peta ever got their hands on something other than back yard bred dogs and puppy mill dogs maybe they would have a different opinion. They need to get their heads out of the sand, quit running around blindly with their same nasty attitude. If they got to know reputable breeders and their hard efforts to keep purebred dogs healthy, maybe they woulod shut up. PETA is an insane group of people who have more money than brains and who would like nothing better than to see all pets vanished from the earth. Except for those dogs that are left to run wild because they don't believe in any kind of restraint or even a collar on a dog. Knowlegable people know that there is a place and homes for purebred dogs bred but responsible reputable people.

If animals are equal to humans, according to PeTa, then humans are equal to animals. Ergo, anyone who follows PeTa's logic should not be breeding their own offspring. How can they assure that these offsprings of their selective and probably incestuous breedings are free of genetic and mental defects? How can they justify increasing the human animal population when there are millions of human animals in foster home shelters, when there are mutt (multi-ethic) human animals needing homes, or needing to be taken out of abusive situations where there are single human guardians (known as parents) who cannot give them adequate care, according to PeTa's definitions? Isn't this the height of arrogance that any PeTa human animal would continue to promote their own breeding at the expense and even the life of other less fortunate human animals? Additionally, by their continuous breeding, they are adding to the financial burden of everyone who must support their selective offspring with schools, health care, etc.
PeTa followers don't give a flip about animals or humans. As the song goes "He can't control their lives, I'll be d**** if he runs mine."

I am appauled at the ignorance on this website.
There are so many untrue and inaccurate statements. Who belongs to this and who would donate to something that is built on untrue information, where it the money really going?
Who tracks mixed breeds, who does autopsies on them when they are hit on the road because their owner didnt value them enought to keep them safe. How many mixed breeds are taken to a vet for a series of testing to determine a health problem or better yet to ensure it is not being bred into future lines. Where did these mixed breeds come from??? Then how can they be healthier than the breeds they derive from, do they carry no genetic history? How many breeders these days are importing from Europe, wow that is incestuous breeding rigth???
Me thinks alot more research is required by these people. Hard to believe they received any air time. How scrupulous to post photos without permission, talk about potential for law suits, there is something not on the up and up there. It is evident that Uno is very well cared for and in the best shape ever. Yes save a dog from the pound because someone did not spay or neuter their mixed breed, and were not responsible as the majority of breeders are in education people about that, but have your facts when you speak ill about a group that are dedicated to their animals.

PETA is incredibly dangerous, wrong and uninformed with the garbage they spew. Guess what - responsible breeders screen more for genetic defects than any backyard breeder - and let's not forget - it's THEM who are responsible for the vast majority of shelter dogs, not those responsible, caring breeders who can't sleep at night because they are busy researching every relative in a dog's pedigree, AND every health clearance, before they even consider doing a breeding! Oh and as a little FYI every responsible breeder already takes back ANY dog that the owner doesn't want. It's not them who are the problem - but PETA insists on painting anyone who loves a particular breed with their blasphemous, wacked-out lies and mistruths. Use your common sense, people!

Please continue to air Westminster. Don't give in to PETA and their lies. Purebred dogs produced by responsible breeders do NOT contribute to the overpopulation problem. Actually, in some places, the overpopulation problem (especially with dogs) is already solved--some shelters have no local dogs to adopt out, and thus "import" dogs from other places, even other countries. Buying a purebred puppy does NOT equate to the death of a shelter dog--many of which are old, infirm, or temperamentally unsuited for adoption regardless.

If somebody is unethical then they should be held responsible. Like a basketball star being barred from playing becuase of drug use. I can understand barring a person or dog from the show becuase they are not ethical or humane. I can even understand banning ear cropping.

Do we stop showing football games because a player is unethical? In America you get to watch football and I get ot watch the sport I love, dog shows.

If PETA had their way every domestic animal we have lived with for thousands of years would be eliminated in one generation. They oppose all domestic animal breeding of any kind for any purpose. They only attack dog shows becuase they are visible.

The goal of PETA is to stop people from having pets. I can imagine few things worse than not having the love and companionship of my beloved pets. I proudly watch Westminster every year. People need to be aware of the true agenda of PETA and not allow these radicals to interfere in the bond between pets and humans. Unhappy dogs do not have success in the show ring much less become the winners that compete at the level of the Westminster show. Do Not support PETA

If we only allow one side of a story then we open the door to Nazi- like control. PETA has an anti-animal agenda. They want all animals spayed or neutered which will have an end result of zero population (sound familiar).

They talk about the dogs in shelters, but they don't talk about the fact they are being imported from foreign countries to fill the shortage in the United States.

They don't want people to learn responsible pet ownership through programs such as the WKC dog show.

They don't talk about the millions and millions of pets that are companions to the elderly, help children learn to read, who give sight to the blind, who are the ears to the deaf, who pull people out of depression and burning buildings or find them under rubble and in paper recycling plants when disaster strikes.

Where will these wonderful animals with the physical and personality traits necessary come from when PETA has its way.

To hear them speak any dog breeder is bad for the country, the neighborhood, and society. Think back about 70 years, I think we could substitue the word "Jew" in that sentence for dog breeder.

I pray we do not go down this path.

please air westerminister.
breeders' are very careful with the breeding of dogs',we check out at least 6 gen of predigrees to make sure of the breeding before we ever think of breeding. Are dogs are eye tested ' hip s exrayed ofa ,blood work and more before every breeding one of are dogs.
peta is so very wrong about good breeders.

Peta is nothing more than a bunch of radicals bordering on the likes of a Nazi state. Yes, I believe that when ever possible people should adopt from a shelter IF they can find a dog or cat that they like. But ask yourself who put most of those shelter dogs there in the first place....backyard breeders or people that didn't bother to get their pets spayed or neutered, not reputable breeders who are the folks behind rescue groups to help unwanted dogs. Peta has been involved in killing dogs at dog shows or opening up their crates and turning them lose...only to maybe run out in a road and get hit by a vehicle. Why aren't these people held accountable for the killing of animals or the other bad things that they do?? As one person wrote...the last time I looked this was still the land of the free. Where does this group get off telling anyone they can or can not own a pet...and why is the public so gullable as to believe their rantings. I should think it would be wiser to find out the facts first before jumping on anyones band wagon...unless of course you believe in Peta just like the Germans believed in Hitler and his handling of the Jews.
This really isn't much different.

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