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Dog show fans to PETA: Leave Westminster alone!

A poodle competes in the Westminster dog show Back in December, the BBC announced that it wouldn't air the Crufts dog show because of concerns over purebred dogs' health.  Earlier this week, we told you that PETA is asking the USA Network, which broadcasts the Westminster Dog Show every February, to follow the BBC's lead and discontinue coverage of America's most prestigious dog show.

We suspected a lot of you would take issue with PETA's premise: that breeding dogs for the show ring locks in genetic defects that, it argues, plague "as many as one in four purebred dogs ... with a serious genetic problem."  But we were surprised by just how vocal you were: More than 300 of you have commented on the story so far

Some of you agreed with PETA.  Christine said, "I think it would be great if the USA Network dropped this show. Let's do a special on the USA Network about all the adorable shelter dogs available!"  And Carl S chimed in, "PETA is spot on. The AKC is about money and human arrogance, not about what's in the best interest of dogs."

Most of you, though, said the show must go on.  "It is a total misconception that mixed breeds are more healthy than purebreds. Responsible breeders routinely screen for health problems. A mixed breed dog has no such testing and can inherit problems from many ancestors," said Janet.  And Purebred dog lover mused, "We are now in an era with the animal rightists trying to destroy and discredit breeders of purebred dogs. It must be duly noted that there are no health statistics kept on mixed breeds, just on purebred dogs. Who knows how many mixed breeds die of disease or breed problems gotten genetically from their mixed parentage?"

--Lindsay Barnett

Photo: USA Network

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PETA is an organization that is completely misleading to the general public. They spend more time advertising misleading problems in the world of breeding/showing animals rather than puttin g their money they collect towards anything that benefits the animals they claim to be trying to protect.

Saying that a mix breed is healthier than a well bred purebred animal is ludicrous. There is NO way to track any health issues in a "mix breed" animal and to generalize all mixed breed animals into one pot is ridiculous. A well bred purebred animal has genetic health testing for MANY generations. A linebred/inbred animal has such a small gene pool that is there are any health issues they can be traced back to within a few animals so the breeder knows where/where not to go. Puppy mill animals are lumped into purebred statistics which is completely unfair to responsible purebred dog breeders. They do no health testing and knowingly breed dogs with known issues to make $$$.

If PETA and AKC put their efforts to shutting down mills (AKC could require health testing certificates prior to registering their dogs) then there would be far less puppymills since they wouldn't make near the money due to the cost of testing.

The general public also need to put forth a much larger effort in research before buying their family pet. Take time to research who you are buying from and find out about all the health issues of the dogs in the pedigrees.

Why was this an issue at all? Is it a case of monkey see-monkey do for the people of the US? Since the UK is taken in by PeTA and its ilk, we have to follow along like automatons?
The truth about PeTa MUST come out. They are terrorists whose true agenda is to eradicate the use of animals by humans....whether as a test subject for medical research or as a much adored family pet. From the farm animals that provide sustenance to those of us who realize that humans are omnivorous and that we suffer from a Vegan diet, to the zoo animals that, while not in ideal situations in zoos around the country and the globe, are at least being protected from the unscrupulous humans that are poaching many of the species into extinction in the wild, they have an insane agenda.
They are the lunatics that profess to stand for the ethical treatment of all animals on one hand, while the other hand is busily euthanizing animals at the Virginia "shelter" that they operate, which is really a death camp for any animal unfortunate enough to end up there. They are the morons who advertised in a prominent Dog magazine, saying that if you had recently bought a purebred puppy, to call a toll-free number for a "free puppy pack". When the "puppy pack" arrived, there was a body bag in it, with a letter admonishing the new puppy owner that he or she had "condemned a shelter dog to death" by purchasing a puppy rather than rescuing a dog, which is a blatant lie. They are the crazies who recently sent a letter to Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream insisting that they stop torturing dairy cows and using the cows' milk to make their frozen treats, and instead follow the lead of an equally crazy shop owner in Europe (Swiss, go figure) who had begun to make the frozen confection from human breast milk. According to PeTA, Breast Milk is the only viable source of milk that would not come from the enslavement and mistreatment of cows. (Google Breast Milk Ice Cream PeTA, if you disbelieve!)
Yes, people, the monsters of PeTA are not just into bombing medical research labs and throwing red paint on people wearing furs anymore. They are much more insane now!

I've been involved in the fancy for about 35 years. In all that time, I've had many dogs that had happy productive lives into their teens. Very few of them had any genetic problems at all. Breeding healthy dogs with healthy backgrounds = healthy dogs most of the time.

PETA is not pro-animal or dog, they are for NO-Animals and do not represent me!

I wish they had added "SHOW" to their No answer. It would be much better if it read...

"No -- SHOW DOG BREEDERS promote responsible pet ownership, breeding, and dog shows are fun and educational to watch."

Show dog breeders are responsible breeders trying to improve the breeds. A good show breeder does not make money breeding their dogs. They do it for the love of their breed. It costs a lot of money and know-how to breed a good show dog.

The layman has no idea what show dog breeders really do. Try asking a back yard breeder about the Canine Inherited Disorders Database, OptiGen, HealthGene, genetics testing, new vaccine protocols, Canine Eye Registration Foundation, or the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. They don't have a clue about these things, but a show dog breeder knows all about them and can discuss them intelligently, in length.

Back yard breeders breed absolutely anything. They do it for the dollars (re: mixed breeds/mutts such as labradoodles, etc). The dogs health means nothing to those people. They spend little or nothing breeding dogs and the animals get little to no veterinarian care before, during, and after whelping.

That is what Peta needs to focus on. That and not killing the dogs that they tell people they are rescuing. People just don't know what Peta is REALLY about. If only they did their homework before jumping on the bandwagon to support Peta, or any issue for that matter.

PETA is an extremely radical organization. They should spend their money to help shelter animals and rescue organizations instead of promoting themselves and their self-serving agenda.
A dog show for shelter animals (similar to the Westminster) would be a wonderful way to promote adoption and show the public just how intelligent and beautiful mixed breeds are.

I own three dogs - two mutts and one purebred. My mutts have more health issues (as a result of dogs breeding at their whim and not the whim of a responsible breeder who chooses a complementary pair of dogs with recorded health testing). One, my German Shepherd mix, suffers from skin allergies, digestion/bowel issues, and hip displaysia. The other, a cattle dog mix, suffers with joint problems. My purebred dog has no health issues. He was bred by a responsible breeder who health tested her dogs and choose a pair of breeders based on their complementary genetics and structure. Not all purebreds are bad and not all mutts are healthy.

Watching Westminister is the only education some folks get on the proper look and character traits of certain breeds. Even choosing a mutt - you are usually getting a mix of some more common breed - like the Lab or German Shepherd - it is helpful to know what general size, look, and temperment you are likely to end up depending on what mixes your mutt has in it. Never knowing what a "real" Lab is supposed to look like or what they were originally bred to do - you might not realize until it's too late that that cute little Lab-mix will one day be a 60 pound dog, mouthy, boisterous, very energetic, shed like a demon, and an easy keeper (will eat anything, anytime).

Westminister is not the problem. Show dogs and their owners are not the problem. The problem is the current USA's problem with treating living creatures as disposable, making rash decisions, and not realizing the work and training it takes to really care for a dog.

We have two pure bred English Setters. They are family members before they are dogs! My daughter shows one in Junior Showmanship and loves dogs shows. The breeder of our dogs is beyond reproach as she cares more for her dogs than many people care for their children. PETA's comment of 1 in 4 pure breeds with problems is so far out of line with reality that it is laughable. Yes, there are puppy mills and unscrupulous people out there who don't care but these aren't the people providing us with our incredible four legged family members. I would suggest that USA doesn't show dogs often enough. Keep Westminster on. You may even get to see my daughter there one day!

A lot of research has been done to help eliminate health issues in all dogs, mixed and pure, and a lot of that research has been pushed for by responsible breeders. Promoting ethical breeding is far more responable than lumping all breeders into a "bad, bad, naughty" catagory.

I think that PETA lost a lot of creditability when this past summer they sent a litter to Ben and Jerry's suggesting they start using HUMAN BREAST MILK to make their ice cream with in order to end the suffering of cows. These type of antics don't commend the betterment of animals.

There are so many great comments on here that it's hard to add anything to it... But People seriously need to listen to what we are saying. I would love to see News Organizations do some story's on true breeders. Peta gets far to much attention and yet they are the ones that should be feared. It's so sad that we live in a society where terrible news is what gets the ratings the networks want. There are so many positive things about the dog show world that no one ever hears about. Responsible Breeders work hard and basically don't make any money at it... There is no money to be made. We do it not for cash but for the love of the Dogs..

Please SOMEONE IN THE MEDIA DO A TRUE STORY ABOUT PETA !!!!!! Show the world what they are doing with all that money they get. It sure isn't going to help the dogs.. But it does seem to be getting into the pockets of our politicians...


I have owned Great Danes for 20 years (I currently have four), started showing 7 years ago, have put championshps on two dogs who were handled by yours truly in the ring, and bred my very first litter in June after my girl had finiished her championship and was completely health tested) - she was bred to Champion male with complete health testing and a proven pups already on the ground. She whelped 10 pups - five of whom will be shown. I did not sell my show pups - rather I placed them in good homes where I knew they would be loved and cared for and would have an opportunity to be evaluated in the show ring. The pups I placed in companion homes were sold on very strict contracts which included a spay/neuter clause, a guarentee against genetic defects (with full money back), lifetime support for the buyers, and a clause which indicates that any pup that the owner cannot keep must be returned to me. Moreover, I will also board any of my pups should the owners go on vacation, etc., as I prefer they not be put in a boarding kennel. I keep in regualr contact with all of my pup owners and we have become friends (even though most are out of state).

Given all of the expenses incurred with this breeding including an emergency c-section, I didn't even break even. My girl will not be bred this year as I don't need another show pup at this time - I'll be busy showing her beautiful daughter.

I resent PETA's attempts to paint me as money-grubbing, irresponsible, and uncaring!!! I have no problem having any one at any time inspect my home (and all of my dogs live IN my home and often in my bed much to the despair of my husband). When I went looking for a great dane, I wanted well-bred dog - I wanted to know my dane would look like a dane, I wanted the ability to see for myself all of the health certificates on the parents, the thoughts of the breeders behind choosing this particular sire and dam, to meet the sire and dam so as to ascertain the temperament of the dogs, etc. My buyers were offered the same.

I have rescued dogs in the past - I got none of the above assurances and a myriad of health problems. Dog shows are our way of proving that we are on the right track, that we are breeding dogs that meet the breed standard, and (just ask my dogs), a wonderful way to spend some time one on one with my dogs.

PETA needs to spend more money on building shelters, supporting rescues and established shelters, and less on supporting the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) who are nothing but glorified terrorists to say nothing of PETA's tasteless advertisements in many national newspapers and on TV.



Both PETA and HSUS start from the premise that we do not "own" animals, that we are at best their guardians. From this position, they argue that keeping a pet is tantamount to enslaving a human -- and they do not want to permit that to continue. If they were successful in stopping the breeding of purebreds, the total population of domestic animals would shrink drastically -- and to what or whose benefit? Extremists who are committed to veganism, destroying other people's property if that person dares to wear fur, or otherwise displeases them. They are masters of the quick slogan but at bottom, they are prototypical fascists. Rather than trying to eliminate the population of carefully bred animals -- from beef, to purebred cats to dogs, etc -- we should be cracking down on irresponsible and uninformed owners, people who disobey leash laws, and anyone who is abusive to their pets. Large-scale breeders of animals to supply pet stores should be subject to rigorous inspection, etc etc. But to claim that showing a purebred animal is in any way harmful, or that trying to produce a wonderful and healthy representative of any particular breed standard is injuring animals, is not only idiotic on its face, it's a form of fascism that should be loudly disavowed. The pomp of Westminster is fun for entire families and a chance for people to see the top dogs in every breed -- please don't let PETA kick sand in the faces of the millions of dog lovers who enjoy watching the show.

I am not going to sit back and let PETA and HSUS take away a very important part of my life....my loving companions and friends....my dogs. I've been a responsible breeder for 20 years and I'm sick and tired of both of these billion dollar entities deciding what is good and correct for me and what I will be able to have in this world. I love my dogs more than people. Their love and affection
is unconditional and forever, unlike many hateful and uncaring people in this world. As a quality breeder of my breed, I DO obtain all the necessary health clearances and make it mandatory that all my puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract and DO turn away folks who don't meet my criteria. One thing that I've noticed about all these comments is that no one has mentioned about the free roaming dogs and cats that are some of the biggest creators of our increased shelter animals. It is these dogs that are unkept, not fed properly, or even vaccinated or wormed, but left to roam the streets, unaltered and infest our shelters. Why aren't these people targeted? We should be spending some of this donated money to spay and neuter these culprets, or better yet....why are these people allowed to even own an animal if they can't care for it properly. Why is it the responsible breeder who will have their dreams shattered by not being able to show their dogs or compete in other venues of events with their beloved animals? WHY!!! I think PETA and HSUS along with our wonderful Oprah and now Obama, who are going to ban together to destroy us even more. My dogs are my soul mates and make me happy. You just wait people. If these two organizations (terrists) have their way, all animals will be abolished and the world will be a very sad place to live. You are SO WRONG PETA and HSUS!!! You know NOTHING about animal love and companionship. I feel so sorry for your TOTAL IGNORANCE about life.

If we as pet owners would realize and understand the only dogs in shelters and rescues are what "WE" put there. we would have no need for shelters and rescues - stop throwing away our family pets - close the doors on PeTA and HSUS -- quality breeders don't throw their dogs away it's we as impulse buyers that do the harm -- improper trained dogs and lack of care on our part as owners NOT THE BREEDERS
So leave them alone -- ON with the SHOW!

I agree with the majority...pETA are basically eco-terrorists, and their agenda is to rid the human race of living with both pet animals and livestock. They are a sick bunch. They kill more animals than any shelter could dream of. For every "bad" breeder there are many many good, ney, GREAT ones. Breeders who test their breeding stock, breeders who guarantee their puppies, and no matter what teh circumstances require the dog back if the new home cannot keep it. Those dogs therefore do NOT wind up in shelters. I know many breeders who do this. Not to mention the fact that almost every breed club in Canada and the U.S.A. have well formed, hardworking rescues, who take in dogs of their breed that are from puppy mill purchases/bad breeders who do not take back their dogs. These rescues work tirelessly on behalf of their beloved breeds. As well, that BBC program was edited and comments taken out of context, so that they made it APPEAR like the breeders were bad and breeding diseased dogs. Basically the show was fraudulently produced and edited. Shame on them and shame on pETA.

PETA people obviously have TOO MUCH TIME ON THEIR HANDS & NEED TO GET A LIFE if they are harping on the Westminster show! I know people who have shown their dogs at Westminster & their dogs are unbelievably cared for.
My dog is pure bred Standard Poodle from a responsible breeding. I chose not to show him for companionship reasons. He has no health problems, is loved & cared for as well as a child & darn near as smart as a 2 year old child with his understanding a 100+ word vocabulary. BTW he does watch dog shows on TV.
PETA find something else to chatter your teeth over...something that really matters for the betterment of animals. Maybe actually do something about nasty puppy mills!

Westminster is the Academy Awards of the dog show world and USA should continue it's outstanding coverage. Dog shows are a great family sport. What other sport allows both adults and kids to compete, often against each other, with the child often beating the parent? Showing is not as easy as it looks on TV, and those kids who have a stick-to-it attitude earn the respect of their peers as well as adult exhibitors. They learn how to be responsible and have fun doing it.

I own purebred dogs. A childhood friend chooses to buy mixed breed shelter dogs. Care to guess who has the bigger vet bills? I have more dogs yet she has higher bills. There isn't anything wrong with buying a mixed breed dog, but do not make false claims that they are healthier. In a perfect world, no dog would get cancer and die at an early age, and no child would either. Why is it fair game to blast breeders for any and all disease (including those that are not inherited) but not parents of children who are born with defects? The Canine Health Foundation has invested millions of dollars in medical research that benefits all dogs, including mixed breeds. CERF now has a mixed breed registry, so apparently these dogs are not as perfect as PeTA et al would like the public to think.

It is easier to blame all breeders for every health issue (whether inherited or not) than to take the time to do research, not only about the breed (health, temperament, exercise and care needs) but about what makes a breeder responsible. A simple google of "responsible breeders" is a good start as is X Club of America.

This country was founded on the premise of freedom; the freedom to choose. PeTA et al wants to take that freedom away. First is the choice between a purebred dog and a mixed breed/shelter dog and once they accomplish that, they'll take away the choice to have a pet at all.

The aim of PeTA, HSUS et al is to end all purposeful use or breeding of animals. That includes mixed breeds....

PETA believes in the complete abolition of ANY pets! They have publicly announced that having pets is akin to slavery. C'mon, people. Don't let PETA fool you. There are animal welfarists (those who care about responsible care of animals) and animal rights activists who often take it one step further in their extremist actions and viewpoints, trying to foist their opinions on everyone else. They sometimes go so far as bombing research facilities, and releasing dogs from the safety of holding crates at dog shows with no care that they might be hit by a car!!Vote NO to PETA (AND, their brother in arms HSUS which has now become an animal rights activist organization). People-- there's a BIG difference between puppy millers, backyard breeders, and responsible breeders. Puppy millers are the horrible mass producers of unhealthy animals given little if any socialization which is CRITICAL. Backyard breeders are the ignorant, perhaps well-meaning, pet owner who breeds their pets without little if any knowledge of animal husbandry, behavior, genetics, testing to ensure genetic health before breeding, training, etc. They might want to breed to make money, and they usually do not provide help or rescue services for their unwanted puppies, do not usually assist with Q & A to those they've sold puppies to, don't usually have the slightest knowledge of good conformation (structure, etc.), socialization, behavior or training issues, etc., etc. Sometimes, they want to show their kids the miracle of life. This isn't the 1950s. Only well-bred (read that healthy, structurally correct, good temperament/disposition, intelligent, trainable, retain breed type, etc.) dogs should be bred, and only knowledgeable judges or other experts in the respective breeds can help you decide this. Oftentimes vets do NOT know if a dog is of breeding quality. I was job shadowing a veterinarian years ago, and when a pet owner came in on a consult for breeding their obviously pet-quality Golden Retriever the vet gave it a general once-over for general health, and told them Sure -- she can be bred. Geesh! I couldn't believe how ignorant the vet was. Just adding to the pet over-population problem which, BTW, by PETA's own research is made up of OVER 70-80% MIXED BREEDS! People letting there dogs breed willy-nilly. There should be a good informd breeding plan in place...not just allwing dogs to breed willy-nilly. Just because it has reproductive organs doesn't mean it should be bred! That's where reputable breeders come in. Most of them are conscientious, knowledgeable, dedicated, forward-thinking stewards of their respective breeds. I just can't imagine a world where we will no longer be allowed to own pets (dogs, cats,, horses, etc.). And, that's where PETA is trying to lead us.

I have had experience with adopting a pet from a local shelter and also owning a pure breed. A woman who ran a puppy mill was forced by the county to give up 68 of her abused animals, many of whom spent their whole lives in a cage. The dogs were used as breeding stock and otherwise had no human contact. Their living conditions were deplorable! Many of the dogs had to be euthanized either because they were too sick to adopt out or they had severe emotional problems. Our Ginger took two years to come out of her shell and to this day is still terrified of women. Just thinking about what Ginger had to go through still pains me.

Two years ago after losing my 15 year old dachsund to tainted pet food, my partner and I adopted a pure bread Rhodesian Ridgeback. She is not show quality due to being born without the ridge but we bought her from a VERY responsible and reputable breeder. We signed a contract stating she would be spayed (due to the fact of not having the ridge). Also in the contract it states that if for any reason we cannot care for her we are to call the breeder first and NOT take her to a shelter. The breeder stays in contact with us and is still very involved making sure in part that we are truley providing care for our dog. The contract states that we as owners are required to keep our dog up to date on vaccinations and provide a good home.

At the time we adopted our Rhodesian we also received a baby book with pictures of our darling girl just days old. There are pictures of both the parents along with copies of numerous genetic tests that were done all in an effort to ensure the breeding stock used would produce HEALTHY offspring. The book contains pedigree information, tips for raising an socializing a dog, information about what to do in emergencies and who to contact if an emergency were to arrise. There was information about what to look for in our yard, plants that could be ingested that would poison our dog. All of this in hopes to give good information about how to properly raise our dog. I have never in my life ever had such a wonderful and supportive experience in my life. I am sold at this point on pure breed dogs.

I know it is important to keep adopting from the shelters so animals do not have to be euthanized but if these animal groups would go after the puppy mills that are producing the unwanted and often neglected animals instead of targeting responsible breeders then maybe we would see a reduction in animals being left at shelters. Go after the pet stores for supporting the puppy mills. Shut them down! But stop trying to attack responsible people.

I love watching dog shows and really hope the networks do not give in! They showcase the best not only of the different breeds but also in most cases the best of those who are breeding the animals.

BBC's decision to end their contract to broadcast Crufts was based on a documentary called "Pedigree Dogs Exposed" which aired on the BBC. It was actually the Kennel Club that made the decision to cut ties with the BBC. There is more to this than meets the eye. I support the stance the BBC took. They did what they did for the right reasons. PETA however has an agenda all it's own which has nothing to do with the stance the BBC took. As usual PETA chooses to use deception and ride coat tails to get their name attached to a high profile issue.

Dogs shouldn't be crippled or dying of cancer at two and three years old. It just shouldn't happen.

Posted by: L.A. Voter | January 08, 2009 at 08:48 AM

In responce to the above, I can only say thet neither should human children but they do. It happens, life is not really fair and it is certainly not the fault of "responsible" breeders. Try placing the blame where it belongs. On the corrupt, money hungry human race who do not care how they polute the air, water and food chain to make their big bucks. That is the biggest cause of cancer and other big health issues among both humans and nimals.
Joy C.

Their is enought trouble's in this world, and as a Hobby Breeder... I have people who are looking for a little dog for companion, If Peta is aloud to stripe away our rights as breeder's , people will lose more than there rights to watch the Dog Trialls, where as so many people turn their channels into watch, many hour's of training these beautifull animals, it's a good and wholesome thing for familes to sit down to and watch and enjoy. If you could only really see the twisted minds of this people, it's to ruin and control other's men affairs.... yes our little and large furry friends needs protection, but, not From the likes of Peta! if i don't properly take care of my pets ,when some stops over out of the blue... and see my puppies and my home is not clean or my puppies are sick or negected, you think people today have any troubles calling and turning you in.I THINK NOT!!! T.W.

Far from being concerned about the health and welfare of dogs, PETA wants to end the ownership of animals. (Yes, your little dog, too, Dorothy!) And they do not mind lying their tongues black about AKC, dog breeders, or anyone else in the process. This spoilsport organization dedicated to rupturing the bond between humans and domestic animals, hates anything that humans and their canine friends can enjoy together--hunting, dog shows, field trials, etc. They are against Seeing Eye and other service dogs as well as search and rescue dogs and hunting dogs of any kind.

PETA glories in celebrity fundraising and showy, yet meaningless, stunts that do nothing whatever to advance better treatment for animals. the organization showed it's true colors recently when PETA employees were arrested for killing healthy, adoptable, pets in their rolling Deathvan and ditching them in a restaurant dumpster. They picked puppies and kittens up from shelters and vet clinics on false pretenses of finding them good homes. Presumably they figured, why take the animals all the way back to PETA Headquarters in Norfolk to kill them? PETA does not operate any animal shelters--just a too-full meatlocker for pitiful frozen dog and cat bodies.

Why any animal lover would support such an animal-hating organization is a mystery to me.

Vickie Littleton

While all of us have our missions, PETA writes inflamatory letters in the hopes that we will jump on their bandwagon and support their mission to destroy our relationship with our pets. In their latest letter they cite physical problems in the same sentence with docking and cropping. They lump the AVMA's position on docking and cropping with a plea to change the breed standards. By doing so they pull at everyone's heartstrings.to support their (PETA'S) position. Unfortunately, the "illnesses" that they cite are present in mix breed dogs and wild canids. PRA can be produced with no familial links.....As can hip dysplasia, epilepsy and a host of other medical anomalies. Temperament is more genetic than people would like to believe. Mix breeds with poor temperaments will on a whole produce more mix breeds with poor temperaments.

Shelter dogs often end up in a shelter because of poor training, improper management, and uneducated owners. Many breeds or individual animals are not a good fit for every owner. There isn't any breed or mix of breeds that is perfect for every one. Dog shows offer the public an opportunity to educate themselves about the individual breeds. One of the best ways to insure that a dog will fit into a household is have a disinterested knowledgable 3rd party evaluate both the purchaser and the animal. Dogs are not all the same, just like people are not all the same. Owner education is a more humane answer than allowing the general public to continue to think that any animal is easily replaceable. When uneducated owners surrender a dog because its unmanageable....they often get a new puppy and have the same problems crop up 6-8 months later. Educating the general public about soundness (which a high percentage of show dogs are) will stand all animals in good stead. Mutts are excellent companions also. But, if the mutts have weak feet, hip dysplasia, drop ears, upright shoulders, epilepsy or allergies they will have their problems also. These problems may manifest in unwarranted aggression, laziness, or anxiety.
No dog lover, breeder, trainer, or exhibitor encourages the wholesale breeding of genetic problems. But, none of us have a crystal ball to view the future. All of us would breed 100% healthy, temperamentally sound (for the breed), perfect dogs if we had the technology.

PETA's position has always counted on the general public's knee jerk reactions.
All of the supporters of PETA should be insulted that PETA is treating its supporters like buffoons. PETA implies that not one human being alive is capable of caring for an animal, nor are any of the PETA supporters capable of thinking for themsleves.

If you don't like dog shows.......you are entitled. As you are entitled to not like anything else that crosses your path. However, your dislike of something doesn't mean that everyone else has to have the same opinion. Please use your option to view another channel and let those of us who have the canines best interest at heart enjoy our avocation.

Anybody hear whatever happened to the couple that went around to shelters adopting cats/kittens and then slaughtered them ? Oh, those were PETA higher-ups by the way. Isn't there something wrong with people that have such a horrific agenda ?


Ingrid Newkirk and PETA have one ultimate goal - the complete and total extinction of domestic dogs. Please remember this whenever you look into the eyes of the dog sitting at your feet. Whether your dog is a pound puppy or a lovingly bred purebred - Ingrid Newkirk and her two pals at PETA want that dog, and every other dog in the world, gone from the face of the earth. Forever. Seems, to me, that the goal of extinction is a pretty weird way to treat any species 'ethically'. People for the ETHICAL Treatment of Animals? I don't think so!
Here are Ingrid Newkirk's own words about the ultimate goal of PETA:
" Yes, 25 years from now, if we had solved the dog and cat overpopulation problem, which causes dogs and cats such misery and that would certainly seem to be a more worthy goal than perpetuating this abysmal situation, we would not have a surplus to place in homes. And if we had required sterilization we would not have animals from whom to breed but I don't believe it's up to us to decide which dog is to breed with what dog, and when, for the purpose of our business reasons. So there would still be dingos, jackals,
wild dogs of Africa, who live full and complete family livesbut the domesticated dogs could be a being of the past.
I don't believe it morally right, were dogs to disappear from the planet because we stopped exploiting them, to start producing them, in order to bring them into our homes to enrich our own lives."
Ingrid Newkirk, Prodigy Interactive Computer System. September 1, 1993

Please note the part where she says "I don't believe it's up to us to decide which dog is to breed with what dog, and when, " - that is EXACTLY what PETA wants to do - they want to stop all dogs from EVER breeding again! Who made Ingrid Newkirk God?? And who gave her and/or PETA the power to decide that an entire species should become extinct because she doesn't like companion animals?! If you want to share your life with a dog, you had better know exactly what PETA's ultimate goal and HIDDEN AGENDA really is!

If all responsible dog breeding is stopped, there won't be any 'cute, adorable dogs' in shelters - eventually they will all be fighting types and incompatible with the average American family. Generations of breeding for correct temperament and overall health is what contributes to that 'cute, adorable' mutt. Mutts can be great (we have two, along with our purebreds), but many families (especially those with small children) would be taking a high risk in bringing a dog who is a total unknown into their homes - responsibly bred purebreds give you quality temperament, health, and predictability - along with the vast experience and support of the breeder who can be invaluable in raising a promising pup into a family pet that children will remember for the rest of their lives.

pEta survives because of coolaid drinkers who are too lazy or stupid to research the fact that Ingrid Newkirk (insane founder and prez) likes personally killing animals in shelters "I must have killed a thousand" is a direct quote about her time spent working in a shelter. She would go in early before others arrived and kill them for pleasure. peTa takes in millions but spends it on itself and billboards - THEY DO NOT HELP ANIMALS, THEY DO NOT DONATE TO SHELTERS, THEY KILL THE PETS THAT PEOPLE FOOLISHLY GIVE TO THEM TO FIND NEW HOMES. I cannot believe this insane woman and her minions get as much press as they do, The AKC on the other hand spends on health care and genetic research to. Stand strong USA channel against the peta sickos.

I remain baffled by those people who believe the propaganda of PETA. This is an evil organization, at best. This issue is a prime example of their tactics. And unfortunately, some people will simply believe anything they read, without researching the facts themselves. We should all have the lives of luxury these show dogs enjoy! I have 6 dogs, both purebred, mixed breed, and one rescued dog. With the purebreds, I was able to look at the two prior generations, see their temperament, their healthy appearance, their health records - BEFORE choosing my dogs. I bought them from private breeders - I saw where they lived, and the conditions in which they lived. Puppy mills? NO! Loving dog owners? YES!



Backyard Breeders are the worst...foster and adopt...quit adding to the overpopulation...PETA is tired of cleaning up after your messes.....

I really wish some investigative reporter would do an indepth story on PETA & HSUS. Tell about their underlying goals - the elimination of our interaction in any way with animals - and, where all the money they collect from people goes.

The PETA people need to get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I have seen some of these self righteous idiots literally take healthy, well cared for family pets right out of their fenced in yards!!! I witnessed such an act in Tampa ,Fla! Who in the heck do they think they are!!!!
If I had my way I would load them all up on a space shuttle and shoot them into outer space where they could just orbit the earth and never come back!!!

PETA has no room to talk. This organization itself is all about all about big money and ridding our society of companion animals. All of the people who donate money...thinking it's to help animals when in actuality the PETA goal is to get rid of all animals, cats, dogs etc. Their website is truly scary. What can anyone say about a group that uses the Klu Klux Klan as an example in furthering their agenda. It's time America woke up and learned the true motives behind this really scary group of people (most of whom DO NOT own any animals thenselves!).

G Kaye

I am an owner and breeder of purebred American Pit Bull Terriers. My Grandmother is and owner and breeder of Miniature Schnauzers, and my Aunt owned and bred Jack Russell Terriers for 10 years. We all love our dogs and our breed of choice. Each of the different breeds fits our lifestyle and our family very well. When we do have litters we are criticized by some for not just selling our pups to anyone and for waiting until the pups are a little older to choose our pick of the litter. We also inform and make sure potential homes are educated enough to one the breed. What the dog needs, what to expect from the breed, maintenance of the breed, vetting, energy level of the breed, temperament, intelligence, etc... We do home inspections and contracts to ensure the best homes. We make sure every dog we have is either adopted into a home or with us and that is does not end up at a shelter.

We spend thousands upon thousand each year on our dogs for the overall care of the dogs. We train our dogs constantly making sure that they are the best at what they do. With my breed I work more with overall obedience, and work (weight pull, flirt pole, agility, stamina, hang time). I work hard to make sure my American Pit Bull Terriers, are very well socialized ( good with cats, dogs, horses, small children), have the right temperament, and the great work ethic of the breed. With my Aunt she works on both the working side of the Jack Russell Terrier, (Go-To-Ground), showing confirmation, as well as a lot of obedience training as Jack Russell Terriers, are very energetic and always on the go. My Grandmother works with showing confirmation. We put a lot of sweat, work hours, and the very best care we can provide into the breeds we have.

We can sit and talk about our different breeds and appreciate each others choice of breed. And even thou we have different breeds we can sit and share different training tips, and talk about what show is coming up next and where, how certain dog did in a competition, or which dogs we are planning to breed next. And out of the all the years we have been working with our breeds we have not had one dog with a severe or constant health problem.

My Mother on the other hand is a sucker for shelter dogs, and every dog she has owned that has been a shelter dog, has had major health problems, from hip dysplasia, blindness, to diabetes, and cancer. And all but one of the dogs she has gotten from a shelter has had major temperament problems (dog aggressive, human aggressive, child aggressive, cat aggressive, truck chasing just to name a few). And to top it all off the one shelter dog that I had was completely neurotic once she reached maturity and had to be put down for biting my daughter.

So my answer to PETA is that no, shelter dogs are not healthier by any means, and I will stick to my purebred American Pit Bull Terriers. Shelter dogs are not for everyone, and for some families they would rather have a purebred pup from a hobby breeder like myself, then get a shelter dog with bad or unknown history. You also have to understand that with having a mixed breed there is no telling what their energy level will be, what they are like (temperament wise) when they finally mature, or what their maintenance level will be. With purebred dogs potential owners can research a breed or a few breeds, talk to a few good breeders and get a good idea of what breed may fit into their life. This is simply not the case with shelter dogs.

Also I keep seeing comments about the "over population crisis". This crisis is a myth and something put out by HSUS and PETA, to get people to back them that would otherwise turn the other cheek. Why is the "over population crisis" a myth? Well... Because the shelters in the US are importing dogs from other countries to fill their kennels each year. Some shelters charge as much as $200 for a dog that has been imported. Making these "shelters" nothing more then a glorified pet store full of mix breed mutts. More then 14,000 dogs have been imported from Puerto Rico alone in the last seven years. Shelters import these animals from as far as Thailand.

I wish a news station or media outlets would do a special on HSUS (not a shelter but a business that wants to end all pet owning, their fraudulent scams to take people money to help animals when none of those animals are being helped by them "VICK CASE"), PETA (Their slaughterhouse practices and their extremist views of pets), "The Overpopulation Crisis" and the importation of dogs from other countries to the US. Then just maybe then people would know what they are talking about, know the facts, and what these "organizations" are all about. Until then I will be watching every dog show I can.

Peta stay away from our rights.

In the UK among the majority of sound and ligitimate dog breeders, the feelings run high on this issue with regard the BBC. PETA wish to follow the UK example - I think they need first to study the reaction to this over here. The BBC can open its viewers comments to them and they will see and very different story to the one they believe. It is my view that the BBC coverage saw such a small area of the thousands of people who are involved in dog showing and breeding in this country. It is biased and I have said this to them. I am sure the huge majority of dog people over here care for their breeds health and genetic values. The breeds are important if you wish to maintain the different types of dogs we all know and love.

If is was not for the responsible breeders you would not have your purebred Golden Retriever, your purebred Yorkie, your purebred Maltese your purebred 'fill in the blank'. Responsible breeders breed to the standard and to type. They spend years studying the breed, do hundreds of dollars worth of health tests. Than determine whether the dog in question is an asset to the breed or not.
I worked in a animal shelter. It was not the 'purebred' you saw the most of. It was the mixes, dogs that owners did not take responsibility for and allowed them to be bred.
Responsible breeders have contracts, have Spay/Neuter Clauses and take back any dog from their breeding. So let's not blame the responsible dog breeders and the hobby breeders.
Tell PETA to clean up their own back yard.
To those who think there is a 'hybrid vigor' get real. That is just a selling ploy to get you to buy the designer mutts. Do some research.

PETA is stating the obvious....BREEDING CAUSES OVERPOPULATION....all the dog show is is to show off inbred animals for the "sancitity' of the bloodline...sounds like another form of racism and Nazism to me...last time someone did this they killed off millions of Jews as well because they were not of "pure blood" and wanted to protect the "sanctity" of the bloodlines.....

Elitist, petty, snobbery

Get over yourself, you do not love animals...especially since breeding adds to the problem..I bet PETA is tired of cleaning up the left behinds of where YOU as breeders went terribly wrong....

Good luck purifying the race.....errrr....breeds

Breeders remove viable homes from homeless animals everyday.....kill millions more with their ignorance and sheer greed.

Companion Animals (as they should be called) are not things, but beings that are dependent on us...

It sickens me how little you people are aware you hurt so many..

Stop eating meat, and ADOPT..

I am so sick of PETA trying to interfere with pure breed dogs and dog show of any kind. If they would spend more time with the the shelter dogs and having them spay and neutered or going around neighborhoods and offering free or very low cost spay and neutering to cats and dogs the dog population would be down. Most people who get mix breed dogs consider them disposable. If they get hit by a car, oh well, I just get a new one. Pure bread dog breeders are not the problem it is the dogs running lose un-fixed and breeding on the street. This includes cats. Get your dog or cat fixed and there will not be the shelter problem. PETA spend your time on the streets getting these lose dogs and cats fixed. Leave us responsible dog breeders ALONE!!

PETA and HSUS advocates are at best uninformed and at worst, malicious. Reputable dog breeders are responsible for perpetuating the breeds that everyone loves plus they are accountable for the dogs they produce. Without them, there would be no breeds -- only feral dogs of unknown ancestry with no human accountable for their wellbeing.

Dog shows encourage competition among breeders with the objective being that they will find the best breeding stock available in order to produce the best pups possible for the next generation. Westminster Kennel Club is the creme de la creme of this competition. Of course it should be televised.

PETA sucks, for every one thing they do right they do 2 or 3 things wrong and make all animal people look like terrorists.
PETA knows nothing about genetics or what good show breeders are doing to make the breeds better and healthy

Responsible dog breeders are not the enemy! If you want to find the cause of the decline of health in our pet population (dogs AND cats) just walk down to your local Veterinarian during a vaccine clinic! I do think purebred dogs have more vaccine reactions and you mix that with irresponsible breeders who don't do any health screening and you have a population of invalid cancer stricken pets. It is now happening in BOTH dogs and cats so to "blame" anyone does not address the problem in fact it blinds the public to the real issue. Many folks actually think they will get a healthier pet if they get a mixed breed. When they don't they think they are just "unlucky"- WAKE UP America. Start educating yourself as to how to feed and care for the animals under your roof or PETA is right- NONE of us should have them.

Lindsay Barnett makes the headline sound like animal owners are against PETA all the while by putting another spin and emphasis on "quotes" by their supportors.

Don't worry about articles like these folks, there is a reason for the trend of major newspapers going out-of-business around the country - because non-sense items like these are their "news" and WE subsribers choose to go elsewhere with our pocketbooks!!

PETA has no desire to protect and save animals, pets or otherwise. Anyone that has done any research into their history knows what their TRUE agenda really is! Those that leave positive comments in support of them are actually their "transplants" trying to make themselves look good.

USA should continue to broadcast the Westminster KC dog show as long as there are enough people who want to watch the show to make it a worthwhile venture.

PETA is losing all credibility in the animal welfare community. PETA kills virtually every animal that it takes custody of, including almost 20,000 healthy adoptable dogs and cats that were unlucky enough to find themselves in the PETA shelter, instead of the kill shelter nearby which had a kill rate that was less than half the rate at which PETA killed their unfortunate inmates.

PETA takes the money of animal lovers by false pretenses. They have no interest in animal welfare, they want to end the ownership of animals. They equate owning an animal to human slavery. Their answer to all the questions with regard to domestic animals is "KILL, KILL, KILL!"

It is no surprise that PETA wants USA to stop broadcasting a show that showcases beautiful, well bred, well trained purebred dogs. They hate the whole concept of dogs and would like to keep people from seeing how wonderful purebred dogs and their owners and breeders can be.

USA, keep broadcasting the Westminster KC show. It is a wonderful show and I have enjoyed it every time I have seen it.

I have owned dogs all my life and I believe that the Westminster show should be aired.

Part of the show's idea is to get people some idea of what the breed os to do and look like so that they can judge fot themselves what they aren’t (could be need for medical purposes (guide dogs , or other health needs Hearing and for getting around (power dogs) The security services for all countries us them to use the (NOISE) to get people that are trying to smuggle things into the countries that could harm us. I have owned dogs Cockers, Sheppard (Collies) German Sheppard, accidentally got a Newfoundland and thought she was the cats Meow. I bought a English Springer for hunting and wound up being on of the most sought after dogs for advertising in the country until he was killed in a car accident. He is still being sought out but can't comply as the dog is dead. This dog when bought I paid a good price, and I thought it was insane but my wife said get him. His rating and wins: he was a three time State obedience Ch. , 3 time International Field ch. 1 time Best of Show, Worked for a Sporting store, advertising, he was certified Hospice and Alzheimer dog, He also loved to hunt. To get him muscled up he would take a 15 mile run at his own pace, (30 miles an hour) and not break a sweat. This comes with breeding!!!

Presently I have another Springer Spaniel (from Rocky Mountain ESRA) per/ Dr‘s orders to help me get back on my feet. This gentleman was 11- now 12 years old and he is one of the best at every thing that I ask of him. From the AKC; 19 time field champion, and he knows his way through the field and wants to go out hunting . He has a nose the don't quit on the birds yet. Someone also had trained him for medical problems in humans. If someone in the house starts to sneeze, he gets up and gets to them before you really got a chance to sneeze. He throws himself up across the person and stays there until it is over and then he stays next to them for about 5-10 minutes. (oh by the way. he has RA both in back, and in his one front leg) This is do to (Old age) not to any malformation or to poor breeding. He just needed a good home t live out his days.

They should air both shows to give people some Idea of what the dogs are capable of and what if full blood should look like if this is what want.

The English Springer is one of the best dogs for all around. Kids will be watched, and protected, along with the old timers, good hunting, companion, wanting to do what you ask of him (or her). House manners that don't quit, no matter what is wrong.

These dog shows that are aired, just provide a showcase for each of the breeds and what other people think of each of them that knows the breed, to be able to show what the differences in the dogs are to help you better judge when people buy the different dogs, for what ever reason.

Thank you to listinging to me.

George Stotesbery

Please do not let the 'squeaky wheel' win in this case. As stated by others, PETA's goal is not healthy pets, but NO pets at all. While I breed and show pure-bred dogs, I also rescue and have done so for more years than breeding. Again, only stats for health issues exist for 'pure-bred' dogs, no such thing exists for mixed breeds, so how can anyone possibly state with certianty that mixed breeds are healthier? It is just hype and not fact!

I have been showing and breeding Border Collies for 11 years this comming March, currently under the "Bellaclan" prefix for the past three years. In those 11 years I have not met a dog breeder, that didn't have a strong love for their dogs. I have met alot of show breeders and exhibitors, and the bottom line is that they LOVE and ADORE their dogs. There are a VERY FEW number of unethical breeders that show, but for the most part, most of us "show going people" give up much of our lives and vacations to go to a show. We keep our dogs at their best health, we DO health test and spend thousands doing it and thousands funding health testing too. We feed the best foods we can get our hands on, we spend thousands a year at the vets. In fact, we probably have the healthiest dogs if you take the weight issue into concern as it is very RARE to see a breeder let their show dogs get to an unhealthy weight, like the pet people do. Our dogs are our world and PETA will not take them away from us. There are many people that have dedicated their lives to dog breeding and showing and the health of their breeds. Why should some silly group be able to shut that all down just because they were able to find a few sick purebreds and turn it into a huge problem when really it is not.

The facts they are using are not even true they were blown out of proportion, so ask your selves...what other things are they blowing out of proportion? Only then will you find the truth. To all of you that are not convinced, go to a dog show and watch those dogs on the grooming tables and how they are doted on, they receive nothing less all their lives.

Call a reputable breeder and ask them for a puppy, most will put you through a whole "adventure" before they will even consider sending you a puppy. Now call the humane society and ask them for a dog, they will get you to come in, look at dogs, fill out a few forms, ask a couple questions and viola you get a dog that has not been health tested, has not been fed the best food all its life (cheap kennel food) has not been groomed and bathed weekly, you have no idea where this dog came from, it is not from Champion proven parents. If you need help with the dog later and you call the humane society, they won't even remember that dog, and you will be alone. MOST breeders don't just breed show dogs, they breed healthy dogs, from health tested parents, for really good loving families, and they will provide you with support and friendship for the life of your dog. Breeders keep track of the unhealthy dogs and stay away from them, there is no record for sick mutts so how can you even prove that mutts are healthier? It isn't even genetically possible as all mutts are made up of a bunch of purebreds, so genetically they still have all the same genes just half from a bunch of dif. breeds all slapped together... Really find out the truth, call a few breeders and after that, take your pick.

And to PETA, don't you worry the truth always comes out in the end!

If one follows PETA's argument to its logical conclusion (ie. that no dog should be bred until all shelter dogs are adopted), then I guess no one should have kids until all the kids in foster care or orphanages around the world have homes.

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