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PETA to USA Network: don't air Westminster!

Uno the Beagle, 2008's Westminster dog show winner We told you last month about the BBC's announcement that it won't air the Crufts Dog Show (the UK's answer to Westminster), citing concerns raised by a BBC documentary, "Pedigree Dogs Exposed," over the health of dogs bred for the show ring.  The BBC reported:

The programme...says dogs suffering from genetic illness are not prevented from competing in dog shows and have gone on to win "best in breed," despite their poor health.

It says physical traits required by the Kennel Club's breed standards, such as short faces, wrinkling, screw-tails and dwarfism, have inherent health problems.

Other problems occur because of exaggerations bred into dogs by breeders trying to win rosettes, it adds.

Now PETA is asking the USA Network, which airs the Westminster show every February, to follow suit.  In a letter to USA's president Bonnie Hammer, PETA founder and president Ingrid Newkirk writes, "Since dog breeders routinely use incestuous inbreeding and genetic manipulation...it's not surprising that as many as one in four purebred dogs is plagued with a serious genetic problem." 

Beagles like last year's Westminster winner, Uno, are susceptible to a wide variety of genetic health problems like hypothyroidism, epilepsy and demodectic mange, according to PETA.

"Countless dogs suffer painful cosmetic surgeries and millions of wonderful dogs die in animal shelters because of the AKC's inhumane policies...USA Network can take a stand against the cruel treatment of animals simply by denying air time to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show," said PETA Vice President Daphna Nachminovitch.  And PETA blogger Amy Elizabeth chimes in:

So USA, how about being a good network? Sit. Listen. Roll over. And fetch a few reruns of Law and Order to replace that dastardly dog show…

What do you think -- is PETA right on or out of line?  Will you be watching Westminster this year?  Let us know in the comments.

-- Lindsay Barnett

Photo: Uno, a 15-inch beagle, won Best in Show at the 132nd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show last year.  Seth Wenig/Associated Press.

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Animal Rights (AR) is very different from Animal Welfare. The AR groups have been very successful in blurring the line between the two and John Q Public is not informed enough yet to see the difference - or recognize the threat to their very right to own and share their home and lives with companion animals, but that is changing!

I volunteer at a shelter, I do rescue within my breed, I show my dogs and I spend a great deal of time planning a litter. The puppies are placed after a great deal of effort to match the right pup with the right person/family. I will - and have - taken a puppy back from a buyer who could no longer keep the dog. I am responsible for every puppy I breed from the day it takes its first breath until the day it takes its last. The vast majority of ethical breeders feel as I do. Also, the people who are willing to wait a year or longer for one of my puppies is not going to be the person who will adopt a mixed breed dog from a shelter - even if they may have a mixed breed dog or shelter cat at home already.

From a business standpoint, pet owners are the new demographic and have HUGE spending power. Networks and businesses need to be aware that as pet owners become better informed, they will become more selective about where, and how they spend their dollars. Support for pet owners within the dog and cat fancy now, will translate to loyal target audiences in the future!

I am looking forward to watching the dog show again -- it is a wonderful opportunity for good, quality family time.

PETA needs to use their name to focus on Puppy Mills and Shelter dogs, and not waste their time and our time on the time honored tradition of the Westminster Dog Show.

PETA put your money where your mouth is and pay for and sponsor a special on Puppy Mills and Shelter dogs that could also be aired either before or after the show on USA or Not.

Give the public a chance to be educated and educate them just don't assume we the public will take you at your words like we don't have a mind of our own!

Show the public that PETA is not just a group that only chooses to make publicity for themselves. But are actually people that ARE for the Ethical Treatment of ANIMALS!

and not just publicity whores!

First things first, This is an organization that is promoting the ETHICAL treatment of dogs but in their ETHICAL treatment they will poison dogs with rat poison (which causes uncontrollable internal bleeding, nice way to die huh!), sets dogs loose from their safe environment (to possibly get hit by a car, starve, etc.), and they EAUTHENIZE thousands of dogs a year because they cannot find homes for all the animals they socall "HELP". I show dogs, and yes there are some very unethical people out there but the ethical people far outweigh them. Most people I know put their dogs way before their own needs and probably most of them are treated better than most children. Again, I'm sure there are people out there that give dog showing and the whole sport of dogs a bad name and these are the ones that should be targeted, not the people who do everything in their power to do it the right way. If PETA wants to fight for a cause, they should target the puppy mills around the country and help promote legislation that will shut these places down, I think this will be more helpful than asking the USA network not to show Westminster.

During Westminster they already have human interest spots that cover rescued dogs, service & therapy dogs, etc. But they could also cover PETA and how PETA leads the way in showing us all new ways to dispose of un-wanted dogs. For instance, PETA shoots dogs and poisons dogs and lies to owners in order to get more dogs to kill and saves precious funds by disposing of such dogs in Virginia dumpsters. Oh yes, PETA is a wonderful bunch of dog killers. http://www.petakillsanimals.com/

It is PETA & HSUS goal to eliminate companion dogs/cats...
Refer to all of the mandatory spay/neuter laws that are on the prospective laws for many many states.
The PETA statement that millions & millions of dogs are killed @ shelters is untrue. Research the facts, people.
RESPONSIBLE!!!! breeders (not the back yard/puppy mill breeders, who only want the $$) are fanatical about the health of their purebred dogs... If there is ANY!! health issue in their purebred, no matter how perfect the animal is, they will not! breed..
It is a delight! to watch WESTMINSTER & see the fabulous dogs, I loved to watch CRUFTS..it is one of the best dog shows in the worlld..to see the devotion & love everyone has for these dogs is fantastic.
PETA & HSUS ...if there is mandatory spay/neuter, where will the service dogs come from..where will the working dogs come from...the genes in these dogs, that are so important will not exist...
It is a huge diservice for these breeds to not be saved..dog shows are a great education venue, the person describing the breed will not only give information on what the job of the breed is, but will also for warn the viewing public why this breed is or is not good for the viewers lifestyle...
What would life be like w/o our companion animals???
If PETA & HSUS wins...we are the loosers...
Dog Shows are a great sport, a great education, & truly help to eliminaate the awfulness of back yard breeders & puppy millers...

ok what happen to freedom?? just another group of uninformed radical people trying to take other people's right to choose away. if you don't want a pure breed dog don't get one. if you don't want to watch a show that features pure bred dogs DON'T WATCH! stop trying to tell everyone else how to live their life and get one of your own PETA! i am a proud owner of two pure bred dogs they give me great joy as pets and as dogs i compete with. i have had both rescue and pure breds all my life, believe me health issues exist in both. Truth be told all dogs at one time or another were cross bred to become what they are today. if you want to pick on breeders, get you information straight. most breeders work very hard at improving their breed. they spend hour upon hour trying to find good homes for their beloved puppies. is this really what you want to waste your resources on?? couldn't you find something more important to spend your time and money on??

I havebeen showing and breeding dogs for over thirty years. Last year my malamute won the Best of Breed at Westminister. My daughter handled him and has grown up in the sport. We also own and operate a large grooming facilty and are very familiar with all breeds of dogs and mixed breeds.

I challenge any PITA member or advocate to please come to my home and see how my animals are cared for and spoiled. Last night my husband just complained because I came home from the grocery store with $4 a pound
beef bones from the butcher, fresh..... for my dogs.

People would like to come back reincarnated as one of my "showdogs" .

Medically speaking , I run a very large pet grooming shop and I can guarantee you that the mixed breeds have as many or more health issues as the purebreeds, we see it all the time!

More time and money could be well spent if used for research and cures for the diseases that are afflicting our pets. Show breeders are some of the most knowledeable regarding these health issues, and believe me, no one more than the serious show exhibitor/breeder
wants to find the cure and cause for inherited disorders.



Barb Salvadore
PE Coordinator AMCA INC
Pale Moon Kennels
Howell, Mi

Barb Salvadore
Pale Moon Kennels
AKC Alaskan Malamutes
AMCA Public Education

In my humble opinion, PETA causes more problems and pain, to the animals they profess to care for. If they had one iota of common sense they would be there to actually help and not hinder those that truely care for these animals

I show my dog at Westminster and at many dog shows. She lives in my house, sleeps on my furnitire and eats better then I do. The dog enjoys getting out and seeing people and other dogs, exactly how am I treating her inhumanely by having her jog around a ring on the weekends? There have been instances when Peta people have released domestic dogs from their crates at shows to run loose and be hit by cars. Who is inhumane here?

I have never seen any indication that PETA cares about our animals. I have seen a lot of rhetoric trying to force a small group's radical opinions on the rest of the population.

First, I can't see why the UKC crumbled to the rantings of a few zealots. Second, I show dogs and do performance events with them. They are spoiled rotten! My kids complain that I treat the dogs better than them and they are probably right.

Responsible breeders are not the problem. Back yard breeders and puppy mills are filling our shelters.

Shame on you, LA Times for publishing that awful picture of UNO and feeding PETA's agenda with even more publicity!

Diane Hopkins
Tannerforge Labradors

I don't care how responsible you think you are, there is absolutely no excuse to continue to breed dogs as long as there as homeless ones dying in streets and shelters. ZERO excuse. One more puppy brought into this world is another dead dog in a shelter.

The AKC promotes breeding animals, and the dog shows are all about the purity of the breed. Disgusting.

PETA sucessfully draws attention to this problem.

Spay and neuter. Adopt a homeless animal.

I think USA should show the Westminster dog show on TV. It is entertainment and I know plenty of people who look forward to watching this event every year.

I have been involved in purebred dogs and showing for over twenty years and these dogs are pampered and spoiled and many of them are treated better than some people treat their own children. They have special diets, beds, toys, lavish time spent on them giving them special attention and grooming. People pay large amounts of money to Spas to get similar treatment.

The pounds are full because the general public is not as discriminate over pets being surgically sterilized as the dog show breeders are. With dog show breeders, health problems are recognized, tested for and owners are educated. Animals with health problems are not bred to propagate these hereditary issues. We want dogs that are healthy and can be shown, not crippled, blind or ill because of health issues. We only breed a litter puppies when we want a dog for us to show. Not let it happen because they ran the neighborhood.

Lastly, I have seen the TV shows where people push their children to do pageants and recitals and treat their children terribly, is PETA going to step in and stop Miss America and the like…???

To the LA TIMES- Who on your staff is an animal rights or PETA member? Why else would you run a photo of Uno shaking his head to make him appear unsound or unusual? SHAME ON YOU! Would you do the same for your children? I think you are showing everyone your true colors here! Uno is a beautiful, sound Beagle that is traveling all around the US to visit hospitals with sick children, promoting activities that help raise money for RESCUE DOGS (!) and other needy organizations too numerous to mention. Please investigate all the GOOD that UNo is accomplishing before you malign an innocent animal that I guarantee you is doing more for rescue dogs than the LA Times ever will.

Kimberly Meredith

I have a suggestion for all those PETA supporters who think you should ONLY have the option of adopting a shelter dog and never get a puppy from a planned litter from a breeder until all the shelter dogs are adopted. OK...I will agree with that as long as every single PETA supporter agrees to NEVER have a child. After all there are lots of adoptable kids out there that would love to have a family of their own. Why should dogs be different?

For PETA and animal rights activists to say that no one should be breeding dogs or cats until all of the homeless and shelter animals are adopted is like telling people they shouldn't have children of their own until all of the orphan and homeless babies and children have been adopted. It is a moronic statement seeking a knee-jeark reaction..

PETA - stop trying to take peoples right to choice away. How about becoming involved in the tainted pet food chrisis , or supporting health research to combat medical issues affecting ALL dogs, mixed breed and pedigreed dogs alike, dog fighting rings, pupy mills, neglect and abuse issues; the list is long, why not do something to benifit the animals you supposedly support and protect. Unless you truly do have a hidden agenda....

i breed and show dogs all the dogs that i show are very well takeing care of and are very happy we spend more money on the dogs than we do for are selfs. the dogs we breed are ALL tested for all of the breeds genetic problems if any are found the dogs are not breed and sold as pets. i think that peta needs to screw off and leave breeders alone

I have been showing dogs for over 50 years at AKC events. I can't think of a more wholesome thing to do that every member of the family can enjoy.

I hope the USA network will not cave to PETA and HSUS with there anti pet agenda.

PETA is like the anti gun folks; I lot of noise and no facts. I belong to a rescue organization and do not breed dogs but I support the Westminister dog show and responsibile dog breeders which there are many. Shame on PETA for another of their many lies. Why aren't you out helping the many rescue organization who ARE making a big difference without all the lies and noise.

The idea that mutts are somehow more vigorous or more free of defects is absolutely bullocks. The entire concept of "hybrid vigor" doesn't apply to pets at all - IT COMES FROM FARMING CROPS!

Mutts are as succeptible to genetic problems as anything, because there is NOTHING in natural selection that weeds *out* genetic defects like hip dysplasia, epilepsy, collie eye anomoly, anymore than random human breeding rules out high blood pressure or heart defects. For example, if you breed a bulldog with a golden retriever with a sheltie, you may *still* get a dog with a bulldog's breathing problems, a golden's bad hips, and a sheltie's collie eye anomoly. And if that three-way crossbreed mates with another dog carrying the genetic markers of two other breeds ... there's nothing to stop the "bad" genes from those two breeds from also carrying forward.

After all, dogs don't live like wolves, where the weak or deformed ones die in the wild. Dogs with all their genetic quirks are coddled and cared for by human kind, so that their bad as well as good genetic traits are easily perpetuated.

Know this! I am not a huge fan of the AKC, as I am a border collie owner and I'm against arbitrary "breed standards." Nonetheless, it is ONLY the PUREbred breeders today, whether AKC registered or not, who do the medical testing to *avoid* genetic defect. Dogs do NOT magically breed the bad traits out if left to their own devices. Not unless they're running in feral packs where the lesser dogs simply die, or are so low in the pack order they do not breed.

Don't forget ... PETA and the American Humane Society wanted to destroy all the pit bulls rescued from Michael Vick's dog fighting compound. Thankfully, compassion prevailed and all but a handful of those dogs have been fully rehabilitated and intergrated into loving homes. PETA is no marker of what is best for dogs.
Cheers ~

G. Atwater

Just a note to readers ....

Ethical, consciencous purebred breeders are a boon to the dog world.

Puppy mills? ARE NOT!

And dogs from puppy mills DO NOT ATTEND DOG SHOWS! If you want a cause that good purebred breeders wholly support, go after puppy mills. That's where the dogs in the pet store come from, and that's what fills our animal shelters.

It is NOT the breeders of show dogs, whether we're talking conformation dogs, sporting dogs, or working dogs. A dog that is not conformationally sound, a dog that is not physcially fit to perform its job or succeed in its sport ... is not a responsibly bred dog. It is NOT the sort of dog that show breeders aspire to.

UNDERSTAND THIS! And turn your dislike to puppy mills. My border collies and I will carry the torches. ;-)
Cheers ~

G. Atwater

The article states:

"Beagles like last year's Westminster winner, Uno, are susceptible to a wide variety of genetic health problems like hypothyroidism, epilepsy and demodectic mange, according to PETA."

The operative word is "susceptible" and, to set the record straight, it is the REPUTABLE breeders, such as the breeders of Uno and other top show dogs, who are doing the best job of carefully culling out "susceptible" dogs and choose to sterilize them to prevent their breeding and possibly passing such problems on.

It is the "puppy mills" aka UNSCRUPULOUS so-called breeders who are looking for a quick buck that don't have any idea if the dogs they are using might be carriers and passing on genetic defects.

I agree, the UNSCRUPULOUS breeders need to be stopped, but at the expense of the truly dedicated, responsible breeders? THAT is unacceptable!

This is the differentiation PETA fails to make.

If this were any other business, there would be a grapevine passing on info about unscrupulous businesses, such as garage door installers, or cement work, to weed out the bad apples, and the "good" businesses' reputations are passed on due to satisfaction of service.

This is how this needs to be looked at, instead of lumping ALL dog breeders as "the enemy" of PETA!

A good point was made about Hobby breeders and I want to bring that to attention again.
Always, always in MY breedings I have told my buyers they can ALWAYS bring back a dog they bought from me.
My breed has its own rescue group and can often track down a dog surrendored to a shelter and find its breeder, who then takes back responsibililty of the dog.
Each breed has its own rescue group.
We purebred dog breeders take care of our own.
Statistics show that those dogs in shelters are generally not purebred dogs produced from a responsible breeder.
We are the ones making sure OUR dogs are taken care of from birth to death.

Do not be fooled. PETA would like to eventually outlaw all pet ownership. They are a very radical group with very radical goals. There is nothing cruel about showing dogs.

PETA continues to do these things that "make headlines" for them, but aren't accurate. They completely discount how many breeds are working very hard to ensure that their dogs are healthy. It's true that some breeds have suffered from inbreeding and have health issues because of it. But most of those breeds have been working on correcting the problems they caused for their dogs and some, like my own breed (brittanys) are working on ensuring that our dogs continue to stay healthy. PETA would do much better to educate people on how to find a responsible breeder than trying to make people believe that anybody who breeds is bad. That's simply not true!

It is not the purebred dog breeder who is the enemy. The HSUS and PETA are. To fully understand them, check out their web sites and see what your dollars and verbal support are actually doing.

The HSUS does not run any shelters nor does it send any funds to your local humane society.They are not affiliated in any way. The HSUS does not support any low cost vet clinics for the indigent nor does it provide any free or low cost spay/neuter programs.

In 1990, Michael Fox, former VP of HSUS stated, " The life of an ant and that of my child should be granted equal consideration." Excuse me? Did he say a bug and my child are the same thing?

PETA's stated goal is the total elimination of animal use of any kind for anything. That means there would be no more seeing eye or hearing ear dogs. There would be no bomb or drug sniffing dogs,no search and rescue dogs. There would be no zoos, many of which maintain breeding programs to try and preserve highly endangered species like siberian tigers or pandas.Horses could not be used to help drive cattle. Dogs could not herd sheep. Oh, that's right. Those animals would not be eaten so that wouldn't matter.There would be no flu vaccine, no use of mice to continue cancer research. Do you know that it was research with dogs that provided the insulin answer that keeps many diabetics alive?

In the Washington Post, November, 1983, Ingrid Newkirk, PETA's founder said, "Six million Jews died in concentration camps, but six billion broiler chickens will die this year in slaughter houses." Yes, PETA equated the death of 6 million people with the killing of chickens for food.

Or how about, Vogue magazine, September, 1989, Newkirk stated," Even if animal research resulted in a cure (for AIDS) we'd be against it."

And the best of all, Newkirk in the Washington Times, August, 1999, "There is no rational basis for saying that a human being has special rights. A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy. They're all mammals." Your children to her is no different than a rat or even a worm.

So before you fall for their rhetoric excoriating the reputable dog breeder, the person who does every kind of health test available, who carefully plans breedings, who places puppies with care and takes them back any time in their lives, be sure you know what kind of groups you are supporting.

The egg farmers in California just did when Proposition 2 won and will now put them out of business..

I have always thought that PETA meant well. Was I wrong! these people are flippin' freakin' nut cases. I own purebred dogs because I want to. I have also adopted many shelter dogs. There are very few purebred dogs in shelters. Every purebred parent club I am familiar with has a rescue group and places every dog in a good home. Can the labradoodle breeders say the same thing? I think not. Let's look at who really causes the problems. Puppy mills, pet shops, "designer" dog breeders. Not AKC dog breeders. There isn't a single dog at an AKC show from a puppy mill.

PETA is a LIE. PETA employees were caught in North Carolina throwing dead dogs(which they had just killed) into dumpsters. PETA knows nothing about the betterment of dogs only how to disillusion the public into believing breeders are bad. My kennel club moves its meeting back a week just so we are free to watch Westminster (the best of the best). Reputable dog people are not all breeders but we are reputable people who care about dog concerns.

For all you morons who follow peta here's something for you to think about.

Ethical breeders not only screen and test their dogs not just for genetics, but temperament, they also match their dogs up to the best possible owners possible. Likewise, they also TAKE BACK their dogs if the owners cannot keep them for whatever reason.

If all these backyard breeders (designer dog breeders) would do the same, including health tests, there would be NO need for shelter animals. They won't breed pure anyway, two labradoodle mutts don't produce more labradoodles. If they were really trying to make a new breed (which takes many years, 10+) they wouldn't be selling them for thousands of dollars. They aren't worth it.

I wouldn't adopt a shelter animal because it is unknown as to what its genetic history is, and this includes temperament. I wouldn't watch a show on shelter animals either. Why don't you guys go after the irresponsible breeders? Because that would make sense!

There is no such thing as a "hypoallergenic" dog. Allergies from from saliva and dander, something which all animals have. There is also no such thing as a tea cup dog either.

PETa (funny how they have "pet" in their name) needs to put their money where their mouths are and open free spay and neuter clinics, and quit killing the animals they steal from people and shelters. Likewise, they use these animals to make their own videos and photos. This information has leaked out.

I show purebred dogs and I am proud of it. I test my dogs for genetic and temperament issues, and will continue to do so. I enjoy showing my dogs, and they DRAG me to the show and I have to drag them OUT. If it was so bad, why do they love going to them?

I continue to fight the idiots of animal rights. I welcome others to join in the fight with myself and millions of others who enjoy the company of animals.

Meagen Hoy
Spokane, WA

PETA is full of, well the stuff we pick up in our dog's yard...

Their information is faulty, and I would have to say, deliberately so...most purebred dogs bred by hobby breeders are healthy -- at least as healthy as most mixed breeds. (Ask any veterinarian). The same is not true of so-called purebred produced by puppy mills, but they are not the target of PETA, for some reason.

For example, our national breed club (standard schnauzers) recently conducted a breed health survey which enlisted a significant proportion of the SS living at the time -- it was conducted and analyzed by an independent statistician.

The findings:

Most SS die of old age, not disease. Most live to 12 or more years of age.

No serious health issue (some genetic, many of unknown etiology, or have known environmental causes) affected more than 10% and most less than 1% of the dogs. The incidence of the most common problem, hip dysplasia, was 9% and this has declined by more than half in the last 20 years due to diligent screening by dedicated breeders.

This supports a report by a veterinary geneticist who spoke to our club a number of years ago: our purebred standard schnauzers have fewer illnesses than mixed breeds, by a wide margin.

PETA should spend its time and money going after commercial puppy mills which churn out 1000s of poorly-bred, so-called purebreds (many are not), with breeding animals housed in appalling conditions. They do not register their pups with AKC since AKC would not accept them nor would they pass AKC kennel inspections.

PETA is really going after Pekinese breeders. Well, my mother-in-law had Pekes for 65 years and all of them died of old age, many were 15 or 16. Genetic markers identify the Pekinese as one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, developed by the Chinese thousands of years ago. It has gotten along fine for 3000 years or more without PETA and I am sure will continue to do so, thanks to the many dedicated breeders. I should add that the Pekinese breed standard STRONGLY emphasizes that faces should not be so flat as to interfer with breathing. That is, careful breeders are well aware of the problem and seek to avoid it. Finally, I can assure you my MIL's old "Dirkie", of show lines, could breathe (and bark at me) just fine!

PETA has no credibility, and if the BBC has caved to them, shame on BBC -- they need to explore this organization more carefully and see it for what it is...

Gail Mackiernan

Once again, PETA has distorted and twisted the truth about purebred dogs. The way PETA knows that purebreds, as opposed to mixed breeds, have genetic problems is that reputable breeders spend a lot of money to test for them and don't breed dogs that carry those genes. Mixed breeds have just as many health issues as purebreds, or people for that matter. There just often not diagnosed b/c the genetic screening/testing has not been done.

Westminster provides entertainment to many, as well as an educational experience on a wonderful family oriented sport. This is a great way for families to play and stay together. It is fun and there is nothing like the love and support of a dog when you're growing up....and when you're grown up after a rough day at work!

And about PETA's statement that they are not trying to take our dogs away from us - that is true. What they neglect to say is that they are working on making dogs obsolete for future generations to find a dog to own.

PETA twists and distorts the truth. Read between the lines in all their PR. They have the money to take our rights away. America, don't let them do it!

Ok for all you people who seem to love what PETA is doing or what you think they are doing, how do you all feel about the absence of working dogs and horses? Do you think the disabled people who need these dogs should do without? Do you think the police and airport security should do with out? What about therapy dogs? You people don't realize that this is what PETA is going for. They want NO domestic dogs out there for no reason. Dog shows are like guns, they show you what is available but they don't show you how to use it. Guns don't kill people, people kill people.

There are breeders, who are responsible and spend tons of money on health testing because they actually care about the health of their beed and then there are people that put 2 dogs together and hope for the most money. The latter being why we are in this huge mess anyway.

PETA is like Hitler. Fortunately for me I live in the United States of America which last I checked was suppose to be a free country so if your for PETA then your no better than Hitler and his followers.

Let the show go on! Put PETA where it belongs which is no where! I'll move should I ever decide to become a communist.

It is rediculous for any democracy to listen to the voices of a few radicals over the voice of many better educated, rational people. I am sure USA will air Westminster and PETA will attempt to continue to poison the minds of empathetic people. You have a problem with dogs in shelters then work in one and help try to place them. You will see that 9.9 out of 10 of them come from Bubba's back yard and NOT the breeders PETA is trying to hang. Ignorance can not be solved with more ignorance.
We have a pet over-population problem yes, but it would never be solved by punishing people who already follow the rules. Any decent attempt at reasonable legislation has been poisoned by these radicals. It's sad to me that the fly in the ointment are these groups screaming for reform and preventing it at the same time.
None of my dogs have ever been abandoned, no one I know has ever abandoned a dog...why do YOU suppose that is?

I think PETA is doing us a great service--because of them we will learn to be skeptical of and to resist organizations based on emotional terrorism before one with truly sinister motives comes around.

PeTA says that pedigree breeders are killing shelter dogs. If this is true, why are a number of shelters in large cities importing dogs from other counties and even countries to meet the demand? Every dog in a shelter once had an owner. Unfortunately those owners failed to take responsibility. The blame for the death of their unwanted pet lies firmly on their shoulders and not on the shoulders of ethical pedigree dog breeders.

I have been raising and showing dogs since 1973. I have never seen such a "German Gestapo" mentality as I have seen in the group PETA.
It's run and started by a woman that must have some serious sick past childhood problems.
Most of my friends that show and raise dogs would do well to give a life of the luxury their dogs live in to most people of the world.
If PETA wants to do some good, have them help with the millions of horribly bred Puppy Mill tortured dogs and leave us alone that breed for quality dogs, have strict contracts in the sales, take any dog back after a sale and are responsible for the dog it's whole life.
You won't see that in any Pet Shop sale from a miller.
Westminster is a show of the "Sport of Dog handling and breeding" and they need to get off our backs and do some good with the immoral treatment of dogs in puppy mills.
They make me sick...I'm so sick of PETA PETA PETA, they are not a dogs friend, they would just assume put dogs to sleep than save them anyhow.

PETA is an organization that wants to take away our right to own & love animals! They do not care for your pets. I am a owner & occasional breeder of purebred dogs. I follow all pups that I put on this earth & support their owners with information & training. Their & my dogs are true family members. I am what all good breeders are like. No pups bred by me or any good breeder will be found in a shelter we take back our dogs & never sell to pet stores. My pups belong to folks who will never leave their dog out in the "yard" ..they are house dogs ..we don't need PETA to tell us how to treat our pets. There are already laws to stop pet mills they are not enforced! Why does JQ Public buy from pet stores ?? & huge breeding Kennels?? It is the individual caring breeder that does that right thing that should be supported instead of these awfull places.

I'm a genuine American bred-mutt; part English; part Irish; part German; part who knows what else? I have a genetically linked chronic condition (multiple sclerosis), a congenital heart defect, bad eyes and iffy knees. More careful breeding might have produced a healthier specimen, but that is hardly the point. I am a flesh and blood creature; I am loved by my family, friends, coworkers, church members despite my many shortcomings.

Dogs are intelligent, omnivorous, social animals who adapt admirably to the environment, making them one of the most successful species on planet Earth. This is also true of humans, so there is nothing more natural than the partnership that has emerged.

PETA does not love animals; they would abandon millions of domestic animals to die of starvation and disease. "Cult" is exactly the correct word to use for them; they misrepresent themselves to manipulate the public and to raise funds. How many people would donate to such an organization if they knew the truth?

TV networks, please note: I want to watch Westminster, Crufts, Animal Planet, The Dog Whisperer, and the ilk. I spend LOTS of my dollars on your sponsor's products. Don't be subject to this brand of fascism!

This is the United States -- you know, land of the free, home of the brave, democracy, and all that kind of tolleyrot. Which means, I want to continue to have the right of choice. I currently own (yes, own as dogs are domestic pets) 3 dogs -- 2 of which are rescue dogs, and 1 is a well-bred, healthy conformation and performance titled dog. I don't want to be forced to have shelter dogs. It should be a choice. But, only those in the know (ie, intelligent conscientous, informed, educated reputable breeders) should breed dogs. And, btw, we CAN have Westminster KC (Kennel Club) and Crufts shows aired, as well as specials on rescued dogs.

Genetic defects exist in all life, including humans. I don't know the statistics, but do know there are far more diseases in humans than dogs. As a responsible breeder, I do not agree that dogs are incestuously bred. If that were true, and we didn't select for health,(hybred vigor), after 5 generations of inbreeding we would have nothing, no puppies would survive. Any responsible breeder tries their best to breed healthy dogs first and foremost. We test for inheritable diseases and require anyone using our males for stud service to have their females likewise tested. The cost of this hobby never makes enough money to support it for me or most of the thousands of reputable, responsible breeders in this country. It is a hobby, not a vocation.

PETA might have good intentions, but I have only seen their destructive side, like burning up years of research and killing the animals involved, releasing dogs from their pens at dog shows to be run over by cars, exagerating and twisting facts to suit their cause. Our voices are small and poor in relation to their wealthy power. It seems like a futile battle, but we love our dogs. They bring us joy, love, a reason to try lots of things we never thought of, so fighting PETA with the truth is the best fight I can think of. I sure hope USA network researches PETA's real intentions and lets Westminster be shown in the tradition it has established. I have shown there myself and it is the most prestigious venue there is in the dog show world.

I can't believe that you would not really see what Peta and HSUS is really about. Killing all dogs and not allowing anyone to own a animal is what they want.
They don't care if they are purebred or not. Them want them gone!
I am a owner - breeder of English Springer Spaniels. I have been showing them in conformation for over 6 years and I can tell you they are better cared for than alot of children in this country. My dogs are health tested before ever being bred. They are happy healthy members of my family. Any dog I breed can come back to me at anytime for any reason and I will either keep them or re-home them. I take care of my own! You can't say that about Peta as they destroy thousands of animals every year.
Westminster allows people to see and hear what an individual breed has to offer. Hopefully they will then make the right choice of what dog fits their lifestyle and family. It's people who put dogs into shelters because they didn't know Fido needed lots of exercise etc. or it's not convenient for them. Don't blame the people and wonderful breeders who do take the responsiblity for lifetime care.

NOBODY is trying to stop pet ownership , thats just the Greeders over exsagerating. What all of us want is less KILLING , less inbreding , less breeding of extremes like such smashed in faces that they can't breath well.

I never watch any dog show. The AKC registers hundreds of purebred , poorly bred ones at that , to the same puppymill Greeder at the same point in time. As many as 400 or more. The are supporting puppymills for the registration fees. and the dogs that are bred are producing dogs that do not even meet the standard and are unhealthy.

PETA is woefully misinformed. Good breeders breed for the betterment of the breed. PETA should spend their time and resources going after the puppy mills that DO breed for money only and do not consider the quality OR comfort of the dog.
I enjoy watching Westminster every year and it would be a great loss to the world of dogs as well as the general public if this broadcast is discontinued.


Mary's comments immediately above are truly reflective of the stupid, propagandized thinking an extremist organization like PETA engenders. I don't think any reputable breeder, pet owner or organization condones puppy milling, yet Mary lumps all breeders into her attempt at being little Miss Activist by calling us "Greeders." Again, let's counter with some facts from just one small hobby breeder of purebred dogs and see how "Greed" is our greatest motivation. My last litter produced 7 puppies. Six went to carefully researched homes and gross proceeds were $5400. Keeping careful records for tax purposes, all expenses associated with that girl, proper health testing and care, that breeding and showing, I LOST about $4000 on the litter. Guess what, Miss "I Know What Is Best For The Whole Wide World." I'm not in it for the money. I'm in it to produce the best examples of my breed who will be devoted lifelong companions and superior competitors in the show ring and performance events. I'm in it because I love the dogs, what they do for us, and what they bring in unconditional love and companionship. I have 5 registered, active purebreds and 4 rescue dogs. Each receives better care than I tend to give myself. I have spent YEARS working on behalf of rescues and have placed well over 100 dogs that would have otherwise been euthanized...particularly if they had the misfortune to have PETA lay their hands on them and butcher them. My charitable donations go to the LOCAL humane society and rescues that work directly placing dogs, not ideologues like PETA or HSUS who seek to further much darker motives than simply helping a creature that depends on humans for its care. The ranting and machinations of the AR organizations have gone beyond the pale. I echo the sentiments of a previous poster, who noted that it is time the 96% of people who support pet ownership stood up for THEIR rights. Go out and dingbat for some other loopy cause or at least put you energy into really helping animals instead of spouting propaganda.

Somebody please give me a BARF bag.
Conformation clubs throughout the US & Canada & the UK all have their own directives regarding health of their own specific breed and most aloow cross posting of new information regarding illness & treatment...

In all my 30+ years of being involved with the AKC n showing n breeding, I can truthfully state - that we keep records on just about everything...

Example my breed - Rottweilers - Back in the late 70's early 80's we had one of the highest numbers on dogs who had failed their OFA's - since then we have instituted breeding standards - have our own nreed chart - have taken a spot almost 70 points lower than what we were in the 80's ...We share information regarding genetics as well as all health related issues regarding not only our breed but we often cross post information that is helpful to all breeds....
If PETA had their way - there would be no dogs or cats or horses, no zoo's - no educational forums regarding animals of any kind - and after they get done eliminating all animals - then they will turn their attention to humans - who should breed and have children and who should not - hey this sounds familiar - back in the 30's n 40's - didn't somebody try this before - yeah some guy by the name of Hitler in Germany - said Jews n Gypsies n other low class humans didn't have the right to live - so he tried to rid the earth of them - WELL Hitler did not succeed and the current followers (PETA) will not succeed either

Dog shows like Westminister give us an example of the Best of the best. Education is key to pet ownership. The dogs shown at Westminister are cared for to an extreme that most normal pet owners wouldn't go to to groom, feed or care for their animal. Keep Westminister on the air. It's better entertainment that a bunch of guys trying to kill each other in the ring or on a field.


I agree with PETA. I would never watch this dog show. I don't believe it's good to breed animals when they're so many millions of homeless ones who die in shelters every year.

RE: Dog Show should not be aired!!!
If you were a dedicated breeder and had to content with the likes of PETA IDIOTS on a daily basis you would understand the number and passion of the comments you are receiving.

Use a picture of UNO like you did!! Shame on you. He is one of the most beautiful beagles on the planet. Beagles have very few genetic disorders. They are happy, easy to care for and love. They get along with each other and rarely have disagreements that they can't settle without drawing blood. Did you ever have your picture taken when you were not ready. Well DUH - That is a horrible picture of UNO and what is happening in that picture is the handler beginning to move UNO around the ring. He is moving the leash up and placing the lead in the exact position that will be comfortable for the dog and show his movement and character and personality perfectly.

Then there is the PETA issue. These people really should get a life and leave the rest of us alone. They run shelters where the death of animals unfortunate enough to be there is in the 90 percentile range. Does that sound like an organization that is concerned for the welfare of animals. NO!!! I have been at dog shows where these crazy people have turned dogs out of their crates where they are placed for safety - they have actually turned the dogs loose and watched them run for the highway. Animals have been hit and hurt as a result of this type of high handed behavior by people who think they are the worlds experts in everything dealing with dogs. Actually, they are quite stupid.


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