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BBC documentarian: "PETA is a bunch of crackpots"

Basset Hound

Filmmaker Jemima Harrison, the documentarian behind the BBC's explosive "Pedigree Dogs Exposed," is lashing out against PETA for "using the film to further its own, warped agenda," she said today.

The controversial findings in "Pedigree Dogs Exposed" led the BBC to drop its planned coverage of Britain's famed Crufts dog show, citing concerns about the health of purebred dogs.  As we told you on Monday, PETA has asked the USA Network, which historically airs the Westminster Kennel Club dog show every February, to follow BBC's lead and discontinue coverage.

So how does Harrison like PETA using her film as ammunition against Westminster?  Not one bit, and she minces no words in a statement provided to L.A. Unleashed today: 

"Our film is about animal welfare, not animal rights.

"PETA's animal welfare record is appalling. It kills 97 percent of the dogs that come to its shelters and admits its ultimate aim is to rid the world of what it calls the 'domestic enslavement' of dogs as either pets or working dogs.

"In stark contrast, and the reason we made the film, is that we believe pedigree dogs are of tremendous value to society and that something needs to be done to arrest the damage caused by decades of inbreeding and selection for 'beauty'. The film is a passionate call for urgent reform to save them before it is too late.  To do that, there needs to be urgent reform of breeding practices and dog shows. 

"PETA is a bunch of crackpots who do not care about anything but publicity and making money. They have not bothered to contact us -- and, indeed, if they did we would make it very clear we do not want their support. It devalues and marginalises a film that raises a serious issue that needs to be addressed, and quickly."

What do you think -- is PETA off the deep end, or right in suggesting that the big daddy of dog shows should be pulled from TV stations?

-- Lindsay Barnett

Photo: A basset hound competes in the National Dog Show.  Bassets, along with Pekingese, Chinese shar-peis, bulldogs, German shepherd dogs and other breeds, were listed by the BBC as at "high risk" for genetic disorders as a result of selective breeding.  Credit: Matt Rourke / Associated Press.

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Where did Jemima Harrison get the figure of 97% of dogs taken into "PETA shelters" [PETA doesn't run *any* shelters as far as I know] killed?

PETA only takes in animals that can be adopted by others. It doesn't run animal shelter facilities.

Cite a source, please, both for 1) PETA running even a single animal shelter and 2) 97% of dogs in these imaginary shelters "killed."

As far as crackpots go, Ms. Harrison is high in the running.

PETA is an extremist group and so is the HSUS. Neither group is about helping animals or people. They're both about pushing laws and attitudes that make all use or interaction with animals more and more difficult. As for Ms Jemima Harrison, did she really think that when PETA saw her decidedly one-sided docudrama & how well it fit their own perception, they wouldn't latch onto it?

There are smart, ethical, caring breeders in every breed. They genuinely care about the quality of life of their dogs and about making sure their buyers are happy with the dogs they purchase. Some of them show in conformation shows like Westminster, some participate in other organized activities like agility, obedience, etc. Some just want to provide wonderful pets.

And before anyone asks, yes, of course there are uncaring, cruel, abusive breeders just like there are cruel abusive people who claim to work "for the animals" but who really only want to control the rest of us.

PETA is a terrible group and I really hate that the BBC has decided not to air the Crufts dog show.

PETA has ALWAYS been a bunch of crackpots, with an end goal of NO ANIMAL OWNERSHIP OR USE, period!

To remove the few world-renowed top dog shows from view will not do any good whatsoever for the dogs; it will only serve to decrease the attention paid to their WELFARE overall.

The HSUS is scarcely better, having become little more than the lobbying arm of PETA and 'more respected' mouthpiece.

Are there hazards in not taking health into account when breeding? YES. Is it something that is, in any way, really linked to shows? Not as long as fanciers have the option, and the encouragement!, to humanely euthanize those animals with problems--and that's something that PETA and HSUS would love to take away, as a tool to stop all breeding.

Tell PETA and HSUS to get stuffed, and put your money where it's needed--local shelters and low-cost spay/neuter programs. Not mandatory S/N, but more-available and affordable spay/neuter.

PETA is so far off the beam that they should be classed with UFO's.

Yes, PETA is off the deep end.

A serious breeder is not interested in money, and in fact may only break even or lose money. They are breeding to improve and preserve the many magnificent animals that we use as companions and helpers.

PETA isn't interested in breed improvement. The organization does not want us to have our beloved pets at all.

PETA, like many organizations which started with the best of intentions, has been hijacked by the usual bunch of left-wing wackos whose only agenda is NOT animal welfare, but solely to give their sad little lives some appearance of meaning.

PETA is a bunch of complete wackos and loons!

They are so far off-base in 'demanding' Westmisnter be deep-sixed that they should be in a locked ward on psychiatric drugs.

I was able to select my Service Dog based upon his family's show performance up to and including winning at Westminster. Any dog who can take the pressures and physical demands of showing and still be 'on' in the ring exuding presence and approachablility, will have a very stable temperment, be physically tough and highly teachable.

The qualities bred true in his family. Although a member of a breed that is supposed to be 'standoffish, aloof, reserved and guardy', he handles his very public job with great equanimity, complete aplomb and ease, consumate friendliness, utter skill and the ability to make decisions on his own - and has acquired more admirers than probably Obama.

PETA indeed has a shelter in Norfolk, VA. Google PETA Shelter and you'll see for yourself. Ingrid Newkirk has said that if they can't find homes for the animals in their shelter after a certain amount of time, it is more humane to euthanize them then to keep them in a shelter. I don't agree..... but they do run a shelter.

Peta has very high ethics and whatever they do its always the best for the animals. And its better to euthanize dogs instead of keeping them in small cages until the end of their lifes being depressed.

onafixedincome is right on the money. If you think PETA is for the benefit of animals and animal lovers do some indepth research. You will find the truth

It is extraordinary, isn't it, to have a piece with no comment from the very people it attacks? if anyone would like to know what PETA believes and does, go to peta.org; to learn about the appalling conditions under which dogs particularly are kept in rural USA, where PETA provides free medical care, free sterilizationa dn free euthanasia (these are not adoptable dogs, all those are referred to animal shelters except the few we get and place), go to helpinganimals.com or peta.org. PETA has not been taken over by anyone. I started it and I'm still here, a 60 yr old envelope-pusher who would like animals to be seen as the feeling, emotional and interesting beings they are, not as hamburger, handbags and cheap toys. Sometimes we have to be sexy or silly to get people's attention these days, but the message is a serious one: no living being deserves to be treated with anything but compassion even if that means changing some of our old cruel habits. At PETA, we believe there is something everyone can do, which is why our website offers free veg recipes, alternatives to dissection, information on our successfully funding of non-animal tests that are more sophisticated and quicker than the old animal ones, lists of cosmetics and household products not tested on animals; fashionable fur, leather and wool alternatives; even health charities that are animal-and people-friendly and those that aren't. And yes, we feel it is unethical to buy and breed dogs while the rescue homes are full and many are put down or spend their lives in kennels. Only the greedy and uncaring would think that a bad idea!

What the general public fails to realize is that if it were up to PETA no one would ever own animals. They don't own or run shelters and use extremist tactics to scare people. The Westminster KC dog show is a showcase of animals that have been bred to the American Kennel Club standards by ethical breeders. These people work long and hard and put many years into understanding their breeds poor health characteristics and faults in order to ELIMINATE them from the breed. Extensive health testing is conduted and most of these breeders can recite pedigrees that go back 5 generations or more. The dogs that show are the cleanest, most loved and cared for dogs that you will ever see. Above that, they truely enjoy what they do. To not air this show would be a travesty!

For Sal B, see the Wikipedia article on PETA.

The term "Animal Rights" is actually the opposite...PETA/HSUS want to eliminate all use of animals in any way including Guide Dogs and chickens for laying eggs. They consider ALL domestic animals to be slaves and using any animal or animal product such as milk as enslavement and immoral. They are attacking dog and cat breeding in every way.
I believe that it is Wayne Pacelle, the head of the HSUS (Which is anything but Humane) who said of domestic dogs that he wanted to totally stop dog breeding..."one generation and out".
That is the agenda of the animal rights movement...not humane treatment of animals but rather their extermination

PETA's headquarters in Norfolk, Va kills more than 3 times the average of ALL the shelters in the entire state of Virginia. They are the ONLY known animal rights/shelter/welfare group to own a cooler to store the bodies in because they can't dispose of them properly right after they are destroyed. PETA is a complete embarrassment to all those who love animals and are concerned about animal welfare.

As a dog show handler I find both the BBC documentary and PETA one-sided. I wish that the BBC documentary would make it clear that their film only covered purebred dogs within the UK. Their finds hold NO facts for the dogs shown within the US. As a person who shows a breed involved in the breeds that they want changed, Clumber Spaniel (which most of the American public think is a fat cocker spaniel), does have health/temperament issues that some of us in the breed here in the US have traced them back to those that we have imported from the UK. We have now been working extremely hard to produce and show a healthier dog that is free from eye, hip, heart and temperament problems by immediately removing those dogs found with the issues listed previous from our breeding population.

Why do you all bother to write anything when you know nothing and just need to express some irrational emotions? Are you capable of discussing an issue with any rationality at all?


PETA has been more successful than any other group in pressuring the largest companies to change their treatment of animals, including McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's.

There's a long way to go - billions of animals and sentient as dogs and cats spend their lives in cramped filthy conditions, often unable to take two steps in any direction, and are mutilated without painkillers, all because we prefer the way they taste to non-animal products.

Who's crazy here?

And in terms of "animal rights," the philosophical basis is widely known in academics and well-respected: that our attitude of not taking other animals' suffering seriously is a form of prejudice, with a similar psychological basis to prejudices against groups of humans, called "speciesism." PETA's position is that once we overcome speciesism, we cannot continue using other species as property, as means to our relatively trivial ends, like for food or clothing. This is quite a rational conclusion, but it's way ahead of its time.

PeTA in reality is an extremist, radical, terrorist organization . They do more damage and hurt organizations that are out there trying hard to do some real good. According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, human beings are just another animal species, no more special or important than a snail,dog or dairy cow. The group believes, that animal trainers, hunters, fishermen, cattlemen, grocers, and indeed all non-vegetarians are the moral equivalent of cannibals, slave-owners, and death-camp guards. PeTA provides aid and comfort for the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) and the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). The two groups are responsible for more than 600 crimes since 1996. It is about time someone truly takes a stand to expose PETA for what they really are.

PETA and HSUS are both extreme organizations that do not have the welfare of animals in mind. They want the complete elimination of pet and animal ownership. And you will not learn their true agenda on the website any more than you'll learn about puppy mills on a commercial breeding web site. Personally I'd like to see the end of both extremes. And I'll definitely be watching Westminster this year as always.

It is a shame that the BBC has caved into this publicity, and it would be shame if the Westminster Show does the same.

As a breeder of purebred dogs, I resent that some people assume that my dogs are poorly taken care of and are some how misused because they are being shown. They like to show, they like their crates to sleep in and they like me. In my experience, most serious breeders take better care of their animals than some parents do of their children. Please don't paint us all with the same brush.

It is too bad that the "rights" of animals take precedence over the welfare of people. Perhaps if these activists would work as hard to end child abuse and homelessness, the world would be a truly better place.

PETA needs to back off! I have a happy and healthy papillon from a LOVING breeder who's number one concern is the health and wellbeing of her animals....which was also MY first concern when I was looking for a companion. Why doesn't PETA put their time, money and energy into the puppy mills that are likey to kick into highgear?

Sal B. asks for documentation of PETA killing shelter
animals. There is PLENTY of documentation. For example, look at http://nathanwinograd.blogspot.com/2008/04/peta-saga-continues.html
There are also documents and news articles on the internet, and Nathan has more information in his past and present blogs. The L.A. Times and other mainstream news outlets need to look into these facts,instead of ignoring them.

Wow, the breeders would be amazed to know that I have three of the greatest dogs ever and they are from www.Petfinder.org. Best friends don't need to be bought or bred, they can be adopted! It really is sick that people continue to breed animals when they die by the millions in shelters every single day. How about being part of the problem instead of part of the solution? If you really love dogs then save one instead of making more. When there are dogs to buy, people buy them instead of adopting. It's disgusting to realize that these "magnificent, dedicated" breeders make dogs who are literally crippled with short legs and dysplastic hips (and they cut off their ears and tails) all for money and to "continue the breed" while beautiful mixed--and purebred dogs--die in shelters. If you can't find a dog or puppy to love through www.Petfinder.org then there is something wrong with you.

She's right. PETA is a bunch of crackpots. They operate under the cover of being an "animal rights" group and are out for the sole end of pet ownership, livestock use, service dogs for the blind, disabled... domestication and ownership of any and all animals. They and the H$U$ advocate mandatory spay and neuter programs, but what they aren't thinking of is that those programs will lead to the extinction of pets altogether.

Responsible breeders, such as myself, are not in it for the money. We are in this to preserve our breed, make our breed better, and find a cure for the genetic problems that plague our breeds! My dogs eat better than I do, they get better medical care than I do, they get plenty of exercise by doing the things that they LOVE - tracking, obedience, agility, and yes - BEING IN THE SHOW RING. These dogs love what they do. They are clean, well taken care of, and most of all loved. Not just by one person, but by a multitude of people. Breeders, owners, handlers, spectators... all have a special connection to these ambassadors of their breeds.

I do support finding a way to end puppy mills and finding homes for shelter dogs -- but lets not do it in a way that jeopardizes the responsible breeder that is doing it right.

Punish the deed not the breed goes for breeders and exhibitors too. Punish the bad ones, but don't punish us all.

> Cite a source, please, both for 1) PETA running even a
> single animal shelter and 2) 97% of dogs in these
> imaginary shelters "killed."

PETA runs a shelter at their facility in Norfolk, VA. As such, they are required to report annually on their intake and disposition of animals. This is their report - available on the the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service website - for 2006:

As you can see, they took in 9,637 animals, and returned 6,575 to their owners. (Most of these were brought to the facility for spay/neuter.) That leaves 3,062 animals that were "unowned". PETA killed 2,981 of them - 97.4%. 2007 was a better year - they "only" killed 90.9% of the unowned animals that came into their shelter. The 2008 numbers are not yet available.

You can see a compilation of the VDACS reports from 1998-2007 here:

The VDACS site itself only goes back to 2004.

Do a simple Google search with "peta" and you will find all of the information to tell you how radical PETA is. Their spokesperson, Pamela Anderson is always photographed wearing Ugg boots. Last time I checked, I saw that they were made from sheep skin. Do they pelt her with food when she wears them? Probably not. But they did throw food at my best friend, during her entire meal, when she dined on lobster. Crime of the century for ordering off of the menu. These people need to get a job and quit trying to impose their values on others.

Posted by: Sal B | January 08, 2009 at 08:36 PM
"Where did Jemima Harrison get the figure of 97% of dogs taken into "PETA shelters" [PETA doesn't run *any* shelters as far as I know] killed?

PETA only takes in animals that can be adopted by others. It doesn't run animal shelter facilities.

Cite a source, please, both for 1) PETA running even a single animal shelter and 2) 97% of dogs in these imaginary shelters "killed."

As far as crackpots go, Ms. Harrison is high in the running."

PETA's Headquarter & "Shelter"
501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510
757-622-PETA (7382)
757-622-0457 (fax)

PETA had a 97.4% KILL RATE for 2006 according to the Virginia's Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS).

Center for Consumer Freedom has formally petitioned Virginia's Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS), requesting that the government agency officially reclassify People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) as a slaughterhouse.

You may contact VDACS for more information on PETA and find out they have held a kill rate of over 90% for the last 9 years.

Also please visit PETAKILLS.com or THETRUTHABOUTPETA.com

Please know your facts before you make ignorant statements.

Anyone that thinks PETA is a friend to animals, they are sadly mistaken. PETA's mission statement is end pets forever - they consider them something that needs to be erased because they are not wild and fending for themselves... Get rid of PETA, don't support them, don't send them money - the HSUS is no better. What did either group do with all the money they received after Hurricane Katrina? They didn't save a single animal so where did all that money that their commercials collected go? People that send them money are paying them to take away your right to own pets -- duh...

I think the article is very well written. PETA needs to be stop. They want to take away our right to have pets.

For the people who can't bother researching it themselves and most likely either won't believe it or not read it here are some links to the PETA run "shelter".

Notice the total pets receive, the amount adopted, and the amount killed.

Here is the latest data (2007) of PETA slaughterhouse err sorry "humane society":

This is from 2006 from the slaughterhouse

Peta is yet another false god to our left wing loonies.

Amazing how someone can take something you love (in my case dogs) and end up hating their "advocacy" group.

Get a life!

Those interested in the activities of PETA may want to read the excellent article in Sports Illustrated, Dec. 29, 2008, by Jim Gorant, about the efforts by the ASPCA and the breed rescue group BAD RAP (Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pitbulls) to rehabilitate the 51 pit bull dogs rescued in 2007 from Michael Vick's illegal dogfighting operation, Bad Newz Kennels. PETA and HSUS had recommended that all the dogs be euthanized. As of the release of Mr. Gorant's article, 4 dogs died or were euthanized; the 47 dogs remaining have been adopted or are in foster care.

Sal B, do your homework. Regarding...

"Cite a source, please, both for 1) PETA running even a single animal shelter and 2) 97% of dogs in these imaginary shelters "killed."

The proof is at http://www.petakillsanimals.com/petasdirtysecret.cfm. 97% kill rate in 2006. 10 year kill rate of 83.9% for 1998 through 2007.

By the way, the supporting public records requests are at http://www.petakillsanimals.com/downloads/PetaKillsAnimals.pdf

PETA and the HSUS are indeed leftist, extremists. They do no good to any cause, they're too far off the mark.

There are great breeders in all animals, and of course, they are some that are poor. Aren't there great parents, and really poor ones?? What's next - no one is allowed to have children?!

Dog lovers enjoy watching Krufts and Westminster. I hope USA is strong enough to stand up for it's viewers and ignore these idiots. Are they ignorant enough to think that by not broadcasting these shows they'll stop? Get realistic, and you'll (PETA/HSUS) be far more effective.

PETA has been caught red-handed in taking dogs from shelters in North Carolina under the guise of finding good homes for them, and then killing and dumping the dogs in trash containers. Here's a link: http://www.outsidethebeltway.com/archives/animal_cruelty_arrests_associated_with_peta/

PETA also reports to the State of Virginia each year regarding the dogs that they kill. In 2007, they reported to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) that they had killed 90% of the animals they took in.

PETA is not interested in animal welfare. Another link which deals with this matter: http://nathanwinograd.blogspot.com/2008/01/petas-grizzliest-year-ever.html

PETA is only out for PETA! It is WAYYYY off the deep end. They are for animal rights and not animal welfare, they are a clueless lot of terrorists who want to use the media and government to further their own ideas of how the world should run. As for the people who ask about the numbers, there are public records in the state of VA that show the tens of THOUSANDS of dogs that PETA kills each year. You can also google it, easy stuff to find. Anyone who has seen PETA's "leader" knows that what she needs more than anything is medication. I love my dogs, and my kids love the dogs and I do not want to have to give up our loving family pets just because PETA thinks they should be free. PETA is also the driving force behind many of the breed specific dangerous dog acts that kill MILLIONS of pit bulls each year just for being born pit bulls. Some great organization right...

PETA is a bunch of self serving crackpots. They freely mix valid animal rights issues with insane ones. They filter valid animal rights concerns through crackpot logic and come up with predictably insane and harmful results.

To: Sal B: Check out http://www. petakillsanimals.com/
and http://www.newsweek.com/id/134549

Not too long ago, a couple of PETA freaks were found with a van stuffed with dead animals.

That 97% figure comes from a press release by the Center for Consumer Freedom, a group funded by - you guessed it - restaurant and food industries.

I didn't even know PETA runs shelters. They do encourage people to adopt from shelters rather than buy from breeders.

Harrison's comment that PETA kills "97 percent of the dogs that come to its shelters" (when they apparently don't even run shelters) is crazy enough, but even nuttier is her assertion that "pedigree dogs are of tremendous value to society" and that preserving the world of purebred dog shows is a "serious issue." The term "serious breeder," used by one poster here, is a bit of an oxymoron. Dog breeding and dog shows are pastimes of nitwits. PETA may be nuts, but surely the "dog show" people are at least equally nuts. If Harrison is concerned about treatment of dogs in shelters, she should encourage people to value and adopt shelter dogs, not promote the idiocy that "pedigree" dogs have "tremendous value."

Better to have a PETA than to not. Same with Greenpeace. Same with Earth First. Without their aggressiveness, our environmental and animal welfare consciousness could still be locked in the 1960's.
But particularly disappointing is how many athletes, actors and musicians have little concern regarding animal welfare or animal rights issues. When I see Mary Blige wearing a fur coat, or a pro football player standing on the sidelines sheathed in fur, or a nutcake like Ted Nugent expounding on his and his wife's joy of slaughtering animals in the wild, I wonder how people can go through life so indifferent to the travesties of their actions. Yes, it's not a perfect world nor will it ever be, but that doesn't mean that we still can't try.

PETA is a group of extremists who believe that to own any animal is enslavement. They believe all animals should run free and that there should be no pet animals at all. Responsible purebred dog breeders spend huge amounts of money doing health tests and screening on their dogs. They spay/neuter any animal that either has problems or has tested positive for traits which lead to problems. The vast majority of health issues seen in purebred dogs come from what are known as "commercial breeders", "back yard breeders", and "puppy millers". Yep folks, it's those cute puppies you're buying at the pet stores! Stop supporting those "commercial breeders" and you'll go a long way to stopping the breeding of purebred dogs with health problems!

Peta scares some people because it brings to light some of the terrible things that happen behind the scenes to animals and an awul lot of people would rather not know!
It seems Ms. Harison only cares about pedigree dogs!

Ashley, Thank you!! You are right on. PETA disgusts me. I believe in the welfare of all animals. I don't understand what PETA is anymore. As for you Elly, "... its better to euthanize dogs instead of keeping them in small cages until the end of their lifes..." There are many ways out of keeping dogs and other animals in small cages. The North Shore Animal League is the largest no-kill shelter in the country and they manage just fine without "confining" animals. Andrew - who in the world are you talking to? There are most likely many educated people speaking up here. ALSO, if PETA were honest about their policies we'd be having a very different conversation. The truth is PETA uses very deceptive policies. Terrible, terrible organization.

I do think PETA themselves hurt their own cause. I do not agree with PETA killing animals because they think it is better for the animal. I do agree that we need to stop allowing puppymills, stop all pet stores from selling pets and backyard breeding and monitor breeders. Female dogs should only be breed 2 times and the vets can help control dogs being over breed. We need more rescue groups like Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. I got my dogs from a breeder. One of my dogs was born with a deformed paw and has every problem that comes with a Shar Pei. The breeder talked of putting him down. We bought him to keep that from happening. He has cost us a lot of money but he has been worth every dollar plus. I would not trade him for the world. He is such a happy dog.

If you research Ingrid Kirkman, you will find in her OWN words, how she wishes to have pet ownership irradicated. You will also find this true of the president of HSUS, Wayne Pacelle. Look at THIER words....not the huggy fuzzy bunny garbage they try to feed you. In this world of internet...RESEARCH these people..and find out what they are...before endorsing them or their organizations.

Is there anyone here that remembers the expose that 60 Minutes did on these insane people? Going around to supermarkets asking them to donate lobsters, so they could be returned to the wild? Only to end up spending thousands of their "donations" to "rescue" the lobsters, fly them to Maine, release them....and KILL them....since, the lobsters were from Mexico...and unaccustomed to chilly waters. THIS is the type of mentality one deals with with PeTA, as well as letting valued and valuable show dogs out of crates at shows to be killed on roads. And this would be in what animals best interest how? And, while we're speaking of that, why are they touching someones beloved animal, these are certainly not strays on the street....hmmmm, how is this ethical....and ask yourself this...LEGAL???

Both PeTA and HSUS use the most dispicable campaigns to raise money for their end causes, which is of course, lose of animals as pets.Showing cute puppies and kittens, homeless animals, all the while getting into the animal lovers pocket, whilst twisting the final knife to take those very animals away.

Left up to PeTA and HSUS, this would be a very sad and lonely planet indeed....


You said, "I started it and I'm still here, a 60 yr old envelope-pusher who would like animals to be seen as the feeling, emotional and interesting beings they are, not as hamburger, handbags and cheap toys." Do you realize that you are responding to a discussion about dog shows???

People who show their dogs do care about their animals as emotional and interesting beings. Granted, there are those who treat dogs as commodities, but they are rare in the dog show world. Nobody who shows dogs thinks of their dogs as "hamburger, handbags, and cheap toys."

People should not breed dogs on the basis of having just a dog; dogs should be bred for good health, sound temperament, and qualities that make dogs valuable and wanted. By opposing dog shows, which feature "wanted" dogs, you Ingrid Newkirk, oppose wanted dogs and tacitly support unwanted animals.

Stop the hypocrisy, Ingrid!!! By opposing the breeding of unwanted companion animals while simultaneously opposing the breeding of wanted companion animals, you oppose *all* companion animals. Is this the position of PETA?

The best thing anyone can do to help the population of companion animals is to support ethical breeding of companion animals and to oppose the indiscriminate breeding of companion animals. Dog shows support the breeding of high quality companion dogs and ultimately help the companion animal population by encouraging "good" breeding.

PETA is a bunch of NUTS, whose ultimate goal is to end pet ownership and the use of animals for any purpose. If they had their way we would have no pets, eat no animals products (meat, milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs, etc), use no animal products (wool, fur, leather), no horseback riding, no service animals, etcl. If they are so concerned for animals then why do they destroy so many of them? I'm all for the humane treatment of animals, but PETA goes way too far!

Take away the reputable breeders and all you will have left are the puppy mills. Why do you think puppy mills are so hard to find? They don't register the dogs because they don't want to be regulated. The reputable breeder has nothing to hide.
We have all these laws,does that mean we don't have criminals. Make a new law and put more limits on the honest breeders. (the ones who are breeding to better the breed and doing it for the right reasons) To the others it is just another thing to get away with.
There will always be some one who will want to opperate outside of moralistic values.
All breeds includeing mix breeds have thier problems.
When you start mixing breeds you bring in genetic problems from both breeds.
Now that can really cause a problem, because when mixing breeds does the person or (dogs) involved know all the genetic problems that can arrive from the breeding.
Humans have genetic problems no matter what the race is or even interacial !!!!!!
Does that mean that we should not reproduce???????
Another thing is we as people fight for species on the brink of extiction if we allow PETA to continue with this, then PETA will be the cause of the extintion of many species!!!!!! Now that would be a BIG SHAME..

Yes PETA headquarters in Virgina DOES take in animals!

3,061 where taken in by PETA in 2006 they killed 97.4% of them while only adopting out 12.

1,997 taken in by PETA in 2007 90% where killed (adopted out only 17).

Their kill rate is FAR above the national average!

"The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men." - Alice Walker

I might not agree with EVERYTHING they do but on a whole I think PETA has been a force for good. They've gotten some of the biggest cosmetic companies to stop testing make-up on animals. They've also done a ton to raise awareness about how animals are treated on factory farms and in circuses. We know that animals feel pain and fear. They experience suffering and stress. We should include them in our circle of compassion. They are completely at our mercy.

And as for buying from breeders, that's just appalling. There are millions of dogs and cats being euthanized in shelters every year just in California. For every animal you "buy" at least one is killed. You can find any breed imaginable from a rescue organization. There's simply no excuse.

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