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Adopt a koala for Christmas

December 8, 2008 | 10:38 am

Koala_6 Want a sure-fire way to guarantee your spot on Santa's "nice" list this year? (And spread charity, peace and goodwill to the world, etc., etc.) Adopt a cuddly koala for yourself or for a loved one!

You can adopt through the "Adopt a Wild Koala Program," which plays a major role in funding The Koala Hospital, the only medical facility in the world dedicated to caring for the animals.

Plus, it's only about $30 a year. If you're like one of us (victims of the economic crazy that's going on), we know that buying Little Suzy that Nintendo DS doesn't sound too tempting as of now.

So why not adopt a furry koala for her instead?

Not only will you teach Suzy an important lesson about the true meaning of Christmas gift-giving, your money will go toward rescuing and treating sick and injured koalas, releasing them back into the wild and protecting their habitat.


  • a certificate of adoption, which includes the adopter's name, the name and photo of the animal and the date of adoption
  • a story of how the koala ended up in the hospital
  • an "I Have Adopted A Wild Koala" vinyl sticker and booklets about the animals

Totally worth it, right?  Also, you'll have the koala named after you or whoever is being named the adopter:

...the rescued koalas are usually named after the area they were found in and the person who helped rescue them.

"We've got Westhaven Barry, Kempsey Carolina and Bonny Fire, she was caught up in a bushfire." ... (Reuters)

Besides, how can you resist that face?


-- Christine Kang

Photo credits: Reuters; Ken Bohn / Associated Press

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