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Rare capture: a hummingbird sitting still!


We thought submitter Steve's back-view shot of the only bird able to fly backward was not only appropriate, but also gorgeous!  Plus, we've rarely seen one of these guys without wings flapping frenetically.

See more great bird photos (or submit your own!) in Your Scene's Birds of a Feather album.

--Lindsay Barnett

Photo: "Sitting Hummingbird" by Steve/Your Scene

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If you want hummingbirds in your back yard, then grow a lot of honeysuckle. It's easy -- it grows like a weed and is heat and drought tolerant too. They especially like the honeysuckle with red flowers. Grow some of that and you'll have hummingbirds year round. Even the migratory ones will stop by for a visit.

Beautiful photo, but the caption is misleading. Hummingbirds sit still often. You just have to look. I have a 3 minute video of one sitting and there is nothing rare about it!!

Totally beautiful photo, but agree caption is misleading. Today we had a hummingbird fly up to us on a hike, then land on a branch in front of us and sat there for 10 minutes looking at us, before it flew up the mountain. See them often in the mountains or by my the bottle brush tree at my office.


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