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Dog show fans to PETA: Leave Westminster alone!

A poodle competes in the Westminster dog show Back in December, the BBC announced that it wouldn't air the Crufts dog show because of concerns over purebred dogs' health.  Earlier this week, we told you that PETA is asking the USA Network, which broadcasts the Westminster Dog Show every February, to follow the BBC's lead and discontinue coverage of America's most prestigious dog show.

We suspected a lot of you would take issue with PETA's premise: that breeding dogs for the show ring locks in genetic defects that, it argues, plague "as many as one in four purebred dogs ... with a serious genetic problem."  But we were surprised by just how vocal you were: More than 300 of you have commented on the story so far

Some of you agreed with PETA.  Christine said, "I think it would be great if the USA Network dropped this show. Let's do a special on the USA Network about all the adorable shelter dogs available!"  And Carl S chimed in, "PETA is spot on. The AKC is about money and human arrogance, not about what's in the best interest of dogs."

Most of you, though, said the show must go on.  "It is a total misconception that mixed breeds are more healthy than purebreds. Responsible breeders routinely screen for health problems. A mixed breed dog has no such testing and can inherit problems from many ancestors," said Janet.  And Purebred dog lover mused, "We are now in an era with the animal rightists trying to destroy and discredit breeders of purebred dogs. It must be duly noted that there are no health statistics kept on mixed breeds, just on purebred dogs. Who knows how many mixed breeds die of disease or breed problems gotten genetically from their mixed parentage?"

--Lindsay Barnett

Photo: USA Network

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So many claims that genetic diseases are caused by line breeding (different to inbreeding) and that Purebred dogs are dying at 3 years of cancer etc etc.

In comparison. Human beings are the most promiscus and widly outcrossed species on Earth in western nations at least.

We suffer all the same and similar diseases. We have babies dieing of cancer at 3 months of age etc etc.

If we are not inbred, linebred or purebred..then why is it?

Could it be that we eat rubbish food full of additives? Could it be that we are so pumped full of chemicals ..even in our air and water?

Could it be the pesticides and heavey metals building up in our systems?..even the Bald Eagle at the top of the food chain is going to suffer.

It is not just dogs that are going down hill.."we are" aswell.

Our DNA..in all species is being destroyed. Phospates in the water producing 12 toed frogs. This sort of goings on should alert us to greater risks to us all.

But instead we are incouraged to desex all pets (till there are none left. Drink "breast milk" (and save cows) and eat only Vegies by some extremists.

Well these extremists had better start living on air..because plants are a living thing and oh..they better stop breathing..because there are microbe creatures in the air they are inhaling and consuming....

It does my heart good to know there are reasonable people in this country who can see thru the tactics and screens that PETA and the HSUS uses to fill their pockets. Their deceptive ways are hurting all of us in one way or another, such as replacing the word KILL with euthanize. It is more accetable to say, BUT the animal is just as dead!!
These groups have gotten TOO strong politically and monetarily so they are strong arming the airwaves now. The networks and America needs to take back control with a good dose of common sense again.
Certainly you should air the Westminster Dog Show.

Where is the statistical data that proves the point of purebreds having defects genetically as opposed to mixed breeds? I am married to a vet and we have had one purebred and a handful of pound puppies. The bottom line simply is that dogs are much like people in that some have more health problems than others but are all loved equally. Shame on PETA and the media for even bringing this story to the public. Get a life PETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watching Westminster has been an event my entire family looks forward to watching every year. I entered the Westminster this year and have to state that before any of my dogs are breed they are tested and cleared for everything Hips, Elbows, CEA, TNS, CL and many more. With all the money that goes into my dog to show, I would only breed the best. People think that show dogs are not taken care of it cmpetely untrue. I spoil mine just like a family member. The Westminster show is also an educational show. It shows the puplic proper grooming, and some breed specifics that some people may have a different understanding of. PETA needs to worry more about the puppy mills and put there efforts into more serious matters, verses taking a show off the air.

Watching a dog show does not keep people from adopting mixed breed pets who need homes. People who watch dog shows are Animal Lovers in genersl and people who seriously like "dogs Better than People" I have owned pure breds, mixed breds and unidentifiable animals from 5 pounds to 105 pounds. Dogs are man's best friends and we should celebrate them in shows on the science channel, in our homes and back yards. Lets all enjoy our four legged friends in all venues. Don't let PETA ruin one of the few events the entire family can watch on TV.

PETA would also like to see you not drink milk because it is "cruel".
Don't take Westminster away.

Yes some breeders of pure bred dogs are irresponsible, others take the time to test and breed the best they can. Can a backyard breeder say that? Anyone can take a poodle and a schnauzer and breed the two together and get a mutt. But does the fact that it is a mutt make is stronger, no! In fact now you have passed on any genetic problems these two carried to their pups, and when they get bred they pass it to their pups so on and on it goes.

If you are going to make the breeders of pure bred dogs do all this testing, why not the breeders of unregisterd dogs? Why are they not the focus of PETA as well?

As a dog groomer I have many mutts come in who are all crippled up with genetic deformitys. Why aren't these breeders of mutts being penalised, or asked to do testing, as PETA is demanding responsible breeders do?

What dogs do you find the most in humane societys; mutts! why because for the most part responsible breeders are responsible for their own breeding. If one of their pups end up in a pound they are often contacted and go and rescue the dog. I speak of responsible breeders not puppy mills, which are a blight on this world.

So now we come to the crux of the matter. Why do we want to stop the airing of one of the best Dog shows in America? Because PETA says so! Peta is waving a mighty stick around the world trying to bully people into thinking like they do. in the end what we will see is no more purebred dogs, and only mutts. Mutts who are just as crippled and just as sick as they claim the purebreds are.

What happened in the UK is this, BBC ran a spot on purebreds, and bravo for exposing what was going on and forcing change in the UK. But then it came to the Crufts show and holier then thou BBC savior of all animals, now demands they exclude the animals they ran the peices on, why? Because it would make the BBC look bad covering an event that spot lighted what they had just condemend. BBC's reply was they would cover it if they would not allow those breeds they spotlighted to be shown on TV. They could be in the show but not on tv. How hypocritical of them, bad bad BBC. And bravo to Crufts for not capitulating to BBC.

Who is BBC to say who can enter a show and who can not enter a show? Since when has BBC gotten into the Purebred dog breeding business that they now think they can tell the Dog show officials what they can and can not have in the ring.

Who Is BBC...just another arm of PETA.

Breeding dogs for showing in and of itself is not unethical.

What is unethical is the deliberate breeding of major anatomical flaws that create terrible health problems(e.g. the crushed face in Bulldogs, the sloping, hip-dysplasia-friendly hindquarters in German Shepherd Dogs).

We need to breed healthier dogs, not eliminate them altogether.


Well it certainly hasnt taken them long has it?

How many states banned PETA in the US, How many times has Newkirk been removed from a State or Country?

WHY is the media, or any person for that matter giving them their [2 bobs worth], if everyone ignored their ramblings and pretended they didnt exhist, like a spoilt child throwing a tantrum, they would go AWAY..

How many more issues will they come up with....

NO FUR - done
NO WOOL - theyre doing that
NO PETS - in the process
NO FARMING - theyre working on it
NO FOOD - final outcome

PETA like everyone has mentioned, want a society FREE of any ANIMAL OWNERSHIP, no pets, no products, no zoos, no shelters.
The animals are to all co-exist, like a PETA comment from several yeas ago, "IF THE ANIMALS DONT GET ALONG, WE WILL SEND OUT A PERSON TO COUNSELL THE ANIMALS".......Nutty in the least....Hey try telling that lion they released from the zoo to run free on the streets, NOT to eat the native wildlife!!!

Newkirk must have had a sad childhood with no emotional attachment to anything, her purpose in life is to build an army and remove societies right to own animals.

If anything should be banned it should be PETA and their mentally challenged workers.

Lets keep televising Westminster! It is a great place to see the best of the breeds and learn about them. Responsible breeders take back all pets they breed and sell for the life of the dog. I just took one back today, and always have. Breeders support and have their own breed rescue groups that pick up their designated breed from shelters and temporarily keep them until homes can be found, regardless of the puppy mill or unethical breeder who produced them. Do not let these animal terrorist groups like PETA control our lives and pets. PETA kills most of the animals it takes in, and their goal to put a stop to all animal ownership, pets, farms, service dogs, military dogs, or anything where animals are kept as companions and pets. They deliberately distort the truth about shelters and euthanize 85% of the animals they take in. They are anything but humane and guilty of federal offenses. Read about them: http://tinyurl.com/f6jc8

PETA folks are entitled to their views. They are entitled to try to convince others to their viewpoints by friendly persuasion.

NO ONE is entitled to assult, ridicule, harrass, or otherwise make anyone who does't agree with his or her view uncomfortable.

PETA is only slightlly less active than ALF. Many of the activities PETA activists engage in have crossed the line by a wide margin. They should be arrested, fined, and be required to work constant undersupervision in a beef packing plant as a condition of parole.

PETA should stick to their fur and veg issues, as they have no real credibility with companion animal humane folk. HSUS is not PETA and it discredits those who do not understand the difference. HSUS does not have to have shelters to be a humane organization; their mission is education and humane endeavors. Responsible breeders would do well to separate themselves from large commercial "puppy farms", and we do know the difference. On the East coast, 40-50% of all dogs in shelters and pounds are purebred dogs. Responsible breeders engage in rescue and discourage over-breeding while encouraging pet retention and owner education, and serve as ambassadors for the breed. The American public loves dogs and at the same time supports humane treatment for all dogs. The public will not support the view that because animals are deemed legal property that "owners" can do anything they want with their "property" if it is not humane. Puppy mills, subsidized by the Federal government as "farms" are a national disgrace as are thousands of dogs destroyed unclaimed in pounds. Reputable breeders would do well to separate themselves from the "dogs as commodities" commerce community, ally themselves with the humane organizations who know the difference, spend less time thinking they have to "defend themselves" and work on the very real issues of humane treatment for all dogs. PETA will go away when there is no issue to be addressed and the dogs will be better for it. It's about the dogs....

If we stay on th animal rights track... we will see the end of purebred, or even mixed breed dogs, forever... The reputable/ethical breeder is more than breeding dogs.... and that is what the animal rights activist groups do NOT understand... the other folks who are breeding dogs to make money (BYB's & Millers)... are NOT the same people, who are working so hard to preserve our purebred breeds.

i love watching the dog shows on TV. i am totally against PETA running over my rights to watch what i want to watch on TV because of their agenda. TV networks should ignore them.
steve stiuder
tempe az

My little three-pound purebred Yorkshire terrier has a great little life. Right now, she's sleeping on a little velvet pillow. When I'm writing, she sits on the same pillow on my lap. I toss her kibble from her bowl in the kitchen to her in the living room because she seems to find that a fun game. She also likes chasing a little ball and walking all over my boyfriend when he's seated on the couch. Outside, she runs and plays in the yard, and when I've been gone, I can tell she really misses me because she sleeps right on my head. In America, with our stupid health laws, she stays home when I go to lunch. When I'm in Paris, I take her everywhere, even to the movies with me, and everyone fawns over her. Yes, she's very, very abused. Is this how dogs would live without humans? Of course not. Humans didn't evolve with cars, TV sets, running water out of faucets, or the Polio vaccine. Whaddya wanna bet Ms. Newkirk isn't living, unvaccinated, in a mud hut, drinking water out of a stream and playing tic-tac-toe with rocks and twigs for entertainment.

By the way, I saw the video, purported to be of horrible abuse, of those Westminster Dog Show dogs. In my house, we call that "giving doggie a bath" and blowdrying her afterward. She's not real fond of the soap and water part, but she loves being blow-dried. Just for the record.

KEEP WESTMINSTER ... AND LEAVE RESPONSIBLE SHOW BREEDERS - AND THE RIGHTS OF INDIVIDUALS TO SHARE THEIR LIVES WITH THE PETS OF THEIR CHOOSING - ALONE!! Anyone EDUCATED is well aware of what PETA believes in and what they do and it is shameful to even have"ethical" in their name because they are anything but. Teaching little kids their parents are "murderers" for eating meat, making beyond ignorant statements completely lacking in sense or compassion (for the PEOPLE involved) that eating chicken is the same as what the Nazis did to the Jews, killing animals in the back of vans because they believe animals are better off DEAD than being loved and cherished members of the family!!! Not only does PETA believe human life is not worth more than a chicken they actually believe the chicken is worth MORE than an unborn baby, that "meat is murder" but abortion is a "choice". Beyond silly, this is just SICK and TWISTED rationale. THIS IS THE UGLY TRUTH ABOUT PETA. Anyone who supports PETA should GET EDUCATED AND QUICK AS TO THE FACTS and stop supporting these demented people and their twisted ideologies. YES PETA KILLS ANIMALS AND BELIEVES THEY ARE BETTER OFF DEAD THAN SLEEPING IN BED WITH THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE AND CARE FOR THEM. I know my beloved four legged friends would HEARTILY DISAGREE. SHAME ON YOU PETA and SHAME ON ANYONE WHO GIVES THEM THE TIME OF DAY OR ONE SINGLE PENNY TO CONTINUE THEIR PARTICULAR BRAND OF TERRORISM.

The American Veterianary Association collects stats on purebred dogs (cats, etc) with identifiable problems; they do NOT collect stats on mixed breeds... how many mixed breeds have problems??? How many humans have issues such as crooked teeth, wear glasses, have adolescent thyroid disorder? ALL living beings have at least one quirk in their genetic code, including dogs - pure bred or otherwise.

Has anyone considered that when dogs/cats/etc died say 30 years ago, it was sad, but a given. Now with the advances in medicine, more is known about veterinary health, diseases, disorders - more can be tested for, treated and managed. What has changed is knowledge, which most purebred breeders use to ensure that their breeding stock and offspring are getting healthier.

Lastly, two quotes from the article last week stated: " Let's do a special on the USA Network about all the adorable shelter dogs available!" And Carl S chimed in, "PETA is spot on. The AKC is about money and human arrogance, not about what's in the best interest of dogs." Well, why not do an investigative report into both PETA and HSUS for their money grubbing in so far as the uptake of rescues has been so successful in the US, there is now a shortage, so they are IMPORTING "adorable shelter dogs" from other countries like Taiwan, Mexico and elsewhere... The things that make you go hmmmmm......

Please continue to air WEstminster. It is a wonderful event enjoyed bythousands.

dog showing is a very plesaurable sport and brings into the spotlight well cared for animals... responsible ownership and breed information. pet ownership is a responsibility and priviledge and seeing animals shown and treated with respect is a very improtant educational tools. there are 2 sides to every story. I understand that some animal organizations object to dog showing. but it is totally inappropriate to yeild to the assertion that it is a cruel sport when in fact... so many amatuers and professionals compete with love and kindness for the animals in their care. Children can be taught by this tool the values of respnsible competition and the love of animals.

airing westminster kennel club is one of the best ways to promote responsible dog ownership and education to the public. many important clips, news stories and training tips are offered in the 6 hrs of the dog show airing. if you are going to complain about dogs in the shelters, then the way to help PREVENT dogs in shelters is to promote responsible, educated and thoughtful dog ownership, not ban it from TV! wake up peta!

As a responsible, ethical show breeder I am continually blown away by PETA's ignorance reguarding dog breeding and pet ownership.

Ethical, responsible breeders who breed rarely and only breed genetically tested, healthy dogs who conform to their breed's standard are NOT THE PROBLEM!

The problem is puppymills, petstores and backyard breeders. If PETA really wants to help they should focus on the REAL problem. To me, it seems like they have no clue what goes into a good breeding program and can not tell the difference between a good breeder and a puppymill, and that is just sad.

PETA is not for the animals. If they were they would SAVE the animals they take in not KILL them. They would use some of that money they have to help rescue groups and shelters, not spread lies and try to stop pet ownership all together.

If a tiny bit of their money went to educating the public on how to find an responsible breeder, then many of these puppymills (which are the REAL problem) would go out of business. But PETA is not interested in the true welfare of animals. They would rather KILL an animal then find it a new home with a "person".

Keep Westminster and all other dog shows! They are the gateway to preserving the breeds of dogs we all know and love. We want to share our lives with the dogs we love, no matter if PETA thinks its unethical to have our dogs.

What is wrong with PETA? It is not the purebreed breeders that are the problem. It is people who dump their animals, who do not take proper care of their animals. I am 67 and would be lost without my dogs. I intend to have them forever. My children will take them when I am gone. PETA should be reminded what dogs do for aged people. It IS healthy to have the animals around.

As a dog owner, a dog show exhibitor and a breeder, Westminster, Crufts and the World Dog Show give breeders an example of what other countries are promoting as their top dogs without the added expense of a flight. Peta need to be reminded that the animals we care for ARE NOT dumped or abused, often treated with the respect given to family members and friends as they well deserve. They are valued companions. People who have pets and care for them are medically proven to live healthier if not longer lives and Ifor one cannot imagine life without them.

It is unfair to lump backyard breeders, pet mills, pet stores/boutiques in with responsible breeders who do health testing and are continuously striving to improve the quality and health of their dogs. Unfortunately for the public, unethical breeders are a dime a dozen and their "product" is often mass-produced for a profit. They clearly do not care about the health of these dogs yet I have never seen PETA protest puppy millers or pet stores. These are the dogs that often end up in shelters or breed rescue. As always, there are two sides to every story...yet PETA seems uninterested in learning about any view that opposes their agenda. Keep dog shows on and use them to teach people how to buy from responsible breeders.

IMO PETA is nothing short of an evil organization and I for one am fed up in hearing about the rubbish they go on with ... all in the guise of 'caring for animals'. PETA do not care at all about animals , all they care about is destroying peoples lives , pet ownership and gaining notoriety for their outrageous beliefs and or actions.
The vast majority of Pure Breed dog breeders CARE very much for their animals and DO do right by their dogs in breeding away from genetic faults. Having dogs is a privilege and to compete with them in any discipline is a wonderful hobby ! The dogs love it as do their owners. What PETA do not wish to recognize is the fact that if the dogs WERE as unhealthy from genetic faults as they claim , then how can these dogs compete looking as fit and healthy as they are.
PETA are nothing more than a trouble making organization full of troublemakers who have nothing better to do with their time!!!!!!

Regardless of how misinformed and misleading PETA is, they have every right to protest the highly viewed Westminster dog show.

As one knows more about the actual mission of PETA, one realizes their goals aren't for the benefit of the dog.

Some people like dog shows and some people don't. That is their personal choice. What PETA doesn't want to admit, is that the dogs in the best of their breed at Westminster are healthy representatives of each breed. The intense efforts by responsible breeders to produce healthy dogs is ignored by the gross generalizations of PETA.

I'm sure that there are people irresponsibly breeding dogs, and what I would like is to see a well funded group such a PETA chase that issue. With the millions of dollars they have in their coffers, that could do so much more for animals than they are currently doing. PETA is chasing the wrong issue. Underfunded dog clubs try to make a difference with improvement of dog breeds. PETA does not.

While it is great press, and may generate more money in donations to rail at the USA network and Westminster; they accomplish nothing for dogs as a whole.

PETA, you've went far with your "sea-kittens" act, but this is too far. Millions of people watch the Westminster Kennel Club dog show each year to see family, friends, and cheer on their favorite dogs. I myself, being a breeder/handler of dogs, find this very disturbing that you would go this far to get what you want. It's time to stand down PETA.

I don't like PETA but after watching Pedigree Dogs Exposed (http://www.riemurasia.net/kaatopaikka/go.php?id=12796), I am 100 per cent against breeding for show. Any person who keeps and loves dogs would agree if they knew what was really going on.

Watch the documentary, find out the truth folks...and make up your own mind!

Too many people jump to the conclusion that anything PETA supports they must be against. Do the research and DECIDE FOR YOURSELF!

Dear Animal Lovers, I am not agianst PETA, on the contrary I approve of them. It has been an organization that has helped many animals over the years. But at the same time I am a Dog lover, Dog Breeder and dog shower. I have a total of 8 dogs. 6 Pugs, 1 Yorki and 1 Border Collie. All my dogs live with me and if I can say this HUMANLY WAY. None are outside but in my bed with my family. If we find breerders that do the opposite this is something the clubs should control and not PETA. PETA has to worry more about abuse in animals, good feeding, good health and other actions that affect the life of any breeding creature. The time and money I spend on my animals come from my heart. If we show our dogs its becos we want to give people positive info on animals.

PETA, I believe from the botton of my heart that you are running out of job. There are very few missions available now after all the work you have been doing. You are afraid that you have finally finished your mission. Why don't you focus more in comming to Latin America and help the abandoned animals you find on the streets caused by irresponsible dog owners.

Is feeding an animal or giving your animal the best medical care, sitting every night grooming your dogs hair, playing with them and taking them out for walks, abusing your dogs than I am guilty of this.

Don't try to twist the truth about responsible dog breeders.

A comment was made that AKC depends on large-volume breeders for income. Au contraire! When AKC started a few years ago making more kennel visits to large-volume breeders and REFUSING to register puppies in substandard kennels, the volume breeders established their own registries! There are now approximately 30 registries competing with AKC, inclduing those for mixed breed dogs. To single out AKC and the people connected to AKC is to ignore the millions of dollars AKC et al have contributed to dog research programs and the thousands of hours given to educate the public about dogs, how to socialize and train their dogs, etc. AKC is targeted because of its high visibility, because its the oldest and largest and most conspicuos.
Also, there is new thinking about "hybred vigor". It is known now that a mixed breed dog can not avoid the genetic conditions of it forebears. There is no such thing as hybred vigor, only recessive genes.


I wish PETA would use their resources to educate non-breeders to be responsible for their pets by promoting spaying and neutering. I wish they would use their resources to help sheltered dogs find responsible homes and also help animals living in abusive situations. Instead, they are using resources to attack long term successful dog breeders who breed to preserve the integrity of their breeds and have devoted most of their lives to this cause.
PETA is upside down in their thinking. They are attacking the very people who have their breeds best interests in their hearts. PETA, IF YOU REALLY CARE, USE YOUR RESOURCES TO ASSIST ANIMALS IN NEED !!

Responsible breeders are all about breeding healthier dogs. They spend hundreds of dollars to test their animals so that genetic diseases can be prevented and dogs can have healthier, longer lives. PETA would have us live in a pet free world and eat ice cream made from breast milk. If they put half as much energy and resources into spaying and nuetering pet dogs that should not be bred, the shelters would be out of business pretty quickly. Wouldn't that be a good thing? Leave Westminster alone.

The FBI has linked PETA to the domestic terrorists ALF and ELF. Why then would you believe anything they say? It's like believing what Al Queda says!

Hypocrisy is the mother of all credibility problems, and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has it in spades. While loudly complaining about the "unethical" treatment of animals by restaurant owners, grocers, farmers, scientists, anglers, and countless other Americans, the group has its own dirty little secret.

It has been document that PETA has put down over 19,200 dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens. While it's possible that some of these animals were too broken or sick to be rehabilitated, humane societies in Virginia managed to save an average of nearly 65 percent of their animals in 2007. PETA found adoptive homes for less than 1 percent.

The majority of dogs found in shelters needing homes do NOT come from responsible breeders, they come from irresponsible owners.

Mix bred dogs have the SAME genetic disorders as purebred dogs. They are just less likely to be seriously health screened by their owners because of the cost of vet care. Why would they take a pup for free in front of a grocery store, and get thousands of dollars of health tests done? They don't! If the dog gets sick, the dog gets the needle because they don't want to dump $$ into a free dog. They will just get a new one next weekend in front of wal-mart.

PETA is a SICK organazation.

People need to realize that Peta wants to wipe out pet ownership all together. They are basically a terriorist organization.
Most purebred dog breeders do genetic testing before they even perform a breeding. We don;t even do that as people. Living things will have diseases etc. That is life. Mixed breeds will carry the same genes that their parents had; there is nothing to say that they will be healthier and there were no tests done before their breeding.
Our lives are enriched by our pets. Don't stand by and do nothing while PETA chips away at our freedom to have the pet of our choice.

We have a right to breed fine quality dogs, improve the breed as best we are able, and responsibly care for their health and well being. PETA is a hype-hungry organization which can twist their real agenda into looking harmless and caring-don't be fooled!

I bet those puppies would rather be at Westminister Dog show in NY, than dead in the North Carolina DUMPSTERS,put there by PETA ANIMAL HATERS!

So much has already been said, I will not repeat it. But, I must say how impressed I am with a large population of Americans who are actually getting it. Finally. There ARE responsible breeders and it's not a term, we 'throw around'. I invite anyone who doubts that to visit my dogs. To promote that purebreds are less healthy than mutts is just interesting to me. What do you think mutts are? A variety of poor quality types of dogs with no health screenings, who with no direction, produced puppies. Who in-turn were also not screened prior to placement. How could anyone even argue the benefit of quality-bred dogs? Rescue is great and I'm all for it, but to act as if there is no place in society for dogs raised with love and devotion to promoting quality pets, healthy as possible. is ludicrous.

Who died and gave PETA any rights to tell me what I can watch on TV, how many dogs I can own, if I can or cannot breed, if I can or cannot show my dogs, and last but not least, if I can even own my dogs and LOVE them...this is absurd!!
I am sick and tired of it, until PETA comes and pays my dog food and medical bills they have ABSOUTELY NO rights to come into my living room and tell me a thing!!!
And until my dog gets a job I OWN him, yes OWN him ..I am not his guardian as PETA likes for us to say...the tides are turning and hey animal rights radical terrorist fanatics...responsible breeders are MAD and we are fighting back..
We lost our daughter almost 2 years ago, and if it weren't for my dogs being there, loving me,
listening to me when other people didn't know what to say or how to act, I might not be here any
longer. PETA people have a HOLE in their hearts. They just don't get it when it comes to how
our animals can be our Friends more than people can sometimes. Dogs NEVER judge us and are
always there for us. All they need is their basic needs tended to, for them to ENJOY being with us.
Tell me who out there HEALTH TESTS themselves to breed humans????????? NO ONE!!!! We as responsible dog owners/breeders are helath testing our dogs, but Humans aren't health testing and actually quite a few humans are on drugs and still making babies with tons of health issues that the State (which is US) have to pay for!!!!!!
AGAIN...........Who died and gave PETA any rights AT ALL to stick their noses in our business???????????????

There are a LOT of responsible purebred breeders that are breeding dogs of great quality. If you do away with purebred dogs then all you have left is unpredictable personalities and behaviors. People enjoy seeing the quality of the dog that makes it to the top.

They are trying to save the Pandas and don't you think that gene pool is small? Looks to me like they are doing a pretty good job with them. They look pretty healthy and happy to me.

PETA get rid of your "all or none" mentality.

Come on people wake up and smell the coffee. PETA and HSUS are out for no less than the extinction of dogs, cattle, horses..you name it. Do a little research on them. Not just skim the surface. We are talking about a dog show here. Yes inevitably there will be some genetic issues in a dog, purebred or mutt. Dog shows are all about breeders that take great care with their dogs, genetically test for things like hip dysplasia, cataracts, etc. There are even quiet a few blood tests to check if your dog is a carrier or affected of certain things like PRA for instance. Do you think those tests came from pet owners? or shelter dogs? NO. They came from people that were committed to the breed who are concerned about health testing. Ding ding ding People who SHOW their dogs! These tests aren't available for mixed breeds. Why? Bc the genetic makeup of their ancestry makes it to difficult. Are their certain problems prevelant in some breeds more than others yes. Of course. Nothings perfect, but good responsible breeders do their best to keep this from happening. If everyone in the world stopped breeding dogs because there was a genetic fault in their pedigree that would mean no more dogs period. Every single dog across the globe has something wrong in its history, or the propensity to produce it. Do you really want to do that? No companions? No dogs to do their jobs? No golden retrievers to be service dogs, or rescue people. No German Shepards to guard your house, or do police work. What about bomb sniffing? Drug busts? These dogs are important to that. Crossing a German Shepard with something else wont take away their tendency to produce hip dysplasia? Your just adding the problems of another breed as well. So now instead of just HD you add Juvenile cataracts, because the new breed is hypothetically prone to that ailment. Dog shows are not about the prettiest dog out there. They are about the functionality of the breed to do what they were intended for. They are about preserving those characteristics. That standard that they breed for is intended to be a guideline to get as close as possible to achieve this functionality. A Siberian Husky for instance can't pull a sled just because it looks pretty. They have to be correctly built in order to be able to PULL that sled. A poorly built dog isn't going to win in the show ring, and is going to break down on the trail. Is that in need any more? No not really, but why loose a wonderful breed, just because we have cars? Does that make since to anyone? Let's let them die into extinction because we don't need them to pull sleds. It's a wonderful part of history to preserve in the breed. Don't blame breeders for dogs being in the shelter. What are we talking about here dogs that are dying in shelters? Mutts is what you hear overwhelmingly. But you blame breeders? Breeders breed purebred dogs? How did the mutts get there? IRRESPONSIBLE OWNERS! Letting their dogs run free and do whatever they want to and not spaying/neutering. Enforce the legislation that we currently have and there wont be this problem. How can dogs run around and have mutt babies if leash laws are Enforced? ANSWER: !! THEY CAN'T !! Doesn't it seem simple? BUT, this isn't being done. We have rising fees for breeders, and breed bans, and all sorts of things that are inhibitive. Why have these if it can be fixed with simply enforcing what is already in place? Please tell me I'm all ears! Are there purebred dogs in shelters? Sometimes. But, there are rescues and responsible breeders that take up a lot of that slack. Are there puppy mills? yes! Are there laws that will protect those dogs from being abused? and treated inhumanly? You bet! So why sit around having this conversation. Get out and enforce what is there instead of condemning those that are there to help? Condemning those that show their dogs to prove their worthiness. That do health testing. That are concerned for the welfare of their breed. If your really that concerned with helping dogs, get out and rescue them. If you see a dog on the street not on a leash what do you think is going to happen? Inform their owner? have the dog picked up before they have puppies! Common since people. If you aren't willing to help solve the problem then you ARE the problem! Off my soap box for now.

The majority of homeless dogs in shelters are either dumped by irresponsible owners or folks that have lost their financial standing to be able to afford a dog. This has nothing to do with breeders and even less to do with breeders that have does at Westminster.

PeTa does not give $$ to shelters. PeTa does not give $$ to rescues. PeTa does take shelter animals and kills them. "Better bred than dead" is one of their mottos.

Nice, huh?

I wish PETA would spend their time, energy and money on shutting down every puppy mill in the US. They seem to ignore the cruelty and misery of puppy mills who breed the bitch every heat and then when it can no longer produce kill them. That is where all the sick dogs come from. I don't see them doing anything about puppy mills. Until that day comes PETA is a product of the devil.
It is the irresponsible pet owner that is responsible for all the shelter dogs.

It seems to me that PETA and those agreeing with their scary tactics should do some research about pure bred dog breeding. I have had and have pure bred boxers. Reputable, quality breeders do their best to keep their breed's lines pure. The whole idea of a pure bred dog is to keep to a standard that has been set by the AKC, etc. These dogs are NOT abused. They are used to their lives and certainly get more attention than most dogs owned by the average "Jane"! I groomed dogs and cats for 26 years and believe me when I say, most of THOSE dogs and cats were neglected and therefore abused. Good, reputable breeders are not puppy mills. I agree that it is hard to keep bad breeders and puppymills at bay but seriously, do you honestly think that banning a dog show from the airwaves and letting loose precious animals from their carriers and vehicles is good practice and going to help the animals out in any way shape or form. If you let a dog out the door, what on earth do you think will happen to that dog? Who will provide shelter and food and care for it when it is running all over scared and with no idea what to do for itself?

Get real!!!!!!

Frankly, I think pet stores should be banned simply because 95% of the pets they get in to their stores are from puppymills and horrible breeding. I have for many years boycotted the purchase of pets from pet stores. If you stop buying from these places, they will be forced to stop selling.

Also, what is with the "designer dog" BS!?! Seriously, all these dogs are are fancy shmancy names for mutts. I can't honestly believe that people were and/or still are paying anything for these dogs. They will never become actual "breeds", just the way cockapoos, and peekapoos never have.

The problem with PETA and other groups like them is that they don't research what they are talking about. They spout the "party line" but don't look into it. I have spoken with many individuals who are members of these organizations and when presented with the real facts and proof to back them up they quickly leave and try to find someone who doesn't know better because they don't have any proof themselves.

The people who show their dogs at AKC shows like Westminister are people who test for genetic problems and guarantee their dogs to be clear or they will replace them.

As a person who has owned both mutts and pure-bred dogs I can tell you that neither has been healthier or sicker than the other. A mutt can inherit any genetic problems that come from the breeds behind them just as a pure bred can. The line about a mutt being healthier is just one of those "old wives tales" that everyone laughs about because they aren't true.

I am a Breeder/Owner/Handle that has had the good fortune and luck to have had a dog that not only was invited to the Westminser Kennel Club Show, but our dog was Best of Bred there and was Best of Opposite Sex at Eukanuba.

We do everything in our power to insure the health and genetic fitness of each of our litters. We spend countless hours, months in advance, researching each potential stud dog, prior to breeding. We examine the pedigree, temperment, and helth of each candidate. We require hip and shoulder X-rays, cardiogram report, and thyroid test. In many cases we have flown acorss the country to interview the owners and handlers of the stud dogs to insure that the dog is a perfect match, not only in genetic diversity, but in personality and temperment.

To get to a single breeding we usually have considered dozens of dogs and have invested several thousands of dollars.

After the litter is born, they are rasied in our home, not in a kennel & each prospective owner is interviewed before they are considered for a puppy. If there is even a 'feeling' that they are not the right person(s) for one of the pups, their application is rejected.

In each of our new owners signs a written contract, and they are required to bring the dog back to us, should they, for any reason, not be able to care for the dog.

We do follow up visits with each owner after placement and will 'buy back" a dog if we have made a mistake. We never want any of our pups to be placed in a shealter, or in a home that is not in the best interest of our dogs.

You will never see one of our dogs placed into a shelter. We do everything in our power to insure the genitic health of each fo our dogs.

I would hope that the folks at PETA do as much homework as we do when they decide to produce offspring!

Peta needs to know that pure breed people are trying to show people how to take care of dogs and what they are all about . we are not here to down gread our dogs but to help people learn as much as they can to give people a chance to learn and understand the breeds they are looking at to add to there familys. these peopkle take dogs from people and resell them into homes when they rescue dogs so what is the diffrence form what breeders are doing . we at least teach people

Even before hearing about this, I'd had several people tell me the "ACTUAL" agenda of PETA, and HSUS are to totally get rid of dogs. I just couldn't believe that any organization(s) could have this agenda in a Democratic Society. What happened to our Freedom to own or breed our little furry Friends? There is so many aspects of "tremendous impacts" on our Society from the Canines. It's just like I've heard of so many instances where there will be major advances on Medical issues in the canine world (through the Vet. teaching Hospitals here in the Country) that THEN are implemented in our Medical Establishment for People. Have they considered the many people ---- Sick,Elderly, Disabled who are dependent on their little canine Friends? These people are Crazy, and not thinking the full ramifications of their agenda, and actions.

Dog Show Creatures (People)

I read some of the comments...These dog owners are disgusting. Their dogs have lost any personality they had and all they recognize is a warm cage and food. They don't live long in most instances. Thank goodness for the SPCA. They give you some insight about the dog and it"s background. These Dog Mills should be ground up or fined so that it completely ruins them, this also includes show dog owners .

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