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Dog show fans to PETA: Leave Westminster alone!

A poodle competes in the Westminster dog show Back in December, the BBC announced that it wouldn't air the Crufts dog show because of concerns over purebred dogs' health.  Earlier this week, we told you that PETA is asking the USA Network, which broadcasts the Westminster Dog Show every February, to follow the BBC's lead and discontinue coverage of America's most prestigious dog show.

We suspected a lot of you would take issue with PETA's premise: that breeding dogs for the show ring locks in genetic defects that, it argues, plague "as many as one in four purebred dogs ... with a serious genetic problem."  But we were surprised by just how vocal you were: More than 300 of you have commented on the story so far

Some of you agreed with PETA.  Christine said, "I think it would be great if the USA Network dropped this show. Let's do a special on the USA Network about all the adorable shelter dogs available!"  And Carl S chimed in, "PETA is spot on. The AKC is about money and human arrogance, not about what's in the best interest of dogs."

Most of you, though, said the show must go on.  "It is a total misconception that mixed breeds are more healthy than purebreds. Responsible breeders routinely screen for health problems. A mixed breed dog has no such testing and can inherit problems from many ancestors," said Janet.  And Purebred dog lover mused, "We are now in an era with the animal rightists trying to destroy and discredit breeders of purebred dogs. It must be duly noted that there are no health statistics kept on mixed breeds, just on purebred dogs. Who knows how many mixed breeds die of disease or breed problems gotten genetically from their mixed parentage?"

--Lindsay Barnett

Photo: USA Network

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If the general public knew what PETA really stands for, they would not support its causes quite so vehemently. PETA is against any ownership of any animal, regardless of the reason. Science and medical research has proven that family pets prolong the life of the elderly, aid in all types of mundane household tasks, search and rescue, alarms as to danger, impending danger, fire, intruders and numerous other safety measures. Dogs and cats do much more for their owners than owners could ever repay them for and are forever vigilant. PETA wants us to give up our rights as animal owners to make decisions in the best interests of our pets from surgeries to spay and neuter. They want to legislate away our freedoms to even own a pet, care for a pet or have an animal in our home. When are we, the people, going to stand up for our pets rights to have an owner that loves them, protects them and takes them to the doctor when they are sick? I am all for taking away the rights of people that abuse their animals but not taking away those same rights from responsible breeders, pet owners, veterinarians, rescue workers, animal control care persons or civil servants that use animals in their work. Responsible pet owners need to stand up to PETA to maintain their rights and make PETA change its focus to concentrate on animal abusers.

Mitleid....When you cant spell "pinscher" as in Doberman Pinscher correctly, you obviously do not know enough about, or involved enough in dogs to make those comments.
If you want to fix the broken side of this...go after the fighting rings and puppymills. The pet stores who support puppymills by selling off their stock also needs shut down.
Show me a puppymill who performs genetic testing on thier breeding stock. Well, news for you...RESPONSIBLE breeders do! If you own a healthy purebred...thank a responsible breeder. NO responsible breeder breeds mixed breeds, therefor are not responsible for shelter numbers.
The puppymills making their 'designer mixes' and the irresponsible people who take on dogs and do not research to the time they require, or buy them for their young children, then shocked when their 4 yr old doesnt take care of the dog....then off to the shelter they go.
Go after them!

OK you thinking folks out there....
Think about this, if PETA and HSUS have their way EVERY animal in the world will be mandatorily spayed and neutered.
When this generation of pets passes on....THERE WILL BE NO MORE PETS.
If everything is altered pets are gone forever!!!
That IS what these animal rights radicals are trying to do!

Personally, I'd be very sad if there were no more purebred dogs. Collies, Cockers, pointers, Chows etc etc.
This movement is absolutely insane !

PETA, Find a different hole to run down. For the most part breeders of pure bred dogs are responsible and meticulous when it comes to breeding. As usual it is a case of the minority of society ruining it for the rest. Go chase the bad guys and leave majority alone!

“In the end, I think it would be lovely if we stopped this whole notion of pets altogether.”
— Newsday, Feb 1988 Ingrid Newkirk, PETA Founder

“I don’t use the word 'pet.' I think it’s speciesist language. I prefer 'companion animal.' For one thing, we would no longer allow breeding. People could not create different breeds. There would be no pet shops. If people had companion animals in their homes, those animals would have to be refugees from the animal shelters and the streets. You would have a protective relationship with them just as you would with an orphaned child. But as the surplus of cats and dogs (artificially engineered by centuries of forced breeding) declined, eventually companion animals would be phased out, and we would return to a more symbiotic relationship – enjoyment at a distance.”
— The Harper's Forum Book, Jack Hitt, ed., 1989, p.223
Ingrid Newkirk, PETA Founder

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals killed more than 90 percent of the adoptable animals in its care during 2007.

PETA claims to be dedicated to protecting animals and treating them "ethically" but killing animals that could otherwise be placed in adoptive homes isn’t terribly ethical, especially for a group whose $30 million annual income is more than enough to do the right thing instead.

Adding PETA's 2007 numbers to the mix the group has put down over 19,200 dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens. While it's possible that some of these animals were too broken or sick to be rehabilitated, humane societies in Virginia managed to save an average of nearly 65 percent of their animals in 2007. PETA found adoptive homes for less than 1 percent.

Who died and gave PETA the right to tell me what I can watch on TV...this is absurd!! I am sick and tired of it, until PETA comes and pays my dog food and medical bills they have NO NO NO rights to come into my living room and tell me a thing!!!
And until my dog gets a job I OWE him, yes OWE him ..I am not his guardian as PETA likes for us to say...the tides are turning and hey animal rights radical terrorist fanatics...responsible breeders are MAD and we are fighting back..this is AMERICA and we dont get bullied easily!!! Go fight a rodeo or a circus or something to occupy your time...better yet go adopt a dog to LOVE not try and eliminate!!!!!

All of the money for the research into inhertitable diseases in dogs have come from the responsible breeders themselves!! Not the government, not the HSUS, not PETA.

Responsible breeders have been working to eliminate these diseases for many years now and are still finding the research.

All diseases found in purebreds are found on mutts. The problem with mutts, there is no way to track the disease. All of the tests design to know which dogs may carry a defect are based on purebreds. Eliminate purebreds and toy eliminate a way to cure or prevent diseases!

Responsible breeders will always take their dogs back, so they do not end up in shelters. It is the irresonsible OWNERS who allow dogs to breed and then dump them for the shelters to have to deal with.

Teach responsible OWNERSHIP first and leave the resposible breeders alone!!

Please don't discontinue showing the Westminster KC. A lot of people watch this and get valuable information regarding responsible ownership and breed traits from David Frei's speil during the showing of it. They also give info about adopting from shelters and various other information that is important to the general public. It would be a shame if the few (PETA) bullied us into accepting their policies and don't buy from a responsible breeder if we want a purebred dog/cat/whatever.

Let's see here. PETA killed over 92% of dogs it took in , in a recent year. Who cares what they think? Maybe this stampeding of kennel clubs will work in socialist Britian, but not here. This is the Land of Liberty.

I breed and show purebred dogs in the AKC venue as well as the CKC (Canadian Kennel Club)...

I have owned purebred dogs all of my life and out of all of the dogs I've owned, I've had two with a genetic issue, neither of which were life altering for the dog but did result in neither dog getting bred. One dog is still alive and healthy at 8yrs of age and the other dog lived to be almost 17 yrs old.

The three mutts I've owned have all had life altering health issues.

For every study you find that shows purebred animals are riddled with health issues, you can find counter studies to show that non-purebred animals also have equally serious health issues.

A non-purebred animal also has less predictability in things like size, temperament, coat care, energy level, trainability, etc because it has not been bred for generations to do a specific job.

PETA and groups like PETA are all about one thing... NO OWNERSHIP OF ANY ANIMALS by ANY HUMANS period! They want to take ALL ownership rights away from you.

They start out by getting people to think it's about saving animals from shelter's etc, but the end goal is zero companion or working animal ownership.

Are there unethical people that participate in dog sports? Sure ... there are unethical people involved in ALL aspects of life, including religion, but as a whole, the higer percentage are people who are passionate and dedicated to the well being of their dogs.

A dog does not have to be purebred to be inbred, or to have genetic defects. Veterinarians will tell you crossbred dogs have many of the problems attributed solely to purebreds. Difference is, a purebred owner is far more likely to bring their problems to the vet, and a responsible breeder is far more likely to be in touch with the owners, so they are aware of these problems.
It's a shame ignorance and misinformation have people on the side of a domestic terrorism organization

Thank you for the article. PETA is a joke. PETA and HSUS have played on the psychology of people long enough in solitation of funds that, by the way, do not go any way to actually help dogs. I own my dog, I payed for it. I am not the parent of my dog. (Animal rights terms). But I love my dog, does my dog love me, nope, incapable, but he does like getting fed and he does like his soft bed and always glad to see me. He does not like getting his teeth cleaned. That does not go to say that my dog/dogs have not brought me the greatest joy throughout my life, and taught me many lessons about living life, and all have lived many many years, one being 21. All but two bought from show breeders. Yes show breeders do have occasional puppys, I knew I would be getting a nice example of the breed because that is their objective. I can not believe the animal rights are trying to force their agenda on everyone regardless if they want to be vaggan or not. Just remember that friends do not let friends donate to PETA or HSUS. I stopped that long ago Take a bag of dog food, used pet beds, toys to your local animal shelter or rescue. That way you know where your donation goes -to actually helping the dogs.

re: Hybrid Vigor. Hybrid vigor in dogs is mostly a myth. Domestic dogs, as a whole, are a closed gene pool. Mixed breeds are NOT inherently more healthy than purebreds, and are likely to be less healthy than a well-bred purebred. Where do mixed breeds come from? Purebreds. Purebreds who are probably not responsibly owned. Purebreds allowed to run loose or breed indiscriminately. Purebreds who are not likely to have had genetic testing done (http://www.offa.org, http://www.caninehealthinfo.org).

Hybrid vigor does exist. But only for the first (F1) generation. And only for diseases that are are NOT shared by both parent breeds. So if you take a Doberman and breed it to a Golden, it's likely the offspring will not have Subaortic Stenosis (a Golden heart complaint) or Idiopathic Dialated Cardiomyopathy (a Dobe heart issue). However, those puppies can still have hip or elbow dysplasia, autoimmune diseases, etc. And after that first generation? All hybrid vigor is lost, and the resultant puppies can get any and all diseases of all ancestors. So basically, mixing the breeds simply spreads more different diseases through the population. Most purebred breeds can get an average of 30 or so different genetically inherited issues/problems. Mixes can get over 100 (Padgett, Control of Canine Genetic Disease).

With the explosion of DNA testing for dogs, genetic disease is far more controllable than it ever has been. Responsible breeders are actively seeking these genetic markers and breeding away from them.

Finally, it's a myth that all purebred breeds are sickly. Many purebreds live well into their teens and are healthy and hardy well into old age. That's all we can ask of any dog, of any ancestry, and responsible breeders are producing these dogs all the time.

As one who lives not far from PETA headquarters in VA., I offer that PETA is an acronym that stands for: People Embarrassing the Tidewater (VA) Area.

To those who think that the breeding of my purebred dogs was frivolous or reckless I submit that if similar desire to improve the human race was applied to the breeding of humans, there would be far fewer PETA members.

Remember that PETA was cited for illegally dumping the carcasses of euthanized animals in a dumpster in Moyock, NC and that animals "rescued" by PETA stand a far better chance of being euthanized than virtually any other "humane" organization in the country.

And yes, MY puppy contract says that a buyer of my puppies must return a puppy/dog to me for re-homing if they cannot keep the dog. No dog bred by me is to be turned in to a shelter - EVER.

"If PETA and HSUS are SO concerned about the amount of shelter and rescue dogs why don't they give SOME OF THE MONEY THEY COLLECT FROM THEIR MONEY CAMPAIGNS TO HELP THE PETS?"

Because they believe that dogs and cats are better off dead than being owned by people. The president of PETA admits to going to a shelter where she worked before it opened some days just to kill animals. HSUS wants to make it so expensive to eat a hamburger or own a pet that most people will become vegans out of economic necessity. This is why you should NEVER vote for any proposition supported by PETA or HSUS. They may sound noble on the surface, like Prop. 2 or the mandatory spay/neuter bill, but each is just another step for their ultimate agenda of denying you and I the right to eat meat or own a pet.


Once again you and whoever you represent are not telling the truth about the Humane Society of the U.S. This is a very common untruth that surfaces - suspiciously -every single time the topic of animal welfare comes up.

The HSUS is not, and has NEVER claimed to be a shelter. This is just false. They do disaster relief, and they do lobbying and legislative work - all of which is apparent the second you go to their website. And I'm a regular viewer of both Animal Planet and National Geographic Channel and I've never seen an HSUS commercial, except those promoting Prop. 2. I think you are deliberately implying that the ASPCA commercials, which do show animals in the ASPCA shelter in New York, are in fact HSUS commercials. They're not and I believe you know good and well they're not.

I believe you are a breeder who apparently has a Google alert for anything relating to PETA (which has nothing to do with HSUS), purebred dogs, and animal rights. Breeders misrepresenting themselves inevitably descend on any discussion board on these issues and spit out the same untruths, almost word-for-word, every single time. But you are not telling the truth about the HSUS, who I'm guessing you fear because they've been very effective in lobbying and legislating for animal care reform.

HSUS may very well have millions in their coffers. They certainly have my donations, and I will be very disappointed if they don't use my money to fight you and people like you who spread misinformation to the detriment of animals in the US and all over the world.

PETA and HSUS have killed more pets than they sold - yes they make money at all of it - whats that say about being a responsible pet owner after all they own the pet until they adopt it out or in most cases until they kill it. PETA and HSUS are more armful to pets then anyone else out there!!!!

Please stop telling people that purebreds are less healthy than mixed breeds. That is entirely false and unsubstantiated, and there is absolutely NO means for tracking that information. Conscientious breeders routinely health-test all breeding stock plus the puppies before they're placed, and we interview and "vet" our buyers just as carefully as we do our babies. PETA needs to get and KEEP their collective noses out of a situation they have absolutely NO knowledge of - except for the number of dogs in shelters. Most of these poor dogs come from the pitiful backyard breeders and puppy millers that are running rampant and unchecked/ungoverned. This is the area caring citizens should be most aware of and concerned with - those who are pumping out litter after litter of puppies and allowing horrible living conditions for the poor parents and babies. SHUT THEM DOWN by refusing to buy from them or pet stores who buy and perpetuate this anomaly. You ALL need to stop listening to, and giving credibility to, "celebrities" and their donations, because they know no more than you do. AKC is a top-notch governing body for we breeders, and keeps us HONEST. How many puppies have you seen advertised lately with "fake" registries such as APR, CKC (Continental Kennel Club), etc.? Most of these are breeders who, for one reason or another, have been disallowed from registering with AKC, usually due to non-compliance with AKC Rules & Regulations. None of those dogs could participate in Westminster - ever, because it's a prestigious show for prestigious canines, and the show draws a HUGE crowd of both live spectators and TV audiences every year, and has grown in its scope. None of my dogs I sell are to EVER be re-homed. They must come back to me for re-homing because, quite frankly, I don't trust the average pet owner to know how to check out new homes. Additionally, all my pet puppies are sold on a spay-neuter contract (and many I've had done before ever offering them for placement), and there's no wiggle-room for negotiation on that matter. I don't intend for my pet puppies to be bred by someone who hasn't either the knowledge of my breed, nor the compassion for the welfare of my animals, to make those decisions. If you want to breed, you don't get one of my babies - pure and simple.

Responsible dog breeders are not the problem; IRRESPONSIBLE dog owners are. Plaint/simple. Whether you are a purebred dog enthusiast or snob, a rescuer...whatever your role is in the life of animals, it is the irresponsible owners that have placed a burden on society with their cast off dogs. As for Westminster, another ploy by PETA to dig their claws into another animal venue...leave it alone. Also, shame on the purebred enthusiasist who talks down to other dog lovers/breeders. I personally do not care if someone makes a modest living devoting their life to the care/development of dogs. I do not believe in large scale commercial breeding; but support my local breeder with family raised dogs/puppies that I can purchase for a price reflective of the care given to the parents. PETA followers are reflective of how easy it is to brainwash those with no true experience in the joys of pet ownership and herd mentality. As for the person who can make a judgement between mixed and purebred dog health using only their own two dogs; needs a lesson in statistical analysis. As for those who support purebred only and look down at those who breed puggles, doodles or morkie (get the idea); how dare you accuse them across the board for not being responsible...they take tested healthy examples of purebreds and create a mix as well...not much different than the purebred enthusiast who has bred for specific traits, which have changed over the years according to the people. Just leave good people alone and focus on our nations economy, freedom, animal neglect and true abuse situations.

PETA kills more dogs and cat in one year, then all animal shelter combined!

PETA keep your paws off my dog, Or I'll BITE you

Please don't let PETA and HSUS take our legal rights to own and breed wonderful, healthy AKC purebred dogs from us. Those of us who participate in dog shows and belong to Parent Breed Clubs, Regional Breed Clubs and All Breed Clubs, actually sign a code of ethics and have contracts that say we will not now or never knowingly breed dogs with hereditary health or temperment problems. We request to see the actual health documents proving that the dogs have cleared any problems that a breed may be susceptable to as noted from years of research and dollars contributed to health foundations to prevent these things. I , too have worked at health clinics and it is not uncommon to see dogs that are not purebreds affected with allergies, c-sections, heart problems and more often than not, these are the dogs brought in with puppies , where they don't know who the parents are and they in turn "give these puppies away" not requiring that they be spayed and neutered. As responsible and ethical breeders we have a contract and a section on the registration papers that state that all dogs that we do not keep for showing are to be spayed and neutered, therefore controlling our population.
We also provide money to our rescue organizations of each breed and ask our local shelters to contact us if they happen to pick up a purebred dog and we assume the responsibility as an club to make sure that those purebred dogs are spayed, neutered, fostered and taken care of and placed in a home where they are wanted.
How can the HSUS and PETA ask any more of purebred breeders? We never sell a dog that we won't take back and place or help the owners place if their situation changes. Please don't be fooled by their tactics, we AKC fanciers invest hardearned dollars and time to make sure that our breed is well taken care of ...You might look into the USDA approved kennels and find that this is not the case and those are the folks that need to be cracked down on. Pet shops, designer breeds, organizations that will accept any dog and give it papers...Those are the problems....forcing everyone to spay and neuter all puppies in any metropolitan area or county or state is nothing more than providing extinction to animals that give us back so much. Look into the money that was poured into Hurricane Katrina to rescue animals and you will see a very small percentage actually reaching the animals...the money was used to fund their agenda of taking our right to breed away from us. Look at the dogs that served us in World Wars, that bring a smile to invalids in nursing homes, that help keep drugs out of schools,that watch over our flocks on the farms, that keep our children company while we are at work, that help children learn to read and I could go on and on....about what they have done to help the humans that now want to remove them from our loving environments. I don't understand their motives...pls look to those organizations that want to keep us from enjoying watching those dogs on TV and let them know that we will not take this without a fight.

I applaud the USA network for allowing our country to view one of our oldest and greatest sports.
These dogs are the finest examples our country has to offer.

One of the reasons England has had genetic problems is for many decades it was very hard to bring in new blood for fear of rabies.
With the new titer tests dogs can be brought into the country safely. Thus broadening the gene pool.
I sure hope the BBC will consider to air Crufts next year.

I can't believe the statements. Dog show breeders are not the only responsible dog owners/breeders. Dog showing is political and competitive and a dog doesn't have to be in a show to be healthy. OF which....breeding isn't causing cancer or alot of other health issues. Just like in people...some things are genetic and some things are not. Because as humans with control of breeding we truly should not breed dogs with proven genetic health concerns. Other than that...if you own a dog, be responsible and this wouldn't even be a topic. EVERYONE is receiving some kind of financial compensation at some level PERIOD. Show breeder, clubs, PETA, rescues....anyone who doesn't believe that needs to think outside of the box. How many of thse people are truly sleeping on the sidwalk?????

Having worked for my local Animal Control for 18 years, I witnessed first hand the number of unwanted animals that had to be euthanized - as a matter of fact, euthanasia was a daily part of my job for much of the time I worked there. I also spent countless hours educating the public on spaying and neutering pets would help cut down on the number of unwanted animals born each year. So with that in mind, you may think that I am supporting PETA - well I can't say enough how much I DO NOT agree with their stand.

Of all the years I worked for AC, not once did I have to take in and euthanize a reputable breeders unwanted dogs. The purebred dogs that we did take in came from people who bred their pets so their children could see the beauty of birth....., the local pet store dogs that were sold to the wrong homes (originating from puppy mills), back yard breeders who didn't do health checks or screen their potential homes...

REPUTABLE breeders, the ones who care about the future of whatever their breed of choice is, have contracts regarding breeding policies, puppy sales, and most even have clauses mandating that if for any reason a puppy/dog can no longer be kept, the owner MUST return the dog to them so the dogs don't end up in shelters or rescues.

Watching dog shows on TV, especially Westminster, is definitely educational; there are clips on breeds and what they have been bred to do, dogs are shown working in the fields, herding, pulling sleds, competing in obedience... all the things that help the public truly see a breed for what it is.

I have been competing with my own dogs for nearly 35 years, my personal goal is to some day compete at Westminster - you see my mother's dog actually took breed at Westminster in 1963 (I still have her ribbons :O))

People who work for Animal Control Facilities and many shelters under various names spend their time educating people about animal overpopulation, and the difference between responsible breeding for a purpose and allowing dogs reproduce at will. Ironically, many of these same animal loving people are RESPONSIBLE breeders who do health checks, screen buyers, and try to look out for the best interest of their own breed.

Please do NOT listen to PETA; an organization that has been known to justify many cruel acts to get their own personal agenda recognized! Instead, continue to air Westminster so that families can enjoy quality educational time together.

"Responsible Breeder" is a great oxymoron.
How can it be responsible to breed cats and dogs on purpose when there are millions being killed in shelters all over the country for lack of homes?
The shelters are blamed for cleaning up the mess created by the breeders and by irresponsible owners many of whom buy from breeders.
Glorifying the source of so much misery by showing it as a wholesome spectacle is obscene.

www.petakillsanimals.com has all the info you need to get started in your education of what PETAis REALLY about.

Don't believe game show hosts and pinup models who were clueless enough to allow themselves to be PETA spokesmouths. These people and the veterinarians with vested interest in forcing people to pay hundreds of dollars for mandatory surgical procedures are not friends of animals; they are interested only in completely severing the human/animal bond and in making a lot of money while they do it.

PETA and H$U$ are NOT your animals' friends!

PETA are a bunch of hypocrits. If your PETA just remember if you get cancer, need surgery, or any type of medication you cant have it as it was all based on animal research. I think if the PETA terrorists truly stood by their convictions we can cull the herd and maybe this stupidity will die out:) PETA has no idea what there talking about.

From the comments that are pro peta there a lot of people who are pretty ignorant of Dogs and Breeding. peta is not concerned with the health, safety, or any other aspect concerning animals other than to stop them being pets or in the food chain. So many people have been taken in by peta emotional propaganda because they don't fully know about breeding or animal husbandry, or that peta does things like releasing the rescued dogs in New Orleans during Katrina, leaving them to cope with the elements and starvation. peta and hsus are just big froints with hidden agendas.

Purebreed dogs are as healthy as mixed breeds. I have some of both and all are very healthy. The AKC does not support puppy mills and they along with the various Breed clubs fund sll kind of research into the various problems that can affect dogs, for just as in humans there are things that do happen. Responsible breeders do study bloodlines, are selective of studs and dams, do have knowledge of genetics, do provide their dogs with health care, do provide the proper quarters for whelping pups and don't churn out as many litters as they can. There may be some peoople who have a couple or so dogs and because they like them will allow them to mate and have offspring but these are not true breeders and don't have the knowledge beyond an emotional attachment to their dog for that breeding. While there are irresponsible puppy mills they should be taken care of, not by un-thought blanket legislation but by well thought out responsible. problem specific laws and ordinances. peta and hsus are not the sources that shouls provide any advice or testimony to any legislative bodies. Further the BBC just like CBS, NBC, et al are in it for the ratings and aren't above exploiting the truths of subjects. The Westminster show and others should be broadcast! And peta and hsus, well they are just rubbish!

Leave Westminster intact and on the air. The AR groups PETA and HSUS are frauds. Their ultimate goal is to extenquish companion animals and rip them from existence.. They spay and neuter EVERYTHING, so the end result they want will be obtained since nothing will reproduce. True dog enthusiasts are being defrauded by these 2 political based organizations. I only hope America is not as vulnerable to being duped as the British were. Both PETA and the HSUS are radically terrorist organizations. For those who don't believe that statement, do some investigation into what these two really do with funds, and what good they do for companion animal owners.

To those who have weighed in here in favor of PETA, when are you going to wake up and smell the coffee? PETA is not, and never has been, an animal welfare organization. They claim to want to speak for the shelter animals, the ones who can't speak for themselves, when their real true agenda (by their own admission) is to eliminate pets from our lives. Why else would they kill over 90% of the animals that come into their one and only facility in Virginia? This, again, is by their own admission. They do not give a rats rear end about the welfare of animals. Their true agenda is to turn the world into vegans...this means no animal agriculture, no eggs, no milk, etc. Is this how you really want to live your lives? No pets would be hell on earth for many of us.
If you really want to lessen the number of animals in shelters, go after the people who buy these animals on a whim from a pet store or back yard breeder and then dump them at shelters when they are no longer "convenient" to have around. It is irresponsible pet owners who have caused these animals to end up in shelters and yes, some are euthanized. Please don't blame the reputable breeders who will not only take back the dogs they breed should their owners not be able to keep them, not to mention take in other dogs of their breed (or others) who through the fault of irresponsible owners have come upon hard times.
People, please stop thinking with your emotions on this issue and look at the facts. Go to www.activistcash.com and see where the money trail leads from outfits like PETA and the Humane Society of the United States. Now there's a winner of an organization for you. None of their money goes to help local sheters, it's all used for furthering their own agenda which oddly enough, mirrors that of PETA.
The one good thing about PETA trying to do away with coverage of Westminster is that it's shining the light on what an awful, hateful organization that PETA truly is.

From http://www.petakillsanimals.com/
From July 1998 through December 2007, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) killed over 19,200 dogs, cats, and other "companion animals." That's more than five defenseless creatures every day. PETA has a walk-in freezer to store the dead bodies, and contracts with a Virginia Beach company to cremate them.

What more do you need to know?

Why does everyone blame the breeder and not the irresponsible person who dumped their beloved pet at a shelter?
Most every breeder I know has a "has to come back to me" clause in their contract! I do.

Let's start placing blame where it belongs, on those who get dogs and then don't think about taking care of them for the next 15 years!
Leave Westminster alone.

PETA hates dogs. While they pretend they have the best interest of dogs in mind, they're busy putting down tons of dogs that they never even offer up to the public for adoption!

2-faced hypocrites is my opinion.

And if you got right down to it, if cornered a PETA person wouldn't think ANY dog, bred or random-bred is natural, they think all domesticated animals (mutt dogs, chickens, cows, etc.) are bad.

They're loonies, and nobody should pay attention to them anymore!

PETA lies and lies. Their agenda is to stop hunting and fishing and eating meat of any kind. By promoting a heart- renching protrait of "poor dogs" and by demonizing breeders, they have created a mythology of every tree having a dog tied to it, that only PETA can save by crying at the feet of our legislators, who have neither the time to truly examine the issue or cannot say no to the money.

Stop puppymills and abandoned dogs by legislating the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores. Eliminate the demand, and you eliminate the puppymills.

Someone should investigate PETA.

Mutts have just as many physical problems and illnesses as purebreds. They were derived from purebreds in most cases and inherit the good & bad health issues from the multiple breeds composing their genetic makeup. The difference is reliable purebred breeders test to check their breeding stock for health issues. Frankly, we all--as animals--fall short of perfection in the health department. Get over the feeling anything will be without a health issue throughout its life!!! PETA is the terrorist arm of H$U$; both groups carefully hold onto their collected monies that are collected under false pretenses unless it is to donate to political candidates to encourage veganism, eliminatioin of zoo, farm and circus animals, and finally to eliminate ALL pet ownership. If either organization cared about animals, their monies would support every shelter for years. These groups are dangerous; examine their political agendas. Westminster shows the public quality animals and is an enjoyable program for 2 nights a year.

Thank you Libbye Miller DVM for stating:
"'Adorable mixed breeds' get cancer, epilepsy, allergies, heart disease, and orthopedic problems just like purebreds. I see it every day in my veterinary practice but mixed breed dogs aren't tracked like the purebreds so they have a reputation as "healthier" that is actually undeserved in many cases."

It is so sad that a lot of folks, including young veterinarians these days, buy into the "hybrid vigor" baloney. The vet schools have been infiltrated by the Animal Rights Extremists, who are teaching them this junk science in order to push their agenda.

All animals have a certain amount of genetic load, which is to say there is absolutely no animal without some genetic problem of some sort of another. Know anyone who wears glasses? Has allergies? Thyroid problems? Weak knees? Flat feet? A skin condition? Arthritis? A gap between their front teeth? These are all genetic imperfections.

No human is genetically "clean." Neither is any individual of any species on earth. So this idea that dogs should not be bred because they might have a genetic problem, and that breeders are somehow "evil" for breeding them, is ridiculous. Every single individual of every single species has at least a few genetic conditions.

To use PeTA's logic, all breeding of all kinds (including having human babies) should halt immediately. And to be honest, Ingrid Newkirk (the woman who founded PeTA) does believe exactly that. She thinks that humans should become extinct, along with dogs, cats, etc. This ridiculous scenario is precisely what she would like to see happen.

So folks, if that is what you want...if you agree with Ingrid Newkirk's whacky views, send your hard earned money to PeTA. They will help to ensure you are not able to own a dog or cat or hamster or any other pet in the future. They will see to it that you can't eat meat or fish or eggs or any type of animal-based nutrition. They will work to shut down places like Sea World, the zoos, etc. so you cannot observe the many wonderful animals on the Earth. Eventually, once they accomplish these things, they may turn their efforts to making it illegal for humans to procreate.

If you don't agree with their extremist views, wise up and start supporting those who truly do love, care for and enjoy interaction with other species here on our little blue planet.

The fanciers of the breeds, those you see exhibiting their dogs at Westminster and other dog shows, work very hard to eliminate serious genetic conditions. They screen their breeding stock with every available test. They research pedigrees before breeding into other lines, to check for similar clearances in those animals. They contribute money to research organizations to further the work being done to track down genetic problems. They contribute blood, cell samples, etc. from their own animals to help with DNA and genome studies. They have made great progress so far, and they continue to work hard at it.

Are there unethical breeders? Certainly, there are. Just as in any group of humans, you will find the good and the bad. United States VP Elect Joe Biden, for example, managed to find a not so good one when he got his new German Shepherd puppy. I don't know who did his research for him, but they obviously didn't do their homework if they were looking for a responsible breeder. Joe has the right to get his dog from whomever he wishes, but if he was trying to set an example of purchasing from a responsible hobby breeder he went off the track this time. That's too bad, but it was his choice.

Unfortunately, breeders like that may be a lot easier to find because of their high volume and high profile. If you are looking for a nice family pet from a breeder who will be there for you forever, you need to do due diligence. You won't get that from a pet store. You won't get that from the guy selling dogs out of his pickup truck in the WalMart parking lot. You won't get that support from a high-volume breeder, either. Yes, it takes a little more time and effort to find someone who really cares and does all the work to breed the healthiest, happiest puppies possible and then stands behind those puppies.

This is a living being that will be part of your family, hopefully, for many years. Isn't it worth a bit of effort to find a breeder who will be there for you and that puppy forever?

And guess what? Shows like Westminster are a very valuable resource for finding breeders who do care and who use the best possible practices, as well as for learning more about the various breeds.

Bravo to USA Network for broadcasting the Westminster Kennel Club show all these years. May they enjoy continued success through the ongoing inclusion of such programs. I will be eagerly watching this year's show!

As a court reporter early in my career I reported a lawsuit involving a very well-known entertainer against PETA. One of the atrocities that came out during the trial is that the PETA employees would bring in their pets to work with them large and small. At one office a very large dog attacked and killed a small toy breed in front o fthe people working in the office. Their response was, "Oh, well, it's survival of the fittest." They watched as that poor little dog was torn to bits and did nothing. More people need to research such extremist organizations for the fanatics they really are.

I was a veterinary technician for many years. The argument that breeds have more health issues than the common shelter dog is simply false. We saw more problems (epilepsy, joint health issues, anxiety, food allergies, etc) in dogs with "hybrid vigor". I have gone on to work with people and their dogs as a private trainer. To date I have had more behavior/health issues from dogs that were from a shelter than from reputable breeders.
Westminister is not the problem. To anyone out there looking for a dog. Do research, do not be in a hurry. If you want to get a dog, make sure you are getting the dog from someone who will ALWAYS take the dog back if it does not work out. Make sure health clearances have been done on parents and make sure that the breeder checks you out thoroughly as well!! There is a reason that puppy mills have a market. Not all breeders are cut of the same cloth!

I have issues involved in PETA's mentality. The first issue is PETA's (HSUS as well) hidden agendas. These people do not run shelters, do not own dogs, cats, pets in general (their leaders have stated in print they hate pets), do not support health foundations, do not educate the general public on responsible ownership and responsible breeding, do not support activities for young people, do not study genetics - well, you get the idea. They do support huge salaries, huge ad compaigns, huge lobbiest funding at the federal government level to have our laws changed to suit their radical beliefs, do let dogs out of crates at dog shows, bomb research facilities, turn research animals lose to be hit by cars, eaten by predators - well, you get the idea. The second issue is their lack of genetic knowledge. Both good and bad genes from both parents are passed on to puppies. Therefore, a mutt has the same chance to inherit bad genes as a purebred - more so because no health tests are run. Responsibly bred Purebred dogs have generations of parents with health testing to insure the healthiest animals are bred. Responsible breeders take back their dog's puppies should a health issue occur. Keep the dog shows on. I for one prefer to support the positive - not the negative.

Leave the dog show and their dogs alone. That dog show has been going on for many years now. Westminister is the all time greatest. Stop and leave it alone


I am saddened that PETA is even getting any press on this. It's exactly what they want. IMHO, they are very mis-guided and have a hidden agenda that the bulk of their membership are not aware of.
I participate in the conformation ring with my purebred dog. You would be amazed at the cost involved to do so. Entry fees, vet care, travel and lodging, maintenance and care, feeding costs. All this is done out of love for the animal and a desire to improve and preserve, in my case, a very rare breed. If I and others did not do this, this articular breed would have died out entirely.

You should be party to the discussions that go on about health issues in breed lines and the desire to, one, find the cause by spending many thousands of dollars for genetic studies and stop the problem and two, be very careful to remove from the gene pool (have spayed or neutered) any dog or bitch that presents these problems. When one wishes to breed, it is not uncommon to track the linage of the potential stud or bitch for five or six generations back if not more. Importing a dog or frozen semen from Europe is not uncommon to add diversity to the gene pool.

To have uneducated fools and "sheeple" like PETA try to interfere with the dog show circuit that is one of the ways to refine and improve the breeds is unconscionable,

On another note: If the networks like BBC and USA cave in to the pressure of these very vocal minorities, they are contributing to their own demise. With the spread of high speed internet and systems like IPTV, media is moving off the air and on-line where the posturing fools cannot reach them.

Ridiculous! The majority of breeders that show their dogs are the ones that are reputable and responsible. These are the breeders who understand the standard and understand the families and lineage behind the dogs. They also know and understand health issues that run in their breed as well as in their families. And, PETA, well all you animal lovers out there better listen up - PETA doesn't want anyone owning any animals ever. Plain and simple. And, you better pray that they don't ever get a hold of your dog - because they do ZERO to preserve life. PETA wants to remove all rights from every dog owner and every breeder. They should re-think the constitution and in the end, karma comes back to haunt you. Dog show breeders generally open their home or kennel to prospective puppy owners. Generally, they are clean and the puppies well cared for. I would rate the majority of dog-show breeders between an 8-10 (on a scale of 1-10). Pet store dogs and puppy mills.. are 0 or below as far as the conditions they are whelped in and raised in. Riduculous argument and one day PETA will be exposed, understood and abolished completely.

The breeding that is done with purebred dogs actually helps limit the number of problems encountered. As a parallel - think of the human being. We are the most loosely bred mammal. Is there any one of us that does not have a problem of some sort? How many of us wear glasses, or have had braces on our teeth.....consider the other end with major health issues. The point is that with selective breeding, these issues can be narrowed down and the majority of problems are bred out. There are other advantages to the purebred dog. He is what he is as a result of his history working with man. It is possible to anticipate many of the personality attributes of a breed along with size and age span. Purebred Dogs are a part of the human history and still play an important role in our lives.

We already know PeTA's agenda and that is to eliminate ALL animal use of ANY kind by people including pets. Think about it. If ALL breeding of dogs stopped, where would our source of sound, healthy, temperamentally stable, predictable dogs come from? Purebred dogs were bred to fill a specific trait so certain traits were selected for. This is a boon to the pet owner as it allows you to choose a dog that will fit your lifestyle and situation. Many dogs are surrendered because owners got a pup and didn't know they would grow that big, or be that active, or have that much hair and shed that much, or behave that way. With mutts you have NO WAY of knowing what you will end up with. With purebreds, you are able to choose a dog with the predictable characteristics that will make it a suitable pet for your situation.

If we do not have breeders providing us with quality dogs, what will be our source? Mutts crap shoots resulting from accidental breedings until mandatory spay/neuter wipes them out as well, which is exactly PeTA's agenda.

Inbreeding is not a bad thing. It captures traits as well as eliminates them. A good breeder works at creating the best dog they can and picks their breeding stock carefully. Working in rescue for many years, I have had my share of temperamentally unsound mixed breeds, those with hip dysplaysia, seizure disorders, luxating patellas, severe allergy/skin disorders, etc.

Since breeding is not a perfected science and never will be, you will always have some faults, but you do with mixed breeds/mutts as well. The most diverse and random population is probably humans, and yet genetic disorders still occur.

This is nothing but an Animal Rights ploy to undermine pet ownership.

Here is my opinion: PeTA and HSUS are multi, multi-million dollar organizations, with radical and extremist ideologies. Neither PeTA nor HSUS has anything to do with the operation or funding of public shelters, and both are best in their own fundraising, protests, street theatre and media propaganda campaigns and lobbying against the rights of animal owners. This is more than an ideological war, or a series of ethical arguments. At stake is the right of the private sector (Joe / Jane Citizen) to own dogs, and the future existence of purebred dogs, or animals of any kind. Even though the purebred registries only go back about 100 years or so, many of these breeds have been with us for thousands of years, in much the same form we see them, now. Purebred dogs are bred to continue their own legacy, and to be our helpers and companions. Mutts represent a sad condition of apathy and neglect.. not the other way around. Neglect and apathy are every bit as malicious as greed, and it is not "greedy" to expect a reasonable monetary compensation for a purebred dog, especially when most breeders are already losing money to do what they love and know best. Want to talk about greedy? Look at the "non-profits", who profit to the tune of multi-millions, under pretense of piety and pathos. I call it "hypocracy"! And, one more thing: If all genetic defects and disease are from inbreeding, then human families have been keeping their incestuous secrets very well, because human illness and birth defects have not declined, in spite of a very wide range of unrelated parental partners! Sure would be nice if these animal rights activists actually knew what they were talking about, then we wouldn't have to trouble ourselves with these arguments.

i have been a breeder, exhibitor & professional handler of miniature schnauzers for almost 40 years. i am proud that my dogs have achieved championship status, are bred to re-produce themselves and better, and for those puppies that just don't quite make the ring requirements, have become beloved pets for their owners.
I am also proud to now be an akc judge .
please do not discontinue airing westminster video of the groups and the streaming video of each breed. i can no longer personally attend The Garden but did so for many many years. my pleasure now is the viewing of Westminster on line.

I have been responsibly breeding dogs for almost 20 years. I produce only a few litters, and I would take back and rehome any puppy I bred. I also support rescue groups. I know if my breed were lost to the world through the efforts of PETA, we would lose something rich and beautiful that we could never get back again. And, honestly, have you ever considered how the various strains of wildlife are created that we fight so hard to save? Through inbreeding! A small group of animals get broken off from the main, and then through looks and behavior even if they rejoin, they continue to choose each other for mates. If losing one of those various species is a loss to the world, how can losing so many wonderful breeds of dogs be any less?

PETA, please leave Westminster alone. You say you are for the ethical treatment of animals? Westminster exhibits some of the best treatment of dogs I've seen, whether it be the breeders, the handlers, or even the audience. Maybe you should try to educate people on how to take care of dogs, instead of scaring them about the horrors of a shelter dog's life. Why not show them the care show dogs get, one of the best ways for them to see the health and beauty of a well cared for and loved dog.
These show dogs are not showed just for money and fame. Go to any reputable breeders website and you'll see the love that goes to their dogs, no they aren't dogs, they are respected members of the family.
USA, stopping the airing of Westminster is the first step to eradicating their supporters, the reputable and responsible breeders of America. When they're gone, and the shelters are adopted out, where do you think people will go for their puppies?
PETA, why don't you pick on the real perpetrators, the puppy mills and irresponsible breeders of America. And, you should love all animals, not exhibit them as horrid monsters of beasts. You are contradicting the title of your organization.
Show some real love for shelter dogs by stopping the source, not scaring the public. And don't mess with the good guys.

I think you're barking up the wrong tree on this one. There are so many animal abusers and so many causes that are more legitimate- in this economy it is a waste of time to pick a fight like this at such a reputable organization.

The people that I have met that breed dogs or show dogs, are very responsible, and care more about their dogs than most pet owners I know.

Also, I’ve met a dozen teens that take the responsibility of owning and showing and training their dogs to a healthier level than most other teens of the same age.

I think it would be better to partner with these groups to spotlight pet responsibility and pride in pet care on a national scale. Maybe even get more kids I involved- so they learn to spay and neuter their pets that shouldn’t be bred.

Youngsters that are educated about pet care, grow up to be more responsible pet owners as adult.

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