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Schutzhund dogs: a deadly weapon your kid can play with

December 15, 2008 | 10:34 am


When I first saw Dana at Alice's Dog Park in Pasadena, I was less fearful of her menacing face than of her rear, with the nose of my 22-pound terrier nuzzling its way into trouble. I quickly batted Petey (my dog) away only to be stopped by Dana's owner, Cliff Rees, who assured me his 110-pound German Shepherd wouldn't hurt a flea. Yeah, right.

Turns out, Cliff was telling the truth. Dana is a Schutzhund III, an elite status of dog whose intelligence and utility are unmatched in the world of protection-trained K-9s. She will attack, but only in the face of real danger, which luckily doesn't include Petey's cold nose in her privates.

A fully-trained Schutzhund German Shepherd like Dana can cost upward of $25,000. With a dog like this, Cliff tells me,"you never have to own a gun or lock your door again."

I believe him.

--Graham McCann

Photo: Graham McCann

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