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In Bahrain it's no longer OK to transport sheep in car trunks


With the recent passage of Proposition 2 on the state ballot, activists are claiming that California is at the forefront of the movement to require better treatment for farm animals.

Maybe so, but the Persian Gulf nation of Bahrain is also seeing changes.

Starting immediately, live sheep can no longer be transported in the trunk of a car. A pickup truck must be used, according to the Gulf Daily News.

There has been a controversy in Australia and the Middle East over sheep being stuffed in trunks on their way to slaughter or religious sacrifice. The change was announced by the Bahrain Livestock Co., which sets rules for such things.

The new rule comes as the nation heads toward the Eid Al Adka celebration in which thousands of sheep are bought by consumers.

"We want the rest of the world to know that Bahrain is genuinely committed to improving animal welfare," Peter Dundon, Middle East manager for Meat and Livestock Australia, told the Gulf News.

-- Tony Perry, Bahrain

Photo credit: Associated Press

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Australia also exports animals to many other Middle Eastern countries, but it seems that they, and animals not from Australia don't matter. There is absolutely no hope of any mercy or compassion for animals exported to countries where there is no animal welfare legislation to protect them. Animals Australia (see LiveExport Indefensible link) has proved time and time again how brutalised Australian animals are in the Middle East, and South East Asia as well.
Sheep are hot tied, dragged by often broken legs to slaughter pits, and their throats slashed at until they eventually bleed to death, fully conscious. Cattle have their leg tendons slashed and their eyes stabbed to disorient and disable them.
Australia has had no success in thirty years of this horror trade to make a difference, making this an extraordinarily hollow story.
Please do your research in future.

Question is, who will enforce this rule or is it some PR crap designed to make us all think Bahrain actually cares one jot about the animals they slaughter without pre stunning. This stuff has been going on for years, whereby animal welfare people show time and time again evidence of the serial cruelty perpetuated in the ME on Australian animals and the industry comes up with a hair brained scam to make us think the problem is solved. And anyway what about the rest of the Middle East? No mention of the other animals who are thrown into boots of cars or strapped onto car bonnets or transported one sheep on another in totally inappropriate trucks. This rule is rubbish. There will be no policing and no enforcement- more drivel from an industry who cares nothing about animals- but EVERYTHING about PROFIT! Australia has one of the worst enforcement records for welfare of any wqestern nation..we dont enforce legislation just jope to hell the industry are good little boys and take care of the animals. Never mind it is MONEY driven. The world should be disgusted with Australia and their antics.
Shame on Australia. Shame Shame Shame.

Wow, another positive act for animal welfare yet all the commenters blindly criticise as usual. Australia pushing our high welfare standards on the rest of the world but all we hear is "Shame Shame Shame".


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