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Cute is good for you

October 22, 2008 |  5:01 pm


You may scoff at photos or videos of terribly cute animals... but it turns out that sort of viewing is good for you. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has the details:

Take 10 minutes of Animal Planet and call us in the morning. Or dose up on those videos of hilariously clumsy cats or dogs skidding on ice. Not mean ones, just funny or beautiful ones. Watching films of animal life may help you beat stress, which makes you feel great while it drops your risk of scores of health problems.

When people watched 10 minutes of animal footage, their heart rate and blood pressure dipped not only while they were under stress, but it stayed lower even afterward. It didn't matter whether the animal was scaly, feathered or furry. Even better, the sound doesn't have to be on to reap the calming benefits, so you can sneak a peek at the latest panda/polar bear/Labrador retriever clips before your next tension-filled meeting, and your officemates will never know.

Photo: Your Scene

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