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Dog show fans to PETA: Leave Westminster alone!

A poodle competes in the Westminster dog show Back in December, the BBC announced that it wouldn't air the Crufts dog show because of concerns over purebred dogs' health.  Earlier this week, we told you that PETA is asking the USA Network, which broadcasts the Westminster Dog Show every February, to follow the BBC's lead and discontinue coverage of America's most prestigious dog show.

We suspected a lot of you would take issue with PETA's premise: that breeding dogs for the show ring locks in genetic defects that, it argues, plague "as many as one in four purebred dogs ... with a serious genetic problem."  But we were surprised by just how vocal you were: More than 300 of you have commented on the story so far

Some of you agreed with PETA.  Christine said, "I think it would be great if the USA Network dropped this show. Let's do a special on the USA Network about all the adorable shelter dogs available!"  And Carl S chimed in, "PETA is spot on. The AKC is about money and human arrogance, not about what's in the best interest of dogs."

Most of you, though, said the show must go on.  "It is a total misconception that mixed breeds are more healthy than purebreds. Responsible breeders routinely screen for health problems. A mixed breed dog has no such testing and can inherit problems from many ancestors," said Janet.  And Purebred dog lover mused, "We are now in an era with the animal rightists trying to destroy and discredit breeders of purebred dogs. It must be duly noted that there are no health statistics kept on mixed breeds, just on purebred dogs. Who knows how many mixed breeds die of disease or breed problems gotten genetically from their mixed parentage?"

--Lindsay Barnett

Photo: USA Network

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SO HAPPY to see how many people are "getting it" when it comes to PETA AND HSUS!!! This is exactly the sort of vigilance AND voice that we all need to keep as these two groups continue their nationwide attempts at putting in pet legislation that will restrict our freedom with our animals!!!
Please educate where you can! Especially with kids, whom PETA seems to be able to connect with amazingly enough through the school systems! DO NOT BE QUIET!!!

Mutts are comprised of purebred dogs , therefore you are doubling up on a genetic issues a purebred it prone to. In general medical clearances are not done on mix breeds so there is not sufficient data to prove that mutts don't have as many ( if not more) genetic issues than a purebred dog. How many mutt owners check for hip, elbow dysplasia, cardiac issues, thyroid problems etc to clear a dog of any problems BEFORE breeding? Many people prefer a purebred dog due to various traits that are consistent within a breed. A dog show is a hobby/sport that shows of the best of a breed it does not promote breeding.

Westminster - are you people crazy! 100% of owners of pure bred dogs LIVE to watch their breed on TV, we tape it, we share it, we cheer. We are in breed clubs, we compete in sports with our dogs. PETA is nuts, if it was up to them there would be no animals on this planet, they would neuter and spay them all and we would have no dogs. I am also a breed rep for Westie Rescue in the Seattle area, so I am very very aware of abandoned and mistreated dogs. If PETA wants to do something WORTHWHILE - pass laws to have humane treatment in puppymills! Quit punishing the good owners. AKC consistently promotes good ownership, sports and awareness. Go help shelters, help promote free spay/neuter to everyone not only low income people. Do something productive for GOD SAKES. This is picketing Westminster is OUTRAGEOUS.

Its amzing how many people just don't get what good breeders do. These are not the back yard puppy mills that produce the unhealthy dogs. People and the government needs to stop bothering the real breeders, and just go after the back yard breeders and puppy mills.

Most dog breeders that spend the money and effort into showing their dogs are also working hard to better their breed, and get the breed to be healthy. Its the misinformation that PETA uses and governments that kill this.

Do we all really want to end the lives of dogs and not have them in our lives anymore? With the dumb new laws coming out and PETA making issues of nothing, this is what will happen. Soon you will not have loving companions anymore, or that special dog to protect your home. And how about the disabled people that use trained dogs to help better their lives? Where will they get their dogs?

Just get real america!! Stop making bad laws that actually help the back yard breeders and support the breeders that have show dogs and work hard to better the breed through natural breeding. The real breeders do NOT use anything other then healthy dogs and natural breeding process to better the breed.

Peta, what are you trying to do? Start a Civil war in this country, trying to take peoples pets away or their choices. I think you might have your hands full if you can read how America feels about their pets and animals. They do not seem willing to part with them. Hollywood, stars who support you need a real check with the real world and should live life in the real world like most people do to understand. People do not all think like Hollywood folks. Get Real !!

"I bet PETA is tired of cleaning up the left behinds of where YOU as breeders went terribly wrong."

I bet PETA is too busy cleaning up the mess they left in their own backyard... and throwing it into supermarket dumpsters.

Yes I agree to Shut down Puppy Mills but not Responsible and reliable breeders, who are there with the owner with help and guidance threw out your pets life.

Dog shows are a wonderful tradition. PETA doesn't know the first thing about dog shows or how the dogs are treated! My dogs are treated like kings and queens. I think PETA should take up a real cause.

Purebred, Mixed Breed, does it really matter? Dogs are dogs. Over population in shelters is not totally a result of over breeding, puppy mills, etc. It has been my experience that most of the dogs that end up in shelters have behavioral issues. Most of them were never obedience trained and their owners either couldn't or wouldn't do it.
It has also been my experience that it is extremely difficult to adopt a dog from a shelter. I consider myself an excellent dog owner. I am self employed, have a 50 ft by 50 ft fully fenced back yard, my dog goes with me everywhere I go, has the opportunity to play in a dog park at least two times a day and sleeps in my room at night. I am close personal friends with a veterinarian that has after hours and emergency house call services. Still, I have been denied as a viable candidate for a shelter dog and given no explaination as to why. If I can't adopt, then who can? I might think that the staff picked up on some quirk that made them uncomfortable, except for the fact that I know of many people who have tried to adopt from the shelter and were turned down. In years past, the shelter is where my family always went to find our animal companions and we always offered a "forever home". Now, the shelters make it harder and harder to "qualify" to be a pet owner. Shelters become over crowded, good excuse to euthanize "excess" shelter dogs. Little by little PETA and the HSUS feed the populace lies and mankind follows along like sheep awaiting slaughter. Wake up America! PETA and HSUS do want to bring animal ownership to a total end! It is their agenda to rid us of pets entirely. It isn't even a secret. They are infiltrating every corner of pet and livestock ownership like cockroaches. My question is, will it stop at pets? Or, will this way of thinking move into the human world. Will some "agency" decide who can and who cannot have families? Should we sterilize all the people with physical abnormalities? Then, who will be the one who makes the decisions about abnormalities? Blue eyes, green eyes, double jointed, extra tall or extra short? It is not outside the realm of possibility. After all, Hitler started it generations ago...

PETA - concerned with dog breeders? Hmmm, what about all the dogs in low income areas who roam around producing puppies and kittens left and right. These people don't understand enough to have their dogs/cats spayed or neutered, nor have enough money to make sure that gets done. How many purebred dogs are in shelters - very few.

As an infrequent breeder of purebred dogs - I have bred only a few litters in my lifetime, simply to better the breed. Who else spends hundreds of dollars testing hips, testing for genetic issues, yearly testing of eyes to make sure lines stay as clean as possible? Every puppy I have bred is under contract to come back to me if for some reason the buyer cannot keep that dog. Even if that dog is 15 and they can't afford its vet care -- it comes back to me. Pets are sold on a spay/neuter contract as well.

All of that is bad how? How does my breeding practices increase the shelter population? How does my breeding practices affect dogs running around having puppies after puppies under someone's house? How does my breeding practice prevent the "inbreeding" of loose dogs running rampant whose littermates can breed to each other because their owners cannot afford to have them spayed/neutered?

PETA - please explain because obviously I am very confused. PETA - how much money are you spending to help educate people to spay /neuter their animals and to help them afford that procedure? Zero? Really? How much money have you contributed to the research of diseases affecting companion animals? Zero? Really? Zero? - for an organization who is out to protect our companion animals? Really?

Oh, I was mistaken - you really don't believe anyone should have a companion animal. Gosh, I almost forgot! With all the rhetoric you blast about, I forgot - you don't think anyone should own an animal. Just let them go out in the wild and live their lives happily. Let them be cold, go hungry, have no access to any medical treatment. How could I have forgotten your mission? Silly me.

PETA - while some high powered people/celebrities can think you are for the good of all -- the multitude of us voting citizens have a real brain and can see right through your extremist actions.

PETA - you are as bad as any other extremist group out there. You may be fooling some, but not all.

If PETA had their way, there would be no domesticated animals at all. It undermines our civil rights to own property. Yes, our beloved pets are our property and once we relinquish that right, we open the door to relinquish many more. I believe in the right to own property and the right to bear arms!

Peta, what are you trying to do? Start a Civil war in this country, trying to take peoples pets away or their choices. I think you might have your hands full if you can read how America feels about their pets and animals. They do not seem willing to part with them. Hollywood, stars who support you need a real check with the real world and should live life in the real world like most people do to understand. People do not all think like Hollywood folks. Get Real !!

Does anyone wonder why it is considered unethical to maintain unique genetic pockets of purebred dogs that have been developed for hundreds of year because there is an over population problem of crossbreds in the shelters; and yet no one is telling people not to have children when there are orphans needing homes in other countries? Does anyone understand the history of purebred dogs and their development and service to humans?
Why not promote education and prevent un-necessary breedings, but allow the professional breeders breed and showcase to maintain their bloodlines? Simplifying the issue that pet euthanasias are do to purebred dog breeding is simply FALSE.

PETA- Get involved with TNR trap neuter release instead of catch and KILL! Spread your wealth around and set up something comparable to a neuter scooter. How about actually doing something to stop Pit Bull fighting instead of advocating for BSL and telling the public they ALL need to die because none are fit as pets. We all see you have no problems infiltrating areas of concern for animal welfare to obtain video for the shock value to show on your site to fill your pockets. The horrors that have been done by your organization far far out way any good. PETA has absolutely no credibility with me, I no longer care what they have to say because all they want is to earn a profit and rule the animal world. With the Vick dogs both PETA and HUSS where proven WRONG when assessing the dogs by the way, to both orgs the only answer for these dogs was death....Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! They just wanted their names on it.

If anyone truly wants to help animals, donate to your local shelters, volunteer, or foster for a rescue. By all means do your research before you open your wallet their are by far better uses for the money and animals out there who will actually benefit.

The Westminster is the least of my worries!!!!

peta kills animals...look it up if you want the truth.

You know, I'm seeing one good idea over and over again, and want to amplify it a little. How about some REAL journalism about our animal aid societies? How about an hour or two on the ASPCA, HSUS, and PETA which shows us what they do all day and where our money goes if we send them some? Likewise, how about an hour or two on the registries, and how the AKC, UKC, and for instance CKC differ? There are a few million dog lovers in this country, a few million cat lovers, and they'd probably love the chance to see how all these things work if the hard news were seasoned with the occasional puppy or kitten.

Most of what I see of dog and cat news, or cameos in TV dramas, is just plain wrong. USA's "Monk" owes at least one good Doberman and a real search dog, for instance, for their bloopers to date. And yet the misinformation and silence propagate, because there's somehow something not quite respectable in talking about a subject that so very many of us have in common. If you're a writer who writes about dogs, you're a "dog-writer" as though writing about dogs didn't mean writing about people, which are considered a perfectly respectable subject for any literary school.

And when the sensible people are not allowed their day, who gets to do all the talking? That's right. Nut jobs.

Most ethical breeders of purebred breeds obtain all the health information to make sure they health and most ethical breeders require dogs to be return to the breeder if they are an issue.
It is amazon that they are arguing that mix breeds are heather which is wrong because they have not as much data. I would also guess that most dogs in the dog area are mix breeds.
I don't mind Westminster being televised. My only issue is when people are watching a show, they see a breed they like and that person wants that breed and may not known how much work, that breed requires. I known from previous years, Westminster Kennel & USA air that point out a lot.
I think the PETA has a poor argument and PETA could be workign on my important issues. For example, find homes for the dogs in the shelter, working on dogs being hurt. PETA move on to more imporatn issues.
USA has all the right to television the show due to freedom of speech.

I am writing in contradiction to the propaganda and untruths being presented to you by PETA, the extreme animal rights organization that runs only one animal shelter, which has a kill rate of over 90% each year, takes in millions of dollars from unsuspecting animal lovers who don't know their true agenda of ending ALL animal relationships with humans, including the right to own PETS, and who is listed as a domestic terrorist organization by the FBI.

I have been involved in dog showing for nearly 20 years. I am a retired professional groomer, veterinary technician, humane shelter manager, and have run a rescue organization.

What PETA is telling you about genetic manipulation and unsound breeding practices is all lies. Why would people who consider themselves the guardians of their chosen breed not work to improve health and maintain the breed's integrity? People who show dogs and breed ethically, as most show exhibitors do, make sure their breeding dogs are the healthiest, best possible representatives of their breed available. They do genetic testing to eradicate things like hip dysplasia, VonWillebrand's disease, deafness, heart conditions, eye anomalies, and other diseases from their breed. Yes, certain diseases run in certain breeds, but then again, breast cancer is particularly pervasive in women, diabetes is more common in Americans, and sickle cell anemia tends to be more prevalent in people of African descent. Isn't it smarter to learn to cure or avoid diseases than to eliminate a breed of animal or ethnicity of humans?

Most show dogs live a life of sheer luxury and joy. These animals are the best fed, get the most attention, and are the most well cared for in a veterinary aspect. They are like the superstar athletes and models of the human world. Why should we not revel in their accomplishments and enjoy their beauty? Please do not consider caving to the PETA propaganda. I assure you that they have NO concern for the animals, just for self-glorification. Air Westminster as scheduled, and for as long as it exists. If PETA has their way, there will soon be no beautiful, loving creatures to share our hearts and homes with.

Everyone needs to read the Hijacking of the Humaine Movement. I feel that the majority of Breeders of Purebred Dogs showing today are VERY ethical and reponsible.

I enjoy watching dog shows. Also I train/show and breed to improve my special breed. I AM and many of my friends are RESPONSIBLE BREEDERS. My dogs have the best of everything. They enjoy showing off and love the attention. The bond and the unconditional love betwen the dogs and I are greater then what I receive from humans. I do believe that PETA's agenda is destructive Peta's top brass and other animal rights group who share their values like HSUS need to be psychologically evaluated to put a stop to their antisocial and psychopatic behavior. They are home grown terrorists who need to be incarcerated. They infiltrate and manipulate the unsuspecting public with their lies hoping to discredit the good people. Try to imagine your life without your furry best friend. This could happen if Peta gets away with their sick plan. STOP PETA NOW!

When I started looking for a purebred dog, the AKC sent me to a breeder that kept a record of all basenji bloodlines and which dogs came down with which illnesses. Not only are the breeders breeding out the defects, they have gone into the bush and brought out new dogs to widen the gene pool. Plus, they came up with a dna test so that dogs that carry a certain gene will not be bred. All the breeders require that non-breeders (like me) sign a contract that the dog will be neutured. In my case, I had to send the paperwork to the breeder proving I did. I had no problem with it. The real problem are puppy mills. Peta should focus on that.

Although I've had purebred dogs for years, when I went to a breeder rescue to get one, I had to do everything but submit to a blood test. They wanted to see my house, learn how much time I would spend with the dog, doing what, where, how I behaved with my dogs, how I behaved with their dogs. As it should be.

I have been breeding for 36 years. I put Health &Temperament first. Most reliable breeders do all the necessary genetic testing they can do for their own breed. It's much more than humans do when they get married. Many children are born with genetic defects. Shall we stop having children?

I was shocked and saddened to hear that you are considering NOT broadcasting the Westminster Dog Show. It is one of the highlights of my television viewing and this year I have friends who are handlers whose dogs are invited to this show.

There are two things I would fight for to the death: my right to own, show, and breed healthy dogs that go to responsible owners, and my right to know where the 750 Billion dollar Buy Out Money authorized by President Bush and Congress really went.

I can’t help but question; why the PETA folk do not rather direct their energy and funds to champion the rights of the millions of stray and abandoned cats and dogs (incidentally most of whom are not "purebred") who are euthanized in North America every year? If there is a need to "protect" animals, this would be, without a doubt, a VERY good (and badly needed) place to start.

With respect to the posts that cry out "inbreeding", it should be known that this term is technically defined as breeding between close relatives, IE Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Daughter, Son). Despite my many years as a purebred fancier I have yet to meet a breeder who has done this. Without a doubt, the PETA people are confusing (either intentionally or out of ignorance) the terms “line breeding” and “inbreeding”, the former of which is a breeding between distant relatives (IE half uncle half aunt, etc). What PETA is further unaware of, (or choosing to omit as fact) is that many wild animals that live in packs or groups (along with other wildlife species), DO BREED with distant relatives. It would be statistically impossible for them not to.

When the day is done everyone is entitled to an opinion, but please get the facts first. Otherwise it is simply an inaccurate and ignorant opinion, and one, most unfortunately, that is being attempted to be forced unfairly onto the rest of society.

That's PETA living up to its fanatical crackpot reputation. They'd rather persecute everybody than put forth the effort to go after the real problem causers.

PETA should go after puppy mills and back yard breeders and leave the rest alone such as the breed of dog shows. Show dogs are bred carefully and with medical and pedigree background.
I love watching dog shows and do not want or like any interruption with it.

USA should air the Westminster Kennel Club. PETA is just plain crazy people. Beware, PETA probably will have a friend in the White House soon. Take a closer look at legislation in Illinois.

Nothing surprises me about the BBC any more. It has degenerated from a once authoritative, respected broadcasting organization into one of the most corrupt, biased and shallow news agencies in the world today. Don't let precedence of Crufts in the UK affect coverage of the Westminster show in the USA. I am encouraged by the overwhelming "No" in the voting result. The vast majority of breeders are dedicated to the well being and promotion of their dogs. They actively despise "puppy farms" which cause so much harm and suffering. I am the happy owner of a purebred dog. He was bred with care and his sire and dam are both champions. After a lifetime of living with dogs, I can truthfully say that I would be hard put to find a more loving, well adjusted, faithful companion than the one I have right now.

My friend had to put her nearly 17 year old toy poodle to sleep today. She is sad, but knew it was for the best. This dog spent all those years giving my friend comfort and vice versa. She was a champion and if all the garbage that Peta spouts is so true, how in the world could a purebred dog live for so long.
This goes on all the time in the homes of true dog lovers who breed for the best in their dogs. It would be an abnormality to find a truely responsible breeders dog in a shelter anywhere.
The two main "humane" groups that solicit money to "care" for animals spend all of it on trying to make them all extinct. HSUS and PETA are just groups of very sick people.

Ask HSUS what they did with the money for the Katrina dogs?? Where is it????

The downside to a poll like this is that it gives the well-funded anti-pet industry the cheap publicity they crave to boost their fund rai$ing efforts. A future without pets is their fondest desire but they dupe unsuspecting animal lovers into funding their huge lobbying efforts. A sad but true commentary on a heartless organization with an insidious political agenda.

Reputable breeders never allow their dogs to go to a shelter, they have contracts that the dog must be returned if not able to be kept - for ANY reason. Reputable breeders test for health issues, as much as able to be tested for and try to promote healthy dogs. Reputable breeders are willing to tell you if a dog is a good match for your family or if the breed doesn't fit with your lifestyle. Reputable breeders never sell a dog as a "gift" or "impulse buy". If you wanna crack down on people, crack down on the backyard breeders that want their dog to "experience the joy of birth" and end up with a litter of puppies that they dump in a shelter because they didn't want them. Crack down on the people that breed dogs every season just to make money, not caring about the health of the dogs or welfare of the mother. Crack down on the people selling them in stores and out of the trunk of a car on the corner - do you REALLY know what you are getting? Crack down on idiots that want to buy a dog because it is cute and knows nothing of what the breed is really about, personality traits or even how big they get! PETA wants to get rid of pets - they want to completely rid the world of the "enslavement of animals to humans" - get a clue, if you promote them then you are promoting getting rid of all pets - from mice to horses - is that really what people want?

I know that the USA Network has shown the Westminster Dog show for many years and that there are a lot of people that if they can not watch it when aired will tape it to watch it later. This is one of the largest dog shows that every dog lover watches and even someone who is looking for a certain breed of dog will watch to see what kind they want. I know that I personally am owned by Bedlington Terriers but that I do enjoy watching the other breeds that are out there and the new ones that the AKC have approved.

Now to get to PETA I have worked in the past with a woman who was strong with PETA and to tell you the truth some of their beliefs can drive you nuts. I was constantly yelled at for being a breeder and told that it was MY fault that the shelters were full of dogs. Well sorry but you usually never see a Bedlington in a shelter, it is usually a dog that is a mutt because of irresponsible dog owners that let their female dog run around when she is in season.

This was taken directly off PETA's site: "We at PETA very much love the animal companions who share our homes, but we believe that it would have been in the animals' best interests if the institution of "pet keeping"—i.e., breeding animals to be kept and regarded as "pets"—never existed."

Tell this to the older man who has lost his wife and all he has left is his dog to keep him company....

Or what about the therapy dogs that are out there to make others feel better...

And of course the rescue dogs that put their lives on the line to save the lives of people...

And to the police dogs that are used to sniff drugs to help save the lives of all of us from drug users...

USA please do not let PETA cause you to cancel the Westminster dog show. There are many dog people out here that love to watch the show that can't afford to make it to New York to see the show in person and the only way we can see the show is by watching it on tv. You can stand up to them and believe me someone needs to do it.

Caring paws,

Nancy R.

Let me get this stright. A RESPONSABLE breeders is:

- Someone who heath tests their dogs and does NOT breed the dogs that are not heathy/have a genetic defect.

- If such a dog were to turn up, they would contact the breeder, informing them of the problem and warning not to breed to that mother/father/line agin, and if they had breed the dog they would contact the owners of the other related puppies and tell them the information, and not breed the mother/father/line again.

- If for any reason the owner can not keep a pup anymore the breeder will take it beck and re-home it.

- The breeder sells all pet (not performance) puppies under limited registration and a specified age when the dog needs to be nutered/spayed by.

- The breeder only breede to BETTER the breed, and for that reason alone.

- They care for there dogs with the very best of care they can provide, and if crisis were to happen, they would put the wellbeing of their dogs before their own.

- They have the buyers sign a contract saying that the breeder has the right to remove the dog if it is found in bad conditions/if it is in a shelter/if it is sld without consent of the breeder.

- More often then not breeders are closly involved in rescue, and often forster dogs.

This is what I consider a reputable breeder, and most reputable breeders I would take half a look at are the ones that show, because when you show you compare your dogs to the other dogs in the breed and in winning and getting titals you can deturmine wether your dog is a good enough example (and a improvment) of the breed to breed.

Let's get this out - first of all PETA needs to figure out something else to do with their time. They need to focus on the back yard breeders who are creating "designer dogs" - mixed breeds are just that and nothing more even though they are being marketed by some designer name. MIXED BREED DOGS HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO GENETIC HEALTH TESTING DONE - ALL purebred dogs who are bred by reputable breeders are put through humane yet critically important health tests. Let's stop this nonsense and stop the puppy mills and backyard breeders who are causing the most harm to canines.

Ridiculous! As an animal lover and owner, I have been a long time supporter of PETA and the principles for which they stand, but no more. How do they reconcile killing animals for fur with RESPONSIBLE dog breeding and showing some of the most beautiful, healthy, well raised, well cared for and WELL BRED dogs in the world? To me, this stand is against everything they stand for--the ethical treatment of animals!

Sorry PETA, you're WAY off base here and have lost my support and contributions.

I belong to an internet group for people who own dogs fighting a battle with cancer. The list covers the world, but is predominately American membership. There is an overwhelming number of mixed breed dogs fighting the exact same diseases as their purebred counterparts.

I am proud to show and compete in performance events with my dogs. Every dog I own has parents and past generations of "grands" on both sides of their pedigrees that were thoroughly health tested for known genetic predispositions. While my animals can't be guaranteed to never develop one of the common health problems, I know that the breeder did everything within his/her power to make the breed BETTER. That is the goal of every reputable breeder.

According to PETA, my show dogs are slaves, who are forced like chain gang members to go into the conformation ring or on the agility course with me. I invite anyone to go to a local show or agility trial. You will see dozens of dogs, just like mine, who are begging for their turn to play!

What's worse, PETA doesn't want people like my sister to have her dogs either, even though both of my sister's dogs were rescued from her local humane society. PETA believes that my sister also enslaves her dogs, by keeping them in a safe fenced yard and leading them on leash during walks. Believe me, my sister's dogs much prefer their life of royalty over the "freedom" they enjoyed while abandoned on the street!!!!!!

The Humane Society of the US and the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are two monstrous money-making machines that are focused on their ultimate goal of "freeing" all animals from "captivity". They are very, very sick people misleading thousands of the public who believe that they are doing the right thing.

Beware of the HSUS and PETA. They are a threat to HUMAN rights.

I keep hearing that the AKC is only about money. Well PETA doesn't exist because its independently wealthy either. I have two Bouviers and a German Shepherd. I got the GS Dog from a rescue when she was one year old and both of my Bouviers when they were puppies. Yes I show my dogs and its something that I enjoy. All this talk about irresponsible breeders is just a ploy to make us all look like were the same and has no merit to what we really are about. Personally I take great pride in what I do. I would never breed my dog just to try and compete in a ring. I study the lines of my dogs on both side's to try and ensure that what my outcome is will be the best possible for the breed. I have spent thousands of dollars to ensure my dogs are not only happy but safe. Yes PETA thinks we are wrong but thats probaly becuase they live in a penthouse somewhere in the center of a large city and even if they wanted pets they probaly can't have them. My answer to them is do like I did and buy a home in the country, spend thousands of dollar's to fence several acreas in then build your dogs a nice heated kennel so they can be comfortable in the winters then try to tell me I am in this for the money and not for the love of my breed. Get a life PETA

PETA is dead wrong here.

Keep Westminster dog show on TV. Peta is nuts!

PETA are hypocrytitacal extremists,who know nothing about responsible dog breeders! Dogs are in shelters because of irresponsible owners, and puppy mills. period. Dog shows promote the best of healthy.well cared for dogs,and these kind of breeders only breed for the betterment of their breed,and sell the few extra pups they have on spay/neuter contracts,and offer any returned dog a forever home. There is a huge difference between puppy mills who breed for profit only, and the kind of people who compete at Westminster. Peta also has a high kill rate at their own shelters! Even our local shelter, who I help out has a no-kill policy. They are misinforming the public,and if all responsible breeding was banned,instead of just the bad ones,there would be no dogs left for heaven's sake. We need good dogs! For work,and companions.
Cathy Tyerman

I have read with interest all of these comments. I own two Bouviers and one Germen Shepherd. The Bouviers are both purbred dogs and I got the GS from a Rescue when she was 1 year old.
I hear time and again that the AKC is only about money but if thats so then PETA is as well. The difference is one promotes pure bred dogs and the other just takes your money then uses it to try and promote thier own agenda. I show one of my Bouviers and its something that I find great joy in doing. I do breed on occassion but not to make money. I am in it to promote my breed, not neccessarily to show my dogs. My dogs are trained in agility, and am now working on tracking. For someone that knows nothing about what responsible breeders are actually doing tries to tell me what I should be doing is akin to being in a country where you have no rights. Perhpas if these people in thier penthouse's who advocate for Peta would put down thier Latties and actually learn what we do then they would have a different tune. I moved from the city because of my love of my dogs and the breed. I spent thousands of dollars to fence in several acres so my dogs would be safe and be able to run and enjoy life as well as thousands more to build a kennel that is heated so they can be comfortable in the winters. If that makes me an irresponsible breeder then I guess no one will be safe from the lies and propoganda that PETA puts out. My advice to PETA is get a life and stay out of mine!!

many show dogs are fed and kept in better health than lots of human children

Please do not be influenced by PETA to take The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show off the air. PETA does not have the best interest of our animals in mind. If they had their way no one would be able to own or breed any type of animal. Think about it we would have to have our meat products shipped in, if that were even possible. We would become a nation of vegetarians. Banning the airing of Westminster is just one more notch in their belt towards this goal. The dog showing community on the most part is one of the most health conscience and ethical group of breeders there are. I know people that are not cared for as well as most of the dogs in the dog show world. They are a very caring bunch of people with nothing but the animal’s best interest in mind. Please allow them to show off their hard work and accomplishments. Westminster is a family event that many people look forward to watching together every year. Thank you for the support of the Westminster Kennel Club.

This is ridiculous. I show and and handle dogs in AKC conformation classes. I raise, breed and show Australian Shepherds and Newfoundlands.
I can tell you that the vast majority of AKC breeders and the AKC themselves have the best interest of the dog in mind. Responible AKC breeders, including myself, have my dogs health screened BEFORE they are even bred. My Aussies are screened OFA Hips and elbows, and their eyes are CERF cleared before being bred. Much less they are two years old.If they don't pass health clearences, they don't get bred. All puppies go out on a lengthy contract. Including taking the dog back for WHATEVER reason, if owner is not able to care for it any longer.
Newfoundlands are health screened for Heart, hips and Elbows as well as Cysturnia cleared.
Instead of attacking the responsible breeders and the AKC.Maybe you should go after the irresponsible back yard breeders, puppy mills, breeders of the "designer dog",and better yet the irresponsible owner. These people don't care about the genetic health of the dog or where it ends up, just how much they get for a puppy.The owners think these puppies are so cute, and never research the breed they are getting, then when they realize how much work a puppy is or that their Aussie is herding their children the dog is taken to a shelter, for doing what it was bred to do?
I am a volunteer groomer at my local shelter, and almost all of those dogs are the result of people who did one of the following. The backyard breeders who see puppies only as dollar signs are the reason shelters are so overloaded with dogs.Or people who are irresponsible when it comes to owning pets.

You Peta people need to get your facts straight and get a life! You have no idea what you are talking about, and you have caused more harm to animals than most the people you are referring to have.

While I applaud all of the responsible owners and dog lovers who rescue dogs., I believe in freedom of choice. The purebred dog breeders that I have spoken to are doing everything in their power to continually improve their lines and bring healthy dogs into the world. I have been the owner of 1 such purebred that made it to 14, a happy and long life for a purebred or a mutt. I have many friends who rescue who have had similar long lived pets through their excellent care.
Who is PETA or any other group to tell me what blood lines I should adopt my pet from? If PETA wants to support the mutt, they should raise money and awareness to help the shelters and non-profits who are saving pets, put their weight behind laws to punish irresponsible breaders and advertise about the benefits and responsibilities of pet ownership. The reason we have a problem with overpopulation at dog shelters has a virtually nothing to do with the purebreds as they are usually recovered quickly by the purebred rescue organizations or owners who lost them.

PETA ineeds to be stopped. They have no idea what they are talking about. They are a ridiculous "organization" that needs to be disbanded. Bunch of nut jobs!

The AKC has brought some of this on themselves. AKC registered used to mean something but now when an undercover news group sent in a registration for a dead dog breeding with a spayed dog and AS SOON AS THE CHECK CLEARED the papers for the puppies came in the mail. I love Westminster but AKC needs to be doing more for all dogs. They have allowed puppymillers to confuse the public about health and papered and dilute the breeds.

PETA and HSUS need to re-evaluate their objectives and go after the real perpetrators! They continually target responsible breeders without looking at the bigger picture! How about all of the Amish puppy mills? Or all of the 'designer breed' people chunking out puppies-for-profit? Believe it or not, if you breed two purebred dogs together to create a 'designer dog' without having done health checks on the breeding pair the resulting puppies will inherit all of the diseases or deformities of each parent. More than likely two-fold if each parent carries the gene for the same problem! Then the odds are increased for affected offspring. Makes you wonder how many of those animals crowd the shelters.

I started to watch some of my favorite shows on USA because of watching Westminster Kennel Club show. The show is great fun. My experience with pure=bred dogs has been great. Better than the health and behaviorial problems I have encountered in mixed bred dogs.

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