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Joe Biden's puppy breeder is cited for violations

Joe Biden We've heard so much commentary on Joe Biden's new (breeder-bought) German Shepherd puppy that our heads are spinning.  In fact, as of this writing, almost 2,500 readers have voted in our poll on the subject (at present, about 42% say that Biden made the right choice in purchasing from a breeder, while 31% say he should have adopted a rescued dog). 

All the while, rumors have been swirling about whether or not the word "reputable" should be used to describe breeder Linda Brown, the woman from whom Biden purchased the as-yet-unnamed puppy. 

The Christian Science Monitor reports:

Well it turns out the place where Biden got his dog was just cited for multiple violations including: unsatisfactory ventilation, inadequate maintenance and sanitation, and missing sale and vaccination records.

Biden's spokeswoman, Elizabeth Alexander, told the Associated Press that the kennel received a 100% score on its previous five inspection reports.  The AP further reports that:

Kennel owner Linda Brown says workers cleaning up the night before Biden's visit accidentally threw out the [sale and vaccination] records...

Brown says she has never been cited before.

And because the Internet never sleeps, a new website has cropped up amid the hoopla -- BidenDog.com includes information on puppy mills, a listing of German Shepherd rescue groups and even a petition asking Biden to make a statement about his recent puppy purchase. 

Looks like Biden's puppy is quickly eclipsing Rin Tin Tin as the most famous German Shepherd ever!

--Lindsay Barnett

Photo credit: Frank Polich / Bloomberg News

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Adopting rather than buying is a no-brainer for good people. So is Biden stupid or bad?

I can't wait to use the excuse that my maid threw out my bookkeeping the night before my IRS audit. I guess I'd have to add that it was trash day and it's all been hauled....

What is this country coming to when a person can't get a dog the way he wants to without everyone laying a guilt trip on him? Who are these people - the Puppy Police?

"You can't please everyone so you've got to please yourself." Rick Nelson

Joe Biden doesn't owe these people anything! If anything they owe him an apology! Enjoy your puppy Joe, and don't let these self-righteous people ruin something for you and your family that should be joyous!

Not all the puppy mills in Pennsylvania are Amish.

It's unfortunate that there are people out there who will go to any lengths to tear other people down. Sadly, it will soon be open season on Biden, Obama, and everyone in the new administration.

I don't see anything wrong with Joe Biden getting his German Shepherd puppy from a breeder. He's owned Shepherds before. He's experienced with the breed. He didn't buy his dog from a pet store and that's all that matters.

We don't know the details of what transpired at the breeder's inspection. I do find it awfully curious that the breeder was inspected shortly after Biden got his dog there. Most breeders are only inspected once per year. Since she had a perfect score on the past 5 inspections, she would be considered low risk and would've been inspected less often than once per year. It's curious to me that she would've come up for inspection now...or was this politically-motivated, someone from the loser's side looking for some 'dirt' to spread about Biden.

Amazing! So much fuss over the purchase of a puppy. The economy is in turmoil and folks are out of work, which of these things is important? Joe Biden can buy a dog from whomever he wants. After all, this is America, remember the concept of Freedom? The Bidens should be able to enjoy their puppy without all this foolishness.

The fact is, the term "reputable breeder" is almost meaningless. People who breeds dogs because they're devoted to a particular breed and genuinely love their dogs don't allow their female dogs to have a litter more than once a year, since overbreeding can lead to a host of ills. They also don't have twenty dogs or more because then the dogs aren't pets or companions, they're stock.

A professional breeder can't make a living off a couple of pet dogs having litters once a year -- just the same as puppy store can't make a living dealing with "reputable" breeders whose dogs have litters once a year. You all know enough about business to realize that when puppies become inventory, the issue becomes supply and demand, not humane care, and certainly not love of animals.

On top of which, were the "workers who were cleaning" who supposedly threw out this breeder's sales and vaccination records cleaning inside her filing cabinets? A "reputable" breeder doesn't keep sales and especially vaccination records strewn about an office. As you know, puppies need vaccinations on set schedules, and no responsible pet owner, much less a "reputable" puppy breeder, would fail to keep well-maintained records of their puppies' vaccinations.

He does have the right to his own choice. But, 1) the lady he bought it from is a puppy mill, she has sold over 185 dogs this year alone, 2) by buying from a puppy mill and not adopting from a shelter he is burdening our government. 25% of shelter dogs are from puppy mill pet stores. It cost a shelter or the government $100 to take in and kill a dog. It cost about $65.00 to adopt a dog. In a few years we would save the government a lot of money by adopting a dog - this is money that can be spent on the education of children.

"Brown says she has never been cited before.". Google the breeder and read the AKC suspension in 2006. Even if this place didn't have 89 breeding dogs and violations, he still SHOULD HAVE ADOPTED. There are plenty of GSD puppies and adults in rescue. Pathetic.

Obtaining a rescue German Shepherd Dog is very risky business to say the least. The reason it's at the rescue is likely that it has a screw or two loose. German Shepherds can be dangerous. A well bred one is a joy. A rescue is more often than not a disaster, I'm sorry but that's the fact.
A rescue mutt, now that's a different story. Many, many really great mutts in the shelters. Tough to find a sound purebred German Shepherd in the shelter.
Mr Biden is entitled to whatever dog he wants. A purebred German Shepherd is a good choice and the breeder he chose is indeed reputable. Stop bickering over the petty stuff, we have son's and daughter's dying over seas. Fight the real fights and leave this alone.

These people who try and force the public to adopt dogs from shelters are forcing ABUSE. Many rescue dogs suffer physical and emotional issues. Many are terriable canadates for children. Puppies with no known history of temperment are a danger for many families. Adopting and rescuing a Pet Is commendable. Same as Adotping a Special needs child. It takes a special person who can over come great difficulties. Unless one brings a experinced behaviorist with them to a local shelter or rescue. The chances of purchacing a nigthmare is rather high. Focing the public to feel it is only ehtical to adotpt an animal is not only Animal abuse. It is also Human abuse. Discrediting tax paying businesses to boost adoption sales is wrong, and should be illegalized.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to own a well bred, pure bred, dog of your choice, from the breeder of your choice. There is nothing wrong with wanting to purchase an 8 week old puppy that you can raise, socialize, and train (or have trained) how you please. There is nothing wrong with wanting a dog with a pedigree that can be traced back for many generations so you know the genetic foundation of your dog. There is nothing wrong with paying good money for a good dog. If Biden wants to purchase from a breeder who has had 20+ litters this year, or rescue a mutt from the shelter, that is his choice. That is why we live in AMERICA. God Bless and Merry Christmas.

This is the problem! These puppy mill breeders all pretend to be "reputable" breeders, and people are fooled so easily.

we need tighter laws, licensing, inspections in all states

And the AKC needs to get out of the business of registering puppy mill puppiues!

With all the ignorant and selfish comments regarding dogs, it's no wonder there are millions of absolutely wonderful and loving dogs being killed in shelters all over our country every year. I've read lots of comments from breeders defending their practice and they NEVER say they love dogs, just they "love" their breed. That's pathetic.

Our society, including breeders and people who throw away their animals like a pair of old shoes, have created the problem of animal overpopulation so, as a society, we are responsible for taking care of all the animals. It's also nonsense about 'bigger problems.' If you don't understand the love from an animal and to love an animal as a cherished family member (and not because they're a certain breed), I feel sorry for you. You're missing out on the most unconditional love and loyalty one can have.

I voted for Obama and Biden and am deeply disappointed in this careless decision by Biden and the message it sends to disregard shelter/rescue animals. Thankfully, the Obama family has more insight on this issue.

The whole world has gone NUTS!!!! There are millions and millions of people out of work, millions of people don't know where there next meal is coming from and all these people are worrying about a puppy and a breeder. If these same people channeled their efforts to correcting the real problems facing most American households today the problems would be solved in no time. That's whats wrong with todays society. PEOPLE GET REAL.

A Dog is just a Dog. Ask me what I would do, adopt a clean one or a possibly violated one ? I will go get me a brand new one.No hesitation.

Laws of nature Buddy, again you would ask me whether to adopt a newly born child or a grown up one for my family? My answer to you ; definitely I most preferably will be getting a new born before I can adopt an older child.

All of this is not to say an older child is a bad deal. It is all about individual choices and conditions at which the decision is being made.

The Bidens have a prerogative to under take any personal decisions just like you and me.

Being wealth doesn't mean, it is high time we went to the dump and rescued a Dog ; at Pots martz for instance.

You people got to be crazy to raise dust over this poor little Dog. Champ is simply Lucky,unlike those filthy dog stocks in your cages.

The cute Champ needs just as much love.

Haters.... Haters..... Haters

Seriously...anyone who sends this woman death threat should be executed at gunpoint. She's not the one killing the dogs. If you really want to live up to the name "activist" go adopt a shitload of animals instead of condemning people who don't.

WAKE UP AMERICA! the Nazis are here and are taking over - because you will NOT be allowed to think for yourself, choose for yourself, or fill out your own ballot. WE'RE TALKING ABOUT PUPPIES!!! Socialism preaches the Great Lie - Equality. There's no such thing! I'm younger than you nyah nyah. You're taller than me boo hoo. I WANT TO LIVE IN TECHNICOLOR AND THE NAZIS WANT US TO LIVE IN TAUPE. gotta run now......i'm going to go buy a Portugese Water Dog

Running your own breeding business is NOTHING to be condemned for. PETA can go jump off a cliff for all I care. Don't get me wrong, I love animals as much as the next person. I just think the whole lot of them (PETA)are insane.


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