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'Hero dog' pulls another dog from oncoming traffic

A video making the rounds today shows a dog in Chile performing a heroic act -- pulling a friend from oncoming traffic on a busy road. A traffic camera caught the rescuer bravely dodging cars to drag the injured dog to the side of the road.

Perhaps called by one of the motorists who hit the dog before it was pulled to safety, a rescue crew shows up at the end of the video.

We can't tell whether the poor pup survived the experience or not, but three woofs to the hero dog! He deserves a lifetime supply of treats.

UPDATE: After hundreds of thousands of people viewed the video of the hero dog last week, authorities understandably received a few calls about him, some from people wanting to adopt. And along with those in the comment section, we at Unleashed wondered about the fate of his injured friend.

Bad news, dear readers, if you haven't heard:

Highway crews removed both the dead and live dogs from the median strip of the Vespucio Norte Highway shortly after the Dec. 4 incident, and the rescuer dog ran away.

Authorities say images of the rescue prompted some people to call and offer to adopt the dog, but neither highway workers nor a television crew could find they animal when they went to hunt for it.

Hero dog, we hardly knew ye.

If you're looking to adopt a new pet, though, may we suggest one of the many posted here. Jack from the valley, for example, or maybe even a koala bear.

-- Clare Abreu

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If people could be more like dogs the world would be a much better place. What an amazing dog.

And people still say animals don't have feelings. This little guy proves animals have feelings, they care about their friends. I hope both these little guys are ok and find forever homes.

that was truly an amazing act of bravery on the dog's part. i do have to wonder why people in their cars weren't slowing down. if i had seen that, i would have been careful not to cause an accident and pull over immediately to either help the dog(s) or use my cell phone to call 911. but i hope both dogs have a long and healthy life!

Yes, truly amazing - it happens - dogs abandoned, helpless on the mean streets of our cities and dumped off on rural roads, left terrified, betrayed --they form bonds and when one is injured, killed - I have seen evidence - how they stay, despite untold dangers, by the side of their companion. What is sad, disgusting to witness is cruel, callous human beings in the cars whizzing by who obviously don't give a damn - have no sense of compassion and ignore the desperate dog's cry for help and mercy. Some even slow down and look into the dog's sad, hopeless eyes - but no offer of help comes. Perhaps these mistreated, discarded creatures are learning that its up to them to care for the creatures of our planet. Mankind has failed and betrayed them miserably. Shame!

What happened to the dogs? Are they alive and living in happy homes?

I would love to find out the rest of the story. Do we know if the poor little guy who was hit survived? It breaks my heart. But the hero dog definatly deserves to be given a forever home and lots of love.

Just to let you all know, I saw this on our local morning news show the other day...BOTH dogs are doing FINE! Chile is also honouring them by putting them on their new peso.

Dogs rule!

Kelev, maybe you should stop to think that it's dangerous to just randomly stop in the middle of traffic. More accidents can be caused that way, and people can be killed. While it is sad that nobody pulled to the side of the road, I doubt anyone really saw it until they were right upon it.

The fact that the rescue team showed up shows that someone did see and care enough to call the proper people.

That's one amazing dog.

I love doggies!!! They're so much better than humans! no one would have helped me if I had gotten hit by a car, they'd all just go on with their lives.

I wonder if the dogs were members of the same household, or if it was just a random super dog that came out of no where.

Kelev totally misunderstood the situation. Your logical inference skills are horrible. The cars slowed down to avoid hitting the two dogs, and some of them went on to the next lane to avoid hitting these poor pups. Also, let's say you were to stop for these dogs. This is a highly dangerous and reckless act because you can accidentally get hit by a car as well. The dogs were in the middle of the road and risking your life for these dogs is not worth doing. Also, where could you have stopped to park?

que lindo perrito quiere salvar a su amo.

Not to rain on everyone's parade, but it seems both dogs are not fine. The one that was laying in the road did not survive unfortunately.
http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/bizarre/6153331.html - also says the dog that tried to save the other dog ran off after the highway crew showed up.

Title of article is misleading, as I had already heard about this story, and read it as Hero dog pulls _another_ dog from oncoming traffic. I thought, what, again?! A better title would be Hero Dog Pulls Injured Dog from Oncoming Traffic or something like that, to avoid confusing an other dog with another dog, if you take my meaning. I'm not trying to argue that it is outright wrong, merely potentially misleading, and it is a writer's duty to eliminate imprecise language. Just trying to give constructive criticism.
If there is a God, he's got a special place in heaven for this dog, and all heroes like him. Thanks for spreading this story!

I find it a bit disturbing that people anthropomorphize animals so much. Having spent 2 years after collage in South America, 2 months of that in Chile, I saw over a dozen incidents of feral dog fighting over and eating the roadkill remains of their brethren. There are so many wild dogs, especially in the cities, that it truly is a dog-eat-dog world. I'd love to believe that all earthly creatures are inherently noble and heroic, but these are animals who do whatever they can do to survive.

Sorry, but one dog died and the other was not captured

Hi. My name es Check.
I saw this hapen and my friend upload to the internet.
Sad to say this, but both dogs were had to be killed.
Amazing rescue but dogs are a problem in Chile

I love doggies and this was an amazing story. Although, I'm really wondering wether the dog was trying to have the "meal" of the day or was rescuing his "friend". I would prefer to believe the second version but am much interested in how it really ends and what is of them. This is all very sad and touching. It's amazing how animals such as these dogs where able to demonstrated an act of compassion or sympathy, when there are humans who don't give a damn!...it's a sad, sad world.

my friend upload to the internet.
Sad to say this, but both dogs were had to be killed.

Dogs are NOT the problem in Chile, people who abandon dogs ARE a problem in Chile. People who do not look after their pets properly are the problem. People who do not believe in fixing male and female dogs are also a problem. People who expect their pets to "take themselves out for a walk" unattended or walk them without a leash are a problem. People who are so snob that they won't even consider looking after a "stray animal" are a problem. People who refuse to take responsibility for their own pets and they either throw newborn puppies in highways, abandon their pets in parking lots, or drop them without food and medical care when they don't want them anymore because they are sick (ie, at "Cajon del Maipo")...are a HUGE problem in Chile.

ahhhh... it crushes my heart. great dog. wish theyr in good condition.

We have it wrong! Dog are the humans and we are the animals!. How come nobody cared about the poor dogs that love us without any conditions?. Whoever can do somethng about this hero dog. Please do it! Don't know where he went? do an Amber Alert. Would anybody care? I lost my dog two months ago. The person who ran her over did not stop. I cry every night for my maltipoo. She was the love in my life and my best friend. Please don't abuse the animals. Give them your love instead!

We have it wrong! Dog are the humans and we are the animals!. How come nobody cared about the poor dogs that love us without any conditions?. Whoever can do somethng about this hero dog. Please do it! Don't know where he went? do an Amber Alert. Would anybody care? I lost my dog two months ago. The person who ran her over did not stop. I cry every night for my maltipoo. She was the love in my life and my best friend. Please don't abuse the animals. Give them your love instead!

think about it folks... the report stated the dogs were removed from the meridian and destroyed. only one escapes and it happens to be the hero? lets not be lambs folks, think about it. what really happened to the hero?

it was very heart warming to see another animal did that, i wonder why no peolple helped, from aus , tasmania

So noble of the dog to save his buddy and yet so ruthless, heartless, and inhumane of not only the chilean drivers that hit the dog and just passed by, but also of the chilean goverment that refuses to properly address the huge problem with homeless dogs all over Chile!. Just this past January while walking back to my hotel in Punta Arenas, I witnessed a driver ran over a dog and just continued driving!. This dog got up and managed to run away, but one of the dogs in his pack, a white shepherd, frantically tried to find him!. I actually tried to find him myself following the white shepherd in back lots and side streets, but to no avail. These are just two examples of how dogs suffer in Chile, to say nothing about them literally dropping dead of starvation!. As a young girl growing up in Chile in the 60's this problem wasn't so prevalent, but at some point I heard that people started complaining about the municipalities euthanizing too many dogs, so the government's reaction was to stop dog catching dogs and cats and just do nothing!. This was just a very convenient move for the government , since their m.o., whether it's a fascist regime yesterday or a "socialist regime" today has always been about self enrichment and not taking care of it's people nor animals!. Shame on you Chile and chileans. So happy to be a nationalized U.S. citizen.

How can we know for sure he was trying to save him? Does anybody know if stray dogs or wild dogs would eat their own sort? The dog was dead, the other one probably only recognized it as food.


First of all these dogs are two of the millions that roam the streets in Santiago,Chile. So no they weren't abandoned they were probably born and raised in the streets. Because of this, I found that the street dogs are extremely intelligent and have adapted well in living among cars and streets and pedestrians. Of course occasionally they do get hit. But most of them look both ways before crossing as street or even wait at a cross walk along with all the other pedestrians and cross with them when the light turns green. All you people that want to adopt...sure come on over to Chile, you can choose from thousands that are wandering the streets. As for Valentina's comment. The poor suffering dogs dont live any more dangerously as if they lived in the wild. And what would you have the government do? Be humane like in the states and create dog shelters so they can put them to sleep if they aren't adopted in two weeks? So Valentina, as a Chilean born and Nationalized US Citizen myself, allow me to ask you to get off your effin high horse until you are genius enough to find a real solution that neither Chile or the United States have been able to find yet.

Dogs are amazing. I wish they could help stray dogs

I just have to ask the question....while I understand that not all people have the same love for fellow creatures as some of us.....NOT ONE of the people driving on that highway stopped to help either of the dogs.....statistically that's a pretty sad commentary on the human condition......the whole "It's just a (fill in the blank) " kind of mentality is one thing....but even if it is just a ...dog, cat, goat, child, old person, woman (tell me where to stop).......is there NO compassion left anywhere?

Mainly the gist is... Most people don't give a crap about anything or anyone these days; too big a hurry to go no where i guess.

I saw the story on one of the channels here in Dallas, TX. I thought it was pretty cool myself. My wife wanted to know why no one stopped as well. You do a little digging, they simply don't stop for animals on the roads in Chili South America... Hmm, much like us here. Matter of fact, I have seen people cruise right past people who were in an accident and bleeding, I have seen this in several states.

People don't want to get involved, they are afraid of being sued. As a former Police Officer, I have to stop... NOT because the law says so, but it is something I feel obligated to do, why I don't know, but what the heck, I don't have anything someone could sue me for... LOL.

The Good Samaritan Law is bogus, they have it in California, and it didn't protect the lady that pulled her friend from a buring car that exploded.

If as some of you say....the dog was looking to feed on roadkill, why did he make every effort not to hurt the dog?

You can clearly see that he never sinks his teeth into the dog!

Still having doubts as to validity of this complete scenario & accvompanying story.

Some of the comments think the rescuing canine may want to eat the dying "friend". If you really look at the video you can see that the hero friend is dragging his fallen friend with his front paws. He is not using his teeth. He is holding him/her in his arms. and he is looking around to see if where he is dragging him is free of cars. I have been in the position of the drivers. It is almost impossible to stop during high traffic times. The drivers behind have no warning. The problem is with the people of these countries and the Government not having programs to spay and neuter and protect their abandoned animals. The animals are innocent and helpless and voiceless. This was a very loud voice. "Help us!"

Maybe the recently rescued miners can form a "club" to rescue the helpless and include the animals of that country. it could set a wonderful example for other South American countries. The situation in Mexico is so bad that I ended up crying every time I tried to go anywhere, most of the poor canines so diseased and helpless and starving and afraid that you cannot get close to them. The ones who let you try to help or feed them are so grateful.
Maybe some of the compassion that the miners should now feel will be directed to the most neglected of those beings that live in their South American countries, innocent on their own and created by the neglect of man.

I've visited Chile before and those dogs are SMART!!! They would stop at the edge of the road, watch for traffic, and then run across just like the people would. It's unfortunate, but I saw this a lot because there is a huge problem with strays. In all the Chilean cities I visited the little guys were everywhere just laying on the ground or looking around for food.


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