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Guess that mutt!

December 10, 2008 |  5:39 pm

Dog DNA testing: is it worth it? We're still having an internal debate over whether we should learn about our mutts' ancestry through doggie DNA testing. Does it matter? (Patt Morrison says no.) Is it worth the $119.95 it would set us back to satisfy our curiosity?

While we continue to ponder, we're having fun playing amateur dog breed sleuth. Naturally, our pride was a little hurt when we had trouble solving USA Today's Canine Quiz (a fun Web feature that allows you to match mutt photos with their corresponding genetic testing results). 

Surprises abound: Who would have thought a dog who looks just like a Border Collie could in fact be part Siberian Husky and part Pug?  How can a dog who is "mostly Great Dane" weigh only 25 pounds?  Mystery, thy name is canine.

-- Lindsay Barnett

Photo: Dennis Fantin, chief operating officer of MMI Genomics, prepares a dog DNA sample for testing. Credit: Steve Yeater / For The Times

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