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Joe Biden gets his puppy

Joe Biden and his German Shepherd puppy If you're keeping score, that's one political puppy down, one to go.  (The Obamas are not expected to bring home their much-gossiped-about dog until after the inauguration, but that hasn't stopped everyone from Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan to actor Jamie Foxx from weighing in on what breed they should choose.)

Vice president-elect Joe Biden purchased a male German Shepherd puppy recently from breeder Linda Brown of East Coventry Township, Pennsylvania. 

About her meeting with Biden, Brown told the Daily Local News, "He was very gracious...He hugged and kissed all of the shepherds."  Brown will keep the puppy until after the inauguration.

Biden has promised to let his grandchildren name the puppy, a spokeswoman told the Associated Press.

-- Lindsay Barnett

Photo: Brown family / Associated Press

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Welcome to the family little man! Congratulaions Vice President-elect Joe Biden on your dog! You have made a wonderful choice on the breed I am a fellow German Shepherd owner and I love mine to death! He is 6 years old and still has the fight of a puppy! Last weekend we went to get his photo taken with Santa Claus and it is BEAUTIFUL! I would love to send you a picture!


What was Biden thinking? Millions of animals are killed in facilities every year because humans don't care. There are many puppies available at your local shelters or breed rescues. DON'T BREED OR BUY WHILE HOMELESS ANIMALS DIE. And I've been a Biden supporter.......Shame on him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Millions of animals are killed each year at shelters. There are too many puppies that lose their lives because they get sick in the shelters before they can find homes. Or the shelters don't have the room and they are killed before they find a forever home. If he wanted a specific breed, he would have eventually found it at a shelter or a breed rescue group. But no, our Vice President elect "buys" a puppy from a "breeder for profit".....WHAT WAS HE THINKING? (..and I'm a life long democrat - but a dissapointed one right now)
I sure hope the Obama's make a better choice than Biden did !

The mutt from Scranton PA. The scrapper who fights for the common man is such a fraud.and a dope. What does he do when all eyes are on him,he one up's Obama in getting a dog first and is so special he needs to have a pure breed. Just like his special kids, they didn't go to public schools that he says are so great here in wilmington. He pays 15 grand a year and tells you to enjoy the great public education they are providing.What a hippacrate

I would have prefered that Biden would have gotten a shelter dog but I won't condemn him for choosing to purchase a dog from a breeder. It's a personal choice and not for anyone else to judge. There are many, many people who have dogs from breeders and likewise, from shelters. Give it a rest!

As 25million companion animals gets euthanized in the US each year, buying a dog, instead of adopting a homeless dog, is not a great example to send to fellow Americans

Vice President Biden got to meet my Dachsund Bella in Scranton, PA and their picture showed up in the Washington Post.

While Bella is disappointed that Joe didn't adopt a fellow Dachsund, she is happy to know that its a dog of German origin.

I am disappointed with Mr. Biden. First, I would have thought he would have been more intelligent. By purchasing from a breeder, he is going to anger every animal rights group. I know he has angered me and I voted for him. I hope he makes better decisions as Vice President. Obviously, this one was not well thought out.

Maybe he could redeem himself by adopting a dog from a shelter.

I'm a German shepherd lover (and owner), as well, and I think this is the perfect choice for Mr. Biden. Congrats on your new family member, Joe! And shame on Ms. Shefsky for not realizing that purebreds from breeders deserve good homes as much as dogs in shelters. I've volunteered at animal shelters and have had pets from both shelters and breeders. They're all God's creatures, regardless of where they came from, and they all deserve a proper home, which Mr. Biden and his wonderful grandchildren can certainly provide. Any true animal lover would not be so ignorant to say otherwise.

Congratulations on your excellent choice of breed and on doing your homework and finding a very good breeder. There are many good reasons for choosing a well bred, purebred dog, you do not owe anyone an apology or an explanation. The solution to the animal shelter crisis is not to boycott good breeders. Instead do your homework when you purchase a dog, don't buy dogs from irresponsible puppy-mill and backyard breeders. Too many people impulse buy dogs/puppies, or think they can cut costs by going to the breeder who is selling the cheapest pups and end up surrendering those pups to the shelters when they discover the animal requires more time and work than they thought it would, either due to health issues or training issues. Don't buy a dog without first carefully researching what you are getting into. If you end up not being able to care for a dog you buy, do the right thing, find that pup a good home, don't make it societies problem by tossing him in the shelter.

I wish he had adopted from a shelter. And I wish he had anticipated what a bad public relations choice he was making. But I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt for the following reason: Let's say he really likes German Shepherds. Lot's of people do. If I really liked German Shepherds, I would be more inclined to purchase a puppy from someone who could vouch for its lineage. Why? Because the breed is susceptible to hip dysplasia and I would want to know that my dog's parents were not carriers of the disease. That said, I personally prefer a mutt. They're healthier, smarter, and, for my taste, more interesting.

Good for him. Sounds like he went to a responsible breeder.

Those of you who feel everyone should only adopt from shelters: You do realize that responsible breeders are often the very same people who run no-kill shelters and animal rescues, right? And that without fanciers and their pursuit of purebred excellence, a lot of the no-kill rescues would not even exist?

Let's not punish the responsible breeders, who don't over breed and who carefully place puppies and have take-back clauses in their contracts. These people and their clients love dogs and usually take good care of them. It's the puppy-mills and pet-store breeders who are the problem. If we all stopped buying purebreds tomorrow, most of the responsible breeders who actually breed for temperament and type and take care of their dogs would go out of business, and their carefully nurtured lines would go down with the ship.

Millions of people have known the joy of raising a well-bred puppy from a couple months old on. I have both adopted and bought. One is not morally superior to the other.

Way to go, Mr. V.P. May you enjoy many years of happiness with your new pooch. Although my two German Shepherd's have passed on several years ago, their spirits continue surround and protect me. It's such a great breed. And, there is nothing wrong with choosing a pet from a breeder. We are allowed to make those choices.

Who cares what dog he gets..He's a free man and can choose whatever he wants.
What's with all the so called do gooders out there?
If you want to dictate what people must do..move out of the U.S.A.!! Go to Cuba or someplace like that!

If you want a dog from a shelter, go get one. I can't STAND Joe Biden, but even lying Joe can choose which dog he brings home.

Leave the man alone - my gosh from the reaction you'd think he had committed a felony!

Sounds to me like he did his research and found an outstanding dog. I see nothing wrong with getting a dog from a responsible breeder OR a shelter.

You BOUGHT a dog, Joe? Shame on you! Please, can I get my vote back...

It would of been nice for him to get a rescued puppy/dog a home. This was his choice, and be happy,he likes animals. I am finally ready after 9 years to have another dog. It will be a rescue dog, and he/she will be older. I want to give one a home that might not get a family because of older age.

Sad and unevolved of Mr. Biden to BUY a dog, when so many dogs are being killed in shelters for lack of people to adopt them.
Shame on our species for being so selfish. There should be a moratorium on all breeding until the stray/homeless companion animal issue is under control.

Rina Deych

Do you have any idea how many Shepherds are in shelters and foster homes waiting to be adopted!?!?! He couldn't look there!?!? Bummer Biden... you really should have adopted one. Maybe get him a friend and adopt it!?

Congratulations Joe on your new puppy! You deserve this so much. Lucky puppy. And everyone on these comments who are perfect: are you wearing any leather? Do you eat any meat, eggs or milk? Do you drive a car? Water lawns? Have your own children? Judging and finger-pointing can get very scary very fast. Every home needs a dog, and every dog needs a home. This was all Joe wanted if he and Obama were to win the election. Good on ya, Jill! I love Joe Biden even more after reading the whole story elsewhere.

Congratulations Joe on your new puppy! You deserve this so much. Lucky puppy. And everyone on these comments who are perfect: are you wearing any leather? Do you eat any meat, eggs or milk? Do you drive a car? Water lawns? Have your own children? Judging and finger-pointing can get very scary very fast. Every home needs a dog, and every dog needs a home. This was all Joe wanted if he and Obama were to win the election. Good on ya, Jill! I love Joe Biden even more after reading the whole story elsewhere.

I wish he had gotten a shelter dog. Even by conservative estimates, millions of dogs are killed each year in shelters for lack of homes. This is a problem caused by irresponsible people, not the dogs, and it is people that need to take responsibility for it.

Wow, the ignorance is overwhelming:

"You do realize that responsible breeders are often the very same people who run no-kill shelters and animal rescues, right? And that without fanciers and their pursuit of purebred excellence, a lot of the no-kill rescues would not even exist?"

I dont know what planet you live on but you obv know nothing about rescue. I know of exactly ONE local rescue that is run by a breeder. The other hundred or more local rescues not only are not run by breeders, but I have yet to see any breeder bother to come and volunteer or help in any other way. You are right about one thing - w/o the breeders there would be many less rescues as there would be many less homeless animals.

Biden had been elected to the second highest office in this country and that was his choice and desire. As such, he has a responsibility to set an example. If he wanted top purchase a puppy after he leaves office, I would not care for it but it would be his right. However, he is supposed to be an example and this was a huge opportunity missed to help homeless animals. No words can express my disappointment :(

great choice for a puppy! as a shepherd owner who truly loves and admires the breed, i'm sure that the biden family will love this new family member.

and as for shelter/rescue dogs vs breeder-purchased dogs, they all need good homes and loving owners. i say go for whatever is the right choice for your own family. there are pros/cons to both. no shame at all on biden for choosing a pure-breed.

Shocked that the Breeder would let a puppy go at 6 weeks...way too young in my estimation. Biden probably did not know that. I wish him happiness with his dog...just hope the puppy has a good life...Judy

I liked Joe Biden, right up until he did this.


Don't breed or buy while shelter animals die!

First of all, Joe Biden will hold the 2nd highest office in the country, therefore, he serves as an example for all people throughout our great country in leadership and integrity. Fact.

The purchase of a dog from a commercial kennel sends a message to the American public that it is ok to continue to purchase dogs rather than adopt one of the thousands that need homes across America. Fact.

The purchase of a dog from a commercial kennel in fact prevents a homeless dog from being adopted into a loving home. Fact.

The purchase of a dog from a commerical kennel will ultimately send a homeless dog to the gas chamber or succomb to lethal injection. Fact.

The purchase of a dog from a commercial kennel steps on the hopes and dreams as well as hard work of shelter workers, shelter volunteers, and animal protection agencies who give of themselves every single day to help animals. Fact.

The purchase of a dog from a commercial kennel will in no way guarantee temperament. Every dog is a unique individual, and all dogs require supervision around children. There are many homeless dogs across the US with sweet and gentle temperaments. Fact.

The purchase of a dog from a commercial kennel may result in a dog with fewer medical problems when purchased from a reputable breeder. The Biden's are very wealthy people compared to the rest of us, and could easily afford any surgery or medical attention needed for problems with hip dysplasia, etc. Additionally, it is known among the medical community that hip dysplasia can many times be treated with diet and proper exercise. Medical problems should NEVER be a reason not to adopt a poor dog that needs a home. If a homeless dog is not adopted, it will surely have its worth medical problem. Death. Fact.

Joe Biden's personal decision carries with it great consquences resulting in death for homeless dogs across America. Fact.

I have two German Shepherds from the same breeder. Congratulations Mr. Vice President, you will not be disappointed. My family has a total of 5 dogs from Linda Brown. They are extremely intelligent and will make a great addition to your family.

Hmmm.... let's see....

Would I rather have a nice purebred who was bred well, raised well, and socialized well...

Or would I rather go to the pound and get a dog who is a blank slate with behavior and health issues from being housed then let go by irresponsible owners?

The REAL reason there are so many shelter pets is that the American public buys from pet stores.

Responsible breeders NEVER let their puppies go to a shelter.

If you want to create more puppy mills, they by all means, buy from a pet store.

If you like cleaning up after irresponsible breeders and backyard millers, by all means go to a shelter.

If you want a well bred, well socialized animal from a breeder who will be in contact with you its whole life, do your homework and go to a responsible breeder.

We should all back up a step or two here. Yes, I agree that the shelter dogs should be afforded a good life too....but whose fault is it that they are in the shelters in the first place...not mine, not Joe Biden's, but the original owners who were obviously not responsible dog owners to start. Every dog owner should take the time to train his or her dog...a cute puppy turns into an unruly and sometimes, dangerous, adult dog very quickly...not a pleasure to be around. Let's make it easier for people to train their dogs so that they become pleasant and obedient companions.

And this guy is part of the change!!! What a poor example of a leader of a country which spends 2 BILLION BLEEPING TAX PAYERS DOLLARS ON EUTHANIZING ANIMALS. 5 million animals are put down each year.
Gee I wonder if he will be responsible and spay/neuter his puppy or is he above that.


How has the animal rights movement managed to brainwash so many people? If any of you eat meat or any animal product, your moral hypocrisy is astounding. Any time you purchase any animal product you are doing far worse than not rescuing an animal; you are directly causing an animal to suffer and die. If you are vegan, fine; but you are a fringe member of society and should not try to dictate the lives of others. Remember, the ultimate goal of PETA etc. is that no one own pets at all, but we simply observe animals in the wild. I personally am a huge dog lover and I see value in protecting and maintaining all the different breeds. If no one breeds or buys, there would be no dog breeds, only shelter mutts, which tend to be mixes of only a few breeds. I think that would be a terrible shame, and if you don't, perhaps you are not a dog lover after all. As someone else said, it is the fault of irresponsible owners that those dogs ended up in shelters; it is certainly not Joe Biden's responsibility to save a dog someone else didn't care for properly.

Congratulations to the Bidens. We are Shepherd owners and breeders. This is just what America needs. I would love to see Mr. and Mrs. Obama and daughters with two of them.. They are loyal and great companions.

I think that zealous amimal lovers mislead. They care more about animals than humans. Joe should be able to do what he wants without people telling him where to get a pet. Come on get real!
Being a dog owner I realize it is a just an pet not my family member.

Well, I see that the AR's are at it again. Trying to make people think that when one dog is purchased from a breeder, another dies. Gee, how many has PETA and HSUS "KILLED"? All the money they use to get ridiculous legislations passed to end breeding, could be actually spent ON the dogs and cats (free and low-cost spay/neuter, shelters subsidized, etc). But that is not their intent. Their intent is to END pet ownership completely. Get smart people. They don't care about animals, they don't want us to OWN them, period.

I'm GLAD Mr. Biden purchased his puppy that he wanted, from a breeder. Maybe it will stand a better chance of not having to be put down due to hip dysplasia, or have expensive surgery done. Who knows what you get in a shelter?

Yes, they ALL need love and they ALL need homes. And whoever it was said breeders do not do rescue, is DEAD WRONG. They don't run "shelters', but most breeders DO rescue!

Wake up America. Animal Rights people don't want us to OWN pets in the future.


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